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tv   News  RT  March 19, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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interesting shift here the only reason it's been interesting out here for days normally you expect every ship to go from the floor to the bird story that's been least possible on those frozen foods sorry but just to sit offshore the bunch of frozen food has been strange this is suspicious ha so this is a piece. on you. you know i was. ready to sell this if i didn't have you know we know they have a hard life they have legs that also carry her anus. like assholes and ha ha ha ha yeah. lotus wild wild bird is this do get with the program hears her be followed its currency. while those sophistries he appears to be noticed even if you just heard
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a good story easy surveyors. were here is this is worth your. far there on the server where i suspect you because your favorite part is just inside you have it he is this transshipment if this is illegal to the easy so it is once for make sure he's happy that's all. hollister this is not black it's under a long. time .
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cutoff. to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to just kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful
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guy a great so one more chance for. peace it's minute. but to sit down and juggle it all out if. it don't sound at least just because you told. me. when i set up the double galaxy if it wasn't on the bus or there will not. be some dollars in the
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. home. and you asked above if we have an ideal well many cruise ship. was. yelling t.v. saying there's just one on board the vessels think it was based on nothing give us an event and the different then even if you think. you know somebody i don't.
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believe you really don't feel guilty of. learning to say nothing. to do it just look less for the thief to say well as you will actually it will do it we have let us all too much in order to. just missed it you have to go and look at it i don't know what it is going to look you don't need those low. when it's roots. feed us not for muslims stuff. because. if you tell us all. yeah just send the stuff up north. and you just meet him and he's just one one incident was the same all.
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the. cells up there. is left double was frozen fish from illinois gives away i missed it it's all i needed. because there was no way to believe. in believe gold will be beneficent one of. his friends who could not make it personal. to leave one nation from the minute she sits in the back of your grandchildren the british. missile the screen you can see this really. is not much of. a different kind of good didn't understand. the stupidity is a tourist town feel how my house just won the month when they were put there this
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group is not possible. just seems to be in safe position a good time cooking here i'm gonna do was enormous not possible for the special state of n.p.r. because too much rain swell if you prefer. when are you. going to. rebuild it and do you. believe you don't go to the no no.
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no smell fish. so it's quite different then it's nice to have the government to be able to actually stop. the fish in its back what's going on. it's a different experience but it's a good development they don't like yeah usually that's the case here we go to like the pharaohs or they say get out you know or. you know about that place they don't like us very but they're all. in the farrows because we don't want them to kill the pilot whales and so you know
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they have this long tradition of driving the pilot whales with their small boats and driving them up on to the beach and killing them on the beach. and so we've gone there and interfered with the house there is you know is there's a whole layers of legal issues there because it is illegal for the e.u. and whales and the pharaohs are a potentially part of the deals with a funny guy. they tried in years past to pass laws against us and they kept getting they were and they were the way they were that they wouldn't enforce them so i think believe this year they they have succeeded in keeping us from going there i know the ships can't go and. i don't know if individuals want now how that will work out but we're not going there on a campaign this year because of that because of the prohibition there and then we have other issues now that we're tackling like this illegal fishing which is
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a huge problem all over the world. if you want to use to you know for example you just go to the supermarket buy a can of tuna open it and you enjoy it because the next place. but when you see how it's catch you start to sing about. fishing boats were seen fishing already in big trouble we kind of go on but that's still right to assume a several meetings and then the same opponent starts to are pulling the nets and the nets cysts are getting tighter and tighter fish squeezed all of my kind of lemon and in this moments of the sea really turns red bull let's just see a lot. of them and that's what's called the scoop
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when the metal ring just goes they go into the big nest and scoop all of the fish. one time we've just been around his personal conduct fifteen scoops. you say tongue each song. so it's just one catch seventy's pie. tons and they do it several times a day. almost every day with a big fleet so our you get an idea why the ocean is overfished. please please. please. please let's just say that i was friends stuck up so i guess that mission let's go to college let it settle it see to see if
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it'll be at least a bit mystical even if it meant stuffed settlers be an interesting topic for us. please. please. please please please. please definitely read. closer they look. at least. evening monthly grows things like gandhi's name the troll. has reasons for action
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that. today in about half an hour. do you have any weapons or guns on board over. for example the mediterranean is a very over. this range and there has been a lot of good to know fishing by the european industrial person or fleet they have been fishing here acquired expendability since the one nine hundred fifty s. well so that has also led to the fact that there is not so much to know that so that is why i and other nations in this region are doing this inspection to make
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sure that they have the amount of catch on board that they are reporting. it seems like you see a preschool three feet deep. cuts it left. the. key in a skiff just. so that you fish from the if it is the yes. and you fight. no charge well you least like a lot on fire short some the whole trip in just war hero of the year has you reported this by catch up. with you usually a good idea. you know if you. like a model you know. my main goal will be about bycatch and i use
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illegal unregulated and underreporting fishing that is happening in the west african region. because it is estimated that between eleven and twenty six million tons of fish is being called to legally so i'm point three million tons of fish are being discarded by catch annually it's just big. kill without being targeted. here you can see the net in the net you can see a lot of dead sharks because the problem with the sharks is since they're licking a swim bladder when they lift the net over there before the net is on the day the sharks die because of lack of oxygen. because they do not have aids from that or so
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if they don't move they will die in the. last year when we were here in japan we also had several cases of whale shark getting caught in the net with a person or so on several occasions we had to cut up the neck to be able to save the little trout and a release is coming entanglement in the nets and that is also a beautiful feeling when you see the welfare of them in the way of the net.
