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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 20, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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that i've seen indicates that russia is in any collusion with mr donald trump i mean he's not this meant suring candidate and i thought there was a surprisingly stupid story but it got a lot of traction in america which worries me and shows you how frankly stupid the american voter can be if you believe that i don't believe most of them do but i could i don't know that the polling is off on it it doesn't make sense if you're saying no one that is elected gets to change the system does it even you know what for in america yeah well that's what mr putin says at the end of the interview if you remember he says he's been through four presidents and i asked him what's changed and he said basically nothing so he's indicating that there's a bureaucracy he called it a bureaucracy in america they call it a deep state of bureaucracy that has been resistant to change certainly the policies towards russia for the most part united states been highly negative since one thousand nine hundred seventy since the revolution when mr wilson president
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wilson set american troops to siberia to join the british expeditionary force. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football with you and do the great british you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go.
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alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciate me to just read the review p.r.t. teams latest edition make up as we go. american minutes one is the melting pot and the second is the alger myth of a strapping anyone can succeed in america who works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response essentially is to go into conflict and this is a major of. the most expensive fish in the world each one selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty
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years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only whims of a much larger mission was once there was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very. short term our system is not suited and is not for the long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes.
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welcome back to sophie and co now the other day i sat down with the legendary filmmaker oliver stone and in moscow bookstore and asked him whether a second cold war was just a figure of speech or is there are more to it it's the figure of speech for sure cold war it's a. very dangerous war it's on the you know you can even say that the original cold war was really a cold war where there were so many proxy wars that were fought in the name of fighting communism you like vietnam. among others korea. you wonder how many people died in the name of that cold war you know millions of a third world people have been hurt after all over africa there was battles. and certainly in them we've seen now in the middle east we've seen enormous amount of damage. the specter of communism doesn't work anymore the united states was not able to use that but there is this and haran carry over in fact and i'm sure that's
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in the minds of those congressmen when they vote against for the expansion of russian sanctions in their mind it's some form of the old russia and they can't get it they can't get them to want to weigh in the eighty's in the ninety's how come it came back so strongly i mean what is going to take for that paradigm to disappear from american mind generation was quite surprised by that i was so in fact shocked i talking to mr gorbachev was one of the most wonderful moments of my life it was i felt in one thousand nine hundred ninety in my lifetime was a spring springtime of hope a new feeling that this thing was going to change you know that the the wall came down. all the europe eastern european countries expressed love bloodless revolution really a bloodless revolution and russia. relatively both. and i was and mr gorbachev you know was not the crook in america we saw him as a lion as
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a hero and in this country of course he was seen as a weak man who had lost control of this of this empire so it's a whole different view of it and i've been see mr gorbachev since then i've been through his criticisms of mr putin and i have to say the last time i saw him he said that mr putin is the guy for now whatever they say because america has violated that compact he made in one thousand nine hundred eighty eighty nine that nato would not go east one inch if the germany's were united he allowed for that and that has not happened nato has been accelerated under you know under the american under clinton and bush and obama. so and mr gorbachev has pointed out also the the what mr putin says is they greedy on the abrogation of the a.b.m. treaty by the by bush by mr bush in two thousand and one was
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a vast mistake it and it undermines the the nationals the the balance of power that exists between the two countries on top of that you have the american support putin the scent of terrorists in the caucasus on top of that you have opposing points of view on ukraine obviously and mr putin states his case very clearly in this book what his case is which americans don't hear and on top of that you have syria which again it's amazing to me how under reported that war is. orci has covered what about yemen. reportedly and. i want to talk more about this and the context in which this book came out fills in a weird way that when the actual cold wars in place it was just clean cut you know you had to sidestep where against each other now for me it's so much more scarier because the world is paul or and there's so much house around and everyone's trying
