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and you know give yourself open to that that's a risk important to russians understand two things obviously there's a lot of criticism leveled at the economics section of the cabinet but at the same time it is these people whether one likes them or not it is these people that are guaranteed russia's economy going through in a stable fashion through the period when massive massive sectoral sanctions sanctions were introduced against russia by the united states of the russian by the by the e.u. but by other nations so the russian central bank and the russian economy minister and other ministries that deal with this the proved themselves successful in keeping the russian economy stable in this tough period but another thing also that western leaders like to see in the including boris johnson recently they come nothing against russian people the only against the russian government against bush you know who does all these get but i think fifty five but you know i don't know
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but what does this have or what do they do solve of these hold say that the russian people or will mean we support fortunes policies so being against these against being is being against the russian people equals russia they must be certain for they must be so disappointed with the people those much gnashing of teeth and wailing and the pulling out of their hair in the western circles i'd like to point out that however i agree with victor about the national reserve was that was built up that help whether the sanctions and the oil price our going into debt and we are going to that but i will though that those same neo liberals who built up didn't want to spend even to save the country during the financial crisis does obesity the country for the wrong reasons he is. if you look at. the two thousand and eight financial crisis. russia weathered that pretty well. in the same
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way the c.d.c. people sure that's russia kept a stable that calming me during that period and did it again this time so the record there is pretty good that's why they're still in their places because nothing to suggest nothing succeeds like success yes despite all the criticism the . results show there is yes thirty seconds mark before going to break there was a big ideological option of choices on the boat to communist to nationalist to liberals a new a liberal. and putin and there was this little ideological. display and the people still true it was vladimir putin and i mean putin is not seen as being very ideological and i think that's one of the attractions he has with the with the voters or gentlemen we go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on russia's presidential election stay with are today.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to kill the narrowness and
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spending surge of the twenty million player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to get close i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful game a great chance for. peace. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm people are discussing russia's presidential election. looking like to broaden this out a little bit i said in my introduction that a lot of your putin and with his reelection in the fourth time it will be an office . it's time for him to start thinking about his legacy and and i think all of us here in the table think that he has
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a lot to reflect upon victor i mean what what what is he thinking because i remember before they changed the terms from four years to six years he was saying what he wanted russia to accomplish by twenty twenty you heard that all of the time over of the wide variety of sectors. what does he want to accomplish in this last term in office so whatever that mean points in the next six years what can we expect from. first of all leaking we're actually more influential in the world stage making russia one of the prime world powers in the new multi-polar world. making russian science and technology. on the same level as american science and technology progress and make and in europe and europe making russia one of the prime scientific and technological powers a new program of the armament of the russian armed forces new opportunities in education in employment for the russian people in new venues developing
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technologies developing. official intelligence and other industries all looking russia a competitive country and also ones are a huge challenge and also one more very important thing. we talked about that will making the party structure more more progressive the more the more stable and also choosing somebody who can do that who who could continue on his course after he leaves six years from now those are the main points of his program and that's what the russian people expect it will be we were time of the sort and i'm glad victor brought it up here i mean we the parties are not very strong i mean in many ways in my mind there's really still just one party and it's the communist party in shrinking and it's. shrinking ok through time. there is a corner with me and it was yeah but ok but if you look at united russia it is very
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diverse ok i mean it actually has its own political spectrum with it isn't even for the actual you know twenty five years have passed more than twenty five years since the soviet union collapsed in the russia became a multiple multiple data system multiplied to state what why has that problem still persisted because russia's information political sphere has been tainted by it for the influence as soon as opposition parties emerge for the actors come in and start to meddle because they see these images yes with their mind me with their. brass and so and so forth and as soon as opposition parties emerge for an actor such as the united states its product. the economy and they try to use those pirates use it against the against the russian state that is the problem what can what can you do in this new dress that is i think why we see you know in the west
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the they simply can't believe a seventy six seventy seven percent return it's because the russian public understands that the country has been under attack all right all these years and that's why there's this widespread national consensus if putin leaves the country successfully i think you'll have moved it to a at the end of the next six years he'll have moved to a place where that type of consensus is no longer necessary where we could potentially either you know as he leaves or within you know a few years afterwards somewhere in the next decade i would like to see united russia which is is it as a party of power it doesn't have a political ideology of its own other than supporting the state you know in the country i would like to see it split i would like to see a real conservative. already there is because there is that if that is so that kids can speak to basically receive in the do it in majority russian majority is
