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my son told me he wanted to celebrate mother's day with me so i told him let's go to the market she bought a cake i was buying sweets when be explosion happened i saw only a lot of dust and my children under the table. has done my daughter visited me on mother's day she is five months pregnant on our way home from the doctor was told by the market that was right before the show and that my daughter and i were wounded that my four year old grandson was killed and the shelling he was hit by the blast wave and it took us a long time to find his body. we are innocent people first the militants destroyed my house and then they killed my wife what do they want from us they call us infidels and in reality it's them not us. the syrian government has accused terrorists in each single of carrying out the shelling local journalist abraham visited the scene. this is one of the longest single rocket strikes that ever hit
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the syrian capital damascus since the beginning of the conflict back in two thousand and eleven the rockets hit a popular market a marketplace that was very crowded at the height of people shopping because today people in syria celebrate mother's day and many people are out buying their gifts yesterday and when the shells hit leaving this large number of. civilians into a particular site. when we got outside we couldn't see anything because of the dusk a real massacre i swear wouldn't wish anyone to witness a scene like this it's really sad. in the past forty eight hours the syrian army was able to make substantial gains in the syrian military now controls over thirty percent of what was once one of the most important and closest to the syrian capital damascus trouble holding claves it is believed that it is in this location many of the headquarters of the rebels were established perhaps this is the reason why the rebels have stepped up their rocket attacks on this rink up damascus
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damascus have seen an increase not just in the number of rockets that hit in the past twenty four hours but also the quality of the caliber of the ruckus that rebels are using to shell the capital damascus. the u.s. national security agency has reportedly been tracking users of the virtual currency bitcoin since at least twenty thirteen intelligence officials have also made efforts to and last uses identities and transactions artie's in the are trying to go picks up the story. question what's in it for bitcoin buyers besides the price boom last year when its rate kept go and up people got themselves crypto was to get rich but bitcoins have been luring enthusiastic with something else since long before the twenty seven thing boo no central bank control privacy and transaction anonymity i'm sorry this could have all been an illusion you haven't followed at
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snowden or have you. the n.s.a. worked urgently to target bitcoin users around the world according to classified documents provided by snowden so let's look into the national security agency files which caught the eye of the intercepts journalists back in the days when the bitcoin was only worth less than one hundred bucks march twenty thirty in the u.s. was already working hard on tracking down crypto wallet holders and the n.s.a.'s number one priority among the new currencies was bitcoin they did come up with a mysterious tool called monkey rocket and guess what analysts of from value in the monkey rocket access to help track down sanders and receivers of bitcoins how much value is the question here that no one will give you an answer to but come on the n.s.a. is almighty when it comes to getting hold of all kinds of data so no matter how
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underdeveloped monkey rock it was back then the agency could have filled in the missing puzzle pieces using a stunning array of other spying tools the whistleblower suggest with this sort of information in hand putting a name to a given bitcoin user would be easy monkey rock it is also described in the files as a non-western internet anonymization service how many bitcoin owners have so far been tricked by the n.s.a. into using this product that we can only guess where in march twenty minutes actually five years since these n.s.a. memos where it said we should do our best to track down bitcoin users were written but the guys at the snooping agency haven't really been wasting time a million to trying to zero in moscow. and astray and so called by have called me now has implanted a chip in his hand to grind public transport more conveniently what he didn't
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expect was to be taken to course and received. i have a feeling. i work in via having broad base i cry i'm sorry for technology inside my body i'm a federal politician song political candidate with the science party. you can program they suggest things are going your door you can interact with a variety of technology at the moment this one has the back of my thumb and wallet so you can tell my. state government is encouraging people to hack the system but when somebody came and acted in a way that i haven't anticipated it caused me to end up in court and that was quite of the thing that was surprising especially with the amount of interest that the case gone and it was a would have been a really good opportunity to show innovative ways of using the transport system a my way and basically stated that this is
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a case where the more hasn't for up with technology at all maybe six months to a year ahead of where things are. if we see more cases like this how it might affect all the people with implants john the future of our father the rights of companies extends with respect to the rights of the individual that has that implantable technology inside that body. a wide scale program of hungry possessions by greek banks has triggered a public outcry in the capital athens. thank. you. as you. well dozens of people gathered in the city center on wednesday to protest against the scheme the rally was part of a nationwide i won't pay movement led by the ultra left open a unity party homes belonging to debt ridden greeks of being repossessed through
