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tv   News  RT  March 30, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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fifteen people were killed and more than a thousand didn't judus israeli soldiers use live bullets tear gas and drones in clashes with palestinians during the first day of rage on the gaza border it's another things you eat. maybe you can your own and. russia takes action to expel foreign diplomats in a tit for tat measure is the route we're over the script escalates. and german authorities can't deport some sixty five thousand illegal migrants is the asylum seekers don't have valid id papers.
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this is r.t. international. fifteen palestinians have been killed in clashes with israeli soldiers during the first day of rage more than a thousand others are said to have been injured in the protest israeli defense forces used live bullets tear gas and drawings. the annual day of rage is a demonstration denouncing the israeli occupation thousands of palestinians of pitched tents across five locations i.d.f. soldiers meanwhile a station more than one hundred sharpshooters protest is expected to last for six
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weeks local journalist following the clashes on the gaza border. where you are only one hundred meters away from the fan as you see we can see the israeli army light beers you can see the israeli army soldiers. trying to tie get to the protesters that are being very close to the fans by live i mean asian rubber bullets and the tear gas canisters that they are using that you look up they didn't have a lot what pins as you see this is that by van jones by then it's really i mean i think they are using that rather tear gas canisters on the protesters and this is like the dance that they're using get that made for. the beginning of the day today here he is that live that just right now from that the on gas canisters that went throughout not the protests so just right now and then as you see everyone is
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trying to take a look. at did out on the line to go to the hospital directly. to the west bank city of ramallah is also witnessing a violent standoff with the idea of soldiers shooting at palestinian stone throwers spastic and president mahmoud abbas's the clouds the day a national day of mourning. the idea thoroughly admitted that they would respond to what they claim are quote planned gaza riots they fear breaches of israeli sovereignty and damage to the security fence. ah ha. one of the dead is a palestinian farmer killed by an israeli tank shell earlier in the day thousands of mourners have marched on the streets of gaza carrying his body of twenty seven year old man was said to be harvesting pass through before dawn near the city border when the show was fired.
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on tuesday ahead of the day of rage i.d.f. soldiers in hebron seized a three year old child as they were filmed clutching a terrified boy as his father attempts to get this back. the child's actions a provocation as he reportedly tried to throw stones at them jamal juma believes the israeli side is using on provoking violence. is a very strong message to the international community this month and this gathering . march is a peaceful one there's a lot of military on the on the areas and they are shooting at the people there one . of the reasons. for. the kid about the palestinians life they don't see the palestinians and the are sure the are crying that they are doing going to skipping with it because they are immune by this and commission system but the united states and and the arab countries that the silence
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and the arab countries that do normalization with israel and do allies with israel no. diplomatic mission chiefs of countries that are expelled russian diplomats being handed notes of protest by the russian foreign ministry and informed of reciprocal measures several countries including the u.k. germany sweden several east european countries and baltic states have already confirmed their diplomats were ordered to leave russia as he left the foreign ministry building in moscow after receiving russia's formal protest the german ambassador stressed the importance of keeping open lines of communication. what i used to do is opportunity to outline that it's in german interests to maintain good relations with russia and the people in germany and russia understand each other we remain ready and open for dialogue. the measure comes as moscow announced thursday the expulsion of sixty u.s. diplomats and the closure of the american consulate in st petersburg now this is
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after more than twenty countries expelled russian diplomats with the u.s. ordering out the most r.t. correspondent greg as the takes a closer look. promised russia has responded tit for tat for every russian diplomat kicked out from the two dozen or so countries one of their diplomats will be kicked out of russia almost all of those countries by the way either nato members or hopefuls the united states though may have to charter a jet sixty evidence diplomats have been ordered to leave russia the same number kicked out by washington over the us consulate in st petersburg is being closed down in response to the closure of russia's consulate in seattle and mirror spawns no more no less and again moscow has called on the united states to stop it is proposed to u.s. authorities inciting in fueling the smear campaign against our country to rethink
