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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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thirty seven people are confirmed dead and dozens of children are missing after a fire engulfed a shopping mall in siberia. the facebook boss takes out full page ads in british and american newspapers to apologize for a massive data breach and. activists clash with police in barcelona at a rally in support of former president who has been arrested in germany.
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i'm broadcasting live in moscow this is our chief international i'm sean thomas and we're going to have you with us as we recap our top stories of the week now we start with breaking news thirty seven fatalities have been confirmed after a massive fire at a shopping mall in the russian city of camaro and now the number is expected to rise of course with seventy people unaccounted for including dozens of children.
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austrian chancellor and the turkish foreign ministry have expressed their condolences to the families of those killed in the fire earlier my colleague kevin owen was joined here in the studio by hawkins to discuss the tragic events. spin room even of course for the friends and families of those particularly still unaccounted for this fire began on the fourth fall of the top floor of a shopping center in that south central city of came over we understand thirty seven people have been confirmed dead the service is many more in hospital many of
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them in a critical condition of course sixty nine are still unaccounted for tragically the majority forty of those are children aged between two and thirteen they're believed to be in a cinema at the time of the fire now we've had some very very harrowing eyewitness accounts of what went on inside black smoke billowing through the corridors through the windows people trying to escape jumping out of the windows as well just to give you an idea of the sheer panic and terror that must have been going through as people's minds we do have some eyewitness accounts of the panic that ensued as that fire spread through the building let's take a listen to some of those eyewitness accounts. yes close to that. although it's unusual for this to do. this when you. do things or to do. thank you
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we've been. doing this but. i knew why didn't i see that you sent here is a big place the such an intense fire by the looks of it you can see the toxic smoke and the top down and people trying to make as you see every time what the heck's happening around them interesting i'm not hearing fire alarms there and that's done for the investigators isn't it to talk about eventually when they've tried to recover the bodies here when the fire began in the early afternoon and raged for for many hours it took a while to get an under control we understand that firefighters couldn't actually reach the top level because of the sheer temperature of their schooling temperatures walls and floors melting so now it's very much a recovery operation to try to find anybody still trapped under collapsed the collapsed roof there. we we we do know also that the cause has been speculated upon two theories prominent right now although it's preemptive to say for certain you know one of the causes being fought electrical
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wiring the other one being some sort of mis up with a light or perhaps an accident there and flammable. twelve use of course in publix places here in russia smoking would be quite annoyed when word child of someone that was in the limelight but they don't know what's happened here is going to be a lot of questions that are certainly being asked here why it farms didn't go off why fire exits were clearly marked why there was such panic to get out very difficult of course for the families and friends of those children still tragically unaccounted for it's going to be a long life and obviously we can just hope that as many as possible of those are accounted for perhaps in hospitals up small charts but asked or found alive. and i will of course of the updates for you as that investigation carries on into exactly what happened when the fire broke out more than six hundred emergency workers were called in for the firefighting and rescue operation people who were at the scene described what they saw. and we should you can't instead of qatar's inches of
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chose not to use it she designed it me our music means nothing to leave the movies in the new clues from which she cheered when it was clear that if. she was not she would leave but if you want to clear up the particular movement you could. you can put city in the church of the children you're. looking at you can leave her with it and there's a. belief in those who are you nuts if you believe you teach these people a little bit. you know the new look would you prove that you are the meek of them they didn't you were the reason so good for you soon as you just heard school children were inside the mall cinema when the fire broke out included an entire class along with their teacher they had travelled from a nearby village to celebrate spring break when the fire started they were unable to open the doors and called their loved ones relatives have described those heartbreaking conversations with children saying goodbye now the tragedy and camaro
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bears close similarities to two deadly fires in russia back in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and nine. let.
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thousands of catalogs have rallied in barcelona in support of their former president who has been arrested in germany sunday's gathering that led to clashes with police was thank you thank god. thank. god. the officers in riot gear moved in to break up the crowd but up to eighty nine people were reportedly injured and four were arrested the protesters were demanding that spanish government to end its crackdown on the key figures behind a cattle on independence movement.