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digital options. to meet the demands of international creditors. now president trump has come up with a creative way of selling arms to saudi arabia he gave a presentation to the saudi crown prince in the white house on tuesday. reviewing you know are five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred forty. million dollars the screeners when you. saw your abuser very wealthy nation and you're going to give the united states some of their wealth talk calmly while prince mohammed bin soundman was in the white house protesters gathered absolutely and they called on washington to end its support for saudi arabia's bombardment of yemen the conflict in saudi arabia southern neighbor has been going on for three years killing fastens of civilians. well the saudi crown prince and the u.s. president are also expected to discuss
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a possible nuclear energy deal mohammed bin salman earlier said riyadh needed the option of pursuing a nuclear weapons program to counter iran the city or to even consider it a saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb but without a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible yes plans for nuclear cooperation with the saudis have caused a lot in the u.s. house of representatives a bill has been introduced which would force any country has a nuclear plant to ships to renounce technology that could lead to the creation of atomic weapons saudi arabia has previously refused to sign any agreement with washington that would prevent it from enriching uranium members of the house from both sides expressed their alarm about saudi arabia's intentions the idea of saudi arabia having a nuclear program with the ability to enrich is a major national security concern the our security risk to consider the potential
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boost for the u.s. economy and renewal of the u.s. nuclear industry already desirable but that but it has made clear what we can feasibly expect so we need to be careful and not allow saudi arabia to develop a nuclear weapon just because we're worried about the nuclear program in iran. even a country that we think we have friends you just never know whose hands these weapons will fall into at a later date or political analysts come on alarm says when dealing with the south is the top priority for the u.s. is economic gain. i think one key factor could be just economics and there's probably hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions for u.s. defense industry you can decide to make if they can foresee. as well as foster the relationship of the saudi new advancement and that's what i think. the real reason for the americans who support it they cannot be any other rational
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reason because it's a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the middle east is not good for anyone but we've seen before as far as the defense industry goes as many weapons as you can sell as many contracts so you can sign they'll be construction they'll be logistics they'll be heap lot of big companies that can benefit from this financially that can be the only reason nothing else. dozens of children in the moscow region are being treated for gas poisoning people in the town of balakot blame a landfill site and and gathered outside the hospital where the children were taken the crowds booed the regional governor when he came to visit. was the cause was
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the whole more than one hundred eighty people in the area suffering from north korea and doesn't aspire the landfill site has allegedly made the air toxic for my presidential candidate because i know so check visited the hospital and spoke to one of the children being treated. was chased polish was sick if you have a wish the only it's a question you pay for it was always the case it's just like the you was a kid i think that you were just like this because scheduling actually was let's just finish that. well there were many parents among the protesters they waved banners with the messages stop poisoning our children and follow columbus we
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are suffocating video agency talk to some of the residents it is really wendy's night emissions happen my child coughs as if he's suffocating he can't sleep he cries he has a sore throat but it isn't just an ordinary cold still pretty good question of rights when we put the kids to sleep we seal the doors and windows with wet towels so that they won't breathe the sen you did when you wish it was over here that's unbearable the smell is awful we adults suffer but our children suffer more we're always nervous sometimes we don't even know whether they will wake up in the morning because many suffer from asked my or alex it is what is quoted the children are daisy they vomit the teachers have to call ambulances my son goes to the local school he's just eight we just want people to hear us our cry for help. well following the outcry from residents the russian general prosecutor's office has said it will launch a probe into the poisonings. crime and spokesman to meet
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supersport has given an exclusive interview to r.t. he talks about nuclear terrors the script poisoning case and some of the key challenges facing russia and you can watch the full interview on friday on so i think. first we have to remember the starting point is the you know words of president putin that russia has nothing to do with this accident. this is number one number two. we're not speaking about no attempt to murder to murder russian spy in great britain where it's bringing about attempt to murder a british spy in great britain he was a british spy he's a british spy he's not a russian spy. well he's a russian citizen but you know the russians but he was handed in to britain as
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a result of exchange so why would russia and eighteen a man that is of any importance or that is of any value it's unimaginable so even if he's had it in so russia quits with him he's of zero value of zero importance. go ahead so this is number one number two. words of president putin. where not as crazy as two is to even to think about something of that kind. before presidential elections and before such an important event global event as. football championship. number three.
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the first blaming. came from politicians just a couple of hours after the accident a couple of hours after the accident where heard first blaming of russia that highly likely russia was responsible of that murder over attempted murder. and now we'll see we see words of experts and experts of organization for four or four. p c w. that say that the preliminary examining of this agent will take about three weeks is it contradictory yes it is. when united states abandoned the treaty of anti-missile defense.
