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amid escalating tensions with russia the u.k. adopts a new national security. terrorism. threats . and with many countries joining. in the action. in the irish capital. i think it's a needless threats to our sovereignty for the proof. i think it's. it's it's. who was recently. on the first arrests made in connection with the fire that killed
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sixty four people including forty one children in the russian city of. as the city enters a third day of mourning. mourning here at. the international. very warm welcome to you. increased tension between the u.k. and russia over the souls of. attack britain has adopted a new national security strategy with. islamist terrorism on its list of main threats the so-called fusion doctrine focuses on strengthening the armed forces but also emphasizes using a broader range of capabilities including intelligence and the economic tools to
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counter. russia as a threat and accused of engaging in a hybrid warfare. national security capabilities review that the british government released of course does not fail to mention russia it's a fifty two page document that talks about all sorts of threats and issues that the u.k. is faced with from cyber attacks to terrorism to crime to increasing all of the possible measures they can take to be able to take steps against all of those threats now among some of the means that the u.k. plans to use it when it comes to soft power is quote investing two hundred ninety one million pounds to twenty twenty in the b.b.c. world service to increase access to trusted news and information and they say that the soft power will be. used to project our values and our advance u.k.
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interests and indeed russia is mentioned in this report thirteen times the word russian is used nine times and it's being listed among threats such as north korea and iran this document goes on to say that the indiscriminate and reckless use of a military grade nerve agent on british soil was an unlawful use of force by the russian state they talk about a well established pattern of russian state aggression assess a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption including meddling in elections and of those are listed along with other acute threats as is being described such as islamic terrorism human trafficking piracy crime and instability . true gemayel prime minister actually in one paragraph she says to stretch this from islamic state north korea well nobody would argue that and then she says russia think we're right to review our security we have to review every country in
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this but to tag russia in with north korea and with islamic study i think she's out of step with the ordinary man and woman on the streets of the you know. kingdom come we'll all just please calm down what we need is the evidence if the evidence points clearly to russia i don't date to vladimir putin i'll be the first to calm them russia and him but we have not seen the evidence tension between russia and britain has been escalating for weeks following the poisoning of double agents could have fallen his daughter yulia in the city of souls bury both are now reportedly in a coma investigators now say the highest concentration of the suspected nerve agent used to know if a child was found at the script palls front door scotland yard detectives have reiterated that the probe may take months now a surrogate script as a former russian intelligence agent stripped of his rank office spying for the u.k. and jailed for espionage before being released or authorities say script pollin his
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daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent of a type produced in the soviet union now official power point slides have been leaked which form the basis on which the us and half of the e.u. supported britain's expulsion of russian diplomats they described the nerve agent allegedly used and blame russia for the attack of the so-called evidence includes claims of previous malicious activity by moscow these include cyber attacks alleged election interference and what the presentation calls the occupation of crimea while moscow does deny any involvement in the poisoning it's made a full request for the medical examination records of yulia scrip owl who is a russian citizen russia also kohl's the expulsion of diplomats a baseless sanction. now while many countries have expelled russian diplomats in solidarity with the u.k. not everyone agrees with the move among them m.p.'s in neighboring ireland which is
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also kicking out diplomats here asking us to trust buyers johnson and dare i say this might not be the wisest course of action we spoke to people in the irish capital about what they thought about the diplomatic expulsions relating to their script all cases. i think it's a needless threats to our sovereignty by a man who is thinking only of his legacy i've sort of looked for the proof and i haven't heard any definition to wait until it was proven i mean it's there's some messed up things going on on of the up stakes things with caution you know we're really a neutral country like what would we do i think if this case a neutral country and it's can be on it's just it's tolkien made some of what they're telling now that have got no reason to support the british security services or there were brought happened in so brief or for anything else but personally speaking i mean i think it was just gave me a risk of would act as a puppet sort of britain had
