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tv   Politicking  RT  March 22, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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the russians everywhere. the u.k. prime minister has met with the leaders of france and germany during an e.u. summit in brussels in a joint statement the three leaders condemned russia for its alleged role in the poisoning of former double spy surrogate script and his daughter peta oliver has the latest on the summit. briggs it has taken something of a back seat for theresa may as she has taken part in the first day of the european council summit in brussels drumming up support for a united e.u. message against russia has been what she's been about on thursday she had strong words entering the summit russia staged a brazen and reckless attack against the united kingdom when his attempt to reach the merger of two people on the streets of seoul spring i'll be raising this issue with my counterparts today because it's clear that the russians threat does not respect the wishes and indeed the instance insoles was part of
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a pattern of russian aggression against europe and its neighbors from the western balkans to the middle east federica mocker raney is the high representative for foreign affairs for the e.u. that makes as close as the block has to a foreign minister she said on her way into the summit that she stands firmly in lockstep with london we will also obviously express our strongest possible solidarity with united kingdom after the attack insults bring the strongest political sign we can give its unity unity and unity but there are a number of other countries that are saying that if there to back more sanctions against russia are all there to take any further action or commit to a a unified harsh statement by the e.u. that they are going to need to see more evidence from the british side but when the european council president to skin the e.u. commission president claude good took to the stage to field questions from
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journalists they didn't really have maybe answers when it came to what type of action the e.u. would be taking against russia in march but also always just to come back to an issue we. decided to come back to an issue didn't october. and wonder we are never coming back were discussed. during. so it couldn't in the british come back to the question and you. will be back in brussels on friday for more of this european council summit and we'll see if we see that united message coming throughout friday the round between russia and the u.k. follows the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in seoul sprayed with the use of a nerve agent so i guess scrip hour was jailed in russia for handing secrets the british intelligence you moved to the u.k. in a spy swap in twenty ten u.k. police expect the probe into the attack to take months but that didn't stop produce
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politicians from immediately pinning the blame on moscow the british foreign secretary has been among those throwing accusations at moscow but russia's ambassador to the u.k. alexander yeah slammed boris johnson's comparison of the upcoming football world cup in russia to the olympics under hitler he called it unacceptable and an insult to the russian people because. the royals go to war. because of the regime putin's community and the way he moves the mountain thirty six of the goods here so i think the comparison with hundred thirty six is is certainly right more school considers this kind of statements lead on to the level of the foreign secretary in you we an acceptable and top salute the response. the british government discreet to make a decision about its dissipation in the world cup but nobody has the right to
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insult the russian people who defeated naziism and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did he goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war which runs including those of the arctic cold warriors which share this opinion. but the russia blame game is extended into areas once considered beyond political point scoring on london correspondent and if this is going to found an educational project with an anti russia twist. what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of the day is an online news service that is used by one in three do three schools teachers and librarians from subscribing schools user articles and activities across all subjects for lessons homework research. here's one handed to tory and provided by
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the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west ouch and among questions to discuss is putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was this gus. to help students out topics like the ongoing five scandals where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outrage to release monks and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the words marks surely this teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are also in here a military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to
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make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well of plotting the downfall of western democracy also laid out as food for thought a you decide section let students consider the following questions is putin the most dangerous man in the world did the cold war ever end as well as what impression does putin give about what russia is like the thing helps students develop information literacy and critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever changing world critical thinking is key the toxic putin class is dismissed. and face it you're going to party like that. u.s. president on trumper slaps new import tariffs on china in a move that intensified fears of a global trade war on thursday trump signed a memorandum on the measures against china he added that it would be the first of many. the tariffs target more than one hundred types of chinese goods they range
