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when you were possible among. the floor not the room. it was a small medium like the one you would assume that if you ask any politician any presidential candidate around the world if he or she would be happy with that kind of disappointing result you'd expect the answer no in a vast majority of cases but say in your sub jack told me in an exclusive live interview a few hours ago she doesn't see it that way course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a result my campaign was about talking truth on the propagandistic channels of federal t.v. in russia this result is higher than of any other liberal candidate and that makes the platform for readmission if we take your result the result of the gore you beat and mr t. tough as well and add them together still i think that's just under five percent so
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is there much room for improvement here and are you hoping to improve in the near future education is the most important value of my program education of russian people of telling them truth about the situation they leave in trying to make them interest on the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrary the only real way to make this five percent growing to fifty one percent is to make people understand this connections after the debates with alexy nobody that you are just a few hours ago are you confident in that kind of future for a so called united opposition bloc i'm very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with me but in stand we were discussing k.v. in my instagram which is ridiculous to my way what is your. maybe adjective or
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a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe us it's a success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself i mean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support of putting this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but sixty eight or whatever the steel we should meet that the majority or now really want this president now not all go to the broadway able to cast their ballots in ukraine russian citizens were blocks from voting by local police and russian consulates in several ukrainians they say there were also plans have against russia's presidential election all over ukraine for example anti election protesters exit russian consulate general building in yes there were also protests in kharkov the father and we contacted several international organizations asking
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for money and the organization for security and cooperation in europe got back to west but simply said it's a bilateral relations between the two countries. so over a hundred forty thousand observers were ensuring that ballots were cast without any problems and that the voting procedures were properly conducted over fifteen hundred of the observers of foreigners which is a record for the presidential election in russia we had two of them in here tonight give us their views the vast majority of poles set up with cameras to stream everything online easy to do these days comparatively activists were using them to monitor any possible violations and but there was least one either it says this video shows members of the electoral commission stuffing ballot boxes party this took place in a city near moscow the central electoral commission is the employees involved and said obviously those ballots cast no particular books will not be counted we discussed the election was a say observe. that came in the studio here as well european ones where they
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witness themselves any violation i can say that they didn't see any violation maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that in any by the asians were visible so we wanted to to see how it works we were particularly interested very much in the transmission lines which you so i see here all the very high level we. can follow and to introduce the system so this was it was it was worth what we were very much interested in we have some team in moscow in cologne. raw stuff and. the return is everything was normal everything was normal we discussed about the process in the putting station and everything is neat little bit like in france for example even maybe more because for example i saw in many places some care out to control we don't have that in france and. if you if you can accept.
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some private information and i never saw so many. young children for the family who are voting no. one is clear clear and votes in my opinion well we spoke to several experts on the outlook for president putin's fourth term in office they told us modernization of the country and maintaining russia's leading role in the world will be among his priorities. he has a powerful mandate but it's not entirely clear what to be planning to do we had the state of the nation speech in the first two thirds on domestic social policy economic policy echoed many of the concerns of the liberal you're foremost with it is not a mobilization agenda so while he talked very tough recently the western part makes what do you actually i think there is a plan quite clearly for a modernization agenda that's quite important we've already announced decreases in the military budget and i think he wants to emphasize more education health care
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and infrastructure development those are areas that need to be addressed special out in the regions and i firmly believe that's going to be one of his agenda items as well he wants to bridge the gap i think bridge the gap expression with the e.u. and promote continued growth and improvement in relations and also with china as well looking forward to i think a rather surprising next six years where a lot of what has been built up will be coming together economically diplomatically russia will be seen as being defined as a professional player on the global to the magic stage rather than something like the reruns so barbara. the communist party candidate have a good scene in who's also the boss of the former soviet farm to finish second overall. hoping fun of the voting for. we did hear from the communist candidate in the aftermath of preliminary results and he seemed somewhat
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disappointed when he spoke to the media yes it's obvious that the vote counts and the whole election procedure was not fair when all the votes will be counted we'll make a decision one thing is clear despite all the it's being thrown a bounce we process election with dignity i want to thank all the people who voted for our program i hope that the person who when will make the relevant conclusions we need to change the economic and political situation in our country and turn to the left when good done and was named as the candidate it was noted he was an interesting choice now he is the head of the lennon farm co-operative which is a cooperative farm that produces strawberries among other products and it provides a much higher standard of living in wages for the workers in it and furthermore it provides health care and education for the children of those who work at the lead and cooperative farm now as we wait the final count it is interesting to note that
