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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 19, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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office with the conflict in syria saddled with the conflict in ukraine settled and i think you'd like to leave with a detente between russia in the west i think those would be his goals and i think they're laudable. don't have that. down cavalli human rights lawyer and peace activists thank you for your time all right that was a snapshot of the last two reports of what's been happening in the states geopolitically let's look at home relations are going to develop no between russia and closer to home year of the election result comes amid increased tension with the west something that's being reflected in some of the reaction coming in from europe our europe correspondent in berlin peter all over the place tell us about that peter hello what's the reaction been like. well it took a long time to get any reaction out of germany where i'm talking to you from when it eventually did come it actually came from brussels in the form of heiko must the new german foreign minister speaking on his way into
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a meeting of european union foreign ministers there in the belgian capital. so give mr vireo the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to was as the circumstances of the election russia will remain a difficult but russia will also be needed for solutions to the international conflicts and so we want to remain in dialogue. well that was followed up by congratulations being sent by the german president for unfold before angela merkel the german chancellor eventually gave her congratulations as well chancellor merkel saying that she was congratulating him on another term but also stressing the importance of dialogue with russia from her side but also wishing vladimir putin look with the challenges he will face coming up in this new term as president elsewhere around the world though we saw the leaders of china venezuela iran and
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japan all express their congress. but elsewhere well a very different type of message coming from poland merkel coincidentally was actually in poland today visiting but while she was there we heard from the polish foreign minister the deputy foreign minister i beg your pardon who said this well he dismissed the election in fact said that the nine billion euro nord stream to gas line but pipeline should be shut down that that should have sanctions placed upon it elsewhere in the e.u. we heard more dissenting voices more criticism coming from a number of states that were basically headed up by the international. high representative for foreign affairs of the e.u. federica marker really saying that they would not recognize the vote that took place in crimea they were also backed by canada and norway as well but with those giving more and more supportive messages that certainly came from italy where. the italian president came out in congress. president putin while in france.
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came out and he said that yes he wished to be a putin every success but that he wanted and urged the russian president to do what he could to try and bring about a solution to the ongoing saga around this point the poisoning and tempted murder of an attempted spy in the u.k. so a mixed bag of responses some critical of the ill. it should many in favor of the election or merkel saying it's important to have dialogue with russia going on in the future . yeah the politics continues in europe there are your correspondent peter all over thanks for the update on the thoughts there from berlin. but this year that vast majority of polling stations were equipped with web cameras streaming everything that happened so that led anyone could be an observer right from the comfort of a couch if you have this practice was first introduced to this new technology back in twenty twelve for the presidential election then it has indeed to expose
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multiple electoral fraud cases this time around. thank you. thank you. this year's presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers over one thousand five hundred in fact these
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included observers from france poland and the u.k. with the overall assessment mainly positive here they always see election observation mission to russia so there were no election law violations that they witness they did say that the vote somewhat like transparency as they put it we spoke to some of the observers direct. to say that they didn't see any violation maybe i was too shocked. and there but i don't i don't think that than anybody since. we wanted to see how it works we were we are particularly interested very much in the transmission line which is i see here on very high level when we are in poland to introduce the system we wish that also in truman e you would have the opportunity sure lect or president by direct elections or coop consists of eight different members of. parliament i want to congratulate mr putin and hope that we can improve cerm of the russian
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relations after this election. it would be really important for us because also the chairman's suffer because of sanctions. all the pressure was quite positive there was no system out there overall though from things like this. we were. in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and that's also done a lot of mood among the other election up service here in moscow some of procedure yesterday was all in all. the average. make an observation but it was the. other headlines for you this was also the first presidential elections the only woman in the race said he is subject to study itself was the candidate against all the others as she put it. you can vote against everyone else the reality show starts in politician came full through the end with
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a disappointing for one point seven percent of the vote she dove released two how of the opposition's candidate was quite happy when she spoke eventually to any put trying to later on the. thirty six year old liberal opposition candidate who devoted most of her time during the campaign to wiping out corruption in this country and also helping those she called political prisoners in russia she will be given credit for spending a decent amount of time at the headquarters speaking to journalists her supporters to time she showed up there and the first time was only just a few minutes after the last polling station closed in russia and then you could see it on her face she wasn't happy with the result there was nothing really to celebrate regard lists of that though she kept portraying herself as the new prominent opposition candidate and that explains perhaps the heat in the debate she
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had with a like say no volley who is one of the fiercest critics of lattimer putin. the music. in the movie. is not when you. move the ball was in questions and i knew you were going. to move let's go back to that result that is just under one point seven percent perhaps if you ask any politician or around the world who was running for president whether he or she would be satisfied with these kind of numbers perhaps the answer you would hear would be no but in her case when i had an exclusive interview that was later than one am moscow time yet she stayed there that late any
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a sob chag told me that she could still find positive things in that result of course is not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a result my complaint was involved talking truth on the propagandistic channel so federal t.v. in russia education is the most important value of my program educational for russian people telling them truth about the situation believing trying to make them and you stand the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrie after the debates with alexey no five me are you confident and that kind of future for a so-called united opposition bloc i am very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with him but in stand we were discussing having my instant problem which is ridiculous
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to my way just what is your maybe objectively a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this is the success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was. the vote itself i mean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support of putting this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but sixty eight or whatever the steel we should have made that the majority of people now really want this president. indeed reiterating votes to currently stands and she said the almost sixty eight percent plus a little more than the election in twenty twelve point five percent more how would you expect people from all walks of life came to cast their vote who have their voice heard.
