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tv   News  RT  March 27, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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you. thousands demand justice for the victims of a huge shopping center fire in the russian city of perm or of that which left sixty four people dead on sunday you know. the answer to just if you think it's too close to the person visits the city to pay his respects to the victims promising that those responsible will face justice. people gather across russia to commemorate those who lost their lives as all parties declare wednesday a day of national mourning. and in other news moscow says it won't tolerate abortionists and will respond to
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a dozen countries worldwide expelled russian diplomats in a show of solidarity with britain which blames moscow for the poisoning of a former double agent. to own. a warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me becky aaron good to have you with us this hour now our top story anger has been mounting in the central russian city of camera for where thousands of protesters have been calling for the resignation of the regional government sixty four people including many children were killed in an inferno and a shopping center there on sunday demonstrators say the local of dorothy's response to the fire was not good enough they're demanding answers on justice for the victims of the tragedy will rally right throughout the day repeatedly chanting the word truth some claim the number of deaths is. being downplayed and that eighty
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five people are still missing. president putin flew out to siberia earlier laid flowers at a makeshift memorial outside the shopping complex he also met survivors in hospital and gave his personal on the disaster. when you hear for the first time how many people die their children die so you don't just want to cry if you want to scream. but after you hear what's happening here frankly you feel very different just because. well the region's governor in particular has been facing harsh criticism for failing to address the protest as he reportedly apologized for the tragedy and a call to the president however his deputy asked the crowds for forgiveness you don't you get more you know because when you're going to go to the. street ya go out those good old shit that i did yeah yeah get out the old stuff just give him
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a little bit the thank you that doesn't yeah sure especially the christian experience if you look up over the floor but there's just no no you go under your feet in egypt yes well look you know you did you get your cards. and you. people were out protesting on camera for as main square for over ten hours on tuesday it pushed on authors in the city for us has been talking to locals about what happened. there emotional. and probably the perfect metaphor to sum up one question on everybody's mind in one way or another or another is that this kid. should be farther from the truth the mother ship the sleep the signal to work in the tower if you. recently if. you go there you're listening to
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a visit the first let's look at the time on your book the first time out here for the federal civil liberty medical something for such good political system so it is not at least what good has come up clearly the emotion here the emotion level is borderline hysterical people want to know why why the five prevention system didn't work the white people had to break through fire exits the very bad student were supposed to lead people to safety were locked soon people had to leave show. windows for their lives running for their lives they wanted to know why the person know all the shopping mall is not trained how to behave how to help people he said such an emergency show he said of helping they actually hampered the rescue efforts . there i ran upstairs cinema stuff didn't let me say they pushed me my daughter
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asked me why no one was saving her i asked if i meant to do something but he just stared. around two third floor firemen stood there doing nothing in front of the door my door to tell me that she loved me and that she was suffocating i told her to get down on the floor and back her not to die the children are there it isn't a matter of how many are dead now unless we change something hundreds of others could die this is of course is only a portion of experiences inside that shopping mall talking to people here talking to survivors we know that security guards actually often warn people about the beginning fine and we've heard some stories of security guards heroically carrying children out of the blaze now another very important thing people want to know hayes is whether or not the authorities are lowering down the number of the dead in the blaze because. everyone we've talked to from taxi drivers to bystanders passers
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by and people who brought flowers to the vigil all seem to believe that the actual number of people who died in the blaze could reach three hundred and five hundred people and that their thirty's are trying to shoot down so to speak some people went to the morgue to see for with their own eyes whether or not the rumor is true and here's here's basically the two different points of view on this the authorities claim that sixty four bodies were found and a few are missing some numbers are not that high and. no one believes that. why because it was a sunday there were a lot of people it was a school holiday free movie tickets were handed out people arrived on tour buses that is widely known information yet luckily i was at the morgue on volgograd street there are sixty seven bodies there sixty four of them from the shopping center burned bodies three others are not related to that incident there are
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a lot of children that. landed here in camera in the morning and he has already laid flowers at the vigil and talked to some of the citizens to comfort them over their loss he wanted another post on the phone lines like he said i'm going to check in with you because with a mission from mr i mean you couldn't do it. looking forward to missions like you know you know what his future looks a little bit yeah i would be fucking the president bush and then he says his words were code by the deputy governor also promised for everything to be out there in the open the russian investigative committee is in its turn putting under arrest five people who they had earlier detained in connection with the blaze now among those people is the owner of the shopping mall the fire safety chief and one of the security guards right now it looks that everything is being done to bring all those
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responsible to justice the blaze and camera is one of the deadliest in russia in living memory it took firefighters over seventeen hours to extinguish it the shopping complex was completely gutted by the inferno and huge sections of the roof collapsed here's a closer look at how the catastrophe unfolded. them the don't ask but. what if i see that you sent. years ago usually musician if. you get it was understood it was that so if you knew .
