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all a chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors i think anyone with common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential election in the football world cup we see there were cheers you know people couldn't believe first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of clapping shoulders and high fives trying to see you smiling when they said the champagne was coming out of course he kept a professional distance from the tries. you did obviously as you said i was asked many many questions and this is going to be his fourth term when he asked about plans ahead ahead of that beyond. those a whole lot of questions about you know sort of aspects of what he was going to do in the future but one of them was whether he would attempt to change the constitution to perhaps what again. at the moment i'm not planning any
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constitutional changes with this case because i was more than this you do think you will be in the presidential seat until twenty thirty or course if you change the constitution because. i think what you see is laughable i'm not going to stay there so i turned one hundred. so there's a look at this. when you see the vast majority of polling stations were equipped with our web cameras and streaming everything that happened that meant that anyone could be an observer upstairs there in advice from the comfort of back captures that home. was by was last night the practice was first introduced during the twenty twelve presidential election with help to expose multiple electoral fraud cases this time check this out.
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thank. you. it's not that c.c.t.v. i see is right there but this year's presidential election was being monitored by a red corps number of foreign observers over one thousand five hundred eighteen and actually and these included service from france poland and the u.k. and that overall assessment was mainly positive here they always see election observation mission to russia said there were no electoral law violations they did
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say the vote like transparency is somewhat we spoke direct to some of the observers . who say that they didn't see anybody later maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that and by the asians. we wanted to see how it works we were we are particularly interested very much in the transmission line which is i sit here and although a very high level we were. in poland to introduce the other system to wish that also in truman the you would have the opportunity sure lect or president by direct elections or coop consists of eight different members of. parliament i want to concrete your late mr putin and hope that we can improve cerm of the russian relations have to disallow actions. it would be really important for us because also the chairman's suffer because of sanctions
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all the pressure was quite positive there was no. systematic no fraud of a thing like this. we were. observers in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and this was a general mood among the other election observers here in moscow so the procedure yesterday was all in all. the average of. ten or an observation of course the. elections do of course culminating crease tensions with the west and there's been some official reaction coming in from your friend jim and president congratulated that demand pearson on his reelection but there have also been some strongly worded statements save this good pal voicing case the french need a manual mcdonnell said quote to wish putin success but edge him to shed light on what happened in salisbury our correspondent in berlin peter all of us. have had
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some reaction from the german government it's been delivered by the new foreign minister heiko mass as he arrived in brussels for a meeting of e.u. foreign ministers to say give mr volatile the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to was as the circumstances of the election russia will remain a difficult but russia will also be needed for solutions to the big international conflicts and so we want to remain in dialogue we've also been seeing more and more reaction in the media here in germany if you have a look at what. to say they said that the the when for vladimir putin not to splendid as it may well have been they go on to say that the majority of media in russia was for the president that the majority of the state operated was for the president and that they would have expected this mr putin would have. taken a larger proportion of the vote than it seems that he already has here in the capital the pearl in a tie tong has said well it's been looking towards the relationship between germany
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and russia and it's not a positive one if you take their they're reading from this they say that the relationship could it well is frosty and could continue to be more remore frosty but if we go back to saturday the maintop lloyd the most read tabloid newspaper building here in germany they ran their congratulations that let me have putin and a barber to wait on saturday before a vote had even been cast they also said that the script pile poisoning the attempted murder of that spare former spice and his daughter a year it actually got people out to the polls to vote really it's negative where you would expect it to be negative the coverage of lot of media prudence reelection your correspondent there with some of the view from europe let's go further afield over the us some reaction already senior politicians have criticized putin over the election case in point republican senator john mccain a longtime critic of course of the russian president has accused him of trying to
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artificially inflate voter turnout also chip in democratic congressman adam schiff attacking food for supposedly eliminating opponents yet it's also been reaction from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden he's currently living in exile in mass and he tweeted it and that's the case is that our votes in florida didn't move licentious. move in on the yesterday's vote disappointed the communist party its candidate wealthy businessman powerful group dean and garnered less than twelve percent of the vote but his color of moped was at the communists election h.q. last night and came to our studio to talk about the result was greeted there as the news filtered through. last night we were at the headquarters and a long time communist party chief zyuganov he was there and he addressed the press along with the candidate pavel. and it was an interesting strange now one reporter actually asked the question and said you know we'll do dean and continue to
