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it was a suggestion of of a do additional unregistered voters coming in at all can be inspected manually afterwards and that's quite impressive given the political atmosphere other than the situation in crimea other any risks attached to being a foreign observers full of russian elections in crimea i don't think there are any physical risks but there were political risks and the second dimension of the pleasure of being there was whom i was with it's easy to say oh yes we had observers but just it takes a moment to think what does that mean exactly the observers were a mixture there were they were people who are commentators and analysts or academics buys my software and they were people with considerable political weight who took substantial political risk by coming you know that we had in our group a couple of deputies and members from the in the european parliament who had the last moment understood that they could not join us on the trip down to crimea we
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had a member of the buddhist ogg who was censored by his colleagues in the bundestag for making this trip we had some members some italian. venetian deputies who also took political risk by coming here and coming precisely to growing media so i take my hat off to them they are not just commentators they are the people who have to pay the price what about you personally your personal reasons for wanting to be in it that day during the national elections. well i have followed the campaign extensively i've watched the debates and i've done that remotely out of the country you know for me it was quite important to get a sense on the ground of what is going on and to speak to people to speak to the those who are coming in to understand. their enthusiasm and also to appreciate what you could have possibly appreciate remote but to say the crime is a poor rich there's no question about it and yet they took the time and the expense that. every polling district that we visited. where usually these were these are
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schools or administrative buildings which have a few steps to go that they put in wooden ramps. that was not easy and it would do it and it was a special effort to. look after the vote and to look after the citizenry each of these voting districts had the urns the ballot boxes that we saw they also had small portable sealed voting voting boxes which were taken around to pick up to visit in their apartments people who are ill or people who are handicapped it was a lady earlier on the boat was coming to them if they were house but we're going to put this in proportion but say we visited the average district we visited had between eight hundred twenty five hundred registered voters and use them would have this box of ambulatory boxes or a fifty seventy so it's a small proportion but it was a great tension to to the citizenry and to give them
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a feeling that their vote counts so this a huge turn the other big vote as it was looking at the map how it all planned out for president putin last night wasn't real full on thanks for coming to see us and thank you. for your time for the pleasure of eating so much that we represent them but i'm sure they'll be fun to think about i think you ok next nicky will we go wow there was a big part of that must i know you from your children we heard all the celebrations to save our soldiers coming just that it was to mark four years since the reunification of crimea with russia a correspondent jackie it was in the crowds and joins us to tell us about the event . was extremely excited as you mentioned it was a concert commemorating the four year anniversary of the reunification of crimea with russia it was on march eighteenth that that treaty was signed bringing it back under the umbrella of the russian federation and of our famous face after famous face came on stage at a lot of songs and people were enjoying it. by dancing and singing that's what was
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really keeping everybody's energy up and of course the tea was being sold out little cards not helped i'm sure as well me personally i was freezing cold but nobody really seemed to mind that look at look great. party animal the big highlight of course was taken to the stage they supposed to parents after it became very more apparent that he was going to win by a landslide victory and that really got the crowd going didn't it yeah i mean we were told earlier in the day from his press secretary that he was expected to come but nobody was really sure whether or not he would be able to make an appearance but he did and he definitely got the biggest tear of the night just before he came on they were already announcing that he had over seventy percent of the votes and that also got a huge reaction from the crowd but he came out and then to everyone for coming out despite the cold as the while and just gave him a message of unifying russia coming together even with those who voted for other candidates in the election and at the end he started chanting russia which he was then joined by the whole crowd and that was
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a really beautiful and warm moment. the elections canada made increased tensions with the west and there's been some official reaction coming in from europe the german chancellor angela merkel has congratulated him a putin on his reelection but there have also been some strongly worded statements over the script how voicing taste the french media and my new mccraw know so cool to wish putin success but urged him to shed light on what happened is a correspondent in piece all of us. have had some reaction from the german government to its being delivered by the new foreign minister heiko mass as he arrived in brussels for a meeting e.u. foreign ministers to give. the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to was as the circumstances of the election russia will remain a difficult but russia will also be needed for solutions to the international conflicts. and so we want to remain in dialogue we've also been seeing more and
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more reaction in the media here in germany if you have a look at what s f have to say they said that the the win for vladimir putin not a splendid as it may well have been they go on to say that the majority of media in russia was for the president that the majority of the state operators was for the president and that they would have expected mr putin would have taken a larger proportion of the vote than it seems that he already has here in the capital the berlin a tongue has said well it's been looking towards the relationship between germany and russia and it's not a positive one if you take there they're reading from this they say that the relationship could well is frosty and could continue to be more and more frosty but if we go back to saturday the main tabloid the most read tabloid newspaper building here in germany they've run their congratulations that let me have putin in a barber to wait on saturday before a vote had even been cast and they also said that the skinny pal poisoning the