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in a short. cut . you don't. talk much you're going to share. a little bit. i just love these it real people stories but that concludes the presidential election coverage to face the outlook and back to the studio to neal with the news we'll be back at the top of the out with more highlights from the election coverage for you i'm neki arran ok we're going to see
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the. now the presidential election came amid the ongoing investigation into the poisoning by nerve agent of a former russian spy the russian foreign ministry is just issued a statement reiterating that moscow has not been developing the sort of chemical used to target and his daughter articles when it was done of joins me in the studio is been following this story as we know very well that the u.k. says russia did it highly likely that it did it lots of other e.u. countries of of kind of gone with the claim that counter claims from russia they don't know a thing about this and nobody's willing to back down it seems well neal it feels like a bit of a tug of war a lot of parties are accusing russia of something the accusing russia of effectively being behind the poisoning of the demanding answers and every time russia gives the very same because there is the russia feels like it has nothing
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else to provide and this is what the statement by the russian foreign ministry was about tonight because they've said that the you the e.u. has issued have issued a statement a very careful one but we'll get to that a bit later. russia's foreign ministry has said that the e.u. effectively is fueling the media hysteria around the poisoning and they've reiterated the very fact that russia has nothing else to demonstrate that they've provided all the answers that they've said it outright flat out that russia no longer no longer produces the nerve agent used to poison nor is storing no none of that agent is stored in russia the russian chemical weapons program was annihilated was it was destroyed all these the whole stockpile and so what the b. you did the issued a very careful statement saying that they are alarmed but they did not pin the
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blame on russia unlike the you for example and other some other countries instead. the e.u. has said that it treats the incident very seriously and that the use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances is completely unacceptable and as i've been saying russia has been under this sort of barrage of accusations and demands for explanations from all parts of the world even for example the french president emanuel mckown in his congratulations to lattimer putin also squeezed in a demand for explanation nato weighed in to have a listen. we continue to call on the russia to provide the complete disclosure of the program britain is to actually this accordance with our obligations under the treaty on chemical weapons and i would contrast that with how the russians are behaving so not just the nato obviously the u.k.
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were first on this bandwagon of accusations and the reasoning with herd range from being from the fact that it is highly likely or overwhelmingly likely or that there were there is no other possible explanation into who else i mean who else would benefit from a poisoning like this boris johnson even went as far as saying that there is certain russian ness it's a quote saying in the poisoning in the very poisoning scheme so what the foreign ministry have done again they've effectively reiterated and stressed bladder putin's point from yesterday he commented on the issue right after learning that he's winning the election the presidential election have a listen. i think anyone with common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential elections and the football world cup. so why russia has been giving the very same over and over again because
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russia has actually proposed russia has actually said look we are ready to cooperate with the investigation but we need at least we want you to provide us with the samples of the agent used to poisonous cripple and then we'll be will see where we move from there this hasn't been done in fact none of russia's official requests have been fulfilled and the same answer ok many things here with the latest on the investigation it has done it with me in the studio now speaking of that investigation by the u.k. government so you could actually take months to complete investigation of the case it not stopped london from publicly accusing moscow of being behind the attack and on monday prime minister to resign may said that russia had the motive and the intention to poison. and theatre can reports from the british capital. the reason may has now spoken of motive and intention that she believes russia had in the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter these comments came following what aim of putin's statement saying that it would be nonsense to believe that russia
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would have some kind of interest in this poisoning right ahead of the presidential elections that just happened this weekend and right ahead of the world cup that is going to be seeing place now if you remember it's already been two weeks now since this core paul scandal exploded and it's only now that the u.k. is handing over a sound pulls of the nerve agent that is said to have been used on scriptural and his daughter in souls very to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and if you remember russia is also a member of this organization and has been asking to see a sample of this nerve agent over and over and over again this is not happening but members of this particular organization are in the u.k. to take a look at those samples while that is going on we've heard from the metropolitan police describe the ongoing investigation as quote extremely challenging and complex has not been stopping u.k. officials including u.k.
