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made under the level of the foreign secretary in any way unacceptable and totally irresponsible. the british go in with this free to make a decision about its dissipation on the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated naziism and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did he goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war which runs including those of the arctic cold warriors which share this opinion. that's the russia blame game is extended into where is once considered beyond a political point scoring on london correspondent and us to see it you're going to found an educational project with an anti version twist. what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of
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the day is an online news service that is used by one in three u.k. schools teachers and librarians from subscribing schools user articles and activities across all subjects for lessons homework research. here's one handed to tory and provided by the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west ouch and among questions to discuss is putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was discussed. to help students out topics like the ongoing spy scandal where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outrage milly smirks and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the word smirks surely this
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teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are also in here a military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force at a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well of plotting the downfall of western democracy are also laid out as food for thought you decide section let students consider the following questions is putin the most dangerous man in the world did the cold war ever end as well as what impression does putin give about what russia is like the day helps students develop information literacy in critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever changing world critical thinking is key the toxic putin class is dismissed. and if they see it your going to party like that. the u.k.
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defense ministry has now found itself drawn into the scandal surrounding cambridge analytic just to remind you the firm allegedly harvested the personal data of millions of facebook users and exploited that information for political ends now it's been revealed cambridge analytic is parent company a c.l. group that used to be on the payroll of the u.k. defense ministry it provided said ministry with psycho social research at a cost of almost two hundred thousand pounds and was even granted access to secret government files then harris county chairman of the conservative think tank the vote who joins me on the line to discuss the story in more detail but first of all the revelations do you consider these to be alarming or not. i do but i think they're alarming in there in a much wider context i saw some of the stuff that was going on in terms of social
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media mood tracking about five or six years ago and i don't really think it matters who is doing it whether it's governments whether it's companies. it is something that i think the public are not adequately aware of and it goes right to the heart of the debate on digital digital sovereignty that i think this is flacking up became journalistic of stories flying up the story about facebook's involvement and sharing with the barack obama campaign is is flying up and i think it's it's going to be one of the debates of our time it sounds like for example this is the sort exactly the sort of thing that would be extremely useful if you wanted to twist public opinion for example in the lead up to a war say in iraq do you worry that these tactics of manipulating public opinion might have actually been used any time recently. when there's no doubt that tactics to manipulate public opinion have been used. social media forums i think facebook
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has some extremely serious questions to answer. but it was right there before us saw the fact that you've got these companies like google like facebook like instagram like twitter that are providing a service by appearances for free and a lot of people signed up to them on that basis not realizing that what they were actually giving these companies was huge amounts of personal data that would allow those companies to profile them probably to know them to a better extent than they know even themselves and to use that data for commercial purposes or otherwise i don't think people are quite cognizant of how significant that is. yes and how much it affects almost every citizen in the united kingdom and across the west generally and i think once all this is is brought to light and once this debate starts to be heard i think people will be utterly shocks at the way
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that their data has been being used over the past few decades and i don't know which will be more concerning for people the fact their personal information was harvested or the fact that their own government might have paid for it to use it against them do you think there will be a serious investigation into this. i think there will be because as i say this is such a big issue and such a public interest issue that sooner or later via some. issue like this cambridge or a little issue like the barack obama and facebook cozy collusion stuff it will it will become a new story people will dig into it and they will find that this is a far far larger story than just these sort of individual incidents and really it's it's the story that defines our age it's the investigation that defines our age as to now people are living their lives online to what extent do they
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have sovereignty over their own digital presence then appreciate time thanks for coming on to speak to us my guest ben harris quiney chairman of the conservative think tank the bow group. now facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg has for the first time commented on the scandal surrounding the social network it was revealed the personal details of millions of its customers were used to influence elections in a lengthy facebook apology so could berg detail exactly what went wrong with privacy policies and what steps have been taken to solve the problem he added that the company quote will learn from this experience to make the community safe for everybody going forward. but despite the fact the scandal concerned an american tech giant and a data mining company with offices in new york london and washington there have still been attempts in the media to tie this story to russia artie's round gas deal of explains. imagine being a liberal