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and curb their reckless actions destroying bilateral relations the sum up russia which denies any role in this poisoning says never before have we witness such mockery of international law it is also convened a special meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons would be c.w. has sent technical experts to examine the substance with which the former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned but their best the geisha will be technical. experts arrived in london to analyze the substance used in the alleged poisoning of surrogate and your list group this will only allow them to distinguish the chemical formula of the substance the o.p.c. w. technical secret syria doesn't have the mandate to verify the u.k.'s allegations by
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the way the investigation into the case is still ongoing and the u.k. and its allies insist that russia was behind this russia then eyes any such thing and. says that this entire thera is politically motivated tension between russia and britain has been escalating for weeks following the poisoning of double agent sergei script and his daughter yulia in the u.k. city of souls but the west been quick to point blame at moscow by the fight the investigation into the case is still ongoing could take several more months for the foreign secretary earlier alleged russia has told two dozen lies about the incident and then they said that the attempted murder again you your script i was revenge for britain suppose that poisoning of ivan the terrible we did it to spoil the world cup and the russian embassy has reacted calling on british authorities to stop counting an official versions of the case and instead respond to the very
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serious questions that remain unanswered issuing twenty seven of them. the diplomatic standoff threatens to continue escalating as washington says it may respond further to moscow's moves reserve the right for there to any russian retaliation against the united states so we are reading this we are reviewing it and will respond accordingly want to remind you that there is no justification for the russian response and i'm not sure i understand you throughout sixty of their
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people we don't see this as a diplomatic tit for tat the american diplomats who are being expelled are not. spies under diplomatic cover i'm saying that they work for the u.s. state department they are our colleagues who have served there with great distinction but you but you're saying that these that your your action was justified there is wasn't because these people are the equivalent of a flag i think we're forgetting what got us to this place essentially you're asking russia to just admit that they did it and and take their punishment be the adult thing to do they're saying that they did it you are in fact asking them to you know admit to something that they say that they did and you know what there's nothing wrong with admit it meeting wrongdoing previously said that i've read the russia just doesn't want to have good relations with other countries i mean this is unbelievable in a serious matter let a completely unnecessary they serious matter this did not have to get to this point
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except that that's what britain and the united states want but this is this is about not going through the process due process to investigate a crime and then wait to see what the results are and then mete out punishment if someone is found guilty there's nothing to do with this this is purely political obviously is a political play by the united states and the u.k. and it gets worse and worse and more dangerous and these silly remarks by the state department spokesman do not help at all at all and well the u.s. state department made serious accusations against russia but apparently it had less to say when journalists started asking questions. i am. not going to get into specifics about that i'm not an expert on that that would probably be an intelligence matter but i have not seen the president's comments myself. perhaps. you can answer that question you'd have to ask russia why they chose to select st petersburg. act. how much is
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a lethal dose of know which oh that is a very interesting question i am not an expert. i am not aware of all the phone calls or the contacts that we have had on this campaign if you will. i would just refer you back to the government of israel i don't have any information. as you know the main party on the ground there and when you say leave it to other people that's so lisa i can't comment on what the president supposedly said i haven't seen and i have to refer you back to the white house but you're not aware of any poll she determination to. pull the us out of sight and not know ok so the president is just speaking off the cuff and i don't know i don't know what if they were already back in the white house i'm not a i'm not aware do i need to remind you that i work at what is it twenty five. and i don't want a twenty one c. i'm still learning the address.