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foreign secretary boris johnson and i think people can see this is a classic russian strategy of trying to conceal the needle of truth in a haystack hold more you sound of the station poisoning of surrogates creeping is not the case but the latest in a pattern of recluse behavior by the russian state. that behavior goes back many years while boris johnson's language has become his rhetoric has become more and more intensified events on ravel despite the world really still waiting to see evidence of proof of russia's involvement that the u.k. has been talking about boris johnson has spoken of what he believes that there's enough evidence that russia over ten years not only was involved in the delivery of nerve agents for assassination but also creating an stockpiling novacek we do know that this moscow has said that russia believes that u.k.
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slovak czech swedish and possibly american lives were closely studying novacek since the ninety's now while russia's guilt is really being pushed to the forefront and russia has to stay behind trying to somehow prove its innocence according to the approach the u.k. has taken we've seen that this is not the same story when it applies to different situations involving russia for once over the weekend boris johnson was asked about a hefty sum of money one hundred sixty thousand pounds there were donated to the conservative party by a russian woman and a wife of a former russian minister who worked with large amir putin for a tennis match with boris johnson and there apparently he seems that was all right listen into evidence is produced begins to individual russians i do not think the entire nation should be should be corrupt well today boris johnson is in brussels
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meeting with foreign ministers of the european union he's been speaking in addressing the press with nato secretary general who's expressed solidarity of the organization with the u.k. and they have both talked about the disruptive and malign behavior that they continue to accuse russia of however of course we know moscow has been saying this whole time that it has nothing to do with the script all poisoning. coverage continues in half an hour. i'm after attention we're going underground as today saudi crown prince hot on the heels of meeting the queen journeys to trump's white house coming up on the show
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corruption at the highest levels of government ten years to the day the u.k. financial services authority launched an investigation into the city of london of a sham and if you play should we speak to legendary british no lemons about his david versus goliath battle against banking a new liberal governance and the die hard to make me feel why are the russians always portrayed as the bad guys we speak to the author of national security cinema about us military intelligence agencies influencing nearly one thousand eight hundred movies and t.v. shows bust was the whole of the seventh as a scandal in the u.k. labor party just a bad because the i film from the one nine hundred fifty s. one of the targets former vice chairman to jackie walker performs a scene from a play the lynching taking us back a generation to her own mother's fight for free speech all of the more coming up in today's going underground but first as all u.k. polities vowed to get to grips with corrupt moths ago money flooding into london and as vladimir putin looks set to be elected again in part because of his
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reputation for attacking i.m.f. world bank created all legal gangsters there is a financial anniversary today ten years ago today the u.k.'s financial services authority launched an unprecedented investigation into dealings in the shares of major financial companies in the city of london while someone who was directly affected by the claims of corruption is the former host of u.k. television's swap shop and deal or no deal broadcasting legend no edmonds no welcome back to going underground in the studio at the last there's no going police investigation about one of our great banks h. boss. you're involved in a in a big case with film. right at the beginning how is it that you didn't think that there was something odd about your for evidence is way back when it was only when you're all bank manager was jailed that you suspected that you had been the victim of fraud when you put it like that i am
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a bit of an idiot. but the reality is that even in the early two thousand prior to the crash we still respected bankers and we trusted bankers sure yeah i think we did and. in two thousand and three four when my businesses started to suffer issues with their relationship with h. boss i still thought that it's all your fault yeah yeah and even after the collapse of the business it's when they were forced into administration in two thousand and seven i put it down to one of those things in life that actually i had been a rubbish businessman and so yeah however naive as it sounds when almost a year ago five people went to prison for forty seven years for this crime there was a light bulb moment that was the client going on a minute mark dobbs and he was my bank manager but this is
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a bank that before all of this had allegations of money laundering had to settle with the us regulator the three hundred fifty million dollars accused wager mercy of aggressive tax avoidance. how many other business people were out there who were blaming themselves and not even understanding that there was no you know but i dare say the frown and i see your point and i'm dangerously close to protecting lloyds banking group here which is not really what i feel very comfortable with but what you've got to remember is that we were trusting our professionals i mean i've really got into this and i now think that it was probably round about the fact is that something quite fundamental happened in the u.k. we used to have professions and we used to have industry and suddenly we industrialized our professions and that is a green light for corruption so we had lawyers who had products where the local
