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there is every reason to believe these same people will translate their hostility into even military action the war cabinet is mobilizing. large crowds gather across russia to more the victims of the huge shopping center fire in camera which killed sixty four on sunday meantime in that city itself. thousands rallied to demand answers and justice for those who died calling for the resignation of the regional government. here. and in other news tonight the british prime minister welcomes what she calls an actor's solidarity as two dozen countries expelled russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy moscow continues to deny the claims that it was responsible and promise is a firm response. hello
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my name's kevin oh it's eleven pm here in moscow you with international this tuesday night thanks for your company the main story dominating our coverage russia continues to mourn the victims of the shopping center inferno in the siberian city of camera over the weekend vigils have been held across the country today with people bringing toys and flowers to makeshift memorials sunday's tragedy claimed sixty four lives including those of many children. that. each. take kids and this is when the. push to stop where. we don't leap in the kids. these are the same sense from the streets in central moscow there on the c.v. where the mood was extremely somber thousands were vigil there including families with children who couldn't get to the improvised memorial have been put up to lay
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down flowers and toys and tribute as you can see were passing them forward to others closer to the. put in a coach never a correspondent was there as well. we're here in the center of moscow as you can see here hundreds of people came to commemorate the victims of the deadly blaze and the city of camera now this square seems not to be enough to feed everyone complaints to be a part of this event you know many people came here with their children a lot of people brought flowers some came here was the wide balloons that have been released into the sky up paying respects to the victims of that horrible tragedy now we managed to speak to some people who came to the downtown of the capital this tuesday morning the could come with these just cooked the books to whom this is just to. believe. the good with this is to a rational. looking version of the postcard pretty to do with the birth of the
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cross and the kids are going to see pushed up to show. the city is just a symbol is to come for your charity richard i'm going to forgive dictator should they wish to on the just quit. or just to put you. to the moment but it was you don't come board which you would go to produce we keep. there were a lot of people here but then in a couple of hours the atmosphere here at this event started to change and became to staying late political now there was a group of people that started to shout different slogans they were protesting against the current russian government they were also calling for the governor of the canada region this is where the tragedy to place to step down earlier and other events took place by the walls of the kremlin where as well a lot of people came very bringing flowers and lighting candles it is
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a very difficult moment for the whole country as this horrible tragedy has shaken everyone and not only. the end because he had been around the world when his days been declared a day of mourning national mourning in russia although more than thirty cities held vigils on choose day as well some drivers also sounded their horns in tribute to those who lost their lives. and pictures from elsewhere in russia on your screens now where people again have been commemorating the dead standing in solidarity with what's happened in central russia they released balloons they lit candles and they left notes of remembrance. and further afield to some unity around the world people in israel in hungary stonie ukraine and other countries have been laying flowers outside russian embassies flowers are also laid in the former soviet republics of kurdistan and to stan. meantime anger has been growing at the epicenter of all this in kenya of
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itself thousands massed in the city center on tuesday demanding justice for the victims and the resignation of the regional government that really lasted for twelve hours. was that was. that was. that your we worked with when you want to know what. that was. a very emotional and they want on susan probably the perfect metaphor to sum up one question on everybody's mind in one way or another or another is that this kid. should be farther from the truth the mother ship the sleep the emotion here the emotion level is borderline hysterical people want to know why why the fire prevention system didn't work why people had to break through fire exits. i ran
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upstairs cinema stuff didn't let me say who pushed melissa day my daughter asked me why no one was saving her past the fireman to do something but he just stared. around two third floor firemen stood there do nothing in front of the door my daughter saw me that she loved me and that she was suffocating i told her to get down on the floor and backs her not to die the children our dear it isn't a matter of how many are dead now to kill you unless we change something hundreds of others could die if you don't do stupid boy in the future when you've got your back good luck to ya go do all those good job shit that i did yeah yeah yeah yeah the love never thank you for that because it just so yeah sure we're still going to see all the things that make up well that of course but there's yet another young girl you exhibit here that was hurt and you could use it right
