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it will take time to read it cure cancer like i said we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. what's concerning his people. those innocent people of mosul are the ones with our humanitarian assistance. one of the darkest pages in the war was the exposure of the top of iraqi detainees
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that was at abu ghraib prison the jail itself was originally used by saddam hussein for political prisoners but after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three it became a military prison for thousands of captured iraqis and their many of the iraqis suffered torture sexual abuse rape and humiliation or if it came inches of soldiers posing next to tormented prisoners shocked the world when they were released it lead ultimately to the conviction of eleven u.s. soldiers the story received a massive public outcry in fact in the u.s. last he spoke to former abu ghraib prison as he described to his their ordeal in a must warn you may find these images coming up now disturbing. we'll know more when the americans arrived with their tanks we thought they would readers of the harsh regime everyone would have their own house and car just like in the wealthy arab countries or in the west but it turns out to be the opposite.
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they would hang a prisoner on the metal door of the cell and subject them to electrocution or your nation would stick a rifle into sensitive areas or they would use a broken broomstick causing internal bleeding the prisoners would need surgery. after i was released whenever i saw americans on the street i would be terrified they would send me back to that place and torture me it still keeps me up at night remembering the torture and they hear the screams. and yet i still have nightmares and suffer physical and mental pain as if it all happened yesterday i work night and day to try to forget it what we went through and what happened to iraq was a terrible crime it broke us even now i can't get inside a bafta because it makes me think of waterboarding.
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the time i spend in that prison felt like a lifetime an hour or that pain humiliation and unjust is stays with you forever. a meeting between the saudi crown prince and donald trump is currently underway in washington but prior to the closed door discussions president trump welcomed the saudi prince into the oval office the u.s. leader goes straight down to business giving a small presentation on u.s. weapons. very very you know our five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred forty five million dollars the freeness review we saw here is a very wealthy nation and we're going to give the united states some of them well hopefully. ok let's speak to samir khan a correspondent in washington d.c. donald trump hoping to get money what's actually been happening on the saudi
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princes visit well there have been protests and there's actually a senate vote that just happened and the senate actually voted on legislation that would end the cooperation with the saudis it was initially proposed by bernie sanders mike lee and chris murphy now this is happening right here in the nation's capital just as demonstrators protest against the saudi princes u.s. tour as well as the saudi assault on yemen bahrain yemen it is a crisis saudi crown prince it's here in the u.s. the news inside the white house right now meeting with the president trusts all parties here to secure the cure more u.s. weapons to be used against me i mean and to mostly bargain himself as a reformer while being responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth. yeah. you know.
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there's been a whole lot of criticism over the saudi princes visit as well as the saudi assault on yemen but first some background a ten thousand people have been killed since the start of the intervention back in twenty fifteen and a saudi imposed a blockade has left the country at the brink of famine which the u.n. has deemed the world's worst humanitarian crisis. well there are like.
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even though the public has condemned washington's role the u.s. has been actively supporting the campaign by arming the saudis amongst many other things but last year trump signed a record arms deal with saudi arabia worth about a hundred and ten billion dollars one of the biggest in history and the u.s. hopes to make more deals with the country will systemically trump but some senators as i said before have voiced opposition to u.s. involvement and they put forth the bill that i mentioned earlier that would end cooperation with the saudis and it was just a shutdown and they've even grilled us centcom over the use of american weapons but the pentagon didn't seem to have any answers let's take a quick look just come track the purpose of the nations that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of the mission senator we did not ok and apparently russia will also be on the agenda when trump does meet with
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the saudi prince senior u.s. officials say president trump and mohamed bin someone will look for ways to make russia pay a price for its aggressions. the kremlin has even responded expressing regret over the demonization of russia describing it as quote this maniacal desire to make russia pay for something but due to all of these protests and the failed senate vote trumps meeting with the prince might not go exactly as planned or as smoothly as he'd have hoped. thanks for the update severest americana for us there in washington d.c. now president trump and prince mohammed are also expected to discuss the around nuclear deal both of them are expected to take a hard line as well as get some insight on that from i guess cover for a savvy former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation to curve a truce repeatedly threatened to pull out of the iran nuclear deal what do you
