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stay tuned. it's. time you got e-mail bed of the entire you might even want to get it. but again. my pet again and i mean i'm in my family and i mean god knows you won't think me going to be. made into to him become a tangible object in you make believe just have images to see so if you want. to read maybe a little bit of an actual again that the me i've got to make
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a deal i'd say to be taking a. page you see a full length a road scene in compton cable you don't change the rules allowed to. be. around the world there's always a battle going on with the central bankers and the commercial bankers all this time to repress the population in one way or another recall the global insurrection against banker occupation we've been saying this for years on the shelf so now we're going to look at it from the puerto rican perspective they are similarly being oppressed by the overlords of finance and they are reacting in a very specific puerto rican way. well you know the fire is big. kind of adopted because we were called pirates long
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. been there in the small boats next to the hard pulling ships and it's. a little self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dark got any fall because the. concept fifteen schools seventy five tons to do it several times a day with a big feet oh you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with this he does feel for you these are. i'm doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we.
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are. welcome back to worlds of by the vision called sanders they had of the trench a research initiative dedicated to the future of his armaments this is anders just before the break we were talking about various allegations leveled against russia by the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson and one of the claims he made was that for the past decade russia has been pursuing some sort of cleanse dustin nerve agent program which if that's the case would be a definite violation of the chemical weapons convention. and from what i know the convention actually allows britain and any other country any other signatory to pursue a formal inspection if they have any intelligence or any suspicions why do you think britain hadn't. prissie got through it before the tragic incident and felt
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very well the particular allegation of production and maintaining a program came to surprise to me monday impression was or was that why russia had not declared the program it was. terminated and the stocks or so were destroyed afterwards so i can't comment on that because it conflicts with what my understanding was now in terms of the opi c.w. procedure. where home. the british prime minister made her statement to the commons last week the way it is being presented it basically suggests that this was initiation of the procedure under article one one of the chemical weapons convention that's particular article calls for
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consultations now as you have already told me several times and as everybody has been witnessed that was looked a discreet maneuver it was one that was carried over the media of waves and put very loudly and this are the critical part in article nine is a paragraph or two which is the request for clarification and if i understand it correctly it is but are precisely that that your foreign minister mr glover of has been asking for. thinking because this is the first time that particular provision of the chemical weapons convention is being invoked or may be invoked it has not yet been invoked my impression is that logan is going to wait for the results from the c.w. tests or the samples that they will take with them to. to have unlisted independent
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laboratories where these information comes in i think it may be possible that long is going to initiate article two to seek clarification of that's a very formal process in which countries must respond within very precise as indicated in the article you mentioned. the speech that recently gave before the parliament and she used a very interesting wording to describe the substance offered type developed by russia not produced just developed. my take i may be biased by the russian propaganda by my take is that she's talking about the historic origins of that substance and just last year we had another very high profile and nerve agent poisoning of the half brother to the north korean leader at the kuala lumpur airport he was poisoned with the use of the v. x. nerve agent we was originally developed by british scientists back in the one
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thousand fifty's if we use the same logic here do you think it would be correct to attribute that attack to the united kingdom because it was carried out with the use of an agent that was of a type a region and originated in the united kingdom to also the very first part of your question in russia as you have already indicated in several of your questions people who make a very sharp distinction. between the period before december of ninety one when the soviet union that broke up and the period of the words in the west in general people are looking to make that particular distinction sharply even if people would be immediately of the so. if the word russia is used they refer to an earlier period that would be almost synonymous with the soviet union however to come to your second point of which is very good to question the
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difference with. the choke is a while it was discovered just the german nerve agents of from before and during world war a spark of. agent was adopted by many countries including the soviet union a sport of its chemical warfare arsenal with the movie choke up with are there is only one of coventry the soviet union that is associated with that. particular project so the difference is that the for her and the way of producing v x is widely who has been used by many countries and is discussed in quite a bit of. if you were to research the scientific data bases for literature on the so far have come up with one single paper and the proposed ration
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for the losses for d o p c the mr sanders with all due respect the creator of the very nerve agent has immigrated to the united states is on record in several interviews actually saying that the weapon could have been synthesised in any country by highly skilled professionals and he publicly i mean he published a formula in his own book i think twelve or perhaps fifteen years ago i understand that does not exclude russia from the least of possible suspects but i would think that it also increases or broadens the number of. potential alternative explanations don't you think so well. as with the. information is widely available and you may recall today is the anniversary of the attack by who should we cue in the tokyo underground.
