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and secretary and he will be briefed it would have been briefed and overtalk on threats from navi talk because there was no reason for that up until this incident happened or not all of a sudden your large proportion of briefs will be going across his desk will be nobody talk and giving him all of the background detail the probability is of course that we have that iraq example of where the evidence was used if it geopolitical policy you're presenting it is dispassionate intelligence offices dispassionate law enforcement little dispassionate government. isn't the problem here that i mean even this phrase of a type made in russia. a very important journalist. kim jong un's brother when he was killed by a v.x. nerve gas the british government could be blamed because britain invented vieques nerve gas all the. way i think i think you are using that they could appropriate to say of a type that was invented by the british i'm sure the series of agents the next one was one that was developed the british between one hundred fifty two and fifty four
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so you know it joe but why jump the gun on the p.c. w that's investigating today and wilcher why don't wait for the outcome of the u.n. inspectors well i think there's two aspects to this the first is the the political aspect you know the prime minister was under some political pressure not least of which from the opposition parties to give a statement as to what happened and to take cycling jerico would say she had to apportion blame immediately of the labor from bajor the i said i would wait for them properly i don't i don't i don't think the prime minister would have apportion blame unless she had some very strong intelligence that will not be released into the public and that intelligence supersedes the official u.n. inspector report the u.n. inspectors report. whenever i worked with the united nations on them i'm not knocking them in any way shape or form but because every country in the world is
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a member the united nations we close we used to recognize google as having a higher class of the cation than united nations intelligence was a point of view of the c.w. being and we'll shoot it well with. our bringing in a sort of independent spector's they can either use the facilities important on to examine the agent and they probably will there and see what's going on and look at it as much as they possibly can to. try and examine the assessment has been made and come up with their own conclusions. and then the probably take a sample of it away to their own laboratory so they can independently. look at the engine that's been used and apportion their own views to where they think it's come from and that's very important to get the sort of independent oversight that you think is political pressure that cause to raise a way to jump the gun as it will i think only under a little pressure i think is a political necessity and i think there's a necessity for the people who are country because this is the first time that such a horrific agent has been used on this on the streets of europe that we shouldn't
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underestimate just how dangerous and how about this is and the need to be a degree of public reassurance as if they have this lethal nerve weapon. what's to stop this escalating without any kind of summits between london and moscow what's to stop this being escalated into threatening us in a much more real way from developing from a cold war to a hot war which is fighting this war diplomacy comes in international diplomacy comes in and this is where it's important that the o.p.c. w. gets in to make their assessment they can inform the united nations what's happened and we get back into the good old fashioned diplomacy game though i think if we saw the russian reaction to the british expulsion it wasn't as severe as it could have been and therefore was a sort of like for like so there's suggestions there that president putin didn't want to escalate this any further whether the closing of the british consul the consulate in some petersburg is considered an escalation or not that's for treason made to decide for the bigger thank you after the break what did this saudi crown
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prince talk about during yesterday's meeting with president donald trump we ask a member of all drugs media advisory board could you go out on some headlines so cozies gift from gadhafi with cash on top of these gifts from israel with all the civil coming up in part two of going on the ground. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action like this. i see these organizations which are usually splintered which we hear different names how do you view that.