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represent the communist party in these elections let's remember when zyuganov ran last time he got seventeen percent this time they didn't even poll twelve percent so when that question was raised it got a little interesting in the room this is what happened just yes much everybody knew but it's just. one of those the grinch in the in your blood is the humor and one of the big you know there is. a space you. never use them you know. and it was you know it was when you do it you're going to. get the decision that you're going to see. good demon he's not actually a member of the communist party he's just the candidate who they chose to represent them in the election and he's quite wealthy and he's the director of the lenin co-operative or this farming cooperative that essentially provides quite a few services to its workers they grow strawberries and such their workers go to very good schools or their children go to very good schools they get good quality health care that's been provided and on the campaign trail he made an interesting
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wager with a reporter who interviewed him now he said that if he didn't get a full fifteen percent that he would actually shave off his iconic mustache that mustache is part of his image it's a very iconic and he said he would shave it off now the reporter who made that promise to has already put up on instagram a picture of a razor saying it's time to pay the piper it's time to shave that mustache off so we have actually a photo shopped an image of what grew damien would look like without that iconic moustache let's take a look at that we've got it there on the screen for you but it has not yet come into fruition we haven't seen a half as of yet he has taken the dive and gone ahead and shaved as he promised to do on the campaign trail but not a good showing for the communist party at an interesting and interesting result not the best for them they've done far better in every election since the fall of the soviet union. yeah but it was a real shame as we start to store shelves or not we don't know we saw the graph it will your best place to talk and improvement oh no no mr t.
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he looks devastatingly hunting without the movie the. presidential elections commission ongoing investigation of course into the poisoning by agents of the former russian spy a huge story the u.k. prime minister says russia the motive of the intention to poison. the school straight to london to get the latest on this the difficulties on going this is this very much across it what else to do the trees and i have to say the. old guys to reason may has now spoken of motive and intention that she believes russia had in the poisoning of sergei scree fall and his daughter these comments came following lead to more prudence statements saying that it would be nonsense to believe that russia would have some kind of interest in this poisoning right ahead of the presidential elections that just happened this weekend and right ahead of the world cup that is going to be placed second place this summer bikes are teresa mayes not seeming to be believing this she said that given what they see in front of them the
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conclusion is russia's state culpability and now if you remember it's already been two weeks now since this scandal exploded and it's only now that the u.k. is handing over or sound pulls of the nerve agent that is said to have been used on script all and his daughter in seoul's berry to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and if you remember russia is also a member of this organization and has been asking to see a sample of this nerve agent over and over and over again this is not happening but members of this particular organization are in the u.k. to take a look at those sound pulls while that is going on we've heard from the metropolitan police describe the ongoing investigation as quote extremely challenging and complex saying that it would take weeks if not months to. finalize the investigation that has not been stopping u.k. officials including u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson really at the forefront of some of the language has
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been using against russia saying that russia is the bad guy and there is no discussion there let's take a listen at a comment he made earlier today in brussels i think you can see this is a classic russian strategy of trying to conceal the needle of truth in the haystack hold more you see on the stage. well boris johnson's language has become his rhetoric has become more and more intensified events on ravel despite the world really still waiting to see evidence of proof of russia's involvement that the u.k. has been talking about boris johnson has spoken of what he believes that there's enough evidence that russia over ten years not only was involved in the delivery of nerve agents for assassination but also creating an stockpiling novacek we do know that this moscow has said that russia believes that u.k. slovak czech swedish and possibly american labs were closely studying novacek since
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the ninety's now while russia's guild's is really being pushed to the forefront and russia has to stay behind trying to somehow prove its innocence according to the approach the u.k. has taken we've seen that this is not the same story when it applies to different situations involving russia for once over the weekend boris johnson was asked about a hefty sum of money one hundred sixty thousand pounds that were donated to the conservative party by a russian woman and a wife of a former russian minister who worked with large amir putin for a tennis match with boris johnson and there apparently he seems that was all right let's take a listen to what he said on that. unless and until evidence is produced against individual russians i do not think that the entire nation should be should be caught in the. well today boris johnson is in brussels meeting with the foreign
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ministers of the european union he's been speaking and addressing the press with the nato secretary general who's expressed solidarity of the organization with the u.k. and they have both talked about the disruptive and malign behavior that they continue to accuse russia of however of course we know moscow has been saying this whole time that it has nothing to do with the script while poisoning. this case is going to run and run by the sounds of it isn't it there's a lot of feeling about this in the u.k. of course and of course a lot of feeling about it in russia the opposite view as we've learned we'll keep track of it with your help thanks for. that this was one that particularly special election for one individual it was the fastest presidential election for the only woman in the ranks i mean stop china tightening has south as a constant against everyone the reality show star turned politician came full with
