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tv   News  RT  March 31, 2018 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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people have been killed over a. billboard in european cities. on the program we look at the group behind. us.
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over the last year. and a morning here at moscow thanks for joining us one international we have. at least seventeen palestinians have been killed and over a thousand injured in clashes with israeli soldiers on the gaza border that is according to the un's permanent observer for palestine the u.n. secretary general calling for an independent investigation into the deaths. of bullets. drones against demonstrators.
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the annual march is a demonstration denouncing the israeli occupation thousands of palestinians have pitched. vocations where they're expected to stay for six weeks in response i.d.f. soldiers have stationed more than one hundred sniper overlooking the area local journalist who has been following the clashes along the gaza border. where you are only one hundred meters away from the front as you see we can see the israeli army library as you can see the israeli army soldiers keep send trying to tie get to all of the protesters that are being very close to the front by live i mean a sheet and rubber bullets and the tear gas canisters that they are using that new look updated in devil loped weapons as you see this is the good guys by the judge i
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think they are using that crowd that you just got a series on the protesters and this is like but didn't find their using get. the beginning of the day to night he let them live means he really does right now from that the on gas canisters that went throughout all the protests are just right now and as you see everyone is trying to take this if you really did that i'm willing to go to the hospital directly the policy we are going to stay here for more than forty five days until the fifteenth of may because as they believe that they have the return if they have the right to return to their land they have the right to stay here and they won't go away they won't go home until they go back to their original to their homeland and to their towns in the west bank said he also is also witnessing a violent standoff with i.d.f. soldiers shooting at palestinian stone throwers palestinian president mahmoud abbas has declared saturday
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a national day of mourning. israel blamed border called violent riots on the palestinian political movement hamas the country's army said it would respond to any threat to israeli sovereignty as well as to any damage to the security front. ahead of the mass protests a palestinian farmer was killed by an israeli tank shell his relatives said the farmer was harvesting possibly one kilometer away from the israeli border before dawn thousands marched on the streets of gaza as his body was being carried israeli military said it was aware of the reports but claimed the tank fire was directed towards suspects who approached the fence and what acting suspiciously. jamal juma from the anti walden settlements movement things israel's heavy handed response to the palestinian demonstrations is disproportionate does a very strong message to the international community this monitor and this
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gathering. march is a peaceful march there's a push in the military on the on the ideas and they are doing now and they are shooting at the people so the one who is using the violence then means them as well what is the israeli military the kid about the palestinians life they don't see the palestinians that and the are sure that the out of it crying that they are doing done is keeping with it because they are immune by this international system but it could be the united states and and the arab your the european countries that the un silence there and the arab countries that do normalization with israel and do allies with israel no. sport is becoming ever more and broiled in politics the billboards now appearing in european cities calling for a boycott of this summer's fifo world cup in russia. takes a closer look at the group behind this campaign. the beautiful game takes an ugly turn to international friendlies this week in europe were hit with less than
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friendly billboards outside the stadiums the campaign also has an online petition against what it dubs the cup of shame and that site probably boasts that the u.k. has announced ministers won't be attending of course it fails to mention that britain's decision has nothing to do with the situation in syria whatsoever and it carefully ignores what moscow's presence has contributed when it comes to the fight against terrorism in syria including deescalation zones and humanitarian corridors but i digress of oz and online global activism network is behind both the billboards and the petition and this is how they describe their aims of this is a global organization with a simple democratic mission closed the gap between the world we have in the world most people everywhere want their campaigns cover everything from saving elephants and bees to much more controversial topics like gun control in america and stopping the far right from taking power in europe so clearly they don't shy away from politics and when it comes to syria their position is crystal clear assad and by
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extension russia bad u.s. coalition and white helmets good and fact according to their site of oslo has raised over two million dollars to help the white helmets but as we've reported before the group isn't exactly what they might appear to be. with some forty six million members worldwide and sixteen available languages on their website they make clicked of is an extremely. the easy weather causes animal rights global warming or the children in syria as an organization they're very
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deeply invested in. american establishment into the world and into the political ruling elite world in america and so we've seen. a weapon at least as an instrument of war for example the petition was put forward for example against libya they were calling for a no fly zone we've also seen them for example supporting the alleged chemical weapon attacks to to demonize the syrian government and to accused russia of supporting so why don't they launch a petition that is calling for another fly zone or a petition that is demonizing one particular side in a conflict it is that recently linked to that humanitarian aspect now of off takes pride in saying they're one hundred percent member funded meaning that their agenda is not and cannot be swayed by anyone with deep pockets or special interests but at