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we decided to strike the president vice president and other high ranking officials in the council on government. or. the former. put your mind was detained while crossing from denmark into germany where he is now in custody he fled spain after last october's referendum which madrid ruled was illegal but he's let me just say if he has more on his arrest. the
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former catalan president colors push a man has been detained in germany he's wanted in spain on charges of sedition and rebellion and was held after crossing the border from denmark on his way to belgium now german police have confirmed his arrest and he said to be in a local police station awaiting his legal team since this day pushing on his being on a visit to helsinki university in finland to give a lecture that on his way back to belgium jim authorities arrested him off to spain reissued his arrest warrant but his lawyer tweeted that he was returning to belgium to be of course at the disposal of the belgian justice system he's been living in self-imposed exile in belgium that's after leading the pro independence referendum last year which was deemed illegal by the spanish authorities this was a vote that cause tensions across the region with accusations of police violence as well now tensions have still been riding high in the region with rallies taking place from time to time and calls for the release of other political prisoners as
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well as the return of colors could face up to thirty years in prison in spain and the spanish courts have already signed documents for patients extradition. is bearishness story and told us would you months extradition or battle is likely to drag on for several months well he was probably going to be in reply three bunol in . supreme court and to the chances. are very high sentence to be your most efficient and rebellion why he had to be one brussels was really because there's no suggesting this is a rebellion. in the. legislature allows up to three months. in an exhibition so if. it. looks going to be the case then the german authorities would have to remount to.
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take you through shoot on. on the expedition so it may take a long time. france was hit by an act of terrorism this week a gunman hijacked a car and took hostages at a supermarket in the southern town of travel on friday three people died that day while a fourth succumbed to his injuries on saturday. pleasure in the movie i went shopping with my wife and sister in law after some time we had an explosion as well as several. i saw a man lying on the floor and another person who was very agitated still with
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a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other and yelling allahu akbar as. after that i took my wife and my sister in law in some customers nearby and we went to look for shelter i put them in a butcher's fridge closed from the inside. because it's peaceful here where you see the like any out there he was very kind very sociable adorable he overheard sweets to the children and he is a terrorist. the terrorist has been identified he was killed during his solo investigation will have to answer some important questions when and how was he radicalized and how and when did he procure the weapon. we have for several years paid with our blood to know the terrorist menace. among those who died was police officer. who
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swapped places with a female hostage he left a cell phone switched on so the special forces outside could monitor the situation he died in the hospital on saturday morning of gunshot and stab wounds and is being hailed as a national hero and over the past year there have been several terrorist incidents in france in february two thousand and seventeen a man attempted to enter the move museum in paris with a machete and an attacker was stopped at orly airport one month later a police officer was shot and killed last april. and the last october two young women were stabbed to death at a train station in march say a former british intelligence officer says the fact that the gunman was under police surveillance exposes wider failures. of the past that we're seeing emerging across europe over the last few years of people carrying out these low tech type of attacks with high. rates. of course on the radar of at least the police if
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not indeed of the intelligence agencies that for some reason they're not being watched carefully enough they're not being monitored carefully enough and being followed around. and they're allowed to get more radicalized and carry out these are pulling teeth it's hard to see what will france can do i mean they had a state of emergency declared after the massacre and attacks all the palaces still there in france they just change the name they change the terminology and yet those powers are still preventing the security agencies and police from protecting their french citizens so i feel see how much more they can do. the turkish president to extend a military offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria. remember i told you we can they will flee we will chase the work and with our friend p. k. k. went to singe i will go there to operations that have become. president everyone says turkish forces will soon move to take control of the kurdish stronghold of