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complex web of which are. welcome back well to go through some of this week's headlines as broadcaster a former liberal democrat member of parliament lembit oh big them bad how was last night are great what happened last i was launching my thesis on why the lib dems really need to move on from just being fixated about having a second referendum on the european union as long as they do that is two party politics and they're not one of those two parties well the leader of your party vince cable or longer comes on this show the way that is let's go to our first story here from the israeli paper her death says israeli spies ukrainian honey traps the dirty tricks used by cambridge analytic are far behind facebook data breach big story developing drawing in our very own prime minister here the breach
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is actually because they were filmed secretly saying well we do facilitate these kinds of actions to compromise your competitors or your opponents who just a challenge for news i thought russia meddled with the elections and all israeli spies and british intelligence this is based in cambridge that was born in cambridge where the waiters in oh well there's the link there's the link i wore it anyway because that's also has to fall anyway always leads you into each other for news of that actually likes you with the prime minister the soon to be looking into this the same techniques potentially for electoral political ads with the daily mail yes that's not a look at this one online says and i wants to use an army of computerized mind readers to help win the next election and this was before this was back in twenty sixteen twenty sixteen yes the crucial thing here is that's the timing rather than the connection this once again goes back to cambridge and let it go so we now see
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this connection between to reason may be secret service the honeytrap exploits and cambridge and there is nothing nothing in all of this to say that. tourism a range honey traps against nothing at all or me calling it all became some of the tickle refuses to comment perhaps because they want to sustain the privacy of their clients but it's a very opportune time for this to come out given all the other accusations pointed in other directions and i'm thinking of no particular country when i say that well i should say the boss of facebook mark zuckerberg says he's going to be interviewed by the information commissioner whose office is in this building so we're all very excited here you'll be listening and someone's obviously been listening in on the former french president let's take this from a libyan newspaper that's hot water for soccer libyan express says sarkozy taken in french police custody over libya funding of his two thousand and seven election campaign i get this it's reported that there were three suitcases though did with
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cash allegedly coming from colonel could all the allegations presume he denied by carla bruni and former president sarkozy more than refused to respond to the summons initially he wouldn't cooperate with the police well he is cooperating now in a sense but it's a pretty big deal again the figures are stupendously large retainers until proven guilty ups ups might make the news the u.n. security council when they discuss libya today you can just say took money from good absolutely and you got their first action because we have to be careful not to say that he's guilty of anything this compare that to how the russians have been treated in terms of the soul's pre events where we can assume guilt without proving evidence so there are some double standards going on here well of course some people said the libya war was all just about sarkozy all the sarkozy presumably turned against his benefactor would be the allegation that complicate was about oil the sweetest oil in the world and you've got a story here for the morning star about oil or it is demonstrations it's
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a variation on the oil theme this is about fracking morningstar says oil companies bid to silence anti frak because crumbles turns out that u.k. oil. gas company has sought a sweeping injunction to try and stop protesters from excellent demonstrations of protest as in free speech well i'm actually equivocal about fracking but i'm not concerned about having frack as demonstrating that's their right they could be heard by the earthquakes or the earthquakes rather they see now you're in very cyber am i saying that the thing is that sixty thousand pounds on additional security has been paid which in itself is possibly ok it's a free speech question here are we living in a country where the right to demonstrate is being limited because these people get in the way of big business we have the right to protest there's going to this very tragic story redolent of the spanish civil war arguably some people say it was syria was about oil take us to this it's a gender based story the telegraph reported gender based his agenda based henri it
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is a courageous woman campbell who joined all female fighting it killed in syria why because she is the not the first brit to be killed but the first woman to be killed in a very complicated situation now she was fighting with the kurdish women's protection units again backed by the united states well yes and our friend in northern syria against i still who of course had a complicated relationship with the west in the past so the whole thing is a big mess over there now the west is culpable in turning up the heat in my view in more than one way turkish jet killed this british as an british subject supported by american money does that mean under article five of nato the united states and that alone britain can attack turkey well remember that's the big mass because we're walking into a dangerous area which could be more incendiary than the situation between washington and north korea there were no big thank you well within the past twenty
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four hours u.s. president donald trump here between tweeting is really meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman on the heels of his visit to london where he met with to resume and the queen the u.s. out. the alliance though will arguably get less media attention than who trump will fire next joining me now from florida is dr g. allowed in who serves on the president's advisory board who was a national media surrogate during trump's dramatic twenty sixteen race for the white house thanks for coming on going underground overpowerful is the presidency given trump's inability it seems to stop one investigation after another against him well it is those investigations against him that are proof positive of exactly how powerful this president is and how scared to death the establishment and the elite inside the beltway in washington d.c. are of him this president has come in and made sweeping radical reforms that have completely unleashed our free market economics and that is scaring those who like