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the same time they also acknowledge that they were founded by two advocacy groups who received major funding from george soros a well known supporter of liberal political causes and through one of those companies sources open society foundation specifically funneled money to a vase so well p.r. stunts politicizing sports are nothing new with this stunt in particular some are now crying foul. the u.s. state department could require a visa applicants who want to visit america to reveal information about the social media accounts they've used for the last five years samir khan has details but well if you're looking to apply for a u.s. visa you might need to clean out your social media posts or risk getting rejected these applicants could be asked to turn over their social media history as part of trump's new extreme betting policies now if it does pass applicants will be forced to disclose. five years if their social media is free and then the information will
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be used to apparently vet and identify them but the state department says this not might not be if they could even expand the list of required disclosures and if you think that's too intrusive the plan also requires e-mails and phone history well the proposal received a mixed reaction online from people saying it's an attack on privacy and others mocked it as of having to have a visa and passport to travel the world is bad enough how do you want to be judged on your social media activity well there goes freedom of speech as well as freedom of movement u.s. government we want your social media names in order to get a visa me because freedom of speech is only something the almighty americans get hill is only for tourism now the other countries with the same for american tourists can tweet to brings out every single one of my six thousand seven hundred fifty four tweets one per page and hand them to immigration the plan could potentially affect about fourteen point seven million people every year
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a similar policies in the past only applied to people that pose a serious security risk these new plans are supposedly part of trump's larger counterterrorism policy now some even joked that if other countries had a similar laws in place trump's inflammatory twitting could have gotten himself banned from traveling abroad political analyst christian man said says the state department's proposal should have only limited applicability. this. may work in terms of going after people that the american embassies and the local countries you know are you there are terrorists or out you know times to organized crime or to. truck we can this will probably serve a purpose but the embassies will have to have special personnel that we have to check the social science because this forever so i think this is something that must be considered because i believe. they're going after social media and the private lives of citizens and then in most part
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a very good people will serve the purpose of limiting the incoming immigrants that are coming to us now in terms of vetting and making sure that the right people coming to get it states there are other measures that could be taken but not going after social media because this will definitely have a very very damaging effect not only on terrorism but also on social media outlets that promote freedom of speech and the ability of people to share their lives with their loved ones and friends first of all of the tax privacy in the tanks the freedom of speech. block chain of cryptocurrency is a becoming increasingly important to relief efforts in puerto rico where one hundred thousand people are still without power following twenty seventeen's hurricane maria today puerto rico was set to receive a twenty five thousand dollars donation from calling to access a conference of bitcoin on for new as. i said i'll go spoke with some of these in effect has puerto rico has received an influx of watching innovators who pledged to
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transform the region after hurricane devastating damage but i'm hoping happens is a lot of people come to puerto rico and take a look around wow. places these people are easy they're so nice and so there's so much culture is so beautiful here why is it that things are so difficult liar liar such a struggle maybe i can make if. i can help. those are three consecutive conferences detainee's launching them down and going to jail we're all working together to build a community for the future give back to the people of puerto rico today we're going to install five different solar solar set ups to bring power to hold. water and change stems from a ten year old incorporated companies and is going to washington d.c. centralize water by creating a. system of sensors automating water treatment and recycling thought says it shows
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puerto rico and teamed up to restart for its first systems implementation with a country that recycles the most water. you tell me as well of course eighty percent recycling rate the next one down in the world just spain with twenty percent whereas the us. one percent. here's the worst part of it eighty percent of all water in the world is not treated it's just runs into the ocean so a trillion dollar water industry should be a five trillion dollar water industry and we anticipate that what happened with the plants is that a part of that problem it's a part of the problem because the water infrastructure in the u.s. is literally falling markets holds and what's happening is forced decentralization with the town's mis apologies by telling the users you clean your own water well i see that as an opportunity because we can get those users to adopt the very best technologies and reuse their water now long before we build that we want to get to
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work right away here with what we're not going to wait to build all these structures we're just going to go ahead and use some of the early investment to literally put shovels in the ground and build the system right here right now this more or less all my talk so far on operating tiger you know arm remember that you're building when you stay tuned for more of those in the future in order the best and snipes max keiser promise of crystal rose and much only on the toll on our team. and still to come on the program here on to cast has been deployed as protesters in greece attempt to storm the prime minister's office details off the.
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when you have no clean water no health care no infrastructure those are all sins of a greater problem in haiti and that greater problem is imperialism the problem is debt dependency and domination that haiti has had to deal with since it became the first. free republic ruled by black people since eighty four.