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tolerate thought which is in syria's aleppo province this is where civilians as well as kurdish militia fighters fled after turkey seized the afrin and the turkish advance against kurdish forces will not stop their president everyone says his army will go after the kurds in the region of iraq says it is targeting the kurdish why p.g. and p k k which it considers to be terrorist organizations now turkey's operation all of branch was launched at the end of january with turkish forces entering syria's our friend region despite fierce resistance from the kurdish militants turkish forces seized the city of afrin in mid march the president says more than thirty seven hundred terrorists have been killed during the operation the crackdown has forced one hundred seventy thousand civilians to flee the city according to the u.n. now a turkish affairs analyst told us the army is trying to cut kurdish groups off from each other. do they actually turkey trying to push the border just by getting
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cooperation. from the turkish perspective why. from the point. i'm actually to me i think if you. take care what. so you call the coalition of white p.j. strong you don't need and also cite. the forces on the east. the diplomatic standoff between the u.k. and russia as created this week with twenty three diplomats from each country expelled this followed the poisoning of former double agent assegais screw paul and his daughter in england three weeks ago investigation is still underway. british officials have repeatedly pointed the finger at the russian government and on thursday the prime minister asked the e.u. to back her up it was highly likely that russia was responsible for one thing that the current analysis is already very well grounded and nobody questions that
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everyone was also indicate didn't do willingness to develop for us russia's concerns about the relations we have different positions different. interests political landscape in europe to us russia and this is why it's not so easy to keep that. twenty eight. group. together the kremlin has rejected all claims of involvement calling the poisoning an act of terrorism russia has also offered to cooperate with the u.k. in the investigation the u.k. foreign secretary boyce johnson has been among russia's harshest critics even agreeing with nazi comparisons i mean parliamentary. because the roads like to go. he didn't go the way he leaves the mountain thirty six of them here so i think the
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comparison with mikey these exist is certainly right moscow considers this kind of statements made under the level of the foreign secretary in your way and acceptable and totally irresponsible. the british government discreet to make a decision about dissipation in the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated nazis and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did he goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war which runs including those of the arctic cold voice which share this opinion. after that condemnation from the russian ambassador the russian and embassy in the u.k. posted this photo it shows the england football team and giving the north the
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salute before a friendly match with germany in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight. the russia campaign is even making its way into british schools as artie's an associate you're going to reports. what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of the day is an online news service that is used by one in three u.k. schools teachers my variance from subscribing schools user articles and activities across all subjects for lessons homework research. here's one handed to torreon provided by the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west ouch and among questions to discuss is putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was discussed.
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to help students out topics like the ongoing five scandal where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outrage milly smirks and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the words marks surely this teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are also if you're a military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force in a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well of plotting the downfall of western democracy also laid out as food for thought a you decide section let students consider the following questions as putin the most dangerous man in the world to the cold war ever end as well as what impression
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does putin give about what russia is like the day help students develop information literacy and critical thinking and prepares them for the challenges ahead in the ever changing world critical thinking is key the toxic putin class is dismissed and as i say churkin our party wanted. the kremlin spokesperson dmitri peskov told a russian t.v. channel that britain's campaign against russia is unparalleled it in your new what we're seeing now is unprecedented affront really there's never been a case where a country is being accused of something which the accusers cannot even articulate themselves and they're not even trying to articulate it or i can say is this whole case is unprecedented it verges on a sort of gangsterism in international affairs as to what's behind this it's either the ukase internal issues all the problems london may be facing in relation with its allies or maybe something else that's probably none of our business we're focused on how to handle this provocation president putin is keeping a cool head in this situation and unlike his british counterpart isn't going beyond
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diplomatically appropriate rhetoric putin laid out his position of the very beginning he said our internal affairs are our first and foremost priority and the poisoning incident happened on british soil you have to first get your facts straight at home before firing off accusations. facebook founder mark zuckerberg has taken out a series of ads in sunday's newspapers in the u.s. and britain apologizing for failing to protect users data it follows claims that the private information of tens of millions of people was quoted without their permission and exploited for political gain jacqueline volga has more. several u.k. and american newspapers featured full page apologies from facebook boss mark zuckerberg the ad states this was a breach of trust and i'm sorry while promising to do better in the future that's after having written a post online about the changes the company will be making and saying facebook has learned its lesson during a c.n.n. interview we need to make sure that there aren't any other cambridge general