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attempted murder of that spare former spice and his daughter a year it actually got people out to the polls to vote really it's a negative where you would expect it to be negative the coverage of low to me of putin's reelection. bid all over europe correspondent with the some of the europe reaction further afield though really u.s. politicians have already criticised putin over the election republican senator john mckay top of the queue almost a longtime critic of course of the russian president accusing him of trying to artificially inflate voter turnout also chipping in democratic congressman adam schiff attacking coton for supposedly eliminating opponents somewhat in the election if they give the cheek was not about who would win that how many votes the communist party candidate have a great dane it would secure it pre-election interview he pledged to shave off his mustache if he got less than fifteen percent. well president interviewer isn't
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going to let the matter drop. he opposed to his him to get on his instagram account there it is nice razor with a good deal in getting any twelve percent many are expecting him to keep his word does not get the nikkei you know we've taken the liberty of showing you what he might you know like if he does all our graphics department too much time on my hands again. taking years off of what chanting i can write here i think it's twenty years like young and old k. going to cause because of the movement it will take a dent in themself for fear that the media event with this will start as you said so firmly in place we did see willing to lose it if one more condition was met by his interviewer you will do. your homework i. did meet some camera that he believes this next was absolutely fair i'll shave it right off in front of it. oh no notes of mistah she will leave it for now with we've coverage and reaction to what happened with the election of the last twenty four i
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was over the coming hours we're going to for a while yet oh wait we're going to go with a shot of the crime in the back of the one show you anyway it this is where we we don't get to get here very often do we make it every time we turn around we get what you know you see it it is the kremlin old minus two degrees of it tonight so much woman who spent last couple of days going into red square some puzzles to see drilled people i didn't get a late night shopping comes out later to see that shop and i never realized i'm going to miss south often out see more coverage in forty minutes from now the news continues here on out to international right off to this break.
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a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money around to spend spend to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great chance for. peace.
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which now to internationalise around us in the days of the stories now in the russian presidential elections took place amid an ongoing investigation into the poisoning by nerve agent of a former russian spy the u. case prime minister says that russia had the motive and the intention to poison surrogate script and has more to reason may has now spoken of motive and intention that she believes russia had in the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter these comments came following what aim of putin's statements be surely it is do i think anyone with a common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential elections so can the football world cup with him now if you remember it's already been two weeks now since this crap all scandal exploded and it's only now that the u.k. has handed over downfalls of the nerve agent that is said to have been used on script file and his daughter in salisbury to the organization for the prohibition
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of chemical weapons and if you remember russia is also a member of this organization and has been asking to see a sample of this nerve agent over and over and over again this is not happening but members of this particular organization are in the u.k. to take a look at those samples while that is going on we've heard from the metropolitan police describe the ongoing investigation as quote extremely challenging and complex has not been stopping u.k. officials including u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson i think people can see that this is a classic russian strategy of trying to conceal the needle of truth in a haystack. are you sound of this case poisoning of surrogates creep is not an isolated case but the latest in a pattern of reckless behavior by the russian state. that behavior goes back many years while boris johnson's language has become his rhetoric has become more and
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more intensified events on ravel despite the world really still waiting to see evidence of proof of russia's involvement that the u.k. has been talking about boris johnson has spoken of what he believes that there's enough evidence that russia over ten years not only was involved in the delivery of nerve agents for assassination but also creating an stockpiling novacek we do know that this moscow has said that russia believes that u.k. slovak czech swedish and possibly american labs were closely studying novacek since the ninety's now while russia's guilt is really being pushed to the forefront and russia has to stay behind trying to somehow prove its innocence according to the approach the u.k. has taken we've seen that this is not the same story when it applies to different situations involving russia for once over the weekend boris johnson was asked about a hefty sum of money
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a hundred and sixty thousand pounds there were donated to the conservative party by a russian woman and a wife of a former russian minister who worked with large amir putin for a tennis match with boris johnson and there apparently he seems that was all right listen into evidence is produced against individual russians i do not think the entire nation should be should be corrupt well today boris johnson is in brussels meeting with foreign ministers of the european union he's been speaking in addressing the press with nato secretary general who's expressed solidarity of the organization with the u.k. and they have both talked about the disruptive and malign behavior that they continue to accuse russia of however of course we know moscow has been saying this whole time that it has nothing to do with the script all poisoning. also spoken to craig murry he's a former british ambassador to pakistan and the north but he says british