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the way things were done in the old traditional ways with the old traditional establishment it scared them to death so it is it is because of his power that these investigations continue at the moment day here in britain we're getting headlines about some kind of alliance allegedly between israeli u.k. intelligence and facebook changing elections in africa let alone some implications here in britain but why is it over there your media thinks trump was elected only because of the russians. it's interesting i don't know because you know the things that we've seen in our media prove zero efforts on anyone involved with that with the trump campaign to to do anything with any foreign governments we see quite the contrary on the other side from the democrats and so i think time will tell how confident can you be the robert mueller is investigating alleged collusion between
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the clinton campaign and the former in my six agent christopher steele that deserved to be making their loans over there you know what the media's going to. what they're going to report and a lot of times that the u.s. media as you know is going to always be against any conservatives who are holding office but i don't think that i have a lot of confidence in mohler frankly i don't have a lot of confidence in anyone who's left over from the establishment that existed prior to this president who is obviously a reformer in every way so my confidence is only going to come from those that the president has put in place or are those that have come along after the president where i believe we're seeing now a much more transparent government a much a government that is much closer to the united states people then then we've seen in the past and beyond that i just don't trust much of anyone obviously manufacturing workers are going to applaud policies like the tariffs on the island
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medium and steel but when you talk about the establishment it was trump who brought in establishment people albeit than to them to fire them arguably i'm not sure exactly what instance you're speaking about right now but i will say that i think that what the president has done in terms of bringing business back to the united states and repatriating jobs that had been overseas what he's done even and i and i personally i'm not a tariffs person but the unfair trade war that was happening against the united states from other governments i think what the president did was a masterful negotiating tactic that i think in the long run will work out very well economically not just for the united states but honestly for our allies and even for trade on the world scale and you think that i mean we're also getting headlines here but came we journalists are goods all about the weather. trouble needs has
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a legitimate presidency they're all just designed to undercut him being able to carry through policies like the presidency is very legitimate and all you. you have to do is look at his base which is more solid and more. i would say fervent then any base that i have i have ever seen in american politics most free market people love president reagan we all love president reagan but they really love this president as long as he keeps creating jobs and now we're up to so many jobs i've lost count somewhere as long as he keeps creating jobs and he keeps making american life a little easier for the average american citizen with bonuses that are coming back to them through their companies and you know increased homeownership among black families you know this president has shown that his economic. hope for our future in america is completely colorblind he wants it for everyone across
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the board in america and even beyond that as i said and so i don't think that you know the other side is that going to want to listen to this because they are very used to business happening as usual they like their cushy parties in their elite places in washington d.c. they like not having to work very hard to get to get big fat paychecks and big fat pensions this president is changing all that so it's not that surprising that they don't like him much regular of course developed a big relationship with mosco it has to be honest i know it's just every day all the talk shows in the united states but why doesn't donald trump slam and criticize russia well i think that there have definitely been some reprisals for the things that he thinks that russia has done bad i think that he sees every country for its good and its bad and its possible threats to the united states and its possible advantage to the united states so i think that the president is going to stand
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firmly against governments that are going to try to meddle in our elections certainly or any governments that are going to try to meddle with us economically or any governments that are going to try unfair trade practices to go. the united states certainly in these sorts of crimes of war or nuclear threat are going to be met swiftly and abruptly by this president he is fearless in that and he's made that clear but on the other hand if they can if there is a place for us to negotiate even with governments as rogue and ridiculous as north korea the president is going to try to stand on the side of united states and eliminate that nuclear threat and i think that's what any president of any country should always be doing for their own country it's just that it's been a long time since america had a president that cared more about america than they did about foreign nations and that's why you can talk to crown prince mohammed bin solomon in saudi arabia when trump surely knows the fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on nine eleven were from saudi arabia i think the president has dealt so well with terror that it is
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completely undeniable where he stands on that issue you look at isis used to be an american headlines every single day terrorist acts were happening every single day at least on a small scale somewhere in the united states he has eliminated virtually a limited that threat at the time the american election began to mount when the president was just getting into the presidential election the number one concern on the hearts and minds of americans was isis today isis is in the back shadows somewhere no one thinks about them no one talks about them our concerns are completely different and he has a limited that threat so i don't think there's any argument where this president stands on terror and how firmly and how swiftly he will eliminate those who present a terrorist threat to the united states dr jean a lot of thank you and that's of the show but we'll be back on saturday to live to get today's claims against russia by the minority government we did resume
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a prime minister's questions till then he was not present will be doing feels out of these nineteen years to the day britain began attacking yugoslavia without approval from the u.n. security. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to give us the world of politics sport this list i'm sure. i'll see you then. praise for a single purpose. of a super. training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they save lives.