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afterwards. and you know. this is of course is only a portion of the experiences inside that shopping mall talking to people here talking to survivors we know that security guards are actually all. we warned people about the beginning fine and we've heard some stories of security guards heroically carrying children out of the blaze now another very important thing people want to know hayes whether or not the authorities are lowering down the number of the dead in the blaze because. everyone we've talked to from taxi drivers to bystanders passers by and people who brought flowers to the vigil all seem to believe that the actual number of people who died in the blaze could reach three hundred and five hundred people and that the authorities are trying to shoot down so to speak some people went to the morgue to see with their own eyes whether or not the rumor is true and here's here's basically the two different
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points of view on this the authorities claim that sixty four bodies were found and a few are missing so numbers are not that high and. no one believes that's why because it was a sunday there were a lot of people it was a school holiday free movie tickets were handed out to people arrived on tour buses that is widely known information yet luckily i was at the morgue on volgograd street there are sixty seven bodies there sixty four of them from the shopping center that burned bodies three others are not related to that incident people exchange information and say that you shouldn't believe the numbers it's not sixty four it's three hundred so it creates a chain everyone shares it also show media messages video and screen shots appear but there is a huge possibility that some of the video is not from the shopping center but from another fire some people are exaggerating it to my putin who landed here in camera
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in the morning and he has already laid flowers at the vigil and talked to some of the citizens to comfort them over their lost son of the pope for the first time to like he's going to check in with you but with a question from mr interview with him if you are. looking forward to a mission you know you know with just a little bit yeah i would hope only president bush and that she's single. it seems a catalogue of circumstances led to the instant having such tragic consequences as that fire raged at the control of fire prevention system the complex didn't work no sirens were heard emergency exits were locked leaving people with no alternative but to try and escape from upper floor windows at some points staff at the shopping center trying to assess customers but also rumors too that others allegedly prevented some people from leaving the building one teenager's been describing how he personally saved three children.
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i could not see anything due to the thing my black smoke then i went into the next shot i heard children crime moaning i ran in in the corner there were three children two girls and boy i think the boy to my waist is in my belt you held on to me to the girls by the scruff of the neck and i carried them out towards. the blazing camera for is one of the deadliest in russia in living memory it took firefighters over seventeen hours to extinguish it the shopping center was completely gutted by the inferno huge sections of the roof collapsed is a closer look at how it all unfolded. from the guinness pov. what do i see that you sent
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him. years ago usually it's music if. you get it wasn't just because it's a few. hours was. most of them from. i am. still exists or to see it as if. it is.
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the same. for youngsters a visit to the big city is always an adventure these twelve year old classmates went to town and they went bowling ice skating so the cinema it would be their last adventure. if you teach them this. committee. dozens and dozens dead but they aren't just numbers they all had names lives all the compensation in the world won't cover their family's loss especially
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given that so many of the victims were children masha was there with her grandmother and she only turned ten last week and posted this photo in line exactly a decade is all she got in this world. both she and her grandmother perished. tiana an english teacher she was there with her daughter who survived that yana got out of the building before hearing that others was still trapped she went to help rescue who she could strangers but she never came back out you were the best teacher in the world right or former students you didn't deserve this we will all remember you stood out of it to your willingness to do. what you did. little rats aboard pictured here with his
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mom and dad she wasn't with them but imagine her pain when she had to identify the bodies of her child and husband or even surviving is easy. some say he jumped others that his father threw him out of the window in a desperate effort to save his little boy before succumbing to the smoke himself his parents and little sister. there are too many to mention here but the point is made a list of names is one thing but it's only when you get to know them just a little that the depth of this tragedy really hits you. was. was that we have got to do this a little as i said in the house yesterday this isn't just
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a matter of the u.k.'s position and working with you case i think in the national security interests of the individual countries concerned so theresa may has appeared in front of the parliamentary liaison committee following the mass exposed expulsion of russian diplomats now she commended the rising number of countries that have expelled diplomats commending this unified response from the countries she says it's not just in the interest of the u.k. but internationally as well now in the past a reason may has also reiterated that more needs to be done in response to russia's alleged doctor of aggression on. his daughter yulia she said the u.k. stands shoulder to shoulder with the e.u. and nato for nato though we've really been haring mixed messages from the secretary general we do not want a new cold war. today. that i could tell you all the servants stoff the russian mission to nato.
