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consolidated does give support to mr putin a prolonged mandate to two to conduct the same a domestic policy and to conduct the same foreign policy while with us again to international matters putin is going to record today when he was talking to us and the other candidates last night saying one of the main things russia doesn't want to do is to get involved in an arms race obviously in it's in everyone's power but you know the us interests are blood it doesn't have one of those pushing it. it's not us it's not us if we would do if we would remove the history of the security arrangements after the end of the second of old war the first twenty years let's say fifty feet and sixty's it was an arms race and each part tried to get a unilateral advantage to be stronger then your enemies and by that to ensure your security but then when it did not lead anywhere the next twenty years seventy's and eighty's were geeking of making to agreements and the logic became different
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you should not let your enemy to become stronger then you and for that you need to make agreements like hunting israel ballistic. ballistic missile agreement or like start to agreements and all that stuff and suddenly when the soviet union collapsed and the cold war was over and we could take a chance to create sure it can position where nobody threatens the other side the logic of the worst was to take the world back to the first idea all exist to be stronger then you enemy is and by that to ensure your security and they try their best price to be stronger than the russia they try to keep to preserve the theory on balance situation in terms of international security baltic countries some of the baltic countries say no i mean i don't how would you improve relations with them if they know we prefer to go towards nato or are they saying that or is it nature saying that they're saying in nato nato does not you know. you know nato
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device europe the same we need to devise the security my my six ample i'm going to start we have this organization of collective security treaty was unique competence on afghanistan of these countries like russia. and many others they have repeated the previous years we have repeatedly proposed to nato to have better dialogue and cooperation we're not going to start the answer was always no and you know why we know why because in nato they've taken a decision it's not public but you know it it is taken not to have any dialogue in any cooperation with any integration. body in the post or your area because by then you would somehow legitimize their existence and you lose a punitive so here is tremendously bad situation in afghanistan put the reason nato does not want to have cooperation are not going to stand results and will threaten
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by the by drugs by terrorism and all that stuff so i don't like to see nato existing at all and i don't like to see nato enlarging this is it but but but countries like the baltic states should not be afraid of russia definitely we understand perfectly well that one or two more brigades or. companies in the in the baltic states do not create any additional military threat of the received threats to to russia what creates additional stress is the existence of nato which divides security this election yeah i want to make these comments by some theme here u.s. politicians say sounds based voting is not democratic enough but would you state that well you know i've read the first version of the. c. report on these elections and one think i could mention it could see there that they believe that the congress the competition during this. selection was rather
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poor and they yes i do agree with that right we can use it but it's nothing to say both mr putin it's about the other people in this in this race they did not manage they have not succeeded to create a real competition there were two bit but you should not leave russia for that you should not blame mr putin for that you should not leave a story this was it of course russia will be criticized for these election campaign by countries who would like to contain russia who would like to demonize russia tool just created russia we know that for sure but we will have to live with that to finally fulfill a sphere as president putin goes into what may be his last six year term a kind of indicated system would go on and on and on. sixty five seventy one by the time eve maybe retires what do you think what would you like to see his defining final to you never know what's around the corner but how do you think it's going to pan out we'll i hope i hope that he will manage to do more of our economy
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definitely we need to pay more attention to that and secondly i hope that the more we will be done in terms of making our multi-party democratic system stronger so that it will not be too much dependent on personalities this is what they would like to see in in the. in the period though for six more years certainly gives so much consequence children has to do with head of a year like russians and as parliamentary committees as relations thank you sir thank you. yes today was also marked by a huge rally just around the corner from here actually with people celebrations for your anniversary and crimea as we need to gain a reunification with russia that we had all the celebrations just here just over the shoulder. last night this is what. i mean was extremely excited as you mentioned it was a concert commemorating the four year anniversary of the reunification of crimea with iraq. it was on march eighteenth that the treaty was signed bringing it back
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under the umbrella of the russian federation and a famous face after famous face came on stage at a lot of songs and people were enjoying it and staying warm i guess by dancing and singing that's what was really keeping everybody's energy up and of course the tea was being sold out little cards not helped us i'm sure as well me personally i was freezing cold but nobody really seemed to mind that look at look great. party out of all the big highlight of course was taken to the stage they supposed to parents after it became very more apparent that he was going to win by a landslide victory and that really got the crowd going didn't it yeah i mean we were told earlier in the day from his press secretary that he was expected to come but nobody was really sure whether or not he would be able to make an appearance but he did and he definitely got the biggest share of the night just before he came on they were already announcing that he had to over seventy percent of the votes and that also got a huge reaction from the crowd but he came out and then to everyone for coming out
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despite the coldest of all and just gave him a message of unifying russia coming together even with those who voted for other candidates in the election and at the end he started chanting russia which he was then joined by the whole crowd in that so it was a really beautiful and warm moment. the liberal democrat candidate to try to make sure we don't ski came third in the election with five point six percent of the vote he's not happy about that result and alleges that playing field wasn't level he's done you hope kins what was actually one of ski's election headquarters last night to ask the results became to me. it's hard to imagine an election without i mean he's been in the in the political scene for thirty years it's his sixth presidential election he's always comes third fourth place he said vote count of anything between three and nine percent so there was any real great surprises but as you say he's supposed to believe that she'll be eighty for the next election we don't really know whether we'll see him again but you always have . appeal to a certain segment of the population oh he's a showman he's
