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headquarters of the rebels were established perhaps this is the reason why the rebels have stepped up their rocket attacks in this recap damascus damascus have seen an increase in the number of rockets that hit it in the past twenty four hours but also the quality of. the caliber of the requests the rebels are using to show the couple damascus. new arms deals became the main topic for talks between the saudi crown prince and the u.s. president on tuesday donald trump found creative way to present his potential customer with more military hardware. three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the spirit. so here is a very wealthy nation and we're going to give the united states some of them well hopefully. the meeting was met with protesters activists called on washington to stop backing the saudi led bombing of yemen but there is
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a cry crown prince it's here in the u.s. it is inside the white house right now meeting with president he's here to secure it for a cure for u.s. weapons to be used against me and years in the bargain himself as the reformer well being responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth yet. but to know whom she low an expert on saudi arabia from tel aviv university joins me on the line dr trump the saudi crown prince expected to talk about civilian nuclear energy cooperation can you see some kind of deal being struck. well there is no doubt that the nuclear issue is going to be or is being raised in
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the trump immediately to me been so man but as the deadline for the decision of regarding the iranian nuclear deal progresses they think that the two leaders will discuss not only the civil use of nuclear. and energy but also the military aspects of it. what kind of points they will be raised in congress whether discussing the u.s. saudi nuclear agreement a again i don't think it's. a depend they what they think it's all the whole in the holy response of congress and the liberations that will be there is going to be determined by day what is going to happen with the the iran deal because the as the saudi crown prince declared a few days ago that the saudi arabia will develop
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a nuclear military capabilities if iran does so the whole issue of providing saudi arabia with nuclear technology will be raised in congress if saudi arabia takes steps towards. military militaries i mean the military is. a it's a nuclear program it's a depends what you got was going to be the iran and then the congress will have to decide what to do with saudi arabia despite the fact that saudi arabia is considered as a friend of the united states not a foe do you take the saudis at their word that you believe that they don't want nuclear weapons only if they are a need to get it. well it's difficult to determine because. actually saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology for a long time. but was to give it to expose any military aspect of
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the. nuclear program using step two that will be taken by by iran. and the saudis of course they are signatories of the non proliferation treaty if the time did come say ron got hold of weaponry and the saudis wanted it to you think that the u.s. would be forthcoming in in assisting them. well if i remember correctly president promptly said wildly assume the presidency. in those times that he doesn't eat it does not like the idea of the military nuclear program but if if necessary he would not reject it all depends what happens with iran even the decision regarding the the saudi nuclear. program. thanks for your time appreciate it my guest stopped and now home
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shallow expert on saudi arabia from television university. in other news a soyuz rocket has just been launched from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan expedition fifty five is now making its way towards the international space station a journey that will take around fifteen hours carrying two americans and one russian nasa flight engineers ricky arnold and drew feustel as well as command a leg to mule fits the third flight for drew flown on one previous shuttle mission artemio has already had a long stay on the ice is. now facebook's facing widespread criticism after revelations that data of its uses was collected and used for political purposes we'll explain all after this short break.
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what politicians do sometimes. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. get you going to the press this is what before three of the people. interested always in the water. although there is a hypothesis to the words about the use of those. association to lead to five to ninety eight percent of incredible it's all also approaches a very seriously if one wants to mechanisms that are both through the chemical weapons of can synch played a role in concert mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and the procedures for the four ability to choose the most moves to be.