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a puppet of the british security services but this tells us something about the drift of european politics and the death of irish politics along with their european partners at the moment and i think it's a dangerous moment for lent as making a step into that and. i think it's a conduit always in your to a concrete started making a step away from neutrality and that has got ominous implications for the future foreign policy and indeed domestic policy of the republic. following last week's brutal killing of an elderly holocaust survivor the jewish community in france is sounding the alarm over the rise of anti semitism in the country tens of thousands of parisians took part in a silent march in honor of the murdered eighty five year old jewish woman who was stabbed eleven times in her apartment this case is the latest in a string of violent attacks against the jewish community and some say they just
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don't feel safe you know there are lots of reasons one being hate anti-semitism another being the rise of islamic fundamentalists who create growing hatred and ill feeling we give the impression that the state can't cope and stop it's why i'm here without you this was. not an ordinary crime at all it was inspired by anti-semitism and the weak are intact children young people this is trying to make a move released here she was jewish this issue is really serious he figures from both sides of the political spectrum and the senior government officials joined the demonstration some received a hostile welcome from the crowd leading to scuffles left wing. and right wing of marine le pen defied organizers requests not to attend the event both parties have denied accusations of anti semitism in the past may know it was an eighty five year old holocaust survivor she narrowly escaped a nazi order to round up of jews in the french capital in one hundred forty two
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last week she was stabbed multiple times before her paris flat was set on fire two men have been arrested and charged a religious motive has been cited by authorities an old son daniel as being left utterly shocked by her killing. this. old woman. you can see she can move she has no money. who are you. how you can do that. france is home to europe's largest jewish community and has seen a surge in and the semitic violence reported incidence jumped by twenty six percent last year there's also been a significant surge in the desecration of jewish places of worship and burial sites
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around forty thousand jews are estimated to have left the country since two thousand and six with many blaming the growing hostility of jewish community advise a year afterwards believes the government has failed to address the situation. again and again the government duns institutions schools train to help and to assist the jewish community and the couple really to provide. security to women to men to kids together because the pull of the policeman b. and if the jew in france many jews are asking what will be the future because they cannot continue to mulch in paris and to get said tears and to gain flowers. from the government because it's not enough it's not the bringing back to life. of me see they leave me all so many young jews of been killed in the last years.
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the russian sub here in city of kemah and has a third day of mourning after a fire at a local mall killed sixty four people including forty one children with more facts about the tragedy surfacing including allegations of criminal negligence stories of unbelievable courage i've also started to a much. greater and i were putting together a paris of hughes when i smelled smoke hood i'm a walkie talkie someone thing that people are running when he saw people rushing down the stairs to get reasonable arms which we still do to write you a people or employees of hers with you do you want to use the surety that i don't quite remember how i got on in my soon as i got outside i saw a man jumping out of the window from the third floor. was. all our coworkers had already stated when we looked at the escalator that it
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was full of people started helping us to get out of there we have a bad idea and of the storage room was still just cooling people to come to us. they knew there were disease and hunger to my day our guys lived there would cheer somehow get them to go downstairs and everything i'm glad the clouds of smoke surrounding it we breathed heavily but we see it through the end we just hose to save someone else do some people run into panic did you feel panic deep inside too of course we did there was no way to escape i don't know what would have happened to me not them i'm a father a son and a brother through so i can understand those people i wish one son would grow old the same be useful to humankind we don't consider ourselves risk you as we'll old married people if you were in our place you would have done the same we had the loss of men who were burned to death then you say heroes you know my mother is
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worried about me sure if it's a hospital and she says it was terrifying. we go to the mosque every day flowers and place candles. meanwhile the investigation into what caused the tragedy is advancing the two main versions of the malfunction of the fire safety system and five people have been arrested among them two directors of the mole and the developer of the fire safety system the blaze and come out of it as one of the deadliest and decades it took firefighters of a seventeen hours to extinguish it one section of the shopping complex was completely gutted and large sections of the roof collapsed as we mentioned earlier of the sixty four people who died almost two thirds were children as the school holidays had just begun. i.