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from close to electronics and their estimates to be worth up to sixty billion dollars now terms also ask the chinese to reduce the trade deficit immediately and by one hundred billion deficit which is more than double the u.s. deficit with the rest of the world is the main reason that drum cited for his new tariffs the other being the problem of intellectual property and technologies theft over the past year trumps rather a predictable approach to china those left many scratching their heads. money. we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. you can have the. relationship you know there's going to be conflict but we have a very good relationship people say we have the best relationship of any president president we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen president she was enjoying it i view them as
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a friend i have tremendous respect for president she. we have a great relationship this is a it's i think a very dangerous we to. act in the global system well i don't think anyone wins in a trade war usually both sides. in my view the policy the president trump is following is very close not be helpful for the american people and of course not sure the chinese people what policy is saying essentially is we are going to try and block china from rising the focus on what is called theft of technology really shows the problem. the second son of the late libyan leader moammar gadhafi will run for president if elections are held this year saif al islam gadhafi spokes person confirmed the plans after months of speculation sites father was driven from power and killed in twenty eleven despite
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holding no official position saif was described as the defacto prime minister during his father's rule saif was later held captive for six years before being released last year amid political unrest we heard exclusively from his lawyer about the presidential bid. islam has lots of supporters they are ordinary people there are even those who were against moammar gadhafi back in two thousand and eleven and now they support the views of his son the situation we have in libya now is the result of the destruction of all the state institutions not only the toppling of the regime forty countries did against libya back then our country was bombarded and shelled all the military and civilian infrastructure was destroyed many civilians were killed and now saif al islam has put forward a comprehensive overview of the situation in libya that's
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a reform project which will bring calm back to libya there are many young patriots in libya now they are so enthusiastic they're not concerned about political affiliations the main thing they care about is a patriotic spirit and they see it in the reforms by saif al islam they view them as an effective tool to fight corruption. after the nato led incursion civil war has raised in libya since while my gadhafi was overthrown with a power vacuum two competing governments are vying for control of the country the conflict has led to a massive migrant crisis widespread terrorism as well as violence among tribal militias the lawyer reveals saif sligh face still in danger next that as about saif al islam whereabouts are kept secret for security reasons as his lawyer i would do everything to protect saif al islam from all anti libyan plots masterminded by the countries interfering in libyan affairs as promised saif al islam will make a speech when the right time comes then everything will be revealed libya will
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return back to its roadmap will become a democratic sovereign state a state where the law will triumph libya will no longer be a country of organized crime illegal migration human trafficking as it is described in the media we will defend the interests of the libyan people and will protect its resources which cannot be school. the libyan people must decide their future themselves. so a security firm kaspersky has identified a highly secretive piece of malware used to infiltrate the computers of intelligence targets but other people may have also been affected because he has not identified the people or the organization behind said malware but the media company cyber scoop alleges that it's part of a classified u.s. program citing unnamed u.s. officials are also quoted as saying the spy ware was used to target terrorists by collecting information from their computers play why that didn't stop them from
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revealing them our we detect in remediate all forms of malicious programs regardless of origin or purpose furthermore the company does not whitelist any malware samples not even malware used for so-called legal surveillance one can easily imagine the situation in which such malware falls into the wrong hands and can be used to launch attacks against law enforcement were just regular users code named slingshot the main purpose is cyber espionage it's able to retrieve large amounts of data including images and passwords from infected computers unsuspecting users a targeted through compromised routers targets of the malware of the detector as far away as in africa the middle eastern countries and it appears to compromise the computers of individual users others though including governmental institutions may have also been breached we spoke with
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a kaspersky security expert about just how this tool works. but this wasn't of the most awful. sophisticated malware we discovered it last year after examining it for some time we can confidently say that it is intended for cyber espionage because all it does is collect data from your computer what makes this malware so dangerous is that it stayed under the radar for quite a long time estimate is that this malware has been operational for about six years in other words the operators of the smell where we're using it obtaining data and remaining unnoticed because this malware is some advanced and uses many tricks to avoid detection we detected about one hundred infected computers mostly in africa especially in kenya and a few more in libya and afghanistan so we can see huge use this malware all we know is that the people who created it speak english very well because the code contains some text lines and even brief descriptions of portions of code which are written in very good english. not a matter of