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moderately social conservative by modern western standards and moderately less ditch without being left this they believe in a strong state with strong social benefits that can manage a country you know that the enormous size of russia and i would like to see a party firmly on those principles emerge. and you know he made it easy. to do it and i hope he can do it in the next six years but i think there is a big unknown here and that is how will the west change. the west and if used to russia change we're in the midst of a gracious in relations between russia and the west we don't know how it would be in the west has its own internal crisis kobe has it so i think i think what we'll do parent or all of the developments inside the west i mean what we have seen in the last two years rodney atkins some british but it was going to set it up sputnik
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yesterday when we discussed this election he said that look at the elections you need to be sixty percent of the people voted for the party if there were friendly to russia you know that but non-systemic in germany non-systemic bardas again in grant very few people with merkel in france if the election for the presidential election had been fair there were pleas to come to those who were very broad brush it and they were so it's very interesting going on the products are with partial explanations why the establishment in the establishment parties use russia as a for oil at the gate if you know what i'm going to do and it just it was just finishing it so i think a lot will depend on they said if you call when will the crisis continue i think it will continue for two or three more years if it continues for all that six years then it will be very difficult to find a successor because i mean look at that kind of snow i look at gruden i might have seen but they spoke of. him will he be able to weather another crisis like that one where even with that breed to the way that we create media one has the experience
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of surviving in crisis not of the other kind of although it's been tested when you say that. they're not brushing their proof range these things we understand there are what do you say for these you know even from the seemingly not rather simply understandable simply understand that getting these sanctions against russia these economic sanctions there's nothing good for business does nothing good for french politics does nothing good for the french the security of the understand is that this is forced on them by the american foreign policy or no i think this is that is you and even more of. the foreign policy that is connected to the american one this these sanctions do not think good for the you either. the only thing that the yes the only reason that the e.u. bureaucrats support this is because they are pressured by the enemy because they point to washington ok with with putin's reelection. we see the u.k.
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and the united states and their allies doubling down on the spilled russian poles oh absolutely it's not going anywhere and i agree it's going somewhere very drowsy and. off a cliff i agree with victor that putin would like ideally his vision for the term is so technology education. that would be a luxury let us remind why putin came back in two thousand and twelve in the first place the primary thing that influences the situation was libya and since libya he has seen the crisis in ukraine with the west openly backing this puts that overthrew the government and the developments in syria and in ukraine putin is remembered and justly by the country he was rewarded for bringing crimea back into the fall but he should as well be remembered as the president who lost the rest of . ukraine to a western back porch and there is still a war that's still being fought in the east of ukraine i think that is what might
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have the time to think about legacy at this moment because the next few years are going to be spent weathering and surviving crises in ukraine the syrian and he just may be his legacy is the struggle for him but i think with crean it was not just who lost it the process was very long it started back in one thousand nine hundred one russia continues li didn't go in the ukrainian affairs the liberal about it was only business not and personal not in fraternal just gas get payment for the gas that's why chernomyrdin or the former prime minister you know the gas person of russia was appointed there was the exercise of russia not often exercise or russian soft power the results are dredging but let's put it like that but i think what we're talking about putin's legacy a lot will depend on the developments in ukraine ukraine is entering its own election cycle and the problem is that poroshenko is getting huge power thanks to
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the new war national security he will be created police the army the security service on the other hand he's very unpopular so he's popular with washington yes is that going to cause a little you know he's actually he's actually giving me more problems coming up just to be aware of the almost every single day that you have to suffer is already being able to read that who wanted to blow up the ukrainian parliament kill the president in the way the government will or will you and then you know it will be but also remind our viewers who you're talking about so an idea of deception was the ukrainian troops. who are proving that. the us former pilot actually. yes or was. it for killing russians in. the us the russian journalists. who are supposed to be protected to the press is not supposed to be fired but she fired on them on purpose.
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that hero by ukraine as you're lawrence is here if she was a nationalist here and he wanted her back in ukraine she was exchanged by russia and then she became a deputy should we keep a member of the ukraine and now she's moving to the west know she's going there very of appealing to russia their hopes her because she's come out and publicly said that she saw snipers enter with the nazi speaker of the parliament and that fire marshal to give the ok button to go to business man if you gentlemen we are talking about it because it's important people are talking about it in ukraine because it's important if anybody needs to end a dress and i don't know if i want to be one talking about is i know is that the ukraine is fleet depends on what the west decides to do with it and what the west is going to look like in the next six years what's going to change there it's obvious by the west has been talking a lot of options but when she was in the russian jail we had presence you know we
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are hearing the you with the ukrainian parliament every day. is fasting eleven twelve thirteen of the ok you know i think in the russian duma they're going to have the court and idea suction it's not just you know it was twelfth and second speech or because she's last on terrorism and. actions have showed first of all is the political capital to. get his foreign policy and domestic policy objectives is to within the next six years ok well hold it you'll just talk about this six years and that's all the time we have german many thanks and i guess here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember.
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but survival guide book stay single malt to start at. least it's still there you don't get it back. oh heck no this is a repatriation look at the us the seventy. bill of the seven kaiser for. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action i don't like it that. i see those organizations which will usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that.