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that was a very very serious threat. for. mutual nuclear deterrence. and this is a basic basic element of international stability and security. and since then. russia founded. as a state being under siege. of attempts of neutralizing its nuclear potential nuclear capabilities thus in danger inc the existence of nuclear deterrence. the only way and despite sending. sending signals of an acceptance of this process. proposing various compromises proposing cooperation in ensuring international stability unfortunately
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our country fails to me trysts a process. and as a result as a result the only way was to show that in any case in any case despite all the efforts of contador and counterparts in this story despite their continuous efforts to build the entire. anti-missile shield. russia will be capable of insuring mutual deterrence system. and what happened during let's say the last. three or four decades. anglo-saxon media they started to rule the world economically commercial media and also political media i mean media from the united states great britain. their most
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powerful their most influential and they have. the widest possible reach in the world globally and of course this feeling of monopoly so it brings it brings it we'll to manipulate this monopoly so you can you can use this monopoly as a tool of delivering your point of view whether it is right or wrong it doesn't matter you can adjust it in accordance with the situation. to simply to manipulate the brains of people throw the world. and this is why a strongly appall oppose. appearance of any rivals even small rivals like r t in comparison with this huge mission. well of course things have for the first time i sincerely believe that size doesn't matter here. it can be small but you can do much much much more influential things. that is what
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you are doing and that is what makes them very nervous because it just means you are pretending you are pretending to be irreverent for them and this rivalry can ruin the system of brainwash. i'll be back with the headlines in just a half an hour meanwhile for more on all of our stories. all the theaters hypothesis to words about do you suppose you took in association
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a major five to ninety eight percent i find incredible it's all bullshit approaches a very serious if one wants to live the mechanisms to all who through the chemical weapon circumstances played a role in conflict mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and let the procedures work out for oblique camacho with the most will still be here. i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground on the day tourism is appointed judge summit in more big begins procedural hearings for the inquiry into one of britain's worst tragedies grand felt coming up in the show we ask
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a former senior british intelligence officer why london now says moscow has been stockpiling nerve agents six months after the organizations of the prohibition of chemical weapons announced complete destruction of russia's chemical weapons stop and that we're going to war with iran and who will be fired next to washington we get the lowdown on the only world leader general to raise a maze of a member of donald trump's media advisory board dr gene allowed plus some headlines nonstate a. reason made on the oil company that wants to test this stock calls all the civil coming of it today's going underground for us this week marks nineteen years since britain went to doing arguably illegal war against a sovereign nation without any resolution from the u.n. security council mandating violence no no the iraq russian backed serbia in yugoslavia and even de facto china in yugoslavia in a sense the un is sidelined in all of this the russians and chinese made it clear
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some months ago that they couldn't support military threats but we simply couldn't stand by and do nothing as a result of russian and chinese our eight years later nato supreme allied commander of that war general wesley clark explained what the pentagon would then tell him i came back to see him a few weeks later and by that time we were bombing in afghanistan i said are we still going to war with iraq and he said all which worse than that he said. just pick up a piece of paper he said i just said i just got this down from upstairs secor defense office today and he said this is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years starting with iraq and syria lebannon libya somalia sudan and finishing off iran. of those seven countries iraq is arguably under a rainy in orbit and syria has kind of wanted to war against u.k. backed regime change somalia and libya destabilized by britain went to resume was
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in government fighting islam ists in fact libya is in the news because of the detention of former french president nicolas sarkozy sudan meanwhile is allied to brics china and yemen bombed with weapons supplied by tourism is government represents the world's worst humanitarian crisis for iran the world waits for donald trump to rip up the iran nuclear deal signed in vienna in twenty fifteen here's his former national security advisor mike flynn on this show talking about the iranian threat and why russia should be involved with any confrontation with the islamic republic it's facing all of us it's facing the world and we have to recognize and we cannot keep. catering to nations like iran which are part of it and i think for russia and i've said this before on this network that russia has to take a different view of how they deal with iran interestingly it was allegedly iran in conjunction with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons
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a synthesized knowledge ox back in twenty sixteen our only real knowledge arguably of the agents claimed by juries or made to have been used in the poisonings of a m i six agent in england comes because of iran no wonder some might say the britons partners use the diplomatic phrase of a type made by russia rather than from russia as o.p.c. w. scientists today investigate i'm joined now by philip ingram a twenty seven year veteran of the u.k. army intelligence corps worked in iraq northern ireland and yugoslavia philip thanks for coming on just before we get on to the atrocity in wilcher why you appearing on the this kremlin controlled network that two resumes countenance will handing off been given new editorial direction as to what it is and to say or not to say so you know i believe in free speech and you're giving me free speech so we'll get the message out well let. get this you believe the prime minister which says the only credible explanation it went from highly likely to credible explanation to plausible is that russia is responsible for the attempted murder of