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a democrat and being stuck in a trump presidency for a year is it must be horrible waking up every day guessing that what russia was songe boughts or hackers have cooked up today cambridge analytic i had powerful connections to candidate trump including one time top advisor steve bannon and billionaire donor robert mercer so presidential son in law jared cushion or and consultant brad parr scale brought in the company which is now accused of utilizing data from fifty million facebook users without permission facebook was how donald trump was going to win wait a sec something's wrong where's the bad guy who do we blame this on. there it is questions are also swirling about a possible link to russian metal cambridge c.e.o. reached out to julian assange of wiki leaks seeking access to e-mails from hillary
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clinton's private server there's no evidence we feel it's had such information but wiki leaks was releasing e-mails from the computers of other democrats which authorities say were hacked by russians and another trump advisor roger stone great innings i actually communicated with what how do you even make the connection what's your logic if someone speaks to a songe their russian agent there is zero connection here other than the word russia being in every other sentence there is only one explanation cnn's report must have been put together by a random generator literally this explanation makes more sense than cnn's report at savage the d.n.c. oil trump the russians cambridge had because we've got the key words just fill this. basis with whatever he also directly message to russian hacker he says he did
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nothing wrong and despite another claim that cambridge had ties to a russian oil company the campaign insists there were never any links to russia are you comfortable that the trunk campaign through their cameras analytical had a connection to wiki leaks. he did have a connection with the week's let me demonstrate if you are of average height and your birthday is in july you are closely tied to ass out and see how easy it is let's do this again if you like snow and the russians like snow u.i. lined with russia or if you want lots of money and all the gods have lots of money you are susceptible to russian influence it's all nonsense but who cares it's about getting the key words out there about confusing and
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confounding not explaining or investigating he would speak bull key words the russians everywhere more use coming your way stay with is back after the break. the gulf war so you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to stop spreading tell you that because of the public support. often as you pull another bite out. of the hawks that we all already know what.
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nor make manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the frame of. the one percent. nor middle of the room. welcome back safe get their fees spokesperson has confirmed after months of rumors that the son of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi will run for president if elections manage to go ahead this year so far father was driven from power and killed in twenty eleven despite holding no official position saif was described as
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the defacto prime minister during his father's rule saif was later held captive for six years before being released last year amid political unrest we heard exclusively from his lawyer on the presidential bid. saif al islam has lots of supporters they are ordinary people there are even those who are against moammar gadhafi back in two thousand and eleven and now they support the views of his son the situation we have in libya now is the result of the destruction of all the state institutions not only the toppling of the regime forty countries to against libya back then our country was bombarded and shelled all the military and civilian infrastructure was destroyed many civilians were killed and now saif al islam has put forward a comprehensive overview of the situation in libya that's a reform project which will bring calm back to libya there are many young patriots in libya now they are so enthusiastic they're not concerned about political
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affiliations the main thing they care about is a patriotic spirit and they see it in the reforms by saif al islam they view them as an effective tool to fight corruption. the u.s. senate intelligence committee has now officially completed its trump russia probe so the car joins me live on the line from washington d.c. janelle following this story is this a significant event or how big a deal is it. well yes in a partisan vote the house intel committee has voted to shut down its investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixth election and they found no evidence of collusion between trump and russia but the committee also voted to release the g.o.p.'s report on the investigation the report however will not be immediately available to the public it's expected to be released in a few weeks after it's reviewed and declassified by the intelligence community but
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the house intel committee did publish a summary of its findings saying that some associates had ill advised contact with wiki leaks but they reiterated that they found no collusion coronation or conspiracy between trump and the kremlin but as expected democrats of the committee are furious saying it was done prematurely to protect the white house and they pledged to continue the probe let's take a look house intel republicans have prematurely ended an investigation and jump to unfounded conclusions that they've yet to share with democratic members like the news memo it's no evil see no evil speak no evil instead of conducting an honest investigation house republicans chose to put partisanship over national security and run a shameful interference campaign to give cover to donald trump instead of protecting our democracy house republicans have worked overtime to protect president trump and his family and friends. representative adam schiff dismissed the report
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altogether arguing that it's a fundamentally flawed document but in a statement issued after the vote chairman newness said that the report quote will include minority views if the minorities submit them which could be attempt interpreted as an attempt to reach across the aisle but republicans of the house intel committee have dismissed allegations of collusion since their investigation ended a representative conaway even said that it would take a writer of a spy thriller to transform this into evidence of collusion so now we'll just have to read the report when it's declassified in a few weeks to see if it debunks the trump russia conspiracy theory for good i think for the examiner samir khan there for us in washington thanks to you guys that have the staying with me for more news and often are.
