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tv   Sophie Co  RT  March 19, 2018 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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that the russian people have spoken. and then also. all goes well for a few short of russia. i want to ask you a bit more if i can about the length of leadership the chinese leader was one of the first to congratulate mr putin we have a lot of political experts questioning both the russian and chinese leaders holding the country's reins for too long what do you think about. well i think that we are seeing the world order. has changed quite dramatically. after the. with the trial administration and then even before then because if you look at the world after the second world war. back in nineteen forty five the whole world was the fine by pax americana in a world order shaped by american interests but now. emerging
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powers are rising china and russia india and various other countries the world is becoming more secondly with the for the industrial revolution where the internet economy sees no boundaries the world is becoming more interconnected and then with climate change becomes even more dependent towards a perhaps a common destiny so the whole. mindset a cold war mindset. is becoming obsolete and i think that russia has a role to play along with china. what about bringing an interval between the two countries themselves to the president putin and have long gone on now do we expect anything different to change in terms of the bilateral relations between china and russia. well i think the relationship between china and russia. relatively mixed.
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in in fact your politics is not just i translate that into black and white friends all the time or any sort of time but i think nowadays there is more areas for cooperation between china and russia. as a another way to find the world order more skewed towards american first interests and secondly the approach to solving international issues is not always from the same kind of to quit using military quotient in article worst of course it's measures which will not necessarily satisfactory results so i think that there are areas for cooperation but the two sides are not forming up wrong because there are worries on both sides. for example far east as the. occupier and with with with more chinese happened the
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settling of that area but i think there will. be because of change there are more areas for corporation especially. under western sanctions and as for export of energy and gas there was a great opportunities for subjects export to china because china's energy import is also on the. increase in risks for example through the south china sea. strait and that's why china is pivoting towards the west including the russian far east. in terms of pipelines in terms of signing more deals and if you deals with russia so i think that there are interests which fit into those size so you put your politics. you know a lot to consider in the coming months and years from now though i really appreciate your thoughts on this independent china specialist under your main home conventional.
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this year the vast majority of polling stations are equipped with the web cameras streaming everything that happened that meant that anyone could be an observer without even leaving the comfort of their own and thanks to this relatively new practice they came in in twenty twelve as it expanded this time around a number of electoral fraud cases have been exposed. to.
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this year's presidential election was being monitored by iraqi old number of foreign observers over fifteen hundred had registered and before the vote and they came from all over as well the service from france poland and the u.k. with their overall assessment i'm only positive one. we have some team in moscow in cologne. it's a bus stop or stuff and the return is everything was normal everything is neat little bit like in france for example even maybe more because for example i saw in many places some carry around to control we don't have that in france but the reports. stopped when the some were but with the good weather gets in motion. rightly so that they didn't see anybody. maybe i was too short but i don't
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i don't think that. we wanted to see how we were particularly interested in the transmission lines which you so i see here. in poland to introduce the system to this very different to the u.k. first. you had the congress and the congress because that's all the big argument you can at the moment. because there's an awful lot of electoral fraud in the u.k. so it's all right criticize russia because we have got a whole cell in the u.k. for various reasons. and the place goes to. be the flamboyant leader of being a liberal democratic party this year it was his sick attempt for the country's top job last more than any other candidate in russian history. at his election headquarters to quieten the campaign h.q. tonight as the media drift out and equipment is packed away the man himself didn't
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make it here tonight he made his post-election speech at a different location making his views on this election abundantly clear. that i estimate the results of the elections negatively the conditions are not equal and there were no debates the scandals were fake aim to attract attention the elections are under way they see third place firmly sealed for sure enough a position he's of course one before he's been on russia's political stage for nearly thirty years this is a campaign poster from nine hundred ninety one use for six presidential campaigns in total mixing of fiery nationalist rhetoric with populism socially conservative more radical on the economy and other questions he's never been shy of controversy he's had verbal spats even physical conflicts with his opponents this election has been no exception and he's been roundly criticized. for his more outlandish views.
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the stage was all set perhaps hoping for slightly better results very bold slogans here this banner reading sure enough ski a powerful leap forward ironic for a man who turns seventy two this year and will be nearly eighty at the next election cycle at his post-election press conference of course he brushed off any speculation about his future in true love of music style you know how the brass with don't ask me about it it's an appropriate let's ask a fifteen year old boy if he is ready for marriage or not let him grow so are you ready to marry it doesn't work like that in six years do you know that there will be no elections in six years prosperity for all this is no more homelessness hunger and unemployment it seems these slogans weren't enough to give the liberal democratic party leader a bigger share of the vote this whole stands empty this may be the last election cycle we see zhirinovsky as a candidate with his volatile unpredictability we just never know we.