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expect to come out of these talks with the saudi crown prince. well the crown prince is clearly here to shore up support for the opportunities of the deal and he is very gratified that the former secretary of state rex tillerson is not under scene and is replaced by anti iran. cia director pompey oh and so there's going to be a lot of discussion i suppose between trump and him on iran and and what to do if the deal is a scrapped in the near future and iran straitened to resume full scale nuclear work and so on and so forth so there is a great deal of strategic interest involved in this trip that relates to saudi arabia's on edge
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a manic designs in the region and its own plan for nuclearization and it's failed foreign policy from yemen to qatar to lebanon and in syria where the saudi proxies have. a match lost the war in eastern guta and they are very unhappy about that and unhappy with russia and iran and syria are aware that. there is a vast range of political and geopolitical issues that are likely to be discussed and. very happy that finally the u.s. congress is taking some preemptive measures because trump is now with. the hocks in charge in the white house is and leashed and is on a war path with iran and so is the crown prince. cover which just to vote in the us said it is decided not to and the country support for the saudi intervention in
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yemen what effects that could have then upon arms discussions. well. from the beginning there was weak support for this because of the strength of the republicans and the lobbying efforts by the white house to scuttle this yemen war powers resolution nevertheless you know the fact that. come up the crown prince is also headed to u.s. congress to meet with some lawmakers he's drawing attention to himself and he is a walk rhymes in yemen that has been decried by all the wall human rights organizations and the u.n. itself there's a you know three year a stalemate in yemen and there's no prospect for the saudis and its coalition to win that war the only solution is political in nature and that requires compromise
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which is absent from the mindset of this person described crown prince that has really done a lot of damage to saudi arabia's own national interests by bullying the tiny got out its neighbor and trying to destabilize lebanon and all its fate policies are exporting extremism in syria that has not yielded any pause the results for them so you know there's a lot to criticize with the saudi government and his regional policy and unfortunately has a blank check from the trump administration to do whatever it wants in the region and it's thanks to my guests have been speaking to cover after c.r.v. former advisor to runs nuclear negotiation team thank you. moving on the uses of facebook a questioning the credibility of the service it follows revelations over personal
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data harvesting artes and he says he has details on the tech giants data battle. deletes facebook is the hashtag that's been trending on twitter the social network users off your reus facebook played a part in getting donald trump into the white house from fifteen million facebook users was harvested by a troubling analytic company and what appears to be the largest leak in the social networks history in two thousand and fifteen we learned that a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander lying to us violated platform policies by passing data from an app that was using facebook logon to s e o king which analytical firm that this political government and military work around the globe it all began with a cambridge university professor creating a personality up and passing the information acquired on to a third party cambridge analytic and once facebook realised it violated their terms they wanted all data to be destroyed there has the potential to be
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a lengthy legal battle and the fuel to the fire is the fact cambridge analysts say they were conducting separate work for the trump's presidential campaign surely the double trump campaign was the first opportunist in data gathering think back to a bomb as reelection campaign in two thousand and twelve is former media analytics director claims they managed to get a lot more person in from ation then their rivals if facebook users clicks on the democratic side it enabled campaigners to access a wealth of information all thanks the loopholes and facebook's privacy to facebook twenty five election we got people to opt in and the privacy policies of that time on facebook were that if they opted in they could tell us who all their friends were where this gets complicated is that free to facebook out. so they shut off the feature so that is out there you can take it back to the democrats have this information and with this information gathered they would know which one of your
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friends would influence you most in making a favorable voting decision davidson also says facebook allowed the obama campaign . do you think they would have allowed others to simply because they were on their sides and whatever information passed to the campaigns of trump and obama they have one thing in common victory another common thread was the involvement of facebook status both of victories whether in directly or directly and according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden facebook is really a surveillance company in sheep's clothing businesses that make money by collecting and selling detail records of private lives but once plainly described braden's companies rebranding us social media is the most successful deception since the bombing of war became the barman of defense and while you are reading articles on how to slate your date or facebook remember this a simple facebook mean claimed to be posted by russia and thought to have caused chaos in the us elections perhaps trivial in the grand scheme of things as facebook