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a good many founder director shout out you good evening to should ordinary people be concerned by these revelations. i think i think so i think it's a it's a continuation from the snowden leaks that happened quite some time ago now. if you think of where the back end of what happened with cambridge analytic around data the issue is that the internet has yes given us tons of opportunities is given us any less amount of information but it's also allowing private companies as well as i think governments to gain our information and use it for whatever manner we see fit and what's clear is that most of us ordinary people have no idea what actually goes on with our own security so yeah it's something we do need to be concerned about what about checks and balances where's the line being drawn here as to what's legitimate spying on intelligence targets and what spying on innocent members of the public. i think your guess is as good as mine i think it's a it's
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a situation here where we've got a very very shady industry the intelligence services which have for a long time probably since the cold war run without any real. checks and balances of any real line that they should not cross and they have been allowed to do whatever they want for a long time i think our governments need to really roll them in. and just looking at things like this things like edward snowden and the leaks that he provided and five of it it's clear that it still goes on and it's something that i think we as the people need to ask me to demand from our democracies to actually act upon it what are the dangers here of tools such as this fall into the wrong hands. in the possibilities are endless i mean the best example i would say is cambridge analytical you know using data and information held in a private companies hands that then essentially tweak elections tweak the way
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people think today and shape results i mean democracies work on what people want and what people in the voting for but if you're being subtly manipulated in a certain way to believe in to vote for one for one after rather than another then . our whole democracy in the fiber that that creates the societies that we live on there are being put at risk so i say this is there's a lot of danger around all of these issues around data security and and cyber espionage which i think we just haven't begun to explore yet and kaspersky said the code appeared to been written in well they said by native english speakers does that help narrow it down as to what the origin of this might have been. i mean potentially most of north america speaks english britain speaks english. if you look at the snowden leaks and what we know when i say we i mean the have been doing and if you look at what america has been doing i think if you put into two together you can surmise as to where this stuff comes from obviously this
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is all speculation and you can't start speculating when without without too much evidence but if it comes from an english speaker then it probably comes from an english speaking country that has quite advanced technologies appreciate your time and your views many thanks matthew a vegan is my guest founder and director of shout out u.k. . and finally this hour the u.s. senate intelligence committee is now officially completed its trump russia probe the committee launched this investigation last january and since one time is spoken to more than seventy witnesses including the u.s. president's son donald trump jr as well as trump's son in law and senior adviser jared cushion on top of that more than three hundred thousand documents were looked at on the smear a car reports from washington. in a partisan vote the house intel committee has voted to shut down its investigation into alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election finding no evidence of collusion between trump and russia the committee also voted to
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release the g.o.p.'s report on the investigation but the report however will not be immediately made available to the public it's expected to be released in a few weeks after it's reviewed and declassified by the intelligence community but the house intel committee did publish a summary of its findings reiterating that they found no collusion coordination or conspiracy between trump and the kremlin but democrats of the committee voiced opposition to the move saying it was done prematurely to protect the white house pledging to continue the probe let's take a look house intel republicans have prematurely ended investigation and jump to unfounded conclusions that they've yet to share with democratic members like the newest member no evil see no evil speak no evil instead of conducting an honest investigation house republicans chose to put partisanship over national security and run a shameful interference campaign to give cover to donald trump instead of protecting our democracy house republicans have worked overtime to protect president trump and
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his family and friends despite objections from house democrats the house intel committees investigation into russian interference is now over however this is only one of several probes into the matter so now we'll just have to read the report when it's declassified in a few weeks to see if it gave us the trouble russia accusation for good. they will escalate as me back here and often out see that. come.
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back to earth but survival guide book stacie just like all the stars simply. visit . the series building don't forget the past. public no. repatriations look at the risk of a new screen fill of the separate skies report. lots of countries in europe to understand that russia is and take no part of europe and the you cannot think about prosperous europe and developing europe or if you if you don't see russia being involved in the european process. that russia's weiss. has to be taken into account then sourness of course.