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the pending. request for three others so the secretary general has decided to reduce its russian mission to nato by a fit it really begs the question of how nato is going to prevent a cold war because this expulsion is anything but friendly the russian foreign minister has also responded to the waves of expulsion saying that russia won't tolerate these measures but that it will replied then she warry no one would be willing so it's all right so it's. not either on monday more than one hundred russian diplomats were expelled from a number of countries it's the largest collective expulsion of russian diplomats in history now that all countries though that have said they will not be taking action and not expelling any russian diplomats monk this list austria greece portugal perhaps they want to keep an open dialogue with russia something that the president
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of the commission struck in his summit last week but new zealand have come full though and after reading a few background checks that russian diplomats this is what new zealand have to say to the people who are being expelled of being undeclared by large undeclared intelligence offices we've done a cheek a new zealand we don't have russian undeclared intelligence officers here if we did we would expel them looking stateside though it seems that the u.s. is escalating the conflict with months ago when spearheading this process that the u.s. government is expelling sixty russian diplomats now that's the largest number of all the countries taking action there let's listen to washington's response now the president spoke with many foreign leaders our european allies and others and encourage them to join the united states in this. in this announcement and looking at the response it appears that the white house has effectively admitted that
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donald trump was behind these expulsions despite the attack. happening on u.k. soil. germany's proposing that the e.u. should do away with one of its cornerstone principles that members must not vote unanimously for certain laws and policies to pass berlin fears that stipulation risks letting the block these days and wants to adopt instead qualified majority voting the chiefs get right behind it too in order to be able to act credibly on the global stage we have to simplify our decision making process says it cannot be that we always have to decide by anonymity when it comes to foreign and defense policies at the moment when the e.u. votes on particularly sensitive topics like taxation or accepting new members etc all states must agree before any changes can be adopted the principle also applies to decisions relating to the e.u. security and foreign policies but over the years seems trying to get every e.u. member on board has got in the way of that if e.g.
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in twenty sixteen greece and hungary refused to read reference china in a statement on the south china sea territorial dispute that in twenty seventeen history repeated itself again with greece in hungary blocking resolutions against china on two separate occasions believe or most of former vice head of the pan european security organization the o.s.c. he spoke to us and things germany and france just want to force other countries into submission here. going for. the causes of my. in your mood and of my government. since. fifteen into our hunger in two hours are mainly. because these countries are not willing to accept these people who are in our country but they want to see laws. just
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to make it possible by. german decisions of. do all of all of the independence of poland hungary. next whistleblower says the data from cambridge analytic may have swayed britain's brecht's it referendum christopher wylie who work for the company made the claim of a u.k. parliamentary hearing i am absolutely convinced that there was a common plan and common purpose with vote leave be leave the d. and veterans for britain why is it that all the started this company that has never worked on anything but generally the project that had no public presence somehow became the primary service provider to all these supposedly independent in different campaign you cannot call yourself a lever you cannot call yourself somebody who believes in british law and and win by breaking british law in order to achieve. cambridge lives because work has
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dragged facebook of course into the rather over the use of personal data of late an investigation into the social networks now been launched by the us federal trade commission fifty million accounts is said to have been targeted by cambridge analytic and its parent company i spoke to keith best a campaigner for greater integration and reform of the e.u. he says it'll be hard though to determine exactly how much influence was exerted up to that big. to the trouble is it's going to be very difficult to prove the nexus between any kind of illegal activity and people actually being persuaded to vote in a way that they might not otherwise have done it's going to leave a lost the smell over the whole campaign and the result of the referendum only inferring this both sides of the campaign were were entertaining. people's fears and trying to engage them in that way but you know tried to distill forty years more than forty years of close involvement with the you into
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a yes no answer in a referendum was a crazy thing to do in the first place links of all submerged between cambridge analytical and a high profile british politician even royalty is jacqueline explained. at this point you've likely heard of cambridge analytic the company at the center of a media storm who's accused of using massive amounts of stolen facebook users data to influence elections around the world but what about its parent company c l a british behavioral research and strategic communications firm if you take a look at the key figures that s.c.l. you can't miss the connections between the company's board and britain's political military and even royal establishment first there's their c.e.o. nigel oakes. ochs comes from a military family and is one of the company's founders he made headlines back in the eighty's during his reported courtship of lady helen windsor the daughter of one of the queen's cousins he once said this about his work before his time at
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s.c.l. . we use the same techniques as aristotle and hitler we appeal to people on an emotional level to get them to agree on a functional level then there's lord ivor mountbatten. a direct descendant of queen victoria third cousin of queen elizabeth the second and a member of a sales advisory board according to bloomberg we also have roger dad who's listed as the company's director. a former british special forces officer turned millionaire roger gabbed has donated around seven hundred thousand pounds to the conservative party over the last decade however it is important to note that in the wake of the scandal reports have surfaced that his involvement in s.c.l. and it last year and last but not least there's julian wieland chairman of the.
