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i. was. seventeen people killed more than a thousand injured as israeli soldiers fired bullets and used drones and tear gas using palestinian demonstrators of inciting violence at the gaza border. american diplomatic staff are leaving the u.s. consulate in st petersburg ahead of its official closure on sunday comes amid an escalating standoff over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. . police fire water cannon and tear gas against protesters letting off during a demonstration over the expulsion of environmental squatters in the french city of not.
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this is our team to national great to have you with us. more than a dozen palestinian protesters have been injured on the gaza border on saturday just one day after seventeen people died and more than a thousand were in clashes with israeli soldiers the u.n. secretary general's now calling for an independent investigation into the deaths of journalists at the scene. so today is the second day of protests demonstrations and praise for the palestinians dollar stimulus from all over the gaza strip are coming to march through the fence and as you see we can still see this israeli soldiers night is trying to target all of the all of the protesters who are coming near the fence palestinians protesters are holding palestinian flags and are trying to put them near the fence yesterday thousands of hundreds of palestinians were on the
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scene there israeli army used i mean nation live bullets and tear gas. and for the first time the israeli army used a drone to throw tear gas canisters and on the protesters anticipate them. the annual march of return is a demonstration denouncing news really occupation thousands of palestinians have pitched tents across five locations they're expected to stay there for six weeks in response the israeli defense forces of station of more than one hundred snipers overlooking the area we spoke exclusively to the senior political leader of the policy and political movement hamas is how he described the situation. we only. all those killed were from gaza what the israelis did is a crime against unarmed civilians who just want to return to their villages and
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towns and who have a right to under the nine hundred forty eight un resolutions or these really is are displaying the kind of fear seen in a thief who was trying to protect what he's stolen this is how they treat unarmed civilians who just want to return home. and last confirmed that five of those killed were members of its military wing israel blamed its response on hamas which it views as a terrorist organization whereas the israeli prime minister's foreign media spokesperson david king's whether the i.d.f. response is proportionate. blood stone thrown at someone's head can kill them as has happened in the past but there is no reason for someone to be twenty meters away from the fence and if you look at the pictures. trying to infiltrate a peaceful protest this is not we know what peaceful protests look like and they don't involve people taking guns and shooting at the other side namely at israel's distant star this can stop this very second all it requires is for hamas to say
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don't approach the fence and don't try to storm into israel by the thousands and start shooting missiles and gunfire at israelis the moment that is said all of this goes away. american diplomatic staff are leaving the u.s. consulate in st petersburg ahead of its official closure on sunday this comes after moscow announced on thursday the expulsion of sixty u.s. envoys and the shut down of the diplomatic compound it's a reciprocal response to washington's decision to expel the same number of russian diplomats and to close the country's consulate. this latest tit for tat comes amid a growing diplomatic crisis over the poisoning of double agents on u.k. soil britain so far has failed to provide any evidence of russia's guilt of the last london is blaming russia for the attack and over twenty countries have expelled moscow's diplomats in solidarity with the u.k. in response russia's taken similar moves against those states that are my colleague
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andrew farmer discussed the consequences for moscow's relations with the u.k. with our correspondent right against the this is part of russia's response to the mirror response for every russian diplomat expelled from great britain the united states and two dozen or other countries most of them either need two states or countries that are seeking to do in nato for every russian diplomat expelled russia is expelling one of those countries diplomats from russia in the case with great britain twenty three diplomats have been expelled. it doesn't end there russia has also lost the u.k. to reduce its diplomatic staff in russia by an additional fifty this is the number of russian diplomats in great britain and the number of british diplomats in russia same to establish parity this is i suppose you could say a punitive measure for great britain's role in this entire affair it was london
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that launched this campaign that went to these countries and convinced them to kick out russian diplomats and russia sees this is unjust and unfair because there's been no evidence no proof of russian involvement in this attempted assassination attempt in great britain and this tension is extending elsewhere to isn't it i mean we had an incident involving an aeroflot plane in london yesterday also just tell us about that well this is this is all part of it part of this degradation in relations russian passenger jet that had arrived in london was unexpectedly without warning and without reason searched by british authorities at first there's confusion because nobody admitted the search the police said that we wanted well involved they even tweeted about it however it turned out that there was in fact the search going on and the russians say went against all protocol the u.k. representatives tried to inspect the plane with the crew being present on board
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which is strictly prohibited by the relevant regulations only off to the arrival of an embassy official and links to negotiations was the pilots allowed to be present during the inspection the you could representatives refused to provide any documents that would specify the reason for the search it's legal basis and the results of the russian foreign ministry has come out and said that this is you know outrageous and just another example of the depths that things have sunk to. aside from all the expulsions there's been a lot of rhetoric flying around and the russians say that the united kingdom is needing these anti russian rooster phobic crusades or certainly looks like we're in a spiral downward spiral and difficult to see any way out. meanwhile with the investigation into the script our case still ongoing the russian foreign ministry has issued fourteen key and answered questions and called on the u.k.