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russia says it regards the poisoning of former spies surrogates going to fall in the u.k. as an act of terror and the british government must provide more information. a rocket kills at least forty four people in a damascus shopping district in one of the deadliest rebel attacks on the syrian capital. and leaked documents reveal the extent of the u.s. national security agency's efforts to track down and identify i think calling uses . for the latest on these stories head to r.t. dot com coming up next kind is as important rico reaching the survivors of hurricane maria and if you're watching us in the u.k. or island boom bust has the financial.
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yeah. mo oh my gosh us playing today after so many mohit those imax kaiser this is the kaiser report in puerto rico a territory there is currently under occupation by the current. unbelievably we're standing in front of some art that is representational lee depicting this what the heck is going on stacy this is the left where they lavandera which means that the flag door on july first twenty sixteen it was painted black prior to that it was the classic puerto rican flag blue at top red stripes down now it's black because from then what some dubbed. began to occupy this.
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territory i was going to say so nation but of course it's not totally a nation is the territory of the united states so on july first twenty sixteen they defaulted on a two billion dollars payment on a general obligation bond the first time since one nine hundred thirty three that it happened in the united states or any u.s. territory really set in motion a new period in puerto rican history so roughly at about the same time you had a whole new group of entrepreneurs in the crypto space as well puerto rico could be a great place for us to come and de camp and set up shop and turn this into a crypto paradise and we're going to be looking at some of those stories while we're here in puerto rico and of course we'll be sampling some awesome most fungo and we're going to get into the culture we're going to do so on a learn how to do some serious salsa dancing by the end of the show something i've been meaning to do for the past thirty years and do the horizontal mambo maybe a couple times who knows what the what's going on there let me just give credit to the artist alvarez she made this in two thousand and twelve and then painted it
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black in twenty sixteen when the obama admin administrator ssion brought in pro mace which means promise in spanish but in english it stands for puerto rico oversight management and economic stability act. and the sign you mentioned to appoint a who of course was a puerto rican american his parents were from puerto rico he wrote that sawing song oyo. smoke so listen to my rhythm is what that means and so we're going to listen to the rhythm of this island you and i have been to many places in a similar situation whether it's greece whether it's ireland we've seen economic collapse and troikas and outside bodies oversight fiscal stability boards coming in fiscal control boards and this situation coming in and occupying economically at least and that's really all that matters financial repression you know whether it's
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in the you. us when they artificially drop interest rates down to below market rates or whether you're in greece where you have the troika as it's known and now here we are forced to recall what the hunt as it's being called around the world there's always a battle going on with the central bankers and the commercial bankers always trying to repress the population in one way or another recall the global insurrection against banker occupation we've been saying this for years on the show so now we're going to look at it from the puerto rican perspective they are similarly being repressed by the overlords of finance and they are reacting in a very specific for to reka way a lot of salsa a lot of beans and rice lot of dancing lot of sunshine and a lot of crypto baby by the way they are america and that's one thing to remember that i feel so proud to be american this is a great location san juan is gorgeous and yet colonial city it's hundreds of years old france who is that guy. ponce de leon. i think i'm so i think i'm
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a ponce there and yes he first of course basically found his old san juan is the first governor here and we're going to be here for the next few episodes we're going to be reporting on the financial situation here remember on june thirtieth two thousand and sixteen when obama first introduced this new legislation pro mesa appointing a fiscal control board over the island they are not allowed basically they don't have their own economic sovereignty here because the president of the united states appoints these people to the control board the fiscal control board when they went bankrupt at that time their debt was seventy billion dollars. that's about twenty thousand dollars per person on the island since then of course because of the hurricane and because of the economic collapse hundreds of thousands hundreds of thousands have actually left so now there's only about three point three million people on the island this is the bay of synanon were all of the