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scientists are being very cautious in their wording regarding the origin of the nerve agent the scientists that the u.k. is biology at porton down which handles chemical weapons. to save this nerve agent was made in russia the british government put munda heavy pressure to say this nerve agent was made russian they said there's no evidence it's made in russia so in the end the formula was agreed which was that the nerve agent is all of a type developed by russia biopics were developed here in edinburgh first penicillin is all of a type developed by scotland but it doesn't mean all penicillin is made in scotland and the use of language you have to be very very careful with because they've never said this no the agent was made in russia or produced in the shower or manufactured in russia all they say all the time is it is over type developed by russia alleged chemical formula for producing the jokes was published you can buy it from amazon
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it was published twelve years ago in a book and the of aliens with o.p.c. w. supervision synthesised chalks in twenty sixteen so many people can make this. join us for more news on election coverage in half an hour. kind of financial survival guide today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash in the three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we go to these banks are complicit in the progress that we just have to give mccoll and say hey
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i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal thank you so much has a record. the most expensive fish in a will each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only when themself a much larger mission was once there was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we
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have the catastrophes. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. that's you going to be for us this is what before three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. yes sure. welcome to soviet ships are not say he won oscars dalton globes heyst films are cult classics part of american consciousness now all over stone's latest project
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was to film an extensive series of interviews with russia's ludmer putin. i caught up with the director himself to talk about the experience i over so it's great to have you with us today so if you're having a great trip in moscow has just got here so your book competitor extensive interviews with putin is published by you called the putin interviews for day to day shows climax to my strange life as an american filmmaker climax your career is the best thing you've ever done. you know i have to take the point of view that it could be the last film too you never know time is seems more precious when you get a little bit older and as a filmmaker it's a very young profession you know and very few and america especially it kind of goes fast you don't get off in another chance so i felt like this was a kind of a climax not that it's a feature film but that it's the most safe at this time in history the
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most forbidding character to american media to american and western europe to i think forbidding kind of. cross into that into another world i'm glad i got here i mean i did mr castro and i did mr chavez i did. mr arafat's and also as a young who was a character when he was out of office back when he was out of office he's now in power forever it seems but these characters all led me to this moment with mr putin . and i frankly i enjoyed the meeting him i met him originally on the at the on one of my trips to russia because i was interviewing snowden a lot we were doing research with ed and a lot of the movie and soden was represents what ad this point of view was so
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getting that information took time and we came back and we're trying to be accurate the last scene of the movie was shot in moscow so after a by one i met mr putin which is in the back room of a theater in moscow a play an old like hundred sixty s. play he was attending to promote folkloric culture. we met the back and i asked him about mr snowden and he gave me the russian version his version of what happened which was fascinating different than what we had been told in the public. newspapers and so forth but anyway long telling the story quickly is getting back to the end of the movie of snowden we shot in moscow to a weekend with with ed and then we turned around a few days later we went to the kremlin and we shot mr putin over three days and. at that time we didn't know if this would go on who was simply you know take it as
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it comes like you're doing and play it by ear it was spontaneous i gave him a list of quick questions i was areas that i was going to cover but it wasn't limited he didn't say it was totally spontaneous i didn't have any limitation of all the way to us and as you can see every day i look different he was always the same he looked very together i was sometimes. well here was blown in the way and. i guess i changed appearances several times but. in other words i'm the opposite of an american actor i don't look like megan kelly i will look like you even. sam that's a compliment. i know what kind of great effort it takes to get that kind of access but. that's not easy i mean a lot of russian journalism top journalists don't get that kind of access right and i know how much effort it took you to make this happen and make it come together and then the minute this comes out it was so talked about in russia and obviously
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the whole american press right away lashed out at you saying yourself flattering to certain that you're a bad entry or just want to do you care it is again it under your skin because that's a lot of work you do it with putting it was a lot of work but i didn't consider my i never said i was a journalist and i didn't pretend to be what i well that this is a book. a movie a film director you know me from the films and you may know me from some of the past interviews i did with the public figures but i'm not pretending to be anything else i know you said in response that you know you don't have an opinion about anything that you're doing that you're nurture role well the opinions of james because then i'm talking about the putin movie but at the same time i watched a series you said a lot of flattering things about you know do you feel like you manage to stay objective and neutral. i don't buy it and i think if you see the movies i do it's a must but the high try to stick to what i feel is the truth and i don't take i didn't say one false word to mr p.