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because out there right or folks who have improperly access data you know we need to make sure that we don't make that mistake ever again but not everyone is buying what sucker berg is selling this cartoonist gave his response is a big thumbs down mocking the statements more than anything it reads i'm sorry that we've been forced to stop ignoring these data breaches and they aren't alone in thinking that facebook has some explaining to do soccer has been called to testify both in the u.s. and the u.k. on the situation now the whole scandal is centered around the british data gathering firm called cambridge analytic dated they collected was involved in donald trump's presidential campaign and possibly others as well the whole story blew up when it came to light that the company allegedly mined fifty million facebook profiles for its operations while its parent company was reportedly involved in psycho social studies for the u.k. defense ministry cambridge analytical is now under investigation its offices have been raided and its chief executive has been suspended the company denies any and
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all wrongdoing the scandal has also led to a backlash against the social network facebook's share price plunged to a four year low and the company is now facing multiple lawsuits from shareholders over on twitter meanwhile the house to delete facebook has been trending with some high profile people joining in as the fear of breach privacy is at the front of everyone's minds the end point is being missed here it's not cambridge analytic it's the fact that facebook is a tool a proxy if you will of that government and it just. it it was it was conceived it sued darpa to see. money this this phase oh i do think they use the information against their are you kidding me facebook apple everything that we do is basically sucking up every bit of information and we have this by the two major firms at the center of the data scandal having roots in
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america and the u.k. a c.n.n. report has tied the story to russia. as commentary. imagine being a liberal a democrat and being stuck in a trump presidency for a year is it must be horrible waking up every day guessing that what russia has songe bought because have cooked up the day cambridge analytic i had powerful connections to candidate trump including one time top advisor steve bannon and billionaire donor robert mercer so presidential son in law jared cushion or and consultant brad parr scale brought in the company which is now accused of utilizing data from fifty million facebook users without permission facebook was how donald trump was going to win wait a sec something's wrong where's the bad guy who do we blame this on. there it
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is questions are also swirling about a possible link to russian metal cambridge c.e.o. reached out to julian a songs of wiki leaks seeking access to e-mails from hillary clinton's private server there's no evidence ricky leaks had such information but wiki leaks was releasing e-mails from the computers of other democrats which authorities say were hacked by russians and another trump advisor roger stone great innings i actually communicated with this what how do you even make the connection what's your logic if someone speaks to a songe their russian agent there is zero connection here other than the word russia being in every other sentence there is only one explanation c.n.n. report must have been put together by a random generator literally this explanation makes more sense than cnn's report at savage the d.n.c.
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oil trump the russians cambridge had because we've got the key words just fill this. basis with whatever he also directly message to russian hacker he says he did nothing wrong and despite another claim that cambridge had ties to a russian oil company the campaign insists there were never any links to russia are you comfortable that the trunk campaign through their cameras analytical had a connection to wiki leaks. they did have a connection of wiki leaks let me demonstrate if you are of average height and your birthday is in july you are closely tied to a sound see how easy it is let's do this again if you like snow and the russians like snow you are aligned with russia or if you want lots of money and all the guards have lots of money you are susceptible to russian
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influence it's all nonsense but who cares it's about getting the keywords out there about confusing and confounding not explaining or investigating keywords people keywords the russians everywhere. and there it is to watch arch international be back with more the weekly in about thirty minutes and thirty seconds there with. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action i don't like. that. i see these organizations which are all usually
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split into which we feel different names how do you view that. complex web of british fascism. fundamentally the united states and russia are have been for decades to scorpions in a bottle each capable of destroying the other but all the at the price of being destroyed itself. said well these weapons will overcome u.s. missile defenses u.s. missile defenses were totally ineffective against russian forces already so they'll be more effective against russian forces.


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