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colonials all the colonial powers whether the dutch the spanish or the british arrive through here this is the new world the gateway to the new world it's so gorgeous reminds me of the south of france we should move here but decided we're going to move here and now we're going to join the crypt the revolution in san juan puerto rico i feel it watching in my veins. stigmata pouring out of my trip the consciousness right here is a fuse with cyber christ on sunday it is a sunday and you know we've been walking around this island and that is a thing that is quite surprising to me i thought it was more like the bahamas and a tourist destination and kind of a hellhole of miami like situation but in fact it's an amazingly beautiful five hundred year old it feels like you're in lisbon orville fonts the marriage does feel like a remarkable european city we've been to a lot of beautiful places all over the world and this is going to be one of the most beautiful i've got to tell you. so i was talking about the fight the fiscal
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control board and the fact that they lost their economic sovereignty it's a situation similar to appen with greece however you can tell the difference max and i have been to athens many times over syria and iran no tear gas but also there's it's less much less depressed here i think because the fiscal control board is filled with americans who basically donald trump is now the guy who would appoint this fiscal control board and he's gone bankrupt more than anybody else on earth let me give you a comparison between greece and ireland you know greece was allowed made an example of and the economy went. and flames that tear gas was everywhere and their suffering and depression ireland played ball with the i.m.f. and the troika and they were you know got through the austerity measures and now there's a huge financial boom there except you have to pay a lot for basics like water to pay for it also the poor get ripped off of course
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but here this is more like that ira situation where they're kind of nursing them through fiscally until the crypto boom hits and it's going to hit in the next twenty four months i can feel it i can feel the block chain it's smells like victory. well max you know that twenty sixteen when they defaulted on their two billion dollar bond payment the first time since one nine hundred thirty three that a state a u.s. state or territory had done so defaulting on a general obligation by which you're not supposed to be able to do well they did it they were seventy billion in debt then by twenty seventeen they were one hundred twenty three billion in debt and then nobody really talks about it anymore because you know i hurricane maria hit and hurricane maria was a category four hurricane. you've already selling a. hurricane. wow there's only a lot of bernstein knew what was going to come in twenty or twenty seventeen well
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you know old song wants on one don't have that much damage that we can see apparently the rest of the island does we will try to get out there but it did cause ninety according to this headline rebuilding puerto rico will cost ninety five billion dollars and there. you could raise that other nice you know in a heartbeat nothing this whole place is going to go krypto street i'm feeling it well just so you know max is talking about that because there are three simultaneous big queen conferences happening on the island we will talk to some of those people we are over the next few days going to go there and talk to those people there are many stories about the new colonialists some people say they're the new colonialists i did speak to a former government. he was somebody and he said that he welcomes them all he doesn't see the mess so we're going to cover that over the next few days and they say oh the ninety five billion and they want the fall thing on there there's
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more solid to the territory incurred this debt willingly puerto rico has always been a toxic debt dump where wall street dumps you know and this is the story when you have a. like the u.s. and they picked out all the european countries and latin american countries but they picked on puerto rico you know it's completely asymmetric warfare they dump dead here and people say well we'll take the money i mean why would you say no to money and then they come calling for the interest payments and like oh no we got a default then they say well we're going to come in with austerity measures and take over all your basic services and private eyes and then maria hit and said. that's right we're in hurricane alley deal with that wall street well so so max i mean the thing is that what let's talk about why they are so in debt because it is different between ireland between greece between here ireland went bust because of those bad.


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