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around the world there's always a battle going on with the central bankers and the commercial bankers always trying to repress the population i want to way or another recall the global insurrection against banker occupation we've been saying this for years on the shelf so now we're going to look at it from the puerto rican perspective they are similarly being oppressed by the overlords of finance and they are reacting in a very specific puerto rican way. of white for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like
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nothing else on to it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will more chance with. the beaks and it's going to. greetings and salutations something for many especially on a national level politics is a game of some to you see fantasy sleight of hand style dance of distraction and manipulation pay attention to this large loud shiny thing over here while the secret hidden wizards behind the curtain pull the strings over here on your life liberty and happiness normally your elected leaders can play this game without
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a glitch and avoid making any public decisions or displays that show them for the showmen that many of them truly are but sometimes there is a glitch in the political matrix and they vote or leak pulls back the curtain this week had to on tuesday well saudi arabia's crime crown prince was wined and dined and shined all over washington d.c. the men and women of the united states senate were forced to put their campaign trail promises of peace and goodwill to the test as they voted on whether or not to withdraw u.s. military support of saudi arabia's ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in yemen they failed that test fifty five to forty four the senate voted to continue helping saudi arabia drop us made bombs on the starving war torn nation of yemen the second crack in the facade came with reports that congress has decided that the sexual harassment settlement cost racked up by lawmakers year after year will continue to
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be paid for by taxpayer dollars. senator kirsten gillibrand who prove who spearheaded measures to reform capitol hill's workplace misconduct system was livid telling the media that killing these reforms begs the question who are they trying to protect i can't think of any legitimate reason to remove this language other than to protect members of congress over tax payers and congressional employees. pro-war pro sexual harassment this is united states of american car rules now let's start watching the hawks. what would it. look like. it would be. as if the bottom. like you that i got. this.
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week so. well for the watch of the hawks i am tired all the time top of the list and congress is once again not shocked me in the least of their by their inability to do simplest simplest of things to make humanity a slightly better place yeah it's funny how they just can't quite get over that hill now no matter how tiring mcgrath's holding out there's always something like this is what we saw we couldn't do it for this reason or this was really their music now it's called raising that they possibly have of saying you know what taxpayers should pay for ski beasts i mean pick monsters in congress to go about harassing men and women that's that's what you're saying jon stewart the spokeswoman for the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has an answer for you but he was lying to congress it was deliberate his comments saying well this
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important issue is being discussed at no time was language from senate julep sen joe abrams' bill adopted to the legislation and or stripped. that i mean. i don't know if they were not the other people to decide but that seems an awful lot like mansplaining to me to senator jill abram was she was kind of like saying they basically took the language of my there's no make the omnibus bill you're not going to vote it. honey you're just so it was never really there to you know but we haven't taken it off yet it's gaslight and you know it's literally that's gaslighting that's oh no you're crazy it wasn't there you're crazy you're the one who's always getting a little emotional the congressional harassment reform idea was that members of congress congress were personally pay for sexual harassment settlements when they're when they're found liable when they're found guilty so lawmakers can tap but one currently what's going on right now as we've seen is that lawmakers can
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tout taxpayer funds to settle with victims playing this game of like well is not really liable we may or may not be there but will settle anyway unless the victim opts for privacy under the access or minutes with and automatically be made public which i think is important if the victim of that harassment is ok with people knowing about it it's ok with that it needs to come out we need to how much money was spent for these people to go around being scumbags and who was being settled with what they were really in the sons of like ok like you're somebody comes forward and says that this guy discriminated against me or this person social asked was real and this person is an elected official yes we should know about this and i think it's absolutely don't kill asli ridiculous i want the taxpayers for their misdeeds but i guess that's kind of the american way these days you know that's that's kind of like hey you know what put it on the taxpayer well
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you know what we'll pay for it to be fine the taxpayers pay for it but we're not so much money from saudi arabia. because then i know you saw our illustrious leader standing there with his little tag board. well posterboard a vicarious all the fabulous things we're going to s.l.c. you could murder people in yemen. at the expense of yemeni lives yeah good point and a crime a grand one i mean the crown that slip of the tongue and have you know it's funny because the u.s. just weren't clear u.s. provides a cellular coalition with intelligence for congress and some mid-air fire or a few willing everything they need to wage this air war at this catastrophe humanitarian catastrophe in yemen three. congressman came forward to try to withhold that to basically do congress's job and say look you have to get our authorization to involve our military right with a war that we really have nothing to do with you know those were bernie sanders of vermont mike lee republican of utah and chris murphy the democrat of connecticut.