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and also prepare the acts and try to assassinate a number of people who if that were those saying is this for real or is the new both states laboratories and the program literature with a movie choke isn't if mr. publish the structures of. in his book so far there is no independent scientific verification of that when people were trying to understand what the searcher was and synthesis. in small quantities as part of their research that never came up with the formula indicated in the bio be submitted saotome now many in moscow from what i know are skeptical that nova truck was used in the first place because this particular group of nerve agents are described as highly toxic and extend to instantaneous in their action if the cripple family was indeed targeted by another chuck isn't it perplexing to your
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at least that barest reported to be alive well that's part of the mystery of the story and it's a very good question so far we have received no information which version of the movie was used we must be conceived of a family of nerve agents or which of a number of similarities but there are over one hundred chemical structures believed to be part of the family three were very advanced in their development for military purposes and to the best of my understanding is woven was a solid so it would have to be disseminated as a powder and the sole one version was a liquid and one version was in other words the two final precursors still have to react with each other to make the final version now we have no information yet as
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to whether the agent used in the nation a term was a solid or a liquid if it would've been a solid than it's almost impossible that an individual did it however at the same time it would explain why there are no witnesses to have said they saw somebody attacking. because such a person if it would has been a liquid or a liquid spray would have had to wear gloves protective equipment gas mask and so forth right now. another hopeful for instance is circulating in the western media i do with her it's true but actually it was delivered through different emotion system of his her. that would suggest a solid a solids is more difficult to absorb in the body and it would take longer to explain why they were still able to walk for such
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a distance and of course once they got to the medication. from the womb medication the may have been a lot of so again we have to know what the basic facts or before we can say anything serious about possible scenarios you know we had correct murray on our t. recently he's a former you can basser to his back to stan and one of the biggest skeptics of the case official narrative and he raised an interesting point he said that if what boris johnson salves is true that russia has indeed have has had this clandestine program trying to develop nova chuck it must have spent millions of dollars on it why then blow it all on assassinating one person and his daughter who russia itself released to the british authorities eight years ago i understand that many people in the west perhaps believe that the russians are absolutely brazen and evil but. it doesn't seem to make sense from an economic point of view rian not
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such a rich country to you know spend the millions of dollars on assassinating just one person doesn't doesn't that seem in can grow into well. this is highly speculative i will going to call into what the british ambassador said i will just repeat to preview spoon i was extremely surprised when the british foreign secretary mr johnson made the allegation of an active. program of infants who can go for chips to the best of who. has spoken with many russian people diplomats. newer officials over the years to the best of my knowledge of the program had to go on the way side of the plea so i am surprised of this is. to say and finally mr sanders the british narrative has been changing quite a bit first to recent may suggest that that it was possible that the russians were
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a negligent and lost control of the of the stocks down boris johnson directly accused of plotting a putin of ordering be a fascination now the narrative shifting towards a russia bad behavior in general you made it clear that you tend to believe the u.k. government more than you believe there are government but i wonder if the way this story has been changing has raced any skepticism in your own mind look the accusations go all of direct involvement of of mr putin and so will this is something really leave for the responsibility of the person who don't want to get involved in that i have. relations with a number of russian people in questions of disarmament last november i was invited by. the russian foreign ministry to attend the meeting in sochi on biological weapons disarmament you know countries have interests we try to work
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a full disarmament to try to bring people together so that chemical biological weapons are eliminated we knew that states have interests there these interests may look. what purslow preferred interests would be today the wools the things of them experiencing is that ideas very quickly polarized in the media particularly also in the social media they lead their own lives. now all the theorists hope offices heard about the use of movie assassination and they do five to ninety eight percent for an incredible what i will to look at or what the basic facts is the basic facts are that we know very little the word is very open at least in my own mind as you know it will sue
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approaches very seriously if one wants to let the mechanisms to it or a variable through the chemical weapons convention played a role in conflict mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and the procedures worked out performer billy at the much lower level florist and we are hearing well mr sanders i have nothing to add to that i really think that we owe all deserved to get the facts about the story regardless of who is the proper traitor of this horrendous attack because if it was indeed a chemical weapon used on the streets of salisbury i am absolutely sure that most of the russians would be absolutely appalled by that regardless of whether or not that government was of walt anyway we have to leave it there really appreciate your time and i also encourage our viewers to keep the conversation going on our social media pages as for me hope to hear again same place same time here on worlds apart .
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the far right to in britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mother's action like cleaning the dog and i see these organizations which will usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that. complex web of passion.
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with lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round be the one percent. going all middle of the room sick. leave. the real need is really. tough tough tough tough tough.