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germany is threatening to deport some sixty five thousand failed asylum seekers because they lack valid documentation for many berlin doesn't even know which country said to the parts of the story. in the first speech of his new chancellorship angela merkel couldn't avoid all could be the most controversial me if that's ok for one million migrants into germany. yet she still chose to stick with her we can do this mantra despite its promise that deportations the kind people who have no right to protection will have to leave our country preferably voluntarily but if necessary by state deportations but that's easier said than done as it turns out say far the number of rejected asylum seekers that can be deported has jumped up by seventy one percent in one year related that's according to reports by the german interior ministry seen by major german publishing house funky media this increases from thirty eight thousand did two thousand and sixteen to
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sixty five thousand in two thousand and seventeen reasons behind it well a lack of travel documents and the lack of communication between general thora ts and countries of origin india processing requests for replacement passports is slow or nonexistent despite frequent visits to the embassy pakistan replacement passport procedures are being processed but there is a large lebannon replies to requests very rare contact with the embassy is poor. thousands about the constraint even have a country they can be deported to is three thousand eight hundred up nationality is unmarked as unclear in the worst case scenario the failure to deport a rejected asylum seeker can have tragic consequences the man behind the deadly christmas market says how can ben in two thousand and sixteen was object to the silence but he couldn't be deported because he didn't have the documents.
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we spec to get from ng member of parliament from. a party which won seats in parliament partly on promises to deal with illegal immigration there are many many plans the new minister or c.e.o. for tries to build up new centers for for speeding up the deportation. we are we are not sure if this will really solve the problem first of all we have to close and control our borders again right now i think we have to enforce the
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pressure to the people who have to leave our country it's really a big problem and i wonder if the new government will make it we contacted the german interior minister for clarification on the issue but they didn't give us a direct answer instead providing information on voluntary deportations now a french think tank has released a study profiling what it's called standard jihad these are the stories coming up after the break. the russians are coming from well over the last year and this is the message western audiences have been served up twenty four seventh's what is behind this hysteria what does this message aim to achieve how is russia is supposed to react importantly we facing a possible conflict. this.
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is writing extensively on environmental issues and social justice issues went to these conferences in puerto rico and her takeaway was that a bunch of rich people of showed up and this is a danger to the local economy and to the local fabric of society so the first thing that strikes me is that lefties like they always feel they have a monopoly on good intentions which i'm not sure where that comes from. we'll come back to the u.s. state department has proposed new visa regulations that will force supplicants to. social media accounts american as. well if you're looking to apply for a u.s.
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visa you might need to clean up your social media posts or risk getting rejected these applicants could be asked to turn over their social media history as part of trump's new extreme betting policies now if it does pass applicants will be forced to disclose five years of their social media history and then the information will be used to parents vet and identify them but the state department says this not might not be it they could even expand the list of required disclosures and if you think that's too intrusive the plan also requires e-mails and phone history well the proposal received a mixed reaction online from people saying it's an attack on privacy and others mocked it as of having to have a visa and passport to travel the world is bad enough how do you want to be done your social media t.v. well there goes freedom of speech as well as freedom of movement u.s. government we want your so. media names in order to get a visa me because freedom of speech is only something beyond mighty americans get.
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is only for tourism now the other countries will ask the same for american tourists can't wait to print out every single one of my six thousand seven hundred fifty four tweets one per page and hand them to immigration. the plan could potentially affect about fourteen point seven million people every year a similar policies in the past only apply to people that pose a serious security risk and these new plans are supposedly part of trump's larger counterterrorism policy now some even joked that if other countries had a similar laws in place trump's inflammatory twenty could have gotten himself banned from traveling abroad. independent journalist erik bros joins me on the line good to have you on there it's my first reaction to this i have to be honest was i left because i'm not on social media but then he got more serious when i thought what would this stop maybe maybe other people in the situation from getting a visa to the u.s. what's your reaction. you said if you're not using
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social media maybe it's not a big concern to you but i think it's important to see that this doesn't just apply in social media that policy can be used to or you know and other digital communications and you know these are these extreme but in steps are just the latest we've also seen in the last year where the top administration we've seen the immigration and custom in the u.s. start protect people's laptops and so on to go through their personal information as well so it could be more than just social. yeah coming off the back of the facebook revelations and subsequent apologies it just adds more fuel to the fog people are frightened that the privacy is being taken away from them but others will say well we need this this is a security measure how do you feel about. well there's always going to be this these arguments between freedom versus security those that say you know we have to give up a little bit of our freedoms in order to ensure their security and safety especially in the u.s.