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a combat let's return to our top story the russian foreign ministry says that it considers the poisoning of former spice and his daughter to be an act of terrorism that says britain's foreign minister boris johnson has cited that the script poisoning leads back inexorably to the kremlin let's discuss this story a little in more depth i'm joined by john laughlin live on the line from he's from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris appreciate your time jon boris johnson well. he's never dull when he speaks and he's not let us down on this occasion he's claimed that he doesn't want to engage in a new cold war but at the same time he said that the upcoming world cup in russia will be like hitler's lympics now is that boris being boris or is is this him
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deliberately upping the ante. to deliberately upping the ante but i'm afraid he is making a fool of himself i know he's not afraid of making a fool of himself but i don't think that in this case it's his goal the fact is he says that the trail of evidence leads to the kremlin but the metropolitan police which is investigating the matter says the affair is very complex and will last weeks or months those two statements cannot both be true either the investigation is still going on or boris has got the secret much more quickly than scotland yard has and if that's true then why is scotland yard wasting time why don't they just ask boris for the evidence and he can give it to them and they can go on investigating other crimes instead so this is all a load of absolute nonsense and you know morris made his career as a kind of celebrity and a bit of a buffoon but i don't think we expected him to carry on in that role when when he
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was foreign secretary. talked about upping the ante of i mean i think by anybody's standards comparing the leader of russia to hitler i mean that's a extreme comparison russia's foreign minister said it's totally unacceptable is it unacceptable. yeah it's ridiculous i mean boris is an intelligent man and he knows history very well and you know of all the comparisons of all the historical comparisons one could have drawn that really is the most hackneyed and the most frankly stupid and boring. but i mean he seems to be charging around like a bull in a china shop on this issue firing off on all cylinders are not always in the same direction for example in the same hearing he gave a new explanation for russia for putin's alleged motive in this affair previously he said it was to intimidate any future traitors any future double agents who betrayed their country now he says in the house of commons in the committee hearing
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today that the goal was by putin to boost his electoral chances well. those are two entirely different motives and they're not necessarily compatible in fact i would say they're completely incompatible so just as with the inconsistency between boris johnson and the metropolitan police boris johnson is not on this issue even consistent with himself well boris johnson's confidence apparent confidence that russia is to blame is not alone donald trump among your macron they've agreed that there's a need to take action against russia i suppose the question that any skeptics will be asking is how can they be so sure if the investigation hasn't been completed and certainly no evidence has been put out into the light for the public to see. well. that's what i said when i when i referred earlier to the metropolitan police we don't know the evidence the police evidently don't have it otherwise they wouldn't be still conducting an investigation all the so-called evidence is secret
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it comes out of british government sources from porton down and so on the secret military installation we are in a situation very similar to the situation in the run up to the iraq war i'm not saying there's necessarily going to be a war but we're in the same situation where intelligence so-called is allegedly being given to ministers and ministers are sexing it up but no one in the public is allowed to know what that intelligence is or to examine it we are taking everything on trust so far the fact the idea that they've been poisoned by this particular nerve agent the idea that the nerve agent could be identified as russian and so on we have no way of verifying this evidence because it is secret everything about the affair is secret including the whereabouts of these cripples themselves and their their current health condition so we have no way of knowing this all we can do is question and remark on the inconsistency as i've mentioned after all on sunday morning on andrew marr's sofa said that russia had had
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a secret novacek program going back ten years well when did he find this out and why didn't he if inform the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons frankly none of this is serious it's very difficult to take anyone seriously who makes these allegations which just don't add up and that's why we have to carry on being skeptical john appreciate your time and of you thank you very much john locklear my guest from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris thank you. moving on the hash tag delete facebook has been trending on social media after it was revealed that the tech giant failed to protect the data of millions of users from being used for political purposes now this scandal involves a british data gathering firm called cambridge analytic it worked with mo. to pull u.s. presidential campaigns that includes donald trump's and reportedly the company harvested the details of as many as fifty million facebook profiles and used them in its operations the company is now under investigation is even suspended its chief
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executive with more here's artes and he says seti. political campaigns have changed they're no longer about running the most t.v. spots or spending the most money they're about to spend the smartest money finally it's cool communications company that really knows how to pitch and then they came rich and it's a house prestigious and academic connotations to again very convincing small money must mean smart ideas writes we have a unique extra layer of data about personality decisionmaking and motivation this creates an unparalleled rich and detailed view of voters in the issues they care about so you know exactly who to target with exactly what type of message cambridge and i risk a claim they can do all this with a mix of data analysis and strategic communication that card list is want to boast about trump cruise cost and the list goes on so impressed so far but how exactly do cambridge and its a cat's hoggett
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a company now accused of using the private data of millions of facebook users to directly target potential american voters data analytics firm that harvested information from millions of americans without their permission facebook is under growing pressure to explain how to protect americans personal information from people wanting to exploit it for electoral gain tricks by tens and conditions wow suddenly doesn't seem so impressive especially when you end up in a legal feud with the social media giants and it tends outs cambridge on earth to have a not small skeletons in their closet according to britain's channel four news and they're on the cover investigation they posed as potential clients interested in the outcome of the share lankan elections last month they found cambridge on the list because secretly works to influence over two hundred elections worldwide and their tactics would so squeaky clean the two fundamental human drivers when it comes to taking information on board effectively our hopes and fears and many of
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those unspoken and even unconscious. it's no good fighting an election campaign on the facts because actually it's all about emotion but that's not what cambridge analytical publicly admit of course publicly they say that advertising is not coercive they'd also tell you they never use any dirty tactics bars you mentioned intelligence gathering as well as part of the mix didn't you yes we have relationships and partnerships with specialist organizations that do that kind of work you know who the opposition is you know their secrets you know their tactics. since some girls are run to the candidate's house we have lots of history of such things with a years of practice cambridge and the let's go have become real price at having the result they want if we are working and then we can set up fake i.d.'s and websites we can go in a students doing research projects attached to university we can be tourists there
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are so many options we can look at i've had lots of experience in this at cambridge analytical we are creating the future of political campaigning. so it's a story with twenty tens of action meddling swaying the minds of eight is using data tricks but something is missing oh and the narrative that russia must be behind it all now that it's an impressive result. dozens of children in russia's moscow region are being treated for suspected gas poisoning at least five schoolchildren were hospitalized in the town of local media say that more than one hundred eighty people adult son children suffered from north and dizziness presidents blame emissions from the local waste depot for the alleged poisoning a protest was held near the hospital where the children were taken and the crowds booed the moscow region governor who visited the town.
