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a lot of russians agree with that because they can see that a lot of politicians from the central bank or the finance minister you know when these to keep the russian economy open well i mean when you have costello states such as i'm sorry i'm quoting me smith you know what she called russia course that was state and i think we have the right to call a lot of the western. international organizations and become very hostile and you know give yourself open to that that's a risk important the russians understand to do things obviously there's a lot of criticism leveled at the economic section of the cabinet but at the scene it is these people. like them or not it is these people who are guaranteed russia's economy going through in a stable fashion through the period when massive massive sectoral sanctions sanctions were introduced against russia by the united states of the runway there by the e.u. but by other nations so the russian central bank and the russian economy minister
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and other ministries that deal with this the proved themselves successful in keeping the russian economy stable in this their feet but another thing also that western leaders like to see in the including boris johnson the simply they have nothing against russian people the only against the russian government against bush you know who does all these things fifty five but you know i don't know but what does this what do these dogs of these polls say that the russian people or will mean we support fortune's policies so being against these against these being against russian people equals russia that we must be certain for they must be so disappointed with the people those much gnashing of teeth and wailing and pulling out of their hair in the western circles i'd like to point out that however i agree with. victor about the national reserve was that was built up that helped whether
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the sanctions and the oil price that were going in to begin with are going to that but i would note that those same the old liberals who built up didn't want to spend even to save the country during the financial crisis and there's let me see the country for for all the reasons that he is the one that will prove to you if you look at. the two thousand and eight financial crisis russia weathered that pretty well. in the same way the c.d.c. people are sure that's russia kept a stable that coming near during that period and did it again this time so the record there is pretty good that's why they're still in their places because nothing to suggest nothing succeeds like success yes despite all the criticism the . results show there is yes thirty seconds mark before we're going to break there was a big ideological option of choices on the boat to communist to nationals to liberals
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a new a liberal. and putin and there was this little ideological. display and the people still chose vladimir putin and i mean putin is not seen as being very ideological and i think that's one of the attractions he has with the with the voters i generally want to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on russia's presidential election stay with our team. when i was still seems wrong. why don't you. just don't call. me lol
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but you get to shape out disdains you can stick out to it and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. level blogs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings produce to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. do socks for the tell you that every gossip and public bush though most important news. on the box of advertising tells me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the walking. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action
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like it. usually split into which we take different names how do you view that. a. complex web of workers. who are all things are considered i'm discussing russia's presidential election. to broaden this out a little bit i said in my introduction that putin and with his reelection the fourth time it will be an. office. it's time for him to start thinking about his
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legacy and and i think all of us here in the table think that he has a a lot to reflect upon victor i mean what what what is he thinking because i remember before they changed the terms from four years to six years he was saying what he wanted russia to accomplish by twenty twenty you heard that all of the time over of wide variety of sectors. what does he want to accomplish in this last term in office so whatever that mean points in the next six years with can we expect from. first of all leaking were actually more influential in the world stage making russia one of the prime world powers in the new multi-polar world making russian science and technology. on the same level as american science and technology progress and make and in europe and europe making russia one of the prime scientific and technological powers
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a new program of the armament of the russian armed forces new opportunities in education in employment for the russian people in new venues developing technologies developing. official intelligence and other industry all looking russia a competitive country and also ones are a huge challenge and also one more very important thing. we talked about that will making the party structure more more progress more the interests more stable and also choosing somebody who can do that who who could continue on his course after he leaves six years from now those are the main points of his program and that's what the russian people expect it will be we were time of the sort and i'm glad victor brought it up here i mean when the parties are not very strong i mean in many ways in my mind there's really still just one party and it's the communist
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party in shrinking and it's. drinking ok through time there's a party or there is a convenience we have we made it was yeah but ok but if you look at what united russia it is a very diverse ok i mean it actually has its own political spectrum when it isn't even for the actual. twenty five years have passed more than twenty five years since the soviet union collapsed and the russian became a multiple multiple of the system multiplied to state what why has that problem still persisted because russia has the information political sphere has been for the influence as soon as opposition parties emerge for the actors come in and start to meddle because they see these images yes with their mind me with their. brass and so and so forth and as soon as opposition position parties emerge for an actor such as the united states it's product to. the economy and they try to use those pirates use it against the against the russian state that is the problem what