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head of the two thousand and fifteen general election we posted a photo of him campaigning with then prime minister david cameron perhaps unsurprisingly his twitter accounts been unavailable since last week now all these names are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to connections between s.c.l. . and the british political establishment and serious concerns on that front have already been raised by the opposition in westminster as well as in the media theresa may called the allegations very concerning and downing street has since disclosed three previous contracts with the s.t.l. group but says there aren't any currently active fires i'm aware the government has no current contracts with. the. group. i can tell you we've been in touch with the group for comment as well as the individuals named here assumes we are anything but as yet we will keep most of them of the coming days. united states you and i buster isn't known for mincing of words when it comes to russia of late in the latest comments the new busted moscow over
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how it handled serious cease fire negotiations at the un cullom open report from new york when the fifteen member body that leaves the united nations convened we heard from u.s. ambassador nikki haley now as she often does she began to make accusations against russia she accused russia of deception hypocrisy and brutality but from there her remarks took a rather interesting turn she went off on kind of a tangent in her remarks referring to what she said was diplomats leaving the room to call the syrian regime and if you watched closely during the negotiations we could see our russian friends constantly leaving the room to confirm with their syrian counterparts. the possibilities for what was going on are only two. either russia was informing their syrian colleagues about the content of the negotiations or russia was taking directions from the syrian colleagues about the
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content of the negotiations now the russian ambassador to the united nations and in benghazi he took to the floor and responded to the accusations from nikki haley with some rather clear facts about what's taking place on the ground in eastern guta and he pointed to the solid achievements of the russian sponsored humanitarian pause he pointed out that one hundred twenty one thousand civilians have been able to leave of their own free will and get out of the areas where the fighting is taking place he also described the fact that russia is providing food and medicine to those who've been forced to flee the area and help from there he went on to be quite critical of how the un security council meetings are being conducted and what does essentially a blame game being used by certain countries at the council this isn't a bad. move so that the present post and some members of the u.n. security council prefer to spend time on passionate speeches and allowed to make and shaky claims towards russia that's broadwood to come up with their own ruach
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tends to do anything good for the implementation of resolution one we just don't seem to believe that some external donors are losing interest in supporting people from the region switch and pulling on the syrian government control we're getting signals from some capitals there's a need to help opposition and. it's unclear what will happen next but it it's pretty clear that the position of russia is that the united states should be using these meetings for the purpose of trying to actually help the civilians who are in harm's way not for making unproven and shaky accusations against different countries and placing blame when so many civilians are in danger and do need the real assistance and attention of the security council. meantime another story still sensitive new york put different people have been rallying against. in the united states rolls in yemen's civil war which marks three months three years rather this
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month hawkins takes up the story. here many civil war has been described as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in decades it will surprise all parties involved want a swift effective resolution or so they say dog to reinvigorate. the revolution or in yemen and leave you with regard to work together for the stability of the region more likely to mean security for saudi arabia specifically and prince mohammed bin sell mine has been in the u.s. shopping for another huge arms contract missiles spare parts maintenance support for the saudi air force worth over one billion dollars in terms of dollars three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty. million dollars there's been a review. perhaps this supporters part of the whole ending the war plan the
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peaceful resolution may come later and attempt in the u.s. senate to limit military support ultimately failed some will argue that american troops are not out there shooting and getting shot at not exchanging fire well. please tell that to the people of yemen whose homes and lives are being destroyed by weapons made in the usa on target chosen with u.s. assistance general mattis argues that sending less arms to the region could actually do more harm than good and interesting take given that amnesty international drew precisely the opposite conclusion citing a correlation between arms flows into the conflict hotspots and mounting civilian casualties well the u.s. ambassador to yemen does acknowledge his country's increased liability for the dire situation on the ground there is of course a more responsibility that we take on for the type of country we are and i think we
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feel more responsibility and so we do our best to ensure that weapons that we sell are used in accordance which we would want them to be used the question though of how exactly the u.s. military ensures their support stays in line with the u.s. values remains open does sit com track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of that mission senator we do not ok on the up side according to amass a tool or the saudis are making progress and learning less.


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