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as i said earlier ten democrats democrats voted with the republican majority including the senate armed services committee is ranking democrat senator jack reed of rhode island and senator joe donnelly of indiana they all voted to basically say no words totally cool for the military your taxpayer funded military to be aiding saudi arabia probably what i said humanitarian catastrophe i believe it is one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time going on in yemen but we're cool with that because you know that's what we do from onset over bernie sanders who actually put up the car and put up the bullet actually said some will argue on the floor today that we're we're really not engaged in hostilities we're not exchanging fire people please tell that to the people of young men whose homes and lives are being destroyed by weapons marked made in the usa dropped by planes being refueled by the u.s. military on targets chosen with u.s. assistance at some point the united states and our government can't keep pushing
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this off and saying other people do it and playing their version of what about islam there has to be some understanding that your actions have consequences or your population will not care that there are consequences for act and i'm sorry those democrats in congress. being a betting the president that you hate the most by giving him this blank check to use the military or whatever you want food for thought. earlier this year we reported on south africa's water crisis and while extreme conservation efforts may have pushed the country's day zero the day the country runs out of reusable usable fresh water deep into the rainy season which may ultimately save the city's water supply that doesn't mean that there are not lessons to be learned because according to a new reports of africa may just be the canary in the coal mine for an impending freshwater crisis of global proportions unesco the united nations educational scientific and cultural organizations new world water development report paints a dire picture for the future unless major global changes are made to how we use
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and recycle our water supplies the guardian reports that according to the study more than five billion people could suffer water shortages by two thousand and fifty two to climate change increased demand and polluted supplies the development report goes on to predict that by two thousand and fifty somewhere between four point eight and five point seven billion human beings will live in areas that face water scarcity is for at least one month each year this is up from the three point six billion people living under those conditions today so with the world now staring down the reality of losing one half of life's two most important components just how will humanity solve the problem and the answer might be a lot more simple than we've been allowed ourselves to think and treated intriguing to have these numbers for a lot of. the bird that we've let it go because for it's like. water oxygen one hundred year when you go for the things in order to go without food for a week and i go without water for a few days. how do we lower the floor this is
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a little. and the answer to all this was some of it's because of how much humans use a lot of water so your average human uses about forty six hundred cubic kilometers of water every year which you kind of imagine how big that is it's a lot and why our systems right now are plumbing systems later in the united. maybe in other countries might be a little better but here in the united states they're not meant for conservation go they're meant for power in you. know when we're talking about a world population that's supposed to be very ready for this but they have a lot of neighbors the world popular supposedly nine to ten billion people by the year twenty fifty. about seven point seven right. and global demand has increased six fold over the past hundred years and grows at a rate of one percent a year to get you know of the consumption of water and seventy percent of our water's used for agriculture yes as are saying that's how much they use but remember how much of it goes to agriculture it takes much more water to raise
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a cow than it does to plant. it's amazing and the report essentially says that change is still possible but only if we go towards more of a major based solution idea or rather you know rely more on what earth provides and how earth tempers and distributes water rather than manmade rather than infrastructure great infrastructures it's called most right i mean you can only build so many dams you can only build so many awkward for us because there's opera for us are already in distress. you can't you know we've we've put dams on whatever places that we can get water from and we've put pipelines down we all know that but ultimately if you can't keep them filled or you can't do certain things it's not going to help and one of the the answers the main answers lies in that seventy percent number that you mentioned ok seventy percent goes to agriculture yet where's this wonderful ag culture that is it's literally throwing water into areas where there isn't water pumping up from other places or as we've seen going into
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groundwater and using it like on and planting it takes a lot of water so i think one of the things is moving over to more conservation agriculture i think you know talk of talked about it a lot i think one of the saviors of urban food deserts is having hydroponics and things that are grown and side because you don't lose water or do you can reuse water you can do tons of. things out of it and i think doing those and more indoor environments and letting the land rafts and letting water replete you know repeat itself and clean itself nature does that but we don't given enough time yeah it's interesting how much it goes back to kind of like big corporate interests you know the idea the we're going to just kind of go through and lay waste to the land because they are going out of and you know why it's because industrial farms farms and i'll tell you what they don't do they don't rotate crops properly they don't take care of the water they don't care for the land the way that farmers family farms a one percent or a family.


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