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we're dealing with that because of the nine eleven terror attacks but i think if you look at the situation objectively and you see that sense of nine eleven the u.s. has had a massive increase and surveillance measures and police state like measures and as a journalist i follow this and this surveillance increased these steps here are going to be able social media whether foreign or americans i think is just another step in that direction of being very intrusive in our lives and the idea of privacy kind kind of going towards you know something of the past yeah given given how closely this comes after the harvesting of face at dayton the real public backlash to that seems like it would be very popular with the public but then that doesn't mean it won't go through what do you think the chances are this becomes actual well it started with an executive order and in the u.s. you know that executive who are not necessarily the law it's more recommendation and policy guidance who are its various agencies and individuals so i think i'm
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going to use whatever influence he has to push this agenda especially because he hasn't been able to get support for things like as well another sort of immigration measure and so i think that the u.s. is going to see in increase in these type of surveillance invasive measures into our lives and i don't expect it to stop with social media. you know they're also building a biometric wallet stolen facial recognition cameras along or as well so to me it's both the internet surveillance and sort of intrusion as well as the invasion through what real world lives that we should be concerned about and presumably this would be a huge undertaking to scrutinize millions billions of files photos space information about people's lives it's going to get a lot of manpower. yeah that's why it's probably your i'm not sure which agency will be responsible for this but we know that there's a number of different agencies in the u.s. the f.b.i. the n.s.a.
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and others that have access to americans and people around the world data the n.s.a. of course is building their massive database in utah. to gather billions and billions of pieces of information so these are questions we have to ask as well because if they're going to be looking at people's facebook or social media e-mail accounts when they want to travel to the u.s. where that information can be stored for how long are they going to be stored and who is going to have access to that information these are important questions that people should ask and as you say it would probably require a bit of manpower to go through that or perhaps some sort of artificial intelligence program to scan through and look for keywords programs yes but i'm going to spend time ten minutes often in deleting all the information that google has a month but the last to do that i suspect great to speak today bros my guess the independent journalist ok i'm not set wraps up the news hour for you on the back of the top of the hour with the latest data.
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take. yes scotland yard didn't look for the perpetrators they were covering up their tracks. find out who did it and. who did that. once russia to clash with the rest of the world.
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this is a sure. to say the prophet muhammad's grandson. when security is stepped up in pakistan because of the heightened risk of terrorist attacks. themselves with. even with. recreating the. hundreds of us. fathers teach the press's to sons and so the tradition is passed from generation to generation. on the other side of i just on the goals of these and punchbags them to each other . in the corrupt she's roughest neighborhood a very unusual club as i understand boxing gloves
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a girl's. father . that up a. bit of. pot . he's. got that a kid. with six hundred thousand inhabitants. it's a neighborhood it's only arabian seas coast which is why smugglers a constantly plying their trade here. in the early two thousand a gang war broke out and leo real battles were fought in the streets and even the police avoided the area. doing what about this that. yes you know it's
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a pity i don't even go and i could give you the giving me that i got again the cinema you got madison maybe. he. made was that you get both a bad omen. good you got it. yeah. everyone around here knows you know scum ronnie he was the first of karachi twenty million strong population to start teaching girls as well as boys how to books you know so often organizes competitions and always invite schoolchildren to watch as the girls . everybody. made a minute on the books. but powerful. just kind of. gave it me because on the committee that of. the tournament over the
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what they. thought i got to. let them look at the last game that i spoke to. a mighty wise could ask a bit invokes that. but intelligent t.v. . to get everybody some of the. no apology and i'm not standing. right. ok what. q. do you. have a solution to the. killing. of chemicals as a whole. because it was killed in the same way made
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that because a big chunk ten seven maybe ten temperamentally. like definition a dead cow is she a mentally ill or haven't picked up on a good. many looks. cause yet there were those who said she was going to be big time big bank was. a bit of a job do i let my retaining go to. every sugar into the system that was the first to hear of and join the boxing club because their own kids the felt. really good to say i was sad because there are fascinating things that i mean it will take time to get me going at such things.


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