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solicitor who had products suddenly we have banks who talked about products it became industrialized and we've even got now education that scott products and this was an open door for corrupt people and i will say because it's really important not all bankers are corrupt i mean lloyds banking group has what seventy thousand employees they're not all bad people but what you would be surprise when you don't have into the facts these how small is the number of bankers in the u.k. that have caused ten years civil sterrett for britain and are still conducting themselves in a way that was recently described in the house of commons as potentially criminal they deny any accusations of corruption and say they tried to reach a consensual resolution with you. and they can talk because of ongoing litigation but then instead of democratic control coming to the rescue would you say that because the taxpayer then ended up bailing out all of these banks it had to be the
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law and legal companies and class action lawsuits tell me about. this white horse and the knight in shining armor theory i'm currently involved volkswagen diesel emissions scandals they're coming to help you. well yes i mean i don't think people in the u.k. realize that lloyd's bill annual bill for lawyers both in-house and external is over a billion pounds now when you look at their profits when you look at their turnover when you look at their assets that's a totally disproportionate amount of money to be spending with lawyers and it says a lot about the way they conduct themselves they know they know they're going to get sued by the regulators they know they're going to get fined and they factor it into the balance sheet and there's a bigger budgets than the legal opinions by the regulators said to regulate don't get me going on we don't have a regulator in this country it's called the f.c.s.
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in the wonderful andrew bailey who hopefully now scuppered his chances of taking over from carney but you know the f c a's toothless they're frightened of r.b.s. they're frightened of lloyds they've even said publicly we can't afford a legal action with these banks so that's something that's got to be looked at but you mentioned theory i'm so theory i'm a major global fund they looked at my case and they decided on merit they said look we know you're high profile in the u.k. your famous person or wherever we are nervous you might want your day in court a big perry mason moment and i said no i don't i would still like to negotiate a settlement with lloyds they looked at the merits and they said we're funded so for many millions of pounds i don't have to worry and the case is even insured so in the i think unlikely event that a judge found in lloyd's favor i still cannot lose a penny and that is that is
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a serious game shifter i mean as i said lloyds banking group deny all these allegations go in there to sue us you know of regular sue us understand that you mork lloyds banking group regularly or no radio stations in my arbor and yet i have a child i have a radio station one of twenty three row. stations that i have which could be heard around the world under the positivity brant positivity radio world. i dedicated my station positively know that you said light hearted stuff to basically telling the truth about lloyds and yes you're right i think every two weeks my lawyers get threats of defamation it's cetera et cetera oh yea bring it on oh i have to whistleblower sites and herbert smith something they're expensive lawyers said that i was breaking the law not providing lloyd's with the information that the whistle blows for providing i did you go aloft at the arrogance of these people the whole point of encouraging whistle blows is the truth gets out there and there's lloyd's
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wanting me to say or by the way fred blogs in your edinburgh office is this my going to do that of course no it's the whistle blows that can change everything in this country in defense of the regulators they say they have and they would have as many resources have been some criticism ever paul more were whistleblowers on this show every three years ago with big allegations about all of it is that regulators need the same all it is as the companies because they know more about the situation because they work in those companies what do you make of that argument you've got the four big companies the four big orders the companies that every single time one of these banks says we'll have an independent review they use their auditor there is no independence so the independent griggs review the law is brought in to look at the victims claims it's an independent they they hired to query they pay grades
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they tell greig's how much money they think they can get away with and greeks get a rubber stamp out this nothing independent about it i mean it goes back to gordon brown analysis the darling i mean the people are introduced to the they say fair attitude the light touch regulation in all of this. in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of a semi in the u.k. apparently no one has done anything wrong lloyd to set up this one hundred million pound five find to compensate good for audience slip for pain they're fine yet. and lloyds is saying or dragging group are saying good progress is being made with the apportioning out this hundred million for i presume these are settlements and not admissions of liability or negligence on their books what they say to the victims is we will give you money for distress and yet what you suffered at the time because it must have been horrible for you.


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