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rudin in did promise that if you did not receive a solid fifteen percent of the vote that he would actually shave his mustache is iconic mustache a key part of his image so i'm sure that his supporters are anticipating the final results and seeing if that solid fifteen percent will come in or not. well as the last votes being counted turnout appears to be higher than expected that it may appear to his campaign chief says that rises to to the u.k. and its reaction to the script poisoning case artie's london correspondent pretty boy has the details. percent higher than we expected thanks to great britain another time they didn't count the russian mentality we want pressure became time to mobilize every time russia indiscriminately founded leave blame the one thing russians do is unite around. that's why thanks to britain it
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contributed to turnout we didn't even dream of there hasn't been that much talk about it to be honest because it's been overshadowed by an altogether more dramatic affair the script piled poisoning and the high tensions in the now the diplomatic standoff between the u.k. and russia and just what britain's campaign manager was saying there is that that may have galvanized the vote in russia well it looks like it may have galvanized the vote here in london as well there's a huge russian population in london and the turnout at the russian embassy where you could cast your ballot was also much higher than usual there were queues of up to one hour for russians had to cost their ballots around two to three hundred people according to some estimates lining up on the pavement outside the russian embassy just waiting to get in and cast their vote and that enthusiasm could have something to do with the way that this script poisoning has been covered here it's
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been weighing heavily on the minds of members of the russian community in the run up to the vote they've been talking about it a lot there was also a protest outside the embassy the exiled businessman and putin critic you can he was out there greeting those key. to cast their ballot with banners and putin clearly he's not keen on a large made putin four point zero the newspaper coverage here in the u.k. has been it's been very critical of me and putin it's very much conveyed the message that his reelection was inevitable in the run up to this vote it hasn't taken out many column inches in the sunday papers this is page seven of one of the broad sheets and it's talking about putin's reelection as president being inevitable there's another one here also page seven talking about the russian state
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mobilizing to ensure a huge win for putin so a lot of articles now talking about there being pressure exerted on the people of russia to vote because vladimir putin putin needed a high turnout in order to ensure legitimacy for this presidency to look legitimate but really most of the papers have been focusing on this you've got something like this may stand up to putin the diplomatic fallout the tensions over this poisoning and all the sorts of perceived threats coming from russia as a result you can see caricature up on your screen of the way the lives of their parents and has been presented in the press have really quite vilified almost unanimously hair and this kind of new cold war rhetoric over the spy poisoning may have galvanized the people or the russians in london to go out and cost them vote.
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well meanwhile as we heard earlier the youngest presidential candidate is thirty six year old has a new subject and it's her first foray into politics well the thing is she had enough scale is the oldest the first time the seventy one year old ran for president was back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in the soviet union and here's a look at what the twenty eight candidates were doing back in the early ninety's. the red superpowers days a number of changes in the air. some of the future candidates seize the opportunity to start testing out the political waters in the crumbling states. well this man needs no introduction although he did back then with his spine days behind the wild ninety's huntington's and peter's work or at the leningrad as it was back
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then working as an advisor for the northern capital's mayor and it's only subject if he were usually able to restore the special relationship. and he's got some harsh words for the commies and you can surely look at this do you it is what you would not order to release all of a million children little nearly every issue during the interview because you know you. don't usually. do very little. over the news if the. there are lots of pictures of putin and his boss anatoly sobchak from that time do they are walking and laughing and posing with a gun and if the name subject sounds familiar you've guessed it he's the daddy of another nominee trying to get into the kremlin this year back then is your average politician is kid giving his thoughts on cultural events in the city to gushing
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reporters. latest appeal. only a plaque of attending a prestigious school and playing with putin's daughter in front of the cameras. these two future nominees are at the epicenter of political life and their careers are really taking off but in three years eleven is you're not going to political nobody to presidential candidate put his efforts me on a for all still a very short enough word to stay on for unusual number that's got to be on number i think seeing the international anxiety over that kind of rhetoric will come a bit later with the first big win for zhirinovsky party at the time economist grigory yavlinsky is a lot more of a media darling he's best known for his market make of a plan to introduce the soviet economy to such radical ideas as private property and the free market all in just five hundred days but no action is taken and he quits deciding to go it alone in the world of politics. yavlinsky was actually inside the white house during the failed coup attempt when communist hardliners
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tried to overthrow the reform minded gordy. one of our future candidates still is totally clear of politics in the ninety's the communists dar course have a good demon at this point he's quite happy to run a state farm named after lenin he'll go on to make millions. while bloody may appear to be is already receiving congratulations for world leaders so far their heads of serbia bolivia and venezuela have sent messages though r.t. as washington correspondents america says the reaction in the us media has been skeptical. russia's election has finally come to an end with president putin winning over seventy three percent of the vote and the communist party candidate winning second place now there are many russians who voted in the u.s. and they've expressed concern over the process in the us and we start off with the russian ambassador comments who said that he had hoped that the u.s.