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one point seven percent on the phone and here with us now to discuss this more as i say feeling for you well managed campaign had to guess when the results began to roll in and any at times about the vibes a kind of atmosphere was that was it was there at the top chai k.h. q well you guys seen every one is your workspace looks a bit more impressive to told the truth but yes saying it was soft shots h.q. was inside a trendy loft and there was so many young people there and it looks like the crowd is what she was actually looking for in terms of the age that's what it seems the thirty six year old liberal opposition candidate who devoted most of her time during the campaign to wiping out corruption in this country and also helping those she called political prisoners in russia she will be given credit for spending that decent amount of time at the headquarters speaking to journal. her supporters to
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time she showed up there and the first time was only just a few minutes after the last polling station closed in russia and then you could see it on her face she wasn't happy with the result there was nothing really to celebrate although she remained confident at that time it was about two minutes past nine pm moscow time it was clear that she was going to come forth but still with two percent regardless of that though she kept portraying herself as the new prominent opposition candidate and that explains perhaps the heat in the debate she had with alexei no volley who is one of the fiercest critics of lot of more potent however as we remember he had been banned from taking part in elections under a law that as i was saying bans people from running for president if they've had criminal charges.
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since the. movies program the movements. has not been you months. in the. mill with the films in question and then you are going. well let's go back to the results that is just under one point seven percent perhaps if you ask any politician or around the world who's running for president whether he or she would be satisfied with these kind of numbers perhaps the answer you would hear would be no but in hard case when i had an exclusive interview that was later than one am moscow time yet she stayed there that late sending a sob chag told me that she could still find. positive things in that result.
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of course is not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a result my campaign was about talking truth on the propagandistic channels a federal t.v. in russia education is the most important value of my program education of russian people of telling them truth about the situation believing trying to make them interest on the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrie after the debates with me are you confident and that kind of future for a so-called united opposition bloc i'm very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with me but in stand we were discussing k.v. in my instant problem which is ridiculous to my way what is your maybe object for a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this is the
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success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself i mean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support of. this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but sixty eight whatever the steel we should it makes that the majority people now really want this president. well despite the disappointing numbers there something i can tell you for sure when it comes to russian politics i guess we are going to see saying you know around she's starting a new party with dmitri who was a former opposition m.p. teaming up she's trying to team up with various elements of the opposition and she has told me that her goals is now to get involved in some of the regional elections that we're going to see in russia in the next few years. and also they are aiming
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to gain some seats in the russian parliament with her new party when the next elections happen and that's going to be in twenty twenty one the ended because any a sub child can have fantastic state bank and not exclusive in banks thanks to me so. currently starting at sixty eight percent with most everything as it stands a little more than the election in two thousand and twelve. expect people from all walks of life to cast their votes that's by the minute take in just a little bit of. i.
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you know. i'm sure. it will be. in this country of. special coverage with bringing as many influential and pull people as we can to coming to see to give us their views of what's happening but i joined the. head of the russian said his parliamentary committee on international relations. at the time to be with us now with the first off your thoughts about the turnout and the election result. for me as a russian citizen for me is an. expert on foreign policy. the major think
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was not about who would come second force or eights number one was absolutely predictable but otherwise he did not play any significant role for me to others seeing swer of major significance one exactly the turnout. and its record high and then a happy to do see there because many people would would guess that it is there was no in three in the campaign people would prefer to stay at home this is not the case. and secondly for me it was of crucial importance how many votes not percentage but votes mr putin would receive because one of very important achievements by the central electorate committed this time was to check the list of voters and eliminate people who are dead or left the country and they have managed to fly into up to three million people so then total number the general number of
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voters in russia is now lower than it was six years ago or during the parliamentary can say this votes even more impressive than these exactly exactly because two to tell you of the juice these. two three million not existing people but it is. vote. all this it create. a risk to the city to be abused. this risk is now completely eliminated one does not have any maneuver if even for those who would like to do that so the number of voters is less and the number of votes mr putin received is much higher so a strong mandate is it overstating it to say it was a landslide victory for him yes i do believe that and for me this is an extremely important message to the root of the world because. i believe people in the best in