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the far right and britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent murderous action. a neo nazi group called national action applauded the mother and the mother of a young woman member of the british parliament just before one o'clock today joe cox and paid for in spending was a touch and knock it straight question. i'm now very sad because she has died because also for instance. other alleged members are charged with planning the brutal killing of another woman m.p. . and two british soldiers said to be from the same nazi group face serious terrorism charges. fascism and far right extremism street violence and confrontation isn't new in britain it gets back to at least the one
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nine hundred thirty s. when oswald mosley blackshirts structed two major cities today's encounter nations are no less deadly. this is the story of how it began how it developed revealing the major players and exposing the secret past the leader of the latest street movement. last year the young woman labor m.p. joel cox was cruelly mugged in the course of her public duties in burstall. the mother of two young children was stabbed and shot to death by a man called thomas smith whose name needn't detain us for long. at the time the mainstream media narrative was the mare was the lone wolf well
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in a rabid wolf he surely was but he was not alone thomas maier was connected enmeshed in the complex web of british. in a way the blood down and horror of the jaw. brought british fascism full circle back to where in a sense it all began. so oswald mosley was a middle british. who married to the daughter of the viceroy of india log cars.
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he was a conservative m.p. then a labor m.p. a left wing labor m.p. sometimes as a future our labor prime minister but as the skies darkened the walls. and widespread. oswald mosley turned to fascism. there's been a fifty year disputes over what fascism actually is one of the most influential definitions was by griffin who argued that it was a palin genetic form of nationalism and that's a fancy way of saying it's a cross class revolutionary brand of nationalism that believes in the renewal of the nation and the new man and in a way that's what people are separated fascism from conservatism the conservatives look back at the status quo whereas fascists were very much about looking forward
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to creating an ethnically your new man. you can see a sense of victimhood that somehow the nation state which it which they identify has been somehow a victim of of others of evil forces stabbed in the back undermined in various ways whether it's by the international conspiracy or by communism or by liberals who are trying who are responsible for the degeneration the decadence the one thing that seems to me to bring together the fascists is the belief in an absolute leader whose word is law and who cannot be wrong and certainly hitler thought he could not be wrong in this country mostly thought he could not be wrong which is as good a definition of madness as i know but also the only definition that i can see of fascism. here in cable street in the east end of london on the fourth of
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october one thousand nine hundred thirty six britain's first fascist leader came across. was the leader of the british union of fascists he would have been if he could have been britain's golf if. the purpose of his march was to whip up hatred in much the same way as his i don't did in germany. the people of these ten didn't did people from all over london came on to oppose him a quarter of a million londoners stood in cable street proclaiming. they shall not pass and when most of his black shirted jackbooted nazis
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came a marching the people stood for are. the worst. all right but the fascists were prompted and had to call off the mark. racial tension was already simmering in the long hot summer of one thousand nine hundred fifty eight here on friday august the twenty ninth outside lots of more road underground station the spark was lit. three days of war infamously became known as the notting hill race riots over the long weekend hundreds of white youth rampaged around this area carrying weapons brandishing racist slogans the daily mail and its an image to build style joined in asking should we let them keep coming in today notting hill is expensive one of britain's most
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exclusive on cliffs. the rich the famous and the fashionable live eat and shop. at the time of the notting hill race riots it couldn't have been more different this area was one of grimy crumbling tournaments owned by a slum landlord charging the rock rents. council cochrane the young carpenter who was stabbed to death right here in golborne road in notting hill was obviously not britain's first victim of racially motivated murder but he was the force to attract national attention. the first the big boy would never know it a symbol of resistance to race. at the time notting hill was a hotbed of white nationalism oswald mosley as union movement and cullen
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jordan's white defense league had this seeding with a racial tension. we feel that you cannot have colored immigration on the scale in which you're having it today without sooner or later having messenger breeding that must lead ultimately to a britain we feel that if we have elected population in the future that must mean the downfall of the civilization and culture of our country which we hold so dear if you look at the early history of fascism it was completely different to what we today associate as being fascist as well mosley was himself from the establishment was from the labor party had connections across the elite if you like he also had fairly developed ideas about what he wanted to do with the states in the economy. to say the national front in the seventy's or the british national party in the early two thousand. and two very crude simply out would be. conspiratorial
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anti semitic but they didn't have. sort of a deeper level of thought about how to reorganize the state and the economy. so really a lot of the far right in britain in the post-war period really became dominated by white supremacist crew. and really since then has an escaped legacy in. twenty years' time a black man will have the whip hand over the white. in the late one nine hundred sixty. grand made a notorious speech. like the roman. foaming with much blood it was a prediction of a britain or riven by a race riots even a racial war caused the disparate strands of britain's filed right to rapidly coalesce these.


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