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thanks for joining us here today an independent autopsy of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by police in the u.s. city of sacramento earlier this month has found that he was shot in the back the victim's family lawyer says that contradicts the police officers claims that he was advancing towards them and what happened was not clear from the body video released earlier this month. thank you thank you. twenty two year old stuff. twenty times saying they had mistaken his phone for a gun and they were responding to a call about someone breaking windows clock was short in his grandmother's backyard
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police officers were placed on paid administrative leave and the case has outraged locals with protests happening almost every day since the day of the shooting. well in a series of protests demonstrators have blocked highways and twice disrupted a nearby n.b.a. possible game of the day off the club's funeral black lives matter activists again blocked the streets and called for justice and punishment for those responsible and we spoke to former georgia state representative dawn jones. the ideas that african-americans are automatically committing crime are in the foundation of our system and their fire straining the right kind of training now this on how to shoot or when to shoot deescalating but then also with training on inherent bias is that police officers may have in this country and it's within their systems and we need to look at both in order to try to stop these types of horrific events but we have to look at the train of events that has happened in the past where many officers are not being indicted or they are let off and that's because our law has
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a very huge loophole and determine allowing officers who have a fear and looking at their subjective belief of fear in determining whether they are guilty or not in their actions and the only other place to hold them accountable is it through the police departments making them lose their jobs but it's very hard to have the police police the police. and group the german society for international cooperation aka gays has started an internal probe it's off to it was accused of fostering a culture of semitism delegation comes from israel's n.g.o.s monitor which reports all the work of other n.g.o.s several employees of made controversial facebook posts for example one reads i hate israel and other posters a satirical drawing and we spoke to a representative of n.g.o.s one of about this case. what is really shocking about the pows were put online by least eleven employees of. german federal
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agency that implements projects on behalf of the german government is basically the fact that you have employees german employees representing the government spreads violent anti-semitic and it's not even anti israel this is israel hatred posts really over the years without being sanctioned and this is all the while under very high level of german government the message has been very clear we identify that there is a rise in anti-semitism and we will fight it and israel incremental part of foreign policy its existence its safety and relationships with israel. itself is denied any accusations of and to separatism however it's worth noting that the organization employees almost one hundred fifty staff members in the palestinian territories israeli right gideon levy says that it's important to distinguish anti
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semitic sentiments from israeli one. it's again and again this notion that any critic of is is immediately perceived in israel as anti semitism and that's a very efficient way to release ourselves from any attack to or to to look to be accountable for anything mainly media in the world in israel because they are so scared to be labeled as anti semites one should know there isn't the simitis them in the world but not any critical disability and as a matter of fact most of the critics of israel are not anti semites because there is a lot to criticize about israel let's be honest. it is r.t. international riot police in athens of use tear gas on student protesters to
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prevent them from storming the prime minister's office. hundreds of students and striking teachers had gathered calling for more teachers to be hired for schools and universities scuffles soon broke out between protesters and police a great government recently slashed its education spending and reduced the amount of time students are spending in school. the city of los angeles is typically associated with celebrities luxury and fame however it does have another side official figures suggest homelessness has increased forty three percent in the city between twenty thirteen and twenty seventeen in los angeles city council is now considering a plan to provide housing for every homeless person in the city has a closer look at the situation this is los angeles home to the glitz and glamour of hollywood the city perhaps most anonymous with the american dream. but this is also
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well a. normal here night every doorway there's an element of it down the street many of them live in skid row in downtown l.a. which has long been considered the center of homelessness in the city you'll. probably. never. see. their own. d.c. . filming on skid row was no easy task while some were eager to share their stories others understandably didn't want to be filmed. you know start. a campaign down. here protect our dead. so what is hollywood doing the authorities have taken
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a heavy handed approach. the l.a.p.d. and law enforcement are regularly called on to clear the homeless from the streets while arrests in the city declined fifteen percent between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and sixteen arrests of homeless people by the l.a.p.d. were up thirty one percent. arrived in los angeles a week before we spoke to him he once co owned a restaurant in florida but when we met him he was sleeping on the beach. you know. ok so that's a lot of people love people going to go go go. go go. get fish would you go. because. it's a humanitarian crisis that we would more typically associate with extremely low income countries and one which provoked the u.n. special ruppert's war to say that quote the american dream is rapidly becoming the american delusion. right now at nine twenty
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five on saturday morning here in moscow thanks for joining us for the program so far more to offer you in about half an hour's time. lines will remember you when you don't. see the teachers delicto are. dead according. to what they did not through all they did space. let alone they. said. no germans did not say that. if you speak french. you. think they send them all to. talk of the.
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we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the. great . game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. russia meet the special one. latest edition to make up
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a bigger. a little. or.
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a a. come to me yet i didn't know the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. were really true use our comedy to write your brains so by now you all know cambridge analytic guides everywhere now they grabbed up all your data and used algorithms to target specific people and show them specific ads to try to get you to vote for trump it's the same thing as like google and facebook do except they do it to advertise shoes in baby character carriers and and vapid boring i. know you're becoming a little too different in original to try the same so you get. your cardboard cut out coworkers at the consumerist machine just wash over you like a warm apathy. these algorithms are all around us having an
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impact on every aspect of our lives whether or not you get called in for a job interview there's an algorithm helping them decide that whether you get into college there's an algorithm for that whether you get dropped from your health care there's an algorithm for that whether you get paired with a hot guy. on match dot com or. there was some sort of brit stroll who you know smells of spoiled tofu and squeals when he sneezes there is no room for. another in the very thing and we're led to believe these algorithms or perfect and unbiased but in fact they're filled with the same biased sees and flaws as the humans who create them but they they aren't unbiased at all they're often racist and prejudiced and ask. you. to get you. sewn they're basically bought
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a holes. that you had to be mad that. it had to happen for example predictive policing police are using software to predict crime a lot of lawmakers are excited about this you put a bunch of data into an algorithm and it tells you where to put the police but predictive policing is just a racist self-fulfilling prophecy because the algorithm goes wow there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood let's put more police there but in fact there was crime scene in that neighborhood because it was a poor black neighborhood and the world a lot of cops there are already looking for people to arrest and guess what when cobb stand around the neighborhood doing nothing but scratch in there and look for someone who already has they find someone to arrest. not worked.


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