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can what can you do in this new dress that is i think why we see you know in the west the they simply can't believe a seventy six seventy seven percent return it's because the russian public understands that the country has been under attack all right all these years and that's why there's this widespread national consensus if putin leaves the country successfully i think you'll have moved it to a at the end of the next six years he'll have moved to a place where that type of consensus is no longer necessary so where right we could potentially either you know as he leaves or within you know a few years afterwards somewhere in the next decade i would like to see united russia which is is it as a party of power it doesn't have a political ideology of its own other than supporting the state you know in the country i would like to see it split i would like to see
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a real conservative. already. there were sort of that is. conspicuously missing in the good in majority of the russian majority is moderately social conservative by modern western standards and moderately less ditch without being left this they believe in a strong state with strong social benefits that can manage a country you know that the enormous size of russia and i would like to see a party firmly on those principles emerge. and you know we made it easy to do it and i hope we can do it in the next six years but i think there is a big unknown here and that is how will the west change. the west and if you're still russia change we're in the midst of a gracious in relations between russia and the west we don't know how it will be in the west has its own internal crisis kobe has it so i think i think what would you
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print or all of the developments inside the west i mean what we have seen in the last two years rodney atkins some british but it was. yesterday when we discussed this election he said that look at the elections you need to be sixty percent of the people voted for the party if there were friendly to russia you know that but non-systemic in germany non-systemic part yes i gave him very few people with merkel in france if the election or the presidential election had been fair there weren't least two candidates who were very broad brush it and they were so it's very interesting going on the politics or with marshall explanations why the establishment in the establishment parties use russia as a for oil if you know what i'm going to do and it just it was just finishing it so i think a lot will depend on they said if you call a woman with a crisis continue i think it will continue for two or three more years if it continues for all of that six years then it will be very difficult to find a successor because i mean look at that kind of snow i look at gruden i might have
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sympathy. him will he be able to weather another crisis like that one where and with that breed to the way that one week crimea has had the experience of surviving in crisis none of the other kind is no one's been tested when you say that. they're not russian they're proof range they seem to understand they're toward the usa for these you know they don't even frame these things would not rather be simply understandable simply understand that carrying these sanctions against russia these economic sanctions does nothing good for phrase business does nothing good for french politics and does nothing good for the french the security will leave their stand is that this is forced on them by the american foreign policy although i think this is it is you know even more of. the foreign policy that is connected to the american one this these sanctions do not think good for the you either. the only thing that yes the only reason that the e.u. bureaucrats support this is because they are pressured by the enemy because they
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point to washington ok with with putin's reelection. we see the u.k. and the united states and their allies doubling down on the spilled russian poles oh absolutely it's not going anywhere and i agree it's going somewhere really drags you. off a cliff i agree with victor that putin would like ideally his vision for the term is science technology education. that would be a luxury let us remind why putin came back in two thousand and twelve in the first place the primary thing that influences the situation was libya and since libya he has seen the crisis in ukraine with the west openly backing this putsch that overthrew the government and the developments in syria and in ukraine putin is remembered and justly by the country he was rewarded for bringing crimea back into the fall but he should as well be remembered as the president who lost the rest of
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the. ukraine to a western back porch and there is still a war that's still being fought in the east of ukraine i think that is well might have the time to think about legacy at this moment because the next few years are going to be spent weathering and surviving crises in ukraine that syria and it just may be his legacy it is the struggle for him but i think with creating it was not just who lost it the process was very long it started back in one thousand nine hundred one russia continues li didn't mandell in the ukrainian affairs the liberal dogma about it was only business not and personal not in for a turn not just gas get payment for the gas that's why chernomyrdin or the former prime minister you know the guest person of russia was appointed there was the exercise of russia not often exercise or russian soft power the results are dredging but let's put it like that but i think a lot about putin's legacy
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a lot will depend on the developments in ukraine ukraine is entering its own election cycle and the problem is that poroshenko is getting huge power thanks to the new war national security he will be created police the army the security service on the other hand he's very unpopular so he's popular with washington yes is that going to cause a little you know he's actually he's actually giving me more problems coming up just to be aware of the almost every single day that you have to suffer is already being able to read that who wanted to blow up the ukrainian parliament kill the president in the lead government of the way and then you know it could be but also remind our viewers who you're talking about as an idea of deception was the ukrainian troops. who are in. the u.s. you know the whole former pilot that actually. was. the target for killing russians in. the u.s.