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the west in the first here we're expecting that much less people would support mr putin and that would confirm that mr putin is on the right on their own the wrong track and he takes the country on the wrong track this is definitely the opposite seek he's on the right track and russia east on the right track and this is the very clear message sent by the people of russia to the outer world that was eighteen years and since that president putin was first elected president astonishingly and he seems like he's more popular than ever what you can expect from the future and then why do you think people keep voting for him you know i believe it is quite simple a normal person would expect from the ruling powers three things prosperity. security and dignity and if we would recall the year or so mr yeltsin the
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ninety's or the late mr gorbachev years. dignity is not there any longer for the country for the nation prosperity is not there any longer for the country for the nation and security is not there any longer for the country for the nation russia it was during the ninety's the country was no board there is no security arrangements nothing of that kind then in all these three aspects has succeeded to give that back to the russian people and you know i think twenty four years is too long for one person to be in. well they have many other examples and it's not about number of years it's about each humans by a certain leader of the country if he is accepted by the people if people is happy with what he's doing in his position it may be ten years it may be twenty years it may be fifty years and sort of to put it differently but all according to the existing constitution definitely all right so things going pretty well as far as public opinion for him here in russia but of course outsiders. russia different
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matter looking at america's looking particularly britain of the moment you're on the international face committee there are a lot of headaches to be sorted out. how much does russia a care about sorting it out and how high on the list of priorities is it for mr putin when he starts again in. a bill you know bodies have been rushing about what is going on in both russia and the ruled and they believe mr putin personally is not interested in keeping these conflicts in a long period of time we are definitely interested in going back to a normal relationship with the rest no doubt about it we have not started this conflict and we have we are not able to finalize it we do not have any of possibilities to do anything more because when they start blaming us for poisoning mr scruple for example. would ease the syria to respond so for us to do it to confess we've done it. but they've never done it so either not here not in the
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gondolas overnight so let's look away from america from the u.k. let's look at america but a western is looking at russia going hey that can't be any smoke without fire surely it can't be russia the innocent party all the time always being picked so you know what's going on that as said it takes two to tango so what's russia doing to reach out to russia if we if you take our relations with the united states we have repeatedly proposed officially and repeatedly proposed to our american partners to start some consultation on the side of security cyber security is the cure old here but they do refuse they do not want to have any dialogue results in their own three their own stories we believe you are innocent so you are guilty of your you are sure you are guilty and if we start any dialogue on that it will just strengthen your possibilities to do more and this thing stuff it's absolutely stupid we can not do anything more but tour. try to understand better what is going
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on to see if you want to learn that we want to learn the truth as you want to make agreements on how to prevent it in the future because i believe that cyber security is in the very urgent and important thing for russia is will cyber attacks from the united states of america to overthrow us are part of ten times more then. russian territory to the it was the american bases what's your prognosis. putin's got a new mandate as far as russia is concerned is powerful mandate to go forward will what is in the west listen to this and maybe take stock stand back a moment do you think they'll be some or not i hope so i hope to a hope that people in the west are sober normally thinking people when they will sooner or later understand that it does not create any result sittings further pressure on russia trying to. force russia to change its behavior in a situation where we are not guilty that i believe that people will sooner or later
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understand that it does not lead us anywhere it doesn't take us anywhere that on the opposite creates additional strength to russia for us or for the president of russia and by that i hope people will soon or later change their attitude towards russia the testimony esquith our poisoning ag case than the latest scandal they state have relations between the u.k. and russia take a nosedive and know pitching's campaign manager i think it was his campaign manager is that that this whole scandal may have actually played into putin's hands if you like and do you think it did to affect the outcome of the vote will i believe so i believe so because the nation is absolutely a consolidated therefore no. if somebody if somebody wanted to create a gap between the link authorities and the civil society in russia the result the outcome is completely opposite the russians of. he is. one hundred percent
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consolidated and does give support to mr putin a prolonged mandate to two to conduct the same domestic wallace and to conduct the same foreign policy while with us again to international matters putin is going to record today when he was talking to us and we have the candidates last night saying one of the main things russia doesn't want to do is to get involved in an arms race obviously in it's in everyone's power but you know the us interests are blood it doesn't have one of those pushing it. would not us it's not us if we would do if we would remove the history of the security arrangements after the end of the second of old war the first twenty years let's say fifty feet and sixty's it was an arms race and each part tried to get a unilateral advantage to be stronger then your enemies and by that to ensure your security and then when it did not lead anywhere the next twenty years seventy's and eighty's were a good.


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