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at all i did say what i meant it when i said it when i said to him and one of the i think one of the first the things i said was it strikes me that you're this you're a son of russia because when you came into the country at a time when it was just in the dumps it was one nine hundred ninety nine two thousand the place was a mass. the real economic story and what you did was you turn things around no one can take that away from you and i think that's one of the reasons he's still popular is it because he brought a sense of place destiny a sense that we we are russian we have much to be proud of we have a history and he really is certain the concept of a sovereign country which was crucial because russia was not a sovereign country from approximately ninety one two to two thousand it was losing that sovereignty completely the united states was and other people were walking all over the place and basically monitoring whatever they want and they were all over the the nuclear certainly the nuclear industry but look the point is that putin
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gave russia something that is really important in this world and we can get back to that because that's the bottom line is we need career in the world we need a resistance to exist to the call of the dominion of the united states i know that you know on talk about politics but this is a very happy type of question you have sighted people. who have done movies cost chavez putin time this are strongman you know obviously have attraction to strongman do you feel like this is the future of politics leaders like that they're very strong uncompromising. very controversial in many ways or should politics be about dialogue and political correctness well it is about the long term and these men all were open to dialogue and you can argue who did who said what to who but the point was that castro tried to negotiate with the united states for a long time and he was rebuffed not only was her buff he was insulted and then they
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tried to assassinate him many times so you know where what is dialogue dialogue is important and mr chavez certainly had a point of view he was if you remember he shook obama's hand he really has hoping that there was going to be a new approach from the united states didn't happen so it is about dialogue it's about compromise politics and above all if i. give you an overall opinion of mr putin he said he's the ultimate negotiator you wear you out he really believes in talking out everything there's no there are certain points of interest for every country has its national interests and he constantly hearts on this russia has its national interests and he's open to the gut to negotiating anything but those national interests and when you cross the line. he will let you know as you know i pushed him whatever people say i pushed him and certainly i could feel his irritation when i was pushing him hard on the democracy question on this the question of his succession in what's going to happen next year there were times i
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riled him more than once but i am concerned and the reason i undertook the series was i was very concerned about going back to my relationship to russia what happened to the american russian relationship that had existed in two thousand if you like your film can change american perception and put all because in her column dolly it has to some degree i tell you more than several million people saw it which is and this is on a premium cable channel showtime is not on a national channel like in russia so you have a limited prescription audience that it was seen and seen again but it was also shown in europe in a lot of places and we had a very good debate in france i was public television channel three in france and. you've heard vedra in the x. foreign minister of mr beattie all defended the movie very well i thought against and several other people against the opposition it was the debate was very french
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but in other words in europe in germany france these things matter italy very important now whether things change as a result it's hard to tell because the recently as you know the united states congress which stuns me voted almost unanimously for sanctions to be expanded against russia. this happened recently so it seems to be almost a reaction to trump. as putin says a domestic politics you feel like trump is trying to sort of way emulate leaders like putin behalf he is i'm not sure i can't tell you what is in donald trump's head on all the anyone can and if they tell you that i don't think he's stupid i think he's a very sharp guy and i'm sure he wrecks respects the. he may misunderstand mr putin too so i don't know but he certainly hasn't lived up to the idea that he gave many people during the campaign that he was against any foreigner interventions that he
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thought the united states it squandered its resources its assets in wars abroad so we there was his thinking that it would change but it hasn't changed not because of his willpower it that because he hasn't been able to get anywhere in his administration it behaves been stuck in gridlock from the beginning opposition has been severe also because of russia now because now let's kind of scheme really that has been the excuse the has been attacked profoundly for russia there's no evidence as yet and i've seen indicates that russia is in any collusion with mr with donald trump i mean he's not this man suring candidate and i thought there was a surprisingly stupid story but it got a lot of traction in america which worries me and shows you how frankly stupid the american voter can be if you believe that i don't believe most of them do but i could i don't know that the polling is off on it it doesn't make sense if you're saying no one that is elected gets to change the system does it even you know what
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for in america yeah well that's what mr putin says at the end of the interview if you remember he says he's been through four presidents and i asked him what's changed and he said basically nothing. so he's indicating that there's a bureaucracy he called it a bureaucracy in america they call it a deep state bureaucracy that has been resistant to change certainly the policies towards russia have for the most part united states been highly negative since one thousand nine hundred seventy since the revolution when mr wilson president wilson set american troops to siberia to join the british expeditionary force.


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