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russian journalists. who are supposed to be protected the press is not supposed to be fired but she fired on them on purpose around the fire she was. clean that hero by ukraine has legal right to live here if she was a nationalist here and he wanted her back in ukraine she was exchanged by russia and became a deputy should we keep a member of the course and now she's moving to the west know she's going to their evil. their growth her because she's come out and publicly said she saw snipers enter with the speaker of the parliament and that fire marshal has given all of which have already said we want to destroy this man if you gentlemen we are talking about it because it's important people are talking about it in ukraine because it's important if anybody needs to any of us and i don't know if i want to be one talking about is that the ukraine just feet depends on what the west decides
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to do with it and what the west is going to look like in the next sixty years was going to change there it's obvious by the west has been talking a lot that bob's option when she was in the russian jail we present what we are hearing. you with their ukrainian parliament every day. is fasting eleven twelve thirteen as d ok no i think in the russian duma they're going to have the port and idea suctioned it's not just you know it was twelfth and second speech or because he was last on terrorism and. actions have showed first of all is the political capital to. get his foreign policy and domestic policy objectives is to within the next six years ok well hold it you'll be able to talk about this in six years and that's all the time we have german many thanks to my guest here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember.
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the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only when themself a much larger mission was once there and that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we
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have the catastrophes. level blocked off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't . produce offspring to tell you that what we gossip to the public by file for the most important news today. off the bat doesn't help you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one. american mets one is the mountain. and the second is the. strapping of anyone seen in america who works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up
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so their response essentially is to go into conflict and this is a major. blow to the. right. but even approach it wins a full face in a landslide victory with all ballots from sunday's presidential election outcome to
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. the international response to putin's reelection ranges from congratulations by well leaders including china's she didn't paint all the way to criticism and insults. and. so make a song and dance literally from traditional costumed to votes as dressed as a jewels leaving. many came to enjoy themselves. the sunshine stone the splendid red square again to nicky with. a moscow welcome to our special coverage ongoing of russia's presidential election as those results sink in that can bring good news i've been told that makes react on
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a special studio right here on moscow's iconic red square yes thanks for being with us with. the current president vladimir putin's one but huge margin it turns out having gained over seventy six percent of the books it means he will stay in the job in the country's top job it is to be said for another six years more than fifty six million people cost that ballots for him leaving his rivals behind this will be his fourth presidential term. to secure a large of vote share than in any previous election he stood in who we could see how he fares in the previous presidential race is over fifty percent every. time the council number one that he'd like. to take on.
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on sunday our correspondents were at the candidate's headquarters in moscow more ghastly i've covered the election from vladimir putin's h.q. he said his experience with our colleagues and call him great. was cheery there wasn't a lot of apprehension you know they knew that they were the favorites in all of this we waited for and eventually. talked to everyone his supporters again all the people at me this campaign have been his campaign chief supporters ever and out and then he came to me talk to us the journalist and some tough questions right off the bat about. tempted this as a nation of. russian agent in britain and he was his response was to put the first thing that comes to mind is that if it was a military grade poison then people would of course have died on the spot.