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was. wrong she has gone from the hollies a vote zero zero sum to the use of grief over the camera of a tragedy to that let alone just exposure number russian diplomats from the west and putin is nice to them is off to a rocky start with the really. a
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quarter past the hour here in the russian capital washington's and russia rhetoric has now resorted to a metaphorical expression the state department spokesperson said to russia was a beast from the deep sea. and went to the streets of new york to gauge reaction and her recent comments to the media state department spokesperson heather nauert had some interesting words to describe the largest country in the world russia has long arms russia has lots of tentacles we imagine that they will continue to have an interest in our. elections but also many other nations elections this fall on
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arms and how to describe what it quoted and like isn't it you just that just one of the bees from the deep sea yes russia has tentacles all over the world it's a beast from the deep sea it's rather creative now with metaphors like that you think that heather nauert was on par with herman melville and jules verne but she didn't think of it herself take a look at these old propaganda posters inciting americans to be afraid of the soviet union it turns out heather was just beating an old dead mccarthyist horse we decided to ask americans if they think that russia is really a deadly octopus what country do you think they were referring to. since if it ioannes ireland years later the engine what country think it is no idea they called it the med learn. england. have no idea right there so what is that poster right if we lose like an octopus right what country do you think that's supposed to represent. well it's in red so this means
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a communist country is a good russia. good guess russia what makes you think that because it's red do you think that russia might be like a like an octopus yes you don't think of russia's as a as a big octopus you know strangling and spreading out across the planet no i think america's more like octopus donald trump assured us during his campaign that he wanted to improve ties with russia i believe and easing of tensions and improved relations with russia from a position of strength only is possible absolutely possible well nothing paves the way to peace better than comparing other countries to wild oceanic beasts but r.t. new york. taking a stand against her preordained future has led to tragedy for a teenager in the u.s. a texas. the parents of a sixteen year old muslim girl over torturing their daughter saying no to an
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arranged marriage with a man who was offering the family twenty thousand dollars. really . he was fifteen when her parents decided to marry her off to a man from another city after her refusal there legibly tried to persuade her with force she run away before the wedding that was reported missing at the end of january this year disappearing off the she left school in san antonio but was found in mid march parents were arrested last friday and charged with abuse of a family member however they were released on bail two days later and police say other charges may be filed in connection with the case. five siblings aged five to fifteen have been placed with child protection services the parents deny any
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wrongdoing and stated my possible husband to be is also innocent. said all they wanted to do was to help the young couple build a family together and we spoke to the head of an organization for the prevention of child marriages she told us that some us states which allow early wedlock and not helping matters. unfortunately if you look at the danger that takes it's currently the us has a federal structure where states of different age do not marry and unfortunately in the u. quest like the u.k. like canada do allow marriage of girls under the age of eighteen if in the world today's six hundred fifty million women where married as children then you know that they all didn't run but of course that all cases where girls of being in power away they know their rights and that it will to run unfortunately not as many girls are able to make it to safety as the we would like to see i think it compounds the
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problem if the boys over eighteen because then you're talking about issues of. i would say statutory rape because she's a minor but i think more children are becoming more aware that our more services that we like whoa. can get help and support. thousands of protesters have marched on the streets of god as capital denouncing u.s. military expansion in the west african nation. was. that was a controversial military cooperation deal was approved by parliament last week some of its members walked out in disapproval the u.s. will invest twenty million dollars in equipment and training for the country's army deal also includes joint exercises and the right to use the nation's radio frequencies and runways some locals think it infringes on gonna sovereignty. up
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to the gun he insists is the most street he's seen by our presidents. he said and i commented that i was government to bring the military. country was. dos is good for my country to be so that is why i decided to call feet. just to be president is the most recent. our guests told us why they think ghana is not getting a good deal. the question here is that the command military be allowed to use united states radio frequencies the united states of america the answer would be flatly no this is a one sided deal on one side of the arrangement but keep in mind as well that us oil giants have been exploring all show or from god and reportedly have discovered many fines in terms of petroleum and i dare say that these u.s. oil giants are also concerned about protecting their investments in west africa and