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are also being keenly watched at home and abroad the only woman in the race and the youngest candidate conceding a subject from the civic initiative party apparently hasn't lost heart even in the face of results that were lower than expected it was at the candidate's campaign headquarters as the results began to come in and spoke to about it. liberal opposition candidate thirty six year old sandy a subject showed up at her own h.q. just minutes after the last polling station in russia closed but really there was nothing to celebrate back then it was already clear that she was going to come forth but with less than two percent well regardless of that subject as we've heard many times today likes to portray herself as the new prominent opposition figure in this country and perhaps that explains the heat in the debate she had a little. earlier with alexei vali who is one of the most fiercest critics of
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a lot of our protein in russia but as we remember he hadn't been allowed to take part in this election under a law that bans people who were charged criminally from running for president people to. deal with. so if i look on the bar leaves just imo yes we can see that's . the mimi's problem with what's been in more than. two dollars now when you might store you could see. him you know go to the top of here because. you will possible among. the floor but not for the room. was a small even later one you would assume that if you ask any politician any presidential candidate around the world if he or she would be happy with that kind of disappointing result you'd expect the and certainly no vast majority of cases but
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as saying a sub jack told me in an exclusive live interview she doesn't see it that way course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a result my campaign was about talking truth on the propaganda stick channels of federal t.v. in russia this result is higher than of any other liberal candidate and that makes the platform for rhenish and if we take your results the result of the gore you beat and mr t. tough as well and add them together still i think that's just under five percent so is there much room for improvement here and are you hoping to improve in the near future education is the most important value of my program education of russian people of telling them truth about the situation believing trying to. make them
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interest on the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrie the only real way to make this five percent growing to fifty one percent is to make people understand this connections after the debates with alex you know why are you confident in that kind of future for a so-called united opposition bloc i'm very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with him but in stand we were discussing k.v. in my instagram which is ridiculous to my way just what is your maybe adjective or a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this it's a success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself i mean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support of putting this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent
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but sixty eight or whatever the steel we should have made that the majority people now really want this president. not only took place across russia's eleven time zones but also in the country's consulates in more than one hundred forty countries many voters queued in the streets waiting to call their ballots from the hate of thailand to a chilly berlin selection of course comes with increased tensions in the west following the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. but mr putin's campaign chief says the standoff in fact mobilized turnout here with russians uniting in the face of pressure. suggests the turnout is eight to ten percent higher than we expected thanks to great britain yet again they failed to take into account the russian mentality we were pressured and it cost us to mobilize whenever russia is accused of something indiscriminate. and without any
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evidence the russian people unite around the center of power and that's why it's thanks to britain we achieved a turnout we hadn't even dreamed of well there hasn't been that much media coverage about the election in russia per se it's all been very focused on the script poisoning on the tensions with russia and the diplomatic fallout between the u.k. and russia as a result but as campaign manager and said that this with the u.k. may have galvanized the vote in russia may have got more people to go to the polls that may be the case in london as well because the embassy here in london registered an unusually high turnout the election they said that there were queues of up to one hour people waiting forty five minutes to an hour to get into the embassy and cast their ballots around two to three hundred people according to some estimates were lining the streets outside the embassy here the russian embassy here
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in london waiting to get in and evidently keen to vote that enthusiasm could have been as a result of the way that the spy scandal has played out here in the u.k. the diplomatic standoff with russia has weighed heavily on the minds of many members of the russian community here especially in the run up to the election there was also a protest outside the embassy. in exile businessmen if this hooten chrissake he in about twenty nine other protesters will greeting russians who intent on voting with putin banas they key. putin four point zero and the newspaper coverage here in the the u.k. hasn't been very enthusiastic about the elections but the messages that we have seen in the papers have very much conveyed the vote in russia is. the foregone conclusion you can see here hasn't taken up many of the column
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inches in the sunday papers page seven it's a small blog talking about putin putin's reelection as president is inevitable if you take a look here you've got a talk in the financial times the russian state mobilizes to ensure a huge win for putin that's also page seven so nowhere near the front pages but there they are talking about things like people in russia feeling pressured to vote and the fact that the russian government says in a lot of these articles needed a high turnout this election in order to look more legitimate but really all the papers have looked like this and from stories on papers very much dominated by the fallout from the script poisoning this one saying may stands up to putin and plenty others perceiving that improves and you can see caricature is up on your screen and in a very unsavory light and it may have been this focus on the diplomatic
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standoff this condemnation of russia this very cold war rhetoric in a lot of the papers over the spy poisoning story that may have. galvanized more russians here in the u.k. to come out and cast their ballots. as the first results began coming in the media and many politicians in the u.s. were quick to react to casting a negative light on the reelection of blood to me and that relations between washington and moscow is still very much that perhaps doesn't come as much of a surprise as samir com reports there are many russians who voted in the u.s. and they've expressed concern over the process in the u.s. and we start off with the russian ambassador comments who said that he had hoped that the u.s. would take interest in the various acts of provocation that took place during early voting in the u.s. and he also. said that some people even received threats but upon receiving word of