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looks into the nuts and bolts needed to prevent data leaking political campaign isn't their parties that are tightening their belts. u.k. based firm cambridge analytical has suspended its c o following a scandal about its alleged misuse of folks but data alexander nix is being investigated in the u.k. over covers he made to undercover journalists and in the us attorney generals in new york a massachusetts launched a joint investigation into cambridge and the litigant the case an interesting story for us to discuss let's do just that now and bring in a couple of guests i'm joined by richard goodstein now he's a former advisor to both the bill clinton and hillary clinton presidential campaigns and also a political consultant also a regular on r.t. lionel legal and media analyst gentleman great to have you both on richard first to you we've heard the allegations against cambridge analytical how serious do you think they are. well it looks like it's undisputed that they
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did things that either were clearly against the law campaign finance laws the involvement of foreigners and us election campaigns let alone kind of the moral approach of basically pretending to be something that they weren't. so they either clearly would over the line or they they went right up to it and i think that's what investigators where the state attorneys general i'm sure congress will look into it whether this justice department looks into it because donald trump was the beneficiary of his campaign that they worked with i wouldn't exactly hold my breath on that happening i should say that came but i think what they're against in was unproper you know they denied came generally to get denied any wrongdoing of course lionel a lawyer worse what's your take on this what is the company standard exploiting loopholes did they bend the laws that they cleverly navigate the money they break them. the entire point is being missed here it's not
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cambridge analytical it's the fact that facebook is a tool a proxy if you will of that government it's a surveillance unit it was conceived it through darpa through seed money did this this feigned oh do you think they use the information against there are you kidding me facebook apple everything that we do is basically sucking up every bit of information we have where has the world been you're living in and the pan optic on and when barack obama was the you beneficiary of facebook data i'll be not cold and gleaned by these characters like especially don't forget legs. in our share in american you say that and that immediately turns it's the dog whistle we're missing the point this is about
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a surveillance world that we live in that's being utilized by everybody constantly this means not doing a bridge analytic is not the issue it's the idea that we live at their surveillance state and that mark zuckerberg this this potemkin village just cardboard cut out this part and leader of facebook he's nowhere to be found because he's sitting there basically saying look you guys had me just pretend to be the leader of this state i don't know what's going on here because facebook google you name it it's not a social media platform it's a survey alledged to all of the government law no i understand you don't think that cambridge analytic or is the story and you made a very good point i suspect it is going to be a story in a very very big one but richard what i want to ask you is does this kind of change the way we perceive the story of russian meddling because the story is that the russians interfered and they were the reason the donald trump became president
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actually it may have actually just been a company that was harvesting facebook data and using using it cleverly. right so let's take cambridge analytic out of this discussion to answer your question the u.s. intelligence community unanimously concluded both in the last administration and the current one that the russians did metal that the russians working with wiki leaks dropped john podesta e-mails to the detriment of hillary clinton that russians targeted individual swing voters in swing states michigan wisconsin pennsylvania ohio north carolina others. that i think is actually not disputed and if the question is well how do we know what influenced the election at all as i would point to what alice ration i would point to one of those ration we know for a fact that there was a man in north carolina who read a facebook post that was planted by russian bots to the effect that hillary clinton and john podesta were running a trial of sex slavery ring out of
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a pizza shop in washington d.c. and he went with his rifle from north carolina to washington d.c. to shoot people who are responsible for that now if you can get somebody to do that you think you may to actually get someone to switch their vote i think so ok i'm going to bring lionel in here because richard says that you know it was russian interference this won the election what allows the fifty million facebook accounts sees information is now been tapped does not play opponent. i don't even know where to start you are bringing this stuff up again this thing was but this whole story this yawn was devised by the democratic party and hillary clinton to explain how she lost a rigged election and all of a sudden the story was who can we get to explain this guy the russians and you obviously are still repeating this trope this mean this idea that
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somehow fortune intelligence agencies concluded there was medley and as of today as we sit here right now there has not been one person one piece of evidence one witness to say how votes were stolen how numbers were were were exchanged nothing the only evidence was that these no farias russians using facebook mind you have by the way twitter who begged the r.t. for an advertising schedule but i digress that day so discord by virtually providing information and ads that other americans provided there is nothing i cannot believe that this gentleman is still repeating this same fantasy that hillary clinton is still doing are you ever going to