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a showboat he's not sharp promising incidentally why wasn't he there last night though it is h.q. thinking they were supporters all great great question i'd love to to find out why but he did make a speech in another location in which he's made his views on the election more than clear we can take a listen now to what he makes of the whole thing. is that i estimate the result of the elections negatively the conditions are not equal there were no debates the scandals were fake aim to attract attention the elections are underway they see it's interesting because you are not always avoided sort of strongly criticizing him directly but of course staving words about the whole election there from him he also brushed off questions about his future one journalist asked him if you will see him again in twenty twenty four and he said it's none of your business effectively don't ask questions which of your concern with him you just never know to be on a solo very quiet in his headquarters not quite sorry for himself firebrand passionate
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blazing seriously here in russia as always if the landscape. while the others count it was thirty six sharks in the subject this was her first election well that image aronofsky was the oldest the first seventy one year old run for president was back in one thousand nine hundred one back in the soviet union here's a look at what the twenty eighteen candidates who are up to during the noughties. in two thousand is russia you no longer go to the outdoor markets they're gone and so ninety's instead you go to one of the many mega movies springing up like mushrooms in these boom years between two thousand and three to two thousand and seven the oil price triples russia's g.d.p. salaries and pensions are all growing as are the approval ratings of vladimir putin who wins his second election in two thousand. with
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a landslide seventy one percent. with russia now recovering after years of economic decline putin moves to restore the country's international clout he pulls no punches as he speaks of the munich security conference in two thousand and seven to the north which are so but you meet up with you for your shift in the ocean does that mean knowing that napoleon there must be welsh you knew was unfortunately back at home stability is the buzz word russia was even left relatively unscathed by the global financial meltdown of two thousand and eight. that's the year putin goes back to being prime minister that he still hogs the limelight in two thousand and nine this tough guy image is complete let's see if these shirtless snaps taken during a summer holiday in siberia it's an image the world just can't forget even now when riding a horse show it lets the enduring power of the brand put nacho image of the show
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let's put it that amir putin can ride a horse without issue at all so what are the other two thousand eight hundred candidates to be up to. is enjoying the two thousand to the max she's rich she's famous starring in ads. if that quick a punch the usual dose of god. that's the sound and music videos i mean you look at the music he goes yeah toasting the country's most popular and scandalous reality show. happens speired by her glamorous lifestyle subject becomes an author writing books with titles such as how to marry a millionaire while subject focuses exclusively on show business and not on politics yet another two thousand and eighteen presidential candidate. manages to do both the nationalist l d p r leader comes third in the two thousand. nate
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election race in what was his third attempt at the russian presidency at the time you can still see him at the state duma at glamorous red carpet events even on vodka bottles and of course on t.v. shows of all joyn was an advantage that grandma yeah that was weird but your family decisions would have been a. grigori yavlinsky meanwhile steps away from big politics giving up the leadership of this democratic yabloko party these days he's more into economic research and teaching students. because he's cheerfully solution you told me he sees what he. knows. and where do we find the surprise two thousand eight hundred candidates travel broodiness at the end of the decade he quits the ruling united russia party and gravitate towards the communists which only seems logical given that he's running a farm stemming from soviet times and called lenin soft cause. for minorities but
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to twenty eighteen and looking ahead. for vladimir putin starting in may and you mandate strong mandate to govern as president here for another six years coverage a special coverage of what's happened in reaction to the election over the last twenty four hours coming up over the coming hours but as you can see with a special studio nicky kevin with you see what's over a shoulder excess not often we get in my spotlight this is making her start again last night looking at rates where it will be minus six think thinking gosh we've got this place to ourselves there was no solar and it was beautiful politics aside you might look at night also call this a. few people walking around our coverage continues but in light of the ramble with just a we show you around red square live enough international war from us to seven minutes from now.
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was. loaded that. was. i was going to write. was. well you know the pirates they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're into smaller boats next to the harpoon ships and you stand. in line sometimes. a little self to big fish already ninety percent of the dot and it won't be calmer.
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contemplations coops seventy five tons they do it several times a day with a clean oh you get an idea right ocean. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with this the deal going to ground. i'm doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of local judges but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you on the us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center
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of the beach but the way we do and we will show the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball knowing let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciate me to just say the reno bianchi team's lay just a dish. so i need to look. closer . when you don't see. what they mean not through only ten. maybe. they. said. no servant is messy that.
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you speak french. that's a new. sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine. can all middle of the room say. the real news is.
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when the news for the most probably last term is russia's president vladimir putin has six more years to fashion his legacy. changed russia we continue to check. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a fish out there and yet they don't get that big. today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a much larger mission that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes.