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president putin's when both the mainstream media and american politicians attempted to deal it to them eyes russia's political process the washington post called sunday's vote a charade and the new york times wasn't so far off calling it a hollow election and even compared it to the soviet days where there was just one name on the ballot c.n.n. did the same going as far as go to compare him to joseph stalin but no reactions from the white house yet but several tweets from your favorite anti russian officials senator mccain took to twitter to discredit putin's victory calling it a sham and going on to say quote the u.s. stands with all russians yearning for freedom which is interesting because prior to the election putin managed to maintain over an eighty percent approval rating but despite running against multiple candidates representative adam schiff said that putin only won because he banned his opponents from running
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a saying quote it's easy to win when you bar your opponents from running but besides the usual is a whistleblower edward snowden had some words regarding a ballot stuffing that allegedly took place saying that it's quote an effort to steal the influence of one hundred forty plus million people snowden also urged russian citizens to quote demand justice demand laws and courts that matter take your future back and just a little reminder edward snowden was granted political asylum in russia and that's where he's been ever since now i'm sure that the west will continue to react to putin's victory and we'll be bringing you more of that. the reaction that we've been getting history professor peter because nick says that the united states mainstream media are looking into a cold war frenzy failing to give a balanced picture of what happens in. relations between the united states and russia are the worst they've been certainly since the end of the cold war and in many ways the most dangerous situation we've faced. the cuban missile crisis in one
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thousand nine hundred two this is not getting any better if you turn on television the united states all the major networks are demonizing putin the american media is in a very much of a cold war mindset it's partly frightening because many of the people who were so critical of the cold first cold war are now the cheerleaders for the second cold war so if you turn on the american media you don't see what i consider more balanced portrait clad amir putin. as you'd expect people from all walks of life came to be on from a one hundred year old iris to class to a family of thirty. or so.
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you don't. look so good it. was a little. they said. you've been long enough and you see i've spent a minute in this. you watch our special coverage of the end legs and between india and the collins bray we've got plenty more to come as well as the election results sink in and yes there was a favorite to win but people are going to be crunching the numbers we'll be hearing from our correspondents who were at the center of the action last night and also reaction from around the world in the coming hours there's also the election special. continue throughout the day.
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the most expensive fish in a will each one selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only when the inside of a much larger mission was one that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not cleared for long term survival and that's why we
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have the catastrophes that. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent my daughter's action i know might need to hit . the dog and i see those organizations which i'm usually split into which we feel which takes different names how do you view that. complex web of british basher.
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i'm pissed at the. time. he hit me he. is. saying no over the shock when i was three years old so it's a long story of go shots for me the most difficult in the pursuit close when i did so my first choice for the post but thought it was overblown because i didn't see the shot dead before so it was a fluke a miss which wasn't really but my motivation was just wander off to the because i knew that i wanted to be there i didn't continue to go to the most with. normal tribune just. to see.
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what i wanted to do with. how do you know that you're helping the world be a bit better i would say that that would mean to me one of the things that has impressed me the most is how you get the editor from wherever you need to get it but. i wanted to do something for earth when i came onboard it was my first time at sea it was my first time in the galley as well so i had a lot of that. this is the seventh. i just love it and i just love it i hate it that. i don't think i'm in shape i love. the crew. i just love stuff the whole thing and being at sea i feel more i'm. on a ship at sea and i do on live show. the life that i spent forty five years in the maybe. i retired in summer two thousand and sixteen
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so one year ago announced that oh i left that mystery going at c. but i didn't want to just go and sue for fun because i do have a sailing boat but i needed a mission just. to see anything like this in my life to where you. indeed are completely and all the way. oh. yeah i am.
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just not. sleepy. no evening. thank you you. can now leave. here is how i should be. if something letting out a bully it's called if they do you know. more money. to a platform stuff floating in the water and then they need three something new water attracting me. they need so insistent rolling three inches and temperament is. our way that all this leave or shapes goes now it's time. and of
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course it's rubbish of this date so we cannot leave it in the open and was. shocked and i don't think that in tangled they had all right on their face old little boy and that they were. going to let me pose for their own or. what about getting one so scuba. gear lotusphere.
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and i think these two are two different devices that these get thrown face from a local fisherman sniffs some sea of these before a lot. in the coast of africa usually they would have. a touch to that but now we see a bias away from the coincidental call it would employ instead underneath this water so it's probably being torn out by a storm or strong clean stone that says. dave did far out that this if a.d.'s defeated before they are safe and said that if you don't get stuck in that will propel there are any other vital parts of the ship oh it wasn't a shark or a go thing or a way of getting started a little bit and share believe me exactly. most
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of all the people i want to. see it but. then there. are. all of. the water. or water.


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