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to what. the russian ambassador to the. the british foreign secretaries comparison of russia to nazi germany calling it an insult to the russian people also to come this hour in r.t. . clashes erupt in paris between police and people taking part in a nationwide strike against president reforms and as the son of libya's former leader moammar gadhafi runs for president we speak exclusively to saif these lawyers. the situation we have in libya is the result of the destruction of the state institutions not only toppling the regime libya will return back to its
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roadmap to become a democratic sovereign state. but i welcome the six pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international. the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander has slammed boris johnson's comparison of the upcoming world cup in russia to the lympics and the heckler calling it an acceptable and an insult to the russian pay paul. because the roads like to go. the way we want to go to sleep. here so i think the comparison with the six is is right moscow considers this kind of statements made under the level of the foreign secretary in your we an acceptable and
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totally responsible. the british government just free to make a decision about its dissipation of the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated nazis and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war veterans including those of the arctic cornwallis would share this opinion while the spat between the two countries does follow the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in salisbury with the use of a nerve agent x. russian officer was jailed in russia for handing secrets to the british intelligence he moved to the u.k. though in a spy swap in twenty ten u.k. police expect the probe into the attack to take months although that didn't stop
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british politicians from straight away pinning the blame on moscow britain's foreign secretary went a bit further to say in his accusations against russia. russians as ever responded with. distortion and delay and that is their tactic. of cyber warfare this information middling in european election campaigns to say nothing of election campaigns. a general feeling that russia has got to be moved. i want to be very clear that we do not wish to engage in a new cold war i deprecate that term i don't want i remember them or they will go that's a p.r. effort on boris johnson's part actually look the british government is not treating this event as a criminal investigation using it as an opportunity to spread more bellicose
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rhetoric against russia that's up to the accusing party to present their evidence first and then the defense will counter that britain has presented no evidence whatsoever of russia's involvement in this to this point. the russian blame game is also extended into areas once considered beyond perhaps a political point scoring a london correspondent and see a chalk and found an educational project with an anti russian twist what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of the day is an online news service that is used by one in three u.k. schools teachers my bearings from subscribing schools user articles and activities across all subjects for lessons homework research. here is the one handed to tory and provided by the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west how much and among questions to discuss is
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putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was this guy. can help students out topics like the ongoing spice scandal where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outrage milly smokes and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the words marks surely this teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are also in here a military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well of plotting the downfall of western democracy are also laid out as food for thought
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you decide section let students consider the following questions is putin the most dangerous man in the world did the cold war ever end as well as what impression does putin give about what russia is like the day helps students develop information literacy in critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever changing world critical thinking is key the toxic putin class is dismissed and associates are going to party wanted all the case was one of the issues that sophie shevardnadze to discuss an exclusive interview with the russian presidential spokesperson dmitri pascoe if you can see it in full on her show tomorrow but here's a preview. we have to remember the starting point is the words of president putin that russia has nothing to do with this accident and maybe it's a very rude comparison especially in this situation i don't think that anything can
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be can be louder than their reality but nonetheless just imagine moscow city car accident. there is a victim of the car accident and we see what was the car and the car was a british me car let's say range rover in just imagine that myself or foreign ministry spokeswoman makes a statement that this man was killed by a british made car in a car accident in center of moscow and highly likely prime minister of prime minister of great britain may be responsible of the murder. is it crazy is it crazy it is crazy. we're not speaking about. attempt to murder or to murder a russian spy in great britain where spinning about attempt to murder
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a british spy in great britain if he's ended in so russia quits with him he's of zero value of zero importance go ahead. we're not as crazy as to to even to think about something of that kind. before presidential elections and before such important event global event as. football championship. now france is facing nationwide strike action with over one hundred forty demonstrations planned across the country public sector workers students and railway workers have taken to the streets protesting various issues from low wages to job losses trains have also been canceled and schools have been closed while in paris clashes between protesters and police determined from there his shot at the
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penske. well i met a good process of civil workers here in france this is teachers hospital workers people work for libraries and they've come up with the start of this process which has become in the last few minutes because they're angry about the fact our president has said that he wants to cut one hundred and twenty thousand jobs from the civil service in the first five years of his term in office as you can see it's a fairly quiet misty here people still so playing some music and looking to try and protest quite quietly that's very different to what we've seen that some of the other protests across paris today this is a nationwide today of strikes across france but here in paris they were as you
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mentioned there clashes with the police between students and the police it looked like the students were at some point could choose the police on burning fires and rubbing up against them but the police responding with quite some force some people describing it as being a violent force and what we've understood is that some people have been injured in those clashes with the police this morning as i said this is one of many strikes not just in paris but of course france as you mentioned many train services are being disrupted today many schools are shut there's also problems with people who are trying to leave the country by the airports and that's because the air traffic controllers are also on strike here today a new regards to that rail strike the main strike which is due to start in about an hour that's affecting up to sixty percent of some t.g.v. services this is the high speed rail in france now those guys have to say.


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