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to pull it on themselves. and all those conflicts that you just mentioned and many more that we didn't mention are going on because of that and we don't understand how they're going to end or if they're going to and it's always messy. you're young like hell you must be near thunder not that young but you think i guess you know to me the original cold war was very confusing and not so clean us against them in fact i went to vietnam as a young man believing that we were fighting communism in other words there were a lot of disguises and when you look back at the whole history of that period as we tried to do an untold history the united states i would have to tell you that it's very clear that it was a farce that the united states really pulled the wool over the world's eyes and declaring and making the soviet union the fall guy after having won world war two they made them the fall guy for war two two and equated hitler with stalin and also
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all this stuff went on it comes out of the this misunderstanding of what that first cold war was america has spent a fortune fighting this war and it's deprived its own people us the american people of better education better system more security health welfare all these things that give me those problems now this social net that's disappearing could have come out of that instead of being the the money being spent on the cold war so we paid a huge price for it and it never let up i remember in eighty nine there was talk of a peace dividend they talk of it what happened to the peace dividend a few weeks after the berlin wall fell mr bush sr was. going into iraq sending five hundred thousand troops to the middle east point it was a big thing because we went when we sent five hundred thousand troops to vietnam
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was actually under lyndon johnson that was a huge deal in the press made. big big number out of that not not since world war two that we knew those numbers were too big we were fighting with too many men we don't it won't work it was too big and what happened we forgot about it reagan mr reagan helped a lot with his campaign to forget the vietnam war and we were sending a half million men again abroad to fight in the middle east we never got out of the middle east i made a movie about it called w in which dick cheney the dick cheney's character have them asking what what's our exit policy says there is no exit and the truth is we haven't there is no exit to iraq we're here those five hundred thousand men in one form or another have never left the middle east so this is heartbreaking stuff if you have any sense of history. i knew it was a mistake i thought the iraq war one was a huge mistake i thought there was plenty of room to negotiate when films like that
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come out w for instance are at the untold history of the united states and want to even mention how as a percent in america and you pretty much denounce a lot of tropes and facts in american history i can't tell you it's easy but i think it's the most some of the most important work i've done in my life i'm very proud of those two films i paid a price for because i guess some people would you know they don't consider me in the debate but neither do they consider people like noam chomsky so there is no center in the united states political discourse it's all center right ever since the clinton camp people came into power the center right has become the right and there's no peace party that exists in my country and i don't see any evidence of it except this third party that is so criticized the the green party among others arrows make fun of it. you know why i don't know me so well a year in america i always had the feeling the democrats would the the people at least we were concerned about peace now that seems to have been squandered that
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feeling is squandered and i don't sense any any sense of consensus the only one who did it was bernie sanders and if you remember correctly he very rarely mentioned foreign policy he stayed away from it because he knew that was a third rail for him and he was to socialistic for america to actually well i don't know much about because america may hand up in relatively has to go may have to go more socialistic in order to survive because if things fall apart and we continue to have crises after crises stock market explosions and so forth and meltdowns there has to be a you know i'm right i'm a one i would have trump to change something but remember a mr obama song what was it seven hundred fifty billion dollars into the economy that's i would call that a socialist move. so you know where the united states is going it's a very it's interesting i think i'm going to try to stick around and see because i think that's a great question it sounds i mean just to be on the sidelines and see what happens
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it could get really ugly and be pretty nasty too in terms of casualties and of course united states i would skip i'm scares me in the sense that it might lose its self control and out of the sense of panic and fear attack. this concept that russia is responsible for everything isn't saying but it's very easy to to resort to that kind of nineteen early one nine hundred fifty s. primitivism like a joe mccarthy i was told when i was a young boy the soviets are in our schools they're in our colleges they are there they're creeping into our system where the soviets are going to take us over without even a war that was i heard this from serious people. you know you have to allow that this mentality exists and when you're around a vigilante mob that hangs people it's scary because you common sense goes out the window it's the first thing and decency and humanity you go out the window so it