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complex web of caution. my soul the jolly roger sighing all have piqued my interest so i went home. in. my ask somebody what is this is serious going to do good and they tell me of the season for
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a day and five believe in waiting for the legal fishing oh my god old that's kind of interesting. place pirates are well you know the pirate they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long but. really. the world is changing over tactics such endings now and we are working to look together with government needs to tie for them to wake up like i'm sure they've all seen what's happened in europe i'll go fish is gonna be at my biggest empty the call to collapse there was just nothing kaddish and now the european leaders here east africa it's already in a very bad state like then they got for us to have been there they still are just emptying the oceans and if you look at the situation in somalia the pirates can be
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argued that they used to be fishermen and by then foreign told us came from the fish and here they have no income so i think it's just common sense that the country is so waking up. if. you. didn't think. to simply wanting to come to me then you must use the ability to turn turn turn posted a few times because it's not meant to last a moment to consume come back good news. to men married to god wouldn't it make
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good on you for. it to be nice to the leftist p.c. not exactly nothing but even a good kind of magic to look down on this him. big time he came. here to keep. our focus on. funds from the same song. yes your. job if that's legit but if the money just to see if it's still there so he probably. filed but if you bought
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the super. cool thing that could actually instruments trick. you off of. months from hell yeah well give up. what. else well up. and i just feel it is it was. most of all i think that's an awful lot like minute. please see because you. completely listen to us and sometimes you. think a lot of. points because. the truth. just doesn't function but that's a lot. like the tone of what. liz
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. leg. lifts. the. lid they call in gold we shoot the chamber to make sure there is no bullet in the chamber. so when there is told they are all safe there is no bullet and then when we give them which is the chamber again and when they come back to check the champus will make sure that when this told there is no will that many and many more than guns i'll still suffer. the. heavy lifting. that. doesn't leave it to what led police to the
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latest there. is something. that no one. the center of the list also nine hundred fifty of us bailed out today whaling ships and the harbor pulling back used to be over here. these will be one of the higher border states. and i think that's the sweetest thing it used to kill whales now it's protecting them. see show book the threatening to worry oh it's in the southern ocean so egypt
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needs to worry us go down the tube to where you just see sugar was the only one window into. the sutras of story was how we see shepherd stood up to that man who died in the tween you know. her blue ships and the processing ships and prevented him from being able to transfer the whales onto the process instead. of being there in this mall bold enough to the heart of poor ships and it's yeah he's scary isn't it friend but then again the rolling paid almost nurses physically scoping illegal fishing vessels and taking them out of the action to save the millions hundreds of thousands of lives. that we would get very very close to when we've been able to
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basically block them from transferring that way to be able to see to stop them before. putting defensive lines into the water a really nasty moments to do that they can only pay into them the symbolize the bloody dismiss that they are doing and i think the walls in pressing their campaign called. all the way back through the. fuel tanker to come together the need to get fuel and this is what we do. here in between. us to stop this with you an immigration bill to think i don't have fuel they won't be able to deal with children if you let's see two ships need to come together like the soul of the nation tried to calm alongside the fuel tanker and we had all worksheets there in between them to stop them from the. days
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. being in that situation but really really tense. through the water barges in general. to last all steering all engines to stop it he. just kept extremely bring. mayday mayday mayday call was told by have no engines and all knew then the nisshin maru pulled away and they had already crossed the main mast. crush the hill a day. or so to. very very close. now after we had the injunction. that we cannot go five hundred meters close to an
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injunction from the u.s. court and that's the weird thing how the u.s. court action in the international waters to a crew that is international to a ship like the netherlands but still we are respecting the speed do not engage in illegal activities this flag. at the moment we don't use it in africa. because there is a piracy situation and it's not very tactful unpolitically correct to fly a pirate flag of course part of me always looks back to these days. that we had legs your old toller and saved the life of seven hundred weight of course you always look back to the people who you work with these accomplishments think. that's nice but then almost stream we have been in that direction caesar but has taking cause for me personally fishing and overfishing has been my thing i've
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always hope i hope it would do more for the cost of fish they don't scream when they die and nobody knows what's going on with them like they are the underlings of the planet in no way so for me to see these collaborations with governments putting more. work into protection of fish the dream come forward in. the morning. so we're still here really crucial much more.
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we're. worried robert you. know you just you shift gears a bit so you research and it's been interesting here for days girl you expect the first ship to go from the work to the work story. billy's possible on those clothes and food bill scher but just to sit offshore the bunch of frozen food he's been strange is just suspicious cause to say the. news. you know less than. his happiness over the seats i do have a problem we know they have it hardly any member of the house but they can also carry one anus that's like assholes in harlem yet. my goodness wow wow is this true.


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