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therefore they would also demand and desire in enhanced an increased u.s. military role. washington really is shrunk from its responsibilities in the world and instead of helping african countries develop their economic power. by investing in infrastructure development group energy ports united states has increasingly relied on military kinetic warfare to fight terrorists and this doesn't work because the reason these terrorists are able to recruit is because of the poor economic conditions at virtually drive the young people into the hands of the terrorists small amount of money. the dollar is facing a new threat china has just launched you one back to oil futures which will
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challenge the globally used petro dollar china is the world's largest oil importer until now it's had to pay for its oil in dollars the newly launched shanghai or exchange will allow china and other countries to bypass the standard petro dollar that comes the very same week as donald trump unveils billions of dollars of tariffs against china all economist mum to salivate says the broader implications of the petro you one could be a serious game changer over the long term. it will can it change it a lot because by definition the better one is challenging the dominance of the petro dollar and in doing that it will impact adversely on the petro dollar and of course by definition on
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the american economy itself. currently the petro dollar is the only currency used to put ice and sell oil china i know is that and it wants to get the same benefit first by as stablish in the yuan as an international currency. of course. and the petrodollar suddenly it would take time but it certainly poses a challenge to the better of the lot for the first time since nine hundred seventy three when they petrodollar was loach this is aussie international thanks for sharing some time with us today more of the worldwide headlines in about half an hour.
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it's the cradle of jazz. this is america the america we have. knows dysgenic feel. the city of climatic catastrophes of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twelve members of my family close most. of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans. the best place in the world. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our
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coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to put me in eighty percent of the power with you and you told all the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone and just. and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one. meets just at the rio beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look at. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some one of.
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the two going to be press this is like the before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water in the. first sip. hey there this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton coming up today the u.s. department of justice which is suing to block the eighty five billion dollars deal that would merge a t. and t. with time warner is heating up we'll break it down with manila chan and an excellent expert panel then danielle de martino booth helps us take
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a look at one way the eurozone may deal with the budget shortfall after the u.k. leave you and we'll talk about the european central bank and what might be in store interest rates in the eurozone and in the states here plus trinity chavez spills the beans on the economics of global talking all of that ahead but first let's get to the stories topping today's financial and business headlines volatility in the tech stocks is roiling markets around the world aside from the highest profile names in tech amazon alphabet netflix google and facebook which is based which are facing continued ethics over privacy and politics others are feeling fallout from recent events in the corporation took a hit after suspending their self driving car development program following the killing of a pedestrian by a vehicle last week in arizona and yesterday tech heavy nasdaq fell nearly three percent and the n.y.s.e. is index of top ten tech stocks fell ten percent today amazon was
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a drag falling over four percent at one point during regular trading hours. and turner broadcasting chief executive officer john martin told a us court today that there is no incentive for his company to hold back its networks which include c.n.n. t.b.s. and t. see from other distributors if parent time warner is bought by eighty and t. incorporated mr martin said he would like every distributor distributor to carry every network i have and carry it a one hundred percent penetration d.o.j. contends time warner would have an incentive to hold back turner content from distributors that compete with a t.n.t. and direct t.v. today's testimony was the fourth day of the trial in the u.s. district court in washington d.c. that is due to last for another month or six weeks and for a deeper dive into the issue are to correspond manila chan takes a look at what we have seen so far agent he is
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a communications company we distribute content time warner is a media and entertainment company they create content and this is a classic vertical merger and it eliminates no competitor from any market in fact it increases competition particularly against the cable companies and our intent is to disrupt the existing pay t.v. model that coming from eighteen t c.e.o. randall stephenson a man who earned a whopping twenty eight point seven million dollars last year three hundred sixty six times the average salary of an eighteenth employee his opening remarks at the beginning of the time warner merger hearings back in two thousand and sixteen raised a lot of eyebrows on capitol hill and nothing for the d.o.j. to sue to block this so-called vertical integration last november but just days ago lawyers for the department of justice and eighteen t. clashed in federal court in opening arguments for the.


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