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scares me that mentality see now that you know a lot about politics you know politicians and you know something about scripts give me a scenario of how this should work out. their reality are you asking for a movie from my point of view from the american side it's not going to happen any other way and that's what's frightening because i don't see that russia can take any initiative at this point except for surrender would completely all your nuclear arms and you have a regime change mr putin resigns which is insane so what happened because the russian people supported i don't see any way out right now. no third parties do exist they come into being there's de gaulle's that come up from charles de gaulle you hope for a french leader or a european leader i was very disappointed in merkel throughout this whole process because she knows better she knows the real story of ukraine she she doesn't fall for it because her foreign minister was involved they knew they knew what was going
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was a coup d'etat the ukraine and but in other words there's has to be some kind of european leader. the kind of thing you know to america. yeah that's one way of putting it mr de gaulle i was around when mr goss said no to america that was quite really have friends you know look young to you i mean they have. their own way of going to go is really a proud man and proud for france. one hopes for that but there's other ways that the blocks can be broken there's of course china that's a huge number but the united states is to hit a hard line on china doesn't say it like it does say it about russia but the reason that we're our mean korea to the degree that we are and japan is truly against the chinese to encircle the chinese. but i worry about korea because we again have so much or so many arms we put into japan and korea. you know these things can but it can blow up in a second it's like a tinderbox. well it doesn't look good at your age i would like to live out the
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rest of my life you know what do you do what do you do you bringing attention to it that's the best you can do right now. to my view you should make at movie about that and you shouldn't certainly not in your career i think it was an increase of four hundred s. when i did this because i did care and i want to i want i want peace to have a chance and i think every time i talk to mr putin over those thirty hours i never sensed any other desire in his part but to have a balance of power respect for each other sovereignty and a sense of peace in the world here and that's what people don't accept from him. they can't believe that this man who was they consider a villain is a number of peace. oliver stone thank you very much i was right that they still waiting until you live with everything.
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well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i've been there in the small boat and it's a hard pull of ships and it's. a lot tougher than. the little self the big cold fish already ninety percent of it don i need to fall in with conor. yukon's fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet oh you get an idea why. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be witness the
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deal is ours. i'm doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we had. when he was four and in most probably last term is russia's president vladimir putin has six more years to fashion his legacy on his food and changed russia how will we continue to change. the far right than britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent month daughters action i know might need to pick leaning against a dog and i see those organizations which are all usually split into which we feel
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which takes different names how do you view that. a. complex web of british fascism. how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like us is nobody over the place and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not they're actually paying us to put it back into the good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sam bridge what she could is behind such success.
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but in a place it wins a landslide victory in russia's twenty eight same presidential election securing a full of ten the credit. international reactions of britain's victory ranges from the congratulations of world leaders such as angela merkel to insults and criticism. yet others made a more joyful song and dance of the election coming to vote in traditional costumes dressed up as angels do that a few shiny knights. it's
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artie international coming to you live from moscow and i'm rich you're joining us. well the final results are in from russia's presidential election the turnout was almost sixty eight percent with a majority voting to return the item a person for a fourth term in the kremlin and here's our special coverage of this historic event from red square. both come to it from red square and stiff and i would think there was as we digest some of the final results so that comes we'll get some final reactions to it from a number of guests especially because. yes the russian presidential election has been full it's on his feet and we'll be bringing you all the latest developments and sleeps. with him approach and then pulls off a huge win on sunday getting over three quarters of the vote it means he'll stay on
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as president and could remain in the kremlin for up to another six years at the fifty six million russians chose him to lead their country it's why fals didn't even come close to be sworn in as president for the full time in that if i when you look at the stats putin did better than in any previous election he's four these are the figures on the screen the snow over fifty percent he got on it every time as you can see more going on from two thousand but. the vote this time around brought him seventy six point six percent with which it is to be mostly delights but as we all know it's not just about dry numbers that make an election it's the people taking part that really give it life.