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would take interest in the various acts of provocation that took place during early voting in the u.s. and he also said that some people even received threats but upon receiving word of president putin's when both the mainstream media and american politicians attempted to deal with russia's political process the washington post called sunday's vote a charade and the new york times wasn't so far off calling it a hollow election and even compared it to the soviet days where there was just one name on the ballot c.n.n. did the same going as far as to compare him to joseph stalin but no reactions from the white house yet but several tweets from your favorite anti russian officials senator mccain took to twitter to discredit putin specter a calling it a sham and going on to say quote the u.s. stands with all russians yearning for freedom which is interesting because prior to the election putin managed to maintain over an eighty percent approval rating but
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despite running against multiple candidates representative adam schiff said that putin only won because he banned his opponents from running a saying quote it's easy to win when you bar your opponents from running but besides the usual is a whistleblower edward snowden had some words regarding a ballot stuffing that allegedly took place saying that it's quote an effort to steal the influence of one hundred forty plus million people snowden also urged russian citizens to quote demand justice demand laws and courts that matter take your future back and just a little reminder edward snowden was granted political asylum in russia and that's where he's been ever since now i'm sure that the west will continue to react to putin's victory and we'll be bringing you more of that. well commentators we spoke to earlier told us the western media's reaction has ranged from speculation about putin's future to misrepresentation of his real policies. all the authors had been sure that we didn't know we saw the major question was what is next because this is
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his last tour and everybody had been interested if you want the shoes he will always do a thing to he's lost or whether he will go for the series or for whether he will be more active with the foreign balls here and things like that so most of. what the media concerned about the future the western press does not want to see that the russian people support president bush in europe which they do not want to see that is the most popular politician in russia they do not want to say that just foreign policy robust foreign foreign policy. that acts in support of russian seven rights of russian rights around the world instead the focus is on we solicit the accusations against russia the focus or the is on provocation such as the so-called . if where there has been reaching in the great britain and in the west in the west
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during the last week i think the american media is in a very much of a cold war mindset it's a little frightening to me it's partly frightening because many of the people who were so critical of the cold first cold war are now the cheerleaders for the second cold war so if you turn on the american media you don't see what i consider a more balanced portrait of flat amir putin well there were a variety of emotions on display at the polls with quite a range of characters coming to cost their vote from a one hundred year old french hours to cross to tearful children hoping to meet the candidates. please please i've. got a short. cut
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. to my leadership. a little a little bit. more we say she will be here for the next hour as the election results all confirmed for me by phone.
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my soul the jolly well sighing all will have piqued my interest so i went. to ask somebody what is this his somebody is going to stick at and they tell me all this is to suffer and today i didn't even wait a little fishing oh my god will that's kind of interesting. pirate. well you know the part they were kind of adopted because we were called
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pirates for so long but. really. the world is changing over tactics i change things and now we are looking to look so good that we government needs to thailand for them to wake up like i'm sure they've all seen what's happened in europe i'll go fish is gonna be x. amount is empty the call to collapse there was just nothing cabbage and now the european leaders here east africa is already in a very bad state like then they got told us to have been there they still are just emptying the ocean so if you look at the situation in somalia the pirates can be argued that they used to be fishermen and by then foreign told us came from the fish they have no income so i think it's just common sense that the country is so waking up.
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if. it's about book on. if it. was full of the same song. just your. job it was like yeah but if i'm on. the field so deeply. shocked it helps if. you. think that actually instruments to. keep. you off of. the. muslims
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from hell yeah well give up. it was something else well up. and i just feel it is it was. you will see what i mean it's an awful lot like minute. please even cut. completely please and muslims will come to you i'll say it to other. lots of people but. the truth. just doesn't look like the felt like. the. let. live.
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live. live. live they come in bold we check the chamber to make sure there is no bullet in the chamber. so when there is told they are safe there is no bullet and then when we give them which is the chamber again and when they come back to check the champus will make sure that when this told there is no will that many and many more and again so i'll still separately have the. heavy lifting to go so that it. doesn't leave it to what place please. i just. need to tell you something. that no one.
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the center of the list also nine thousand feet if you must build that's a waiting ship the harbor pulling back used to be over here. these made me want to hire more. and i think that's the sweetest thing it used to kill whales now it's protecting them. see show book the threatening to worry oh it's in the southern ocean so egypt needs to. go down to the way you see sugar was the only one window on the. close to christmas story was how we see shepherd stood up to that he got in between
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you know. her blue slips and the processing stamps and prevented them from being able to transfer the whales onto the process and she. was seen there in the small boat next to the hard core ships and it's just yeah he's scary it's new trend but then again throwing paint balls to nurse is physically spoke being illegal fishing vessel and taking them out of the action of the save the millions hundreds of thousands of lives. we would get very very close to the when we've been able to these you could pull them from transferring that way to be able to physically help them by. putting defensive line from the water really nasty moments to ensure that they can only pay into them to symbolize the bloody dismiss that they are doing and i think the walls in pressing
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their campaign called. all the way back to rebuild. fuel tanker to come together they need to get fuel and this is what we do. here in between. us to stop this with you an immigration bill seems to kind of have fuel they won't be able to deal with children if you let's see two ships need to come together like the soul of the nation tried to calm alongside the fuel tanker and we have all worksheets there in between them to stop them from touching for five days. being in that situation but we really tends. to the water barges in general. to last all theory and look at all engines to stop it he. just kept extremely. child being
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a mayday mayday mayday stall stall by have no engines and all knew then pulled away and they had already crossed the main mast. crush the hill a day. or so to the. very very close. now after we had the injunction. that we cannot go five hundred meters close to an injunction from. court and that's the weird thing how the u.s. courts have jurisdiction in the international waters to accrue that it's international to a ship like the netherlands but still we are respecting. the do not engage in illegal activity.


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