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the far right to britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent my daughter's action i don't want it to hit me again as you know you know i see these organizations which will usually split into words which we fear take different names i'll give you that look. a. complex web of richard basham. american mess one is the melting pot and the second is the alger myth of a strapping anyone can succeed in america who works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't lose so
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their response essentially is to go into conflict and this is a major of. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only remnants of a much larger mission was once there was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not clear for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. you know when you don't. see the teachers who are. then equipped to do. what they need most through only ten space. let alone.
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said. something to no servant is messy that. alex you speak french. most of those of us who are the same. and send them continued. sunday. oh oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh
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oh our election headlines. real action to a fourth term in office with all the ballots from sunday's presidential vote now processed this response to. a problem congratulations bible. china's is paying all the way to criticism and insults on some. of the election quite literally from traditional voters dressed angels and even not many came to enjoy themselves on hold.
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for a mosque in the heart of the capital we are obviously looking at the president. calling for a day you probably know the results by now but the reaction is coming from all corners of the globe so we're treating in this hour we're going to keep bringing you live updates sound reaction from our special studio here on. also as i called it red square in the levant is not counted in russia's presidential election demand putin is winning by a large margin getting of a seventy six percent of the vote it means a sixty five year old will take the country's top job for another six years i mean the poll of fifty six million people for him leaving all his rivals fall behind is going to be his fourth presidential as well in this year's race for the crime that beats and managed to secure the longest chunky seven minutes to take in an election we can see is trying to wrestle it in his presidential debates over the years the election wasn't just about the numbers through
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a lot of light so moments that colored the day let's have a quick look at some of those.
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which if you didn't catch any of our coverage of the results started to come in to see in our correspondents who are the candidates headquarters across moscow. covering the election for. campaign we talked to him a little bit about how it all went. well it was the very first appeared to has is tradition to cast this ballot for the cameras and then he disappeared for a while to do whatever it is that presidents do but. some hours later when the first exit polls came out and when it became apparent that he was well ahead of the competition he showed up just a few hundred meters from here. square the concept would have a concert dedicated to the reunification of crimea and russia four years ago you
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know the opportunity to. people who to his supporters and russians. and obviously. what stood out. was in the other direction again a few hundred meters but it was cheery there wasn't a lot of apprehension you know. that they were the favorites and all of this waited for in eventually. talked to everyone supporters again all the people that made this campaign happen his campaign chief supporters everyone else. talked to us the journalists. some tough questions right off the bat about. tempted this as a nation of. russian agent. britain and he was his response.
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the first thing that comes to mind is that if it was a military great people would of course have died on the spot. substances we destroyed chemical weapons by international inspectors i think anyone with common sense understands that it is russia to do such things. as you know people couldn't. i believe first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of clapping shoulders and. so you smiling when he said the champagne was coming out of course he kept a professional distance from the people you know tried as you did obviously as you said i was asked many many questions and this is going to be his fourth term well he asked about plans i had had of. all those.
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lot of questions about you know sort of aspects of what he was going to do in the future but one of them was whether he would attempt to change the constitution perhaps what again you could keep the momentum of planning in the constitutional changes. was more sinister do you think you will be in the presidential seats until twenty thirty or course if you change the constitution. i think what you're saying is. there aren't a lot and a hundred. this year the vast majority of polling stations are equipped with web cameras streaming everything that happened that meant that anyone could be an observer without leaving the comfort of their own network was first introduced for the twenty twelve presidential election it's been expanded this time around they've been earning their keep too because they've helped to expose a number of electoral for patients mission.
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the presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers fifteen hundred and registered to be for the favorites among those present were people from france poland the u.k. and many others as well talk to one of them now in fact andreyko he's an m.p. from germany's the left party welcome to r.t. international thanks for joining us in red square of first of all just generally
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what was your impression of the way the voting process was handled the election yesterday. the elections here in moscow and southern part of moscow. that's a twelve voting station and my overall impression was quite positive there was no systematic no fraud of up thing like this. and we were. both in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and this was a drug or a mood among the other election observers here in moscow so i would say and this was the result a bit of the coming together of the international of election observers we were robbed hundred for with the. that. procedure yesterday was all in all better than the average of. ten or surveys of what was the right because there have been criticisms that have been some cases of fraud
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that have been uncovered and they've been dealt with and addressed you were one of an army almost of observers of the election this time around and what are you so you saw none of them do you think that there was enough observation too much where would you scale what russia is the country in the biggest country of the war seventeen million so we can administer comfort and we're with one hundred election observers you can't go to every year body state that. of course ever fraud and i think this would be addressed as far as i understood this fraud. addressed by the side for election committee itself so this was not the main i think this is not the main criticism the national election it's about the race today and three o'clock there was a press conference i cannot speak for them. but i think the procedural more or less was i think better than six years ago and what we have seen quite.
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understand we have a scene if you look at the relationship is different than diplomatic relationships between different countries it be interesting to have your opinion how you think especially as the new coalition has formed in jimmy and how you think those relationships are going to develop in the future now that we've had ourselves here in russia i think it's a open question it's a strong mood and germany to have better relations with russia and inside the parties are different opinions we are left wing party that i think we are for lifting the sanctions and having better relations not with all criticism but in general we don't want to have a new cold war. so i don't know what how this election with the effect of the government in germany will go through this evening back to germany with our part of the recession i would see. but i think. we.


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