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oh. ok about the very latest news headlines and updates on our top stories in just over half of. the most expensive fish in the world each one selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way to good catch. it's only women themself a much larger mission was once there and that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. it would appear the more the political
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left and their allies in the corporate media attack donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state the firing of andrew mackay but the f.b.i. is seeking some point is this the beginning of a purge. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to be the center of the problem here with you and we will show you all the great game the grit to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three in the world cup in
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russia meet the special one come on both appreciate me to just say the review beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm part. and. coming up with lots of news today on autos we talk with the car coach lauren fix and we also look at block chain and crypto is with perry and boring from the chamber of digital commerce plus last time we were able to get to our conversation on why the u.s. department of defense is tapping silicon valley one artificial intelligence we'll have that interview with todd shipley of various software all that's coming up but
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first let's head to some headlines the trumpet ministration is preparing to level roughly sixty billion dollars of additional tariffs on china related to intellectual property according to the washington post the report is that the president's aides suggested thirty billion and the president said double it the package which it to this point is to be announced on friday is said to target one hundred or more different products which the administration will argue were actually developed using american technologies that was either stolen or pressured by the chinese in order to release exchange for access to chinese markets it was bound to happen in an autonomous car has killed a woman in tempe arizona the news comes as regulators and carmakers have been increasing research and development of autonomous vehicles the vehicle of volvo operated by the right hailing company hit a woman when she was jaywalking while this appears to be the first fatality of
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a pedestrian a driver in an autonomous to engage tesla was killed back in twenty sixteen hoover has halted the company's self driving testing program. and other auto news a u.s. senate hearing on airbags today in washington examined the airbag inflator recalls the most extensive recall in auto history that many lawmakers have complained is moving too slowly infect our to america's learn that one of the hundreds of thousands of vehicles with the problem that air base airbag may inflate without an accident due to high humidity and deterioration that some are. owners have been informed of the problem without the automaker providing any solutions whatsoever one such automaker is a lincoln motor company which r t america's learned sent a letter to some vehicle owners stating an exploding inflator may result in sharp metal fragments striking vehicle occupants causing serious injury or death while what the vehicle owner to do well according to lincoln when parts are available the
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lincoln motor company will send a letter to inform you that parts are ready and to contact your deal to schedule a repair that's comforting not meanwhile yesterday it was reported that hyundai and kia are now under review in the u.s. for their airbag problems in this case the airbags were manufactured by german auto parts maker z.f. t.r.w. formerly u.s. based t.r.w. automotive the national transportation the national highway traffic traffic safety administration said it is reviewing about four hundred twenty five thousand vehicles made by hyundai and kia due to for accidents in which airbags did not deploy last month hyundai recalled one hundred fifty five thousand sonata model vehicles for the same reason in two thousand and sixteen feet chrysler three car rolled over half a million vehicles for airbags which did not inflate. here discuss all of that and more is car coach lauren fix lard thank you for being with us again i mean what's
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an auto entered to do when the answer is no there's no repairing your problem right now from airbags but it could cause serious death or injury. well i've got the same problem i have two vehicles that are under an airbag recall and there are no parts available so you have to discount calling the dealer and being persistent it's not like one dealer has it and it doesn't the fact is you still need to be in the loop so it's up to you to be proactive i know the federal government is really trying to make sure that every single person out there that has an airbag problem gets it repaired the problem is if there are no parts because the manufacturer has to go back and retool it you kind of have to wait it out if you sell the vehicle or trade the vehicle in because you're concerned that's understood usually there is some sort of concession for that situation concession from the dealer if you take it back to the dealer and try to get it taken back. right this they wouldn't buy it that without having you buy into the vehicle they're going to try and sell you something else on the lot because it's all about sales so they're going to try and
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up sell you into a newer model that doesn't have that problem or a used car that's on the lot so be prepared for that but they won't just buy it outright that this won't happen it's really sort of strange what lincoln says lincoln says that you know they're airbags and i don't know if this is the same for for all of the i know there's a couple of companies that are involved in the airbag demise the problem but lincoln says that there are bags are susceptible to temperature changes and the humidity variations therefore when they do get parts they're going to first go to areas in the southern united states then followed by i don't know buffalo new york maybe lauren then by canada so you'll be middle of the line now if you're in buffalo and you drive your car to i don't know daytona and you stay down there for a lot of the time you're sort of that so well i guess right right whether you call it snow birds around here those are people that live up the northern end of the country during the summer and the southern end during the winter yeah you would be