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for rule youngsters a visit to the big city is always an adventure these twelve year old classmates went to town and they went bowling ice skating so the cinema it would be their last adventure. if. this. committee. you know. we didn't use it. dozens and dozens dead but they aren't just numbers they all had names lives all the compensation in the world won't cover their family's loss especially given that so many of the victims were children masha was there with her grandmother and she only turned ten last week and posted this photo in line exactly a decade is all she got in this world. both she and her grandmother
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perished. tiana an english teacher she was there with her daughter who survived that got out of the building before hearing that others was still trapped she went to help rescue who she could strangers but she never came back out you were the best teacher in the world right her former students you didn't deserve this we will all remember you stood up to its annual list of. what you did. little rats aboard pictured here with his mom and dad she wasn't with them but imagine her pain when she had to identify the bodies of her child and husband or even surviving is easy.
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some say he jumped others that his father threw him out of the window in a desperate effort to save his little boy before succumbing to the smoke him self his parents and little sister. there are too many to mention here but the point is made a list of names is one thing but it's only when you get to know them just a little that the depth of this tragedy really hits you. we do have an update on the boy who jumped from a four story window to escape the flames he was put into a medically induced coma due to the severity of his injuries but is now conscious again however he doesn't yet know that he lost both of his parents and his little sister in the fire. but wednesday has been declared a national day of mourning in russia dozens of cities across the country have announced a commemorative gathering through tuesday evening our city's medina caution of
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every visit one of the events from the capital moscow while this is just one of the two of vans there that are taking place here and the russian capital to commemorate the victims of the deadly police in the city of camera here in the downtown of moscow just over looking around when crowds of people keep coming in and they're bringing flowers and many are bringing candles now we see different people here mostly young people and students must work you know we're not over here in the capital so we do expect to see more people coming in later today there's going to be another advantage you please just a walking distance away from here so we do expect to see more people later and moscow is not the only city where remembrance service is taking place there actually taking place across the country as it is a very difficult moment for the whole nation a horrible the tragic events took place on sunday and people are shocked not only in russia but across the world and people in israel hungary
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a store near ukraine and other countries around the world have also been laying flowers outside russian embassies flowers were also laid in the former soviet republics of kyrgyzstan and to g.q. stone. we are of course continuing to follow developments in the aftermath of the tragedy in southern siberia just to remind you is sixty four lives on known to have been lost in the blaze at the winter cherry shopping center many of the dead were children recovery teams are continuing to work in the burned out complex meanwhile i'm greedy grief stricken locals have been demanding answers from the oath or ities president putin has visited the area and promised that everyone responsible for the tragedy will be brought to justice was. was.
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welcome back now two dozen western governments are sending home between them over one hundred russian diplomats the explosions are to show solidarity with the u.k. which accuses moscow of orchestrating the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter earlier this month the british foreign secretary has thanked his country's allies for the coordinated response i've got a number of discussions with card courts across the e.u. the u.s. and elsewhere which has helped foster and on precedented robust international response police recruits russian art. let's get more details now from our correspondent and they should be good to see you could you talk us through boris
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johnson statement we just heard some of it bad very strong words to use one day yes so following the mass expulsions of russian diplomats the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson appears before m.p.'s out westminster and he concluded that the u.k. has a number of discussions with the e.u. and the u.s. which helped with this international response now he welcomes the quote considerable gesture from the countries that have made this decision and this is very similar response actually to the u.k. prime ministers to reserve may hoop of full commended this unified response and she said though that more needs to be done in response to russia's alleged act of aggression she also says the u.k. stands shoulder to shoulder with the e.u. and nato and ask for nato we've really been hearing mixed messages from the secretary general let's take a listen. we do want a new cold war. today. there i could tell you all the
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servants stall of the russian mission to nato. the pending. request for three others so the nato secretary general has decided to reduce the size of the russian mission to nato by a third it and it really begs the question though of how nato is going to prevent a cold war because this explosion is anything but friendly and the russian foreign minister has responded to this wave of expulsion saying russia will not tolerate these measures but that it will replied don't you worry no one would be willing to tolerate such britishness not either on monday more than one hundred russian diplomats were expelled from a number of countries but there are countries though that have said they have no intention of expelling russian diplomats these
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a member states include austria greece portugal it's a list actually of eleven countries that perhaps want to keep this open dialogue with russia is something that the presidents of the e.u. commission stressed last week at the e.u. summit that new zealand their house come forth in red after running a few background checks on their brush and that's let's take a listen to what they have think. the people who are being exposed being undeclared by large undeclared intelligence offices we've done a cheek a new zealand we don't have russian and declared intelligence officers here if we did we would expel them. looking stateside though it appears that the u.s. is perhaps escalating this conflict in spearheading this process the u.s. government says expelling sixty russian diplomats that's the largest amount out of all the countries let's take a listen now to what the white house had to say. president spoke with many foreign leaders our european allies and others and encourage them to join the