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substances we destroyed all our chemical weapons by international inspectors i think anyone with common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential election. there were cheers you know people couldn't believe first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of clapping shoulders and. tried to see you smiling and they said the champagne was coming out of course he kept a professional distance from the be tracked. obviously as you said i was asked many many questions and this is going to be is full of. plans i had i had to be on the outs but there was. just a lot of questions about you know sorts of aspects of what he was going to do in the future but one of them was whether he would attempt to change the constitution
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to perhaps run again you could keep the moment so i'm not planning any constitutional changes with this case because i was more than this do you think you will be in the presidential seat until twenty thirty or so if you change the constitution because. i think what you're saying is i'm not going to study the you know until i turn one hundred. but we're now joined by artist jacqueline viduka he was yesterday. just off right square that was being held smart for years since crimea mean for casey and with russia and jacki what was the mood like in the crowd we could hear some of the chanting and the music from right yaps a lot of surprise because of course russians are not once the level of cold spoil the atmosphere and yesterday was no exception to that rule i was extremely excited as you mentioned it was a concert commemorating the four year anniversary of the reunification of crimea with russia it was on march eighteenth that that treaty was signed bringing it back
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under the umbrella of the russian federation and of famous face after famous face came on stage at a lot of songs and people were enjoying it and staying warm i guess by dancing and singing that's what was really keeping everybody's energy up and of course the tea was being sold out little cards not helped us i'm sure as well me personally i was freezing cold but nobody really seemed to mind that look at look great last night with three party animal the big highlight of course was taken to the stage they supposed to periods after it became very more apparent that he was going to win by a landslide victory and that really got the crowd going didn't it yeah i mean we were. earlier in the day from his press secretary that he was expected to come but nobody was really sure whether or not he would be able to make an appearance but he did and he definitely got the biggest here of the night just before he came on they were already announcing that he had over seventy percent of the vote and that also got a huge reaction from the crowd but he came out and then to everyone for coming out despite the cold as the bile and just given
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a message of unifying russia coming together even with those who voted for other candidates in the election and at the end he started chanting russia which he was then joined by the whole crowd in that so it was a really beautiful and warm moment. thank you for telling us about it good stuff thanks. by the elections come and made increased tensions with the west down there's been some official reaction coming in from europe that german president congratulated lajmi putin on his reelection but there have also been some strongly worded statements over the script powell poisoning case our correspondent in berlin peter all of arsenal. have had some reaction from the german government it's being delivered by the new foreign minister heiko mass is he arrived in brussels for a meeting e.u. foreign ministers to give. the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to was as the circumstances of the election russia will remain
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a difficult but russia will also be needed for solutions to the international conflicts and so we want to remain in dialogue we've also been seeing more and more reaction in the media here in germany if you have a look at what. to say they said that the the weekend for vladimir putin not to splendid as it may well have been they go on to say that the majority of media in russia was for the president that the majority of the state operate as was for the president and that they would have expected mr putin would have taken a larger proportion of the vote than it seems that he already has here in the capital the pearl in a tight tongue has said by. it's been looking towards the relationship between germany and russia and it's not a positive one if you take their they're reading from this they say that the relationship could it well is frosty and could continue to be more and more frosty but if we go back to saturday the main tabloid the most read tabloid newspaper build here in germany they've run their congratulations that let me have putin and
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a barber to wait on saturday before a vote had even been cast they also said that the script pile poisoning the attempted murder of that former spice and his daughter a year earlier that actually got people out to the polls to vote really it's a negative where you would expect it to be negative the coverage of low to me of putin's reelection. what's the view from europe over the united states in your politicians already criticize putin over the election republican senator john mccain a longtime critic of course of the russian president accused him of trying to fish artificially inflate voter turnout democratic congressman adam schiff chipped in to attacking putin for supposedly eliminating opponents there's also be reaction from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden currently living in exile in baghdad who tweeted that the alleged cases of voter fraud needed more attention meantime it's been reported that ninety eight percent of russians registered to vote to broadcast the.


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