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move on from that are you ever going to realize you lost and it's over and this russian fantasy this this story this yarn there's nothing there anymore the issue is that this was a story that deals with a thing called facebook and what we're going to be looking at in addition is beyond cambridge analytical poll what is facebook who are today what are these things. these devices that we have yes perhaps for another show but i cannot believe line a let me let me hold can i listen to you talk for i don't know bramber minutes this london let me let let let me get a word in edgewise lionel listen my guess is that what robert mueller the special prosecutor issues he reports as long as you just spent disparaging the u.s. intelligence community you will in the same militia with tones disparage robert
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mohler and you know what he will present a case in black and white about what the russians did or did not do and my guess is again people who are clear thinking will believe it and people who have a bias going in will dismiss it and say what would you expect is propaganda and you know i guess that's why they're chocolate in the know i tend to think i'm in the category of people that's actually open to facts and i have a hunch that what most going to present is something like oh you may to take issue with but i think most people actually think he's got a pretty thorough job at what he will show we have these thirteen russians have already been indicted for four we've had this thirteen. having these fake rallies for thirty for fake rallies and for basically pitting blacks against whites muslims against christians you may think that's ok most americans come on plays the reason why he came up with these thirteen russian botswana friday was because the f.b.i. couldn't explain why that while the shooter and in florida who had been basically
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they warned everybody including the f.b.i. hey you better come and do something about this the f.b.i. didn't do it because they were too busy looking for russians so what did he do miraculously this this this this this indictment comes up blaming people that nobody's ever going to to arrest her x. could i look we started off talking about came again a little guy in this particular case and i can't believe how you are so hard wired in this patellar oh basin's repeating this you. you're like spring loaded when everybody whenever anybody asks anything you keep saying the same thing you said it a year and a half ago look it's all over with hillary clinton is never going to be the president she lost this get over it go to a grief counselor see counseling medication i don't know what we're not talking about that anymore and when are you going to get your i see your grieving for we are up guys guys can i just insert. some good news the bad news is we've kind of
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run out of time the good news is i want this to continue so what we're going to do is going to just say goodbye to our viewers and i'm going to carry this all off air or bring in the highlights later on so i'll speak to you guys in a moment for now thanks very much richard goodstein former advisor to the bill clinton and hillary clinton president of campaigns and lionel legal and media analyst to speak to you very shortly thanks to you guys hope you're enjoying that and we'll continue that conversation and bring in very best of it a little later on see you in about twenty five minutes. join me every first day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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thank you just my dream. come. in and make me. pay no over the shock when i was three years old so it's a long story of shots for me the most difficult of them pursue close when i do so my first child for the first photo to only vote because i didn't see the shot dead before so it was a fluke i'm in so it was only by luck my motivation was stronger off to the because
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i knew that i would do to be there i didn't continue to go to the most with. normal career and just leave him there. to see. what i wanted to do with. you know that you're helping the world be a bit better so i would say that that would mean to me one of the things that has impressed me the most is how you get the editor from where you need to get to but. i want to know something more earth when i came onboard it was my first time at sea it was my first time in the galley as well so i had a lot. of this is the seventh. i just love it and i just love it i hate it that. i don't bang on the ship i love. it for what i do. love the whole thing and being at sea i feel more time.
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on a ship at sea than i do on land show. off that i spent forty five years in the navy i retired in summer two thousand and sixteen so one year ago announced that i left that mystery going at sea but i didn't want to just go and see for fun because i do have a sailing boat but i needed a mission just. to see anything like this in my life to where you. indeed are completely and go away. oh. yes.
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just not. eat you know even if. you keep trying to. make your house. is something that you had a bully at school all. if they do you know they're going to gave them some more money. to back from stuff floating in the water out there and they actually need
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trade something new water attracting. these one thousand love to have a boat they need so it's just floating free to send me to implement these are waves and all this leave more ships because now it's like twelve machines and of course the rubbish at least that's the kind of meat in the ocean was named shark population i don't think it comes in tangled they all run out of a soul little boy did they learn. to believe. they could use them because of their own now. what about getting one so scuba.


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