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united states in this. in this announcement so we've heard that the white house that has effectively admitted that donald trump was behind these expulsions a coordinated response to an attack that happens when you case oil and he says that they thank you for those details. of russia's ambassador to the e.u. vladimir chairs of joined me earlier to give his view on the scruple case. why do you think such a far reaching punitive decisions are being taken long before the investigation into this case is over started with the british government. blaming russia for this tragic incident not the only before the investigation was completed but before it even started. i don't know whether they showed any evidence because if they had david dense of the should of for
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according to the their obligations under the. convention on probation of chemical weapons the first show with the russian federation which they didn't european commission president as uncle gunter says europe needs to have an open channel of communication with moscow but if they're expelling dozens of diplomats here are they going to talk to the expulsions that you mentioned they were all they can national level by individual member states of the european union and some other countries and they will add here that i don't think the british government. is. should be satisfied with this because they are now saying that. of the fake that so many countries have shown solidarity of with britain by through the expulsion of russian diplomats. if you look at the picture actually they have
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been. they have managed to split the european union in a way that russia never could oh never intended to because half of member states did not support that view of the u.k. and did not follow with similar measures white house spokesperson said it was donald trump who effectively. byrd's e.u. countries into action against russia where all of the driving seat is i believe the most comfortable seat to seat for the us. diplomacy to be in it doesn't always managed to be there. and to act in a diplomatic way unfortunately i would say that this latest a direction hysteria over the solsbury incident. is certainly
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serves as a tool to prop up. the position of individual e.u. member states in favor of continuing this iran years sanctions policy towards russia. an investigation into facebook's now infamous data breach has been launched by the us federal trade commission fifty million accounts are said to have been targeted by the political consulting firm cambridge analysts iker and its parent company now legs have emerged between them and high profile british politicians and even royalty and startling figure explains . at this point you've likely heard of cambridge analytic the company at the center of a media storm who's accused of using massive amounts of stolen facebook users data to influence elections around the world but what about its parent company c l a british behavioral research and strategic communications firm if you take
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a look at the key figures at s.c.l. you can't miss the connections between the company's board and britain's political military and even royal establishment first there's their sea nigel oaks. oaks comes from a military family and is one of the company's founders he made headlines back in the eighty's during his reported courtship of lady helen windsor the daughter of one of the queen's cousins he once said this about his work before his time at s.c.l. . we use the same techniques as aristotle and hitler we appeal to people on an emotional level to get them to agree on a functional level then there's lord ivor mountbatten. a direct descendant of queen victoria third cousin of queen elizabeth the second and a member of a sales advisory board according to bloomberg we also have roger dad who's listed as the company's director. a former british
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special forces officer turned millionaire roger gabbed has donated around seven hundred thousand pounds to the conservative party over the last decade however it is important to note that in the wake of the scandal reports have surfaced that his involvement in s.c.l. and it last year and last but not least there's julian wieland chairman of the. head of the two thousand and fifteen general election we posted a photo of him campaigning with then prime minister david cameron perhaps unsurprisingly his twitter accounts been unavailable since last week now all of these names are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connections between sci. well and the british political establishment and serious concerns on that front have already been raised by the opposition in westminster as well as in the media theresa may called the allegations very concerning and downing street has since disclosed three previous contracts with the s.c.l. group but says there aren't any currently active tires i'm aware the government has
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no current contracts with cambridge an analyst with the with the i.c.l. group we've been in touch with the group for comment as well as the individuals named in that report and says we have anything back up we'll keep you posted independent journalist martin summers told us he thinks the companies have to show transparency it's the revelations that we made by channel four in the observer is showing as it were the hidden leaves of power in britain where you've got these extremely powerful companies which are engaged in electoral malpractise basically with their links to the tory party and their donors and also c.l. is strongly linked to the intelligence services as a kind of revolving door between the people involved in these companies which which are engaged in public relations and you've got to remember that they're not the only base in the jungle there are other companies the less well known who will be working with them in a way that's fair enough and in politicians do require it's you know professional
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advice about influencing public opinion the question is where's the where is the long to be drawn between that and i write psychological warfare what we need to do with this situation is unraveling the sweater the know the more we pull the string the more things we're going to find out because elections have been shamelessly manipulated and politics shamelessly manipulated by wealthy individuals working through the intelligence services of private companies connected to them and ordinary people need to know what's going on. thanks for choosing r.t. international we'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines. from the fool and a little to the beloved blow them up oh. oh most of us going to going to give them a look ahead good luck and
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later on. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton. and coming up there's been some rapid expansion in the hotel industry both in the u.s. and around the globe will talk hotel with the word or did the president and founder of straw mark plus or some reaction from china to the trump tariffs we'll have an expert panel of alex mahela bichon caleb moment give us the latest and sort some of it out all that ahead but first let's get to some.


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