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thank you. after the results came in another meeting with other presidential candidates is
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straight down to business today he wanted to discuss the proposals the campaign promises and also share with his plans for the next six years but had to set each try to ensure dialogue with his foreign partners to noting though that it takes two to tango he said. you would you know could you know when we're going to pay special attention to russia's defense complex but let me add nobody here is trying to start an arms race we want to engage in dialogue with our partners of course that doesn't depend just on us it's like you love both sides have to be interested in each other otherwise it isn't going to work out. that's going to do from george galloway joining us live political commentator and full member of u.k. parliament george looking for your immediate thoughts on this win for vladimir putin he says he doesn't want to start an arms race for a start which is good news for all of us around the world we want to engage in dialogue is this a new message surely not. well it does take two to tango the potential dance
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partners are currently storming out of the dance hall and threatening to leave the siege to those inside the ballroom saw i'm not sure how that's going to work out any time soon but it's good that the president signaled that that is his wish this is an extraordinary mandate the german in france reaction is that they don't recognize the votes of the people who cast that mean chr. that went alone to those that made the choice you know the last from julie says we don't know about that is that in any way digits of my still grows a little north as you say. well i think the people in crimea will tell them to go and where so ninety two percent of the voters in crimea voted for president putin and the quicker they get the bridge up relinquishing crimea with russia the better
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and i think the crimean people have voted with their feet for russia more than once the reaction to the russian election has been coming in from all around the world samir khan has relations from washington d.c. . fortunately the white house has not repeated the rhetoric of most american politicians as well as western media on russia's presidential election which resulted in president putin winning a fourth term by a significant margin over seventy six percent and even though there was no congratulatory phone call from the white house spokesman good lee told reporters that the outcome came as no surprise just as he was boarding air force one not only that but he commented somewhat positively on potentially developing relations with russia saying quote we will work to cultivate the relationship with russia and we will impose costs when russia threatens our interests but we also look for places to work together when it serves our interests now this is in stark contrast to other reactions we've seen upon receiving word of president putin so when american
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politicians attempted to deal with jim eyes russia's political process senator mccain took to twitter to discredit putin's victory calling it a sham and going on to say quote the u.s. stands with all russians yearning for freedom which is interesting considering president putin managed to maintain over and eighty percent approval rating prior to the election and despite running against multiple candidates representative adam schiff said that putin only won because he banned his opponents from running well besides the usual anti russian officials whistleblower edward snowden had some words were. sorting ballot stuffing that allegedly took place saying it's quote an effort to steal the influence of one hundred forty plus million people now snowden also urged russian citizens to demand justice demand laws and courts that matter take your future back now the u.s. media echoed a similar sentiments no surprise there but i'm sure more officials will be speaking out as the day continues but it is surprising however that spokesman did leave mentioned developing relations with russia especially considering all of the
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allegations of collusion and the current anti russia political climate this year the vast majority of polling stations were equipped with web cameras streaming everything that happened that meant that anyone could be the observer if they wanted to write the comfort at that house is that the one you know it's paid off as well the practice was first introduced to twenty twelve presidential election and indeed this time it's hoped to expose multiple electoral fraud cases in this focus his time as well. thank. you. thank you thank. you thank you.
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for trying. to say. thank you. this year's presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers of the one thousand five hundred in fact now they include the purpose of representatives from france poland and the u.k. and with that overall assessment being mainly positive the o.e.c.d. mission in fact to russia. said there were no alexa law violations that he did say the boat somewhat like transparency he spoke to some of the us. to say that they didn't see anybody later maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that than anybody. who wanted to see how we we were we are particularly interested very much in the transmission lines which you so i see here although a very high level really. important thing to do is that we ceased and wished it
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also in truman the you would have the opportunity sure lect or president by direct elections or coop consists of eight different members of parliament i want to congratulate mr putin and hope that we can improve the cerm of the russian relations have to disallow actions it would be really important for us because also the chairman's suffer because of sanctions. all the pressure was public if there was a. systematic overall about something like with. we were. in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and that's what the general mood among the other election observers here in moscow sort of procedure yesterday was all all in.


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