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to. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics school. i'm sure i'll see that. american mess one is the melting pot and the second is the. myth of a trap in. america the works are so this is a whole group of people all generation and america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't sell their response essentially is to go into conflict and this is a major. blow
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didn't putin still miss a relationship curious fourth term in the kremlin a landslide victory the international reaction to three teams winning ranges from congratulations from world leaders including china's that she didn't paint to criticism and in films and so make a song and dance of the election two quite literally from traditional costume to voters dressed as a jewels the knights came to enjoy themselves as well as costing the all important vote.
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as the big cloak of the kremlin just strikes eight o'clock this monday evening on special election coverage continues live well kevin though in the here i'm with you . yes that will be bringing you all the latest reaction mustache and studio right good luck to connick right square with the century old well it's no coincidence current president. let him approach it as well by huge margin getting over seventy six percent of the vote it means he'll stay in the country's top job for another six years more than fifty thinks that million people pass that ballot for him leaving his rivals far behind this will be his full presidential. push to manage the day to secure a large ish share of the vote that in any previous election he still did check out so the stats on your screen there you can see how we fit in previous presidential races go to the fifty percent every time but this i suppose you could describe as
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a slice these days. that just. about. anybody in life is likely to take.
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the voting day there was no let him approach and today than holding a meeting in the business right away with other presidential candidates. he wanted to discuss their proposals their campaign promises and also share with him his plans for the next six years try to ensure dialogue with his foreign partners noting though that it as he put it takes two to tango. you would you leave your could you when you move going to pay special attention to russia's defense complex but let me add nobody here is trying to start an arms race we want to engage in dialogue with our partners of course that doesn't depend just on us it's like love both sides have to be interested in each other otherwise it isn't going to work out
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. well with it bringing you analysis from so many interesting guests over the past couple of days we're now joined by fear dore voice the last day director of the primakov institute of world economy and international relations thank you for joining a little different entity now he has secured a fourth term how do you see the next six years panning out oh. it will be complicated time complicated for russian government and complicated for the whole international system because taking into account the problems we're having now with the west in general and with the united states especially. we shouldn't think that it would be easy to find that we are from many crisis's of current international world order with this is likely to be president putin's final term as president and he's most likely going to be thinking about his legacy how much of
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a play into his decisions do you think this is going to have. i think the main part of his legacy will be concentrated in russian national development and the development of the russian economy and society but in the current interdependent world it is impossible to develop international. dance show and human capital with the vision from a world economy so. we need to find the way how we can develop. our economy in a very complicated international environment but i'm an optimist i see a lot of opportunities for example to improve our relations with many countries especially with the european union with which we used to have about forty hundred billions of u.s. dollars in our trade turnover now we have been reduced. thirty percent but now
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it's growing again the same with the united states and we can have you know escape the fact that we or major military powers in this world and we are responsible for many regional conflicts and for interaction on many regional and global security issues for example with the united states in twenty twenty one we need to think together about something which will replace the current start treaty or will continue. in the other issues should be included i have mentioned the regional conflicts like the situation in syria but there are some other very complicated tasks to resolve together as you see it with a new impetus with a new mandate for the next six years who is putting going to start here is you going to concentrate first of all because russia comes survive in a bubble as you say it needs it with investment it needs people to have confidence
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and russia will get over there as the world i believe so we're going to start first which is the more pressing issue the description issue in the u.k. relations with the u.s. syria which start first i think you will start with developing our relations with countries of pacific asia and the in the pacific region because it's the fastest growing bored the world economy and we have very good relations board for example with china and india. we are developing our relations with japan we have a very good cooperation with south korea and with sound countries but taking into account many. security issues which are also existing in this region we need to cooperate with all of the global major powers including the united states given the latest criticisms of russia triggered by this latest scandal they scrape out poisoning as you can they be impacted they impacted voters as a cheat saini they chose to fight i do not think so because people in russia
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they're mostly looking at the economy they're looking. group of salaries they're looking at their incomes and. tax rate and social situation and i think it's much more valuable than in any country in the united states the situation is the same in many european countries it is also the same but international agenda is always significant for russians and we we still have. the type of thinking as a part of national culture and we are trying to you know to see our place in the world where rick thinking russia right now because you know after the collapse of the soviet union it has been a very very hard period and russia is now trying to build its new foreign policy a new foreign policy agenda but if you look at tangibly to the presidential speech he has delivered delivered to the federal council will find out that bloody
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reporting has concentrated his attention not on the new missiles which has attracted a lot of attention in the west but mainly to social and economic issues future voice lasky thank you for joining us thing a very my thank you thank you. all right well on sunday our correspondents are the candidates in moscow because we were gassed. covered the election from. his experience with. cheery there wasn't a lot of apprehension you know the. favorites and all of this we waited for blood to me putin eventually. talked to everyone his supporters again all the people at me this campaign have been his campaign chief supporters ever and out many came talk to us the journalists. some tough
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questions right off the bat about. tempted this as a nation of the russian agent in britain and he was his response. the first thing that comes to mind is that if it was military grade poison the people would of course have died on the spot russia has no such substances destroyed weapons as monitored by international inspectors i think anyone with common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential election in the football world cup. cheers you know people couldn't believe first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of capping shoulders and high fives trying to be smiling when they said the champagne was coming out of course you can.


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