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susceptible you would probably want to register your vehicle if you're looking for an airbag replacement somewhere down in florida you're more likely to get that airbag replaced at a sooner date the big thing that i tell everyone if you're ever concerned you never want to be closer than twelve inches of that airbag to the center of your chest and the reason for that is that is the proper distance closer if that airbag discipline an accident whether there's a problem in a recall or not you're likely to get injured so you want to be at least twelve inches i did as i mean be back as far as you can use it to reach the pedals and the steering wheel but keep that in mind from the say keep perspective get there by replaced when you can if you're totally concerned you're thinking i'm not willing to take that risk you may have to invest in another vehicle that's great consumer information lauren let me ask you real quickly before we go we saw this first autonomy's car related deaths the called off their testing program is that going to have some chilling impact. on the longer term autonomous cars where you think it's just going to last for a while it's going to cause some serious government regulation which we know is
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coming the insurance agencies are going to raise their rates because they know one death is one too many and then of course you've got the hackers who are waiting for this network to start going for these autonomous cars to communicate with each other and the only winner in all of this is only one group and that's the toward attorneys they're very excited they're going to sue bull and the insurance company the driver anybody that hires the city that they're going to sue everyone they'll know is going to make money out of this is going to be the attorneys oh my gosh we thank you for the information either way but we're glad to know the status lauren fix the car coach thanks for your time as always anytime. master card says they would be amenable to considering offering crypto currencies if they were backed by a central bank ari starker the co-president of master card asia pacific business said that so long as it's backed by a regulator we look at it in a more favorable way some national banks including sweden's are considering
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a crypto currency master card already has thirty patents related to crypto currencies and walk jane and here to discuss this in all things blog chain in crypto is parry i'm born the founder and president of the chamber of digital commerce perience thank you so much for being here i'm really pleased to have you we've known each other for a couple of years and your real expert in this field what do you make of that master card headline it's really exciting stuff there's actually a number of major central banks around the world that are looking at the possibility of issuing fee at currencies on block change just last november i went to singapore at the invitation of the monetary authority of singapore the central bank for singapore where they were releasing the task the project then this is one of the most exciting things we're seeing in central banking and monetary policy today so the central bank of singapore has taken the singaporean dollar and they've tokenized it across three different blocks chains and then they released those the
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data from that test and late last year there's other central banks that are looking at this as well and creating the in the u.k. canada is actively exploring on open box chains such as the theory m. and just a couple of years ago i had the opportunity to present at the federal reserve with janet yellen and with over ninety central banks all in one room at one time where we have a chamber assembly members got to help educate central banks around the world on the potential benefits of block change what's really important that whole education you know the g twenty finance ministers are meeting down and going to saris right now actually and if we go all the way back they take it a big interest. in financial regulation back in two thousand and nine in the pittsburgh meeting they came up with some of these sort of suggested rules of the road to deal with things that later became like the dodd frank law except so i'm wondering whether or not they're going to come up with some sort of rules on crypto
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currency and maybe block chain maybe if not now later given that we've seen as mother european monetary authority and others the f.c.c. and other regulators saying be cautious to consumers is that reasonable i mean it's always fraud in the financial areas right but it seems like there's more babies just because there's so much going on with crypto currencies but is there more to something we need to be really be worried about if so what the regulators are really concerned about is the consumer and vaster the retail and vast air being led astray by a fraudulent scam so as with all the new technology and sometimes criminals or some of the early adopters and there absolutely is a legal activity out there it doesn't represent a huge percentage of the actual activity that's happening but it does end up taking the majority of the headlines but i would say for the retail consumer who wants to invest in crypto currency is buyer beware because there are scans and you need to
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know and understand what you are investing and don't invest in anything that you do not understand or that you're not ready to lose in case you know something something happens so how do we go about you and i've talked over the years about this how do we go about sort of professionalizing the crypto space of the blog jade space to make it really to bring the adults into the room and get away from the scam stores well this is a big reason why we founded the chamber and july of two thousand and fourteen we represent over one hundred sixty companies that are both investing and evading with chain based technologies and we're here to be a resource to the policy community so these are companies who want to deploy this technology for. at the coal and productive reasons and we want to make sure that the regulatory community is comfortable with this technology and they understand the benefits of it and that we work together to build a regulatory framework that addresses regulators concerns like. consumer protections but also does not hinder the.


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