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the scribbles i do. do for a number of reasons but you you mentioned just before i came on about other countries that there's been reports that they produce no beatup style agents nobody talks for a group there are so many different chemicals that could fall within the group and as a group but the international community knew very very little about it remember the o.p.c. w. got responsibility to oversee the destruction of weapons other been declared to them and i think that's not to clear the programs they need to try and find out about it and have other oversight but there's two reasons when you look at. how the attack happened in salzburg and the first one is who's got the capability of producing this type of chemicals so many countries that have the ability to produce go of a job surely not know what you're going straight to tel aviv. washington or britain i wouldn't i would say so many countries you know scientifically there are
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a number of countries around the world that have the laboratories and have the capability if they want to produce it to produce it i suspect. but then the most important thing is you have to look at why you what was the intent for this engine to be produced and used in the way it was and it's when you get into analyzing the intent that a lot of the indicators point towards russia so the intent was to destroy russia's reputation over the world cup no not not not not the slightest you know the intent i think was to send a very clear message and i think this is why i believe it was russia if you look at the type of agent you whoever used that agent and also say whoever at this time wanted to make it clear that they were using something that was novel that was horrible it was terrifying they were sending a message so we then need to look to see what sort of messages were they sending and i think there's you know there's a number of pieces here the first one was and i think this is the lowest priority
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message to a defector someone who had betrayed his home country was we don't even though he'd been pardoned even though we've been pardoned will get them but we've heard president putin say on television that you know he will go after anyone who has. acted against mother russia when it was a rhetorical flourish about betrayal and i mean we have we've seen we've seen that in a number of cases the second thing is i think to send a message to the international community in the same way that we have seen security council resolutions being voted against we have seen with the un exception of crude crimean or the support that's going on for rebels in eastern ukraine with the movement of a carrier battle group down into the mediterranean to fly jets against the rebels that we're fighting in syria what president putin is doing is showing to the world that russia is not going to be messed around with and that is sending
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a very clear statement domestically that russia is by. on the world's superpower market you said there's a message into the world was the domestic messaging and surprise surprise this happened two weeks before the president's election and president putin is a character is a strong character and wanted a greater percentage of the vote than they got in the last election so the final part of the message i think this was the primary reason for using a very nasty chemical and using it in such a public way was to send a clear message out to those dissenters that could actually hurt him were every you are in the world just watch out because they didn't get you they didn't know before obviously this is all circumstantial evidence or could use exactly these facts to create a different reality i mean you obviously feel you are understand the kremlin more and you've you've worked in intelligence i've got i'm going to get to this. why is
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it that even though the o.p.c. w the british ambassador the o.p.c. w indeed congratulated russia on the complete destruction the verifiable destruction of all the chemical weapons in the past few months that the foreign secretary boris johnson said that within the past ten years russia has definitely been making chemical weapons no virtual sex is this. one of this intelligence or suddenly appeared on. what one more says the barossa fact. johnson is known for making a very bold comments that may not necessarily be based on ever anything that's there i don't know what intelligence has come across as normal for a delicacy we had else on a television program not not not at all and therefore i would put this down as a as a boris's i'm in you know he's making a statement for in effect that he's understood him himself but what it will be is he will have had a better understanding because his foreign secretary and he will be briefed it
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would have been briefed and overtalk and threats from overtalk because there was no reason for that up until this into. that happened i'm all of a sudden your large proportion of briefs that will be going across his desk will be nobody talk i'm giving him all of the background detail the probability is of course that we have that iraq example of where the evidence was used to fit geo political policy you're presenting it is dispassionate intelligence offices dispassionate law enforcement let alone dispassionate government isn't the problem here that i mean even this phrase overtype made in russia. a very important journalist told me then kim jong un's brother when he was killed by v.x. nerve gas the british government could be blamed because britain invented v.x. nerve gas or because it's either going to limbo i think i think i think using that they could appropriate to say of a type that was invented by the british i'm sure the series of agents the next one was one that was developed to bridge.


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