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government to respond. i'm joined on the line now by senior research fellow from the global policy institute that's very good to george the u.k. says it's now considering a russian requesting for consular access to u.s. scrip i'll just remind viewers that overseas of officially a russian citizen is it likely london will agree in your opinion. well not for the time being because at this stage london is very eager to make sure that
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she's going to be reading from the script that london desires so it would be a bit embarrassing if the russian official got into her room and she said well we just had the bad seafood meal that day and so we both we're both allergic to seafood and so you know that with the story would break apart now i so i think at this stage the british authorities of very anxious to ensure that she reads from the script that they're going to give her so if the russians do get access to her i think it will be in the have to wait for quite a while before that happens. been numerous reports in the media saying that she's no longer in critical condition even some suggesting she she might be able to walk and talk at this point we don't know which way any testimony she gives will go but it will implicate russia or actually suggest it was nothing to do with them but
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it's important that she's heard surely do you think that her voice will be heard publicly. well i don't know it depends on whether she's willing to go along with the desired story we know so little about what really happened that it. could be that there was some kind of a chemical. weapons attack could be that they had a bad seafood or it could be that the whole thing has been staged after all scripted all is. is this former spy he worked for m i six one has to assume that he want to work for m i six is continuing to work or am i saying so you may well be part of some covert operation we know so little at this stage that you know we we can't even speculate as to what is really going on here i mean we had very little from any medical doctors so and in fact what little we've had from medical doctors
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as tend to go against what the government is saying so we really have had no idea what. she might want to say i mean you mentioned a few questions that remain unanswered the russian government post a list of fourteen questions they want answers that they believe would help clarify the situation it would certainly help the public to understand what's going on do you anticipate any answers. no i don't because i think the case that the british of made is extraordinarily flimsy. and had they had a stronger case then you know they've already have several weeks in which to make it but the sum and substance of the case is that the russians had to have done it because they're the only ones who can develop this know which are asian which is transparently false because the formula is in the public domain everybody knows
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what the formula is so anyone order with an access of a sophisticated lab good make this chemical agent the iranians apparently have made this agent the british porton down had a sample of this agent and the other argument against the russians is that while the russians are inherently bad and that's the kind of thing that they would do so that's pretty much the sum and substance of this case so it doesn't look like the pritish have actually added anything to that so i think that it's very unlikely that we are ever going to get to in any of the russians perfectly legitimate questions leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn put the question how could britain of determine the was this novacek substance that was used in what was ascertained certainly on day one of any investigation this is a question that isn't going to go away surely there's no interview going to be a resolution to what has happened unless that gets answered.
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yes or what often happens is we move on to something else so in the next few weeks there might be. in other outrage or who knows you know you know the plane is shot down in ukraine again you know the media and the politicians are screaming russia russia russia and suddenly we've forgotten about the. on the screen pile. so you know that's one way of to get out of this problem. but. as long as we've focused on this you know we can see that the british are able to come up with any serious evidence and all they can do is simply a ratchet up the tension ratchet up the hysterical rhetoric against the russians so my expectation is that they'll be some other. you
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know provoked incidents whether in ukraine whether in syria or somewhere else and that will be the night next shiny object to which the media will direct their attention george freesheet your time my guests are george samueli from the global policy institute thank you. to move on to the news police have fired water cannon tear gas against protesters letting off flares during a demonstration over the expulsion of environmental squatters in the french city of nonce. was i. was. the. was the.
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or the protesters eco warriors green jab these as some even dubbed them have been squatting nearby for ten years they came for a good cause to stop the government from building an airport on that land and after a decade of fighting they won the government scrap the plants. but in those ten years the process to set up their own and they kissed you turn around three hundred people make up the commune they have their own library workshop and even a radio station and they're not keen to leave behind a cosy life in what they call the quote zone to defend with the activists known as they just saw the show to do with he was at the demonstration. for the price i
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still is almost around a thousand now running we've got the police running behind us so we're in the middle of this where you can see the police are trying to curtail the protesters into one particular spot trying to move them down the street we have already seen t.v.'s being fired at the protesters in the protests this throwing things out of the police saving some small skirmishes in may and this is all over north and on the lawn undesirable side they've made this place their home base was a place of land that was came up for a possible airport the french government decided early this year that he would not be building the airport but it has said that it wants to expel all of the saddest on a case by case basis chrome this land you can see behind me now the police are having to come back the protests just pushing along from mistreating no they came here to protest against the expulsion of the people who started it should not going on and
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we're going to have to move quickly now because the police we've got things are being run out on the police who have been using che gas as well trying to get the protest is part of the way in trying to coordinate and done just certain factions but what we're seeing now he's from the protests is coming out from the street and you can see the police are also trying to blockade other protesters who are joining them splitting them up in or around us reducing small clashes now between the police and the protesters here all over that site that damn well he might say i did not you don't glance oh you're getting some of the effects of the changes that's being put up by the c r s is your job or you were just making it a little bit difficult to breathe so you just were brave as you can see that the police in trying to provoke a dutch treat some the protesters from coming out there here to protest against the expulsion of the people from the south site but not trying. don't launch they say
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do what you want ever they can within their means to protect that site because it is now thank you so much even ski you know. now the anticipation of course is building ahead of russia hosting the fee for world cup in june but there are some groups in europe calling for a boycott explain all after the break. our.
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welcome back billboards are started appearing in european cities they're calling for a boycott of this summer's fee for football world cup in russia and he takes a closer look though at who is the group behind the campaign. the beautiful game takes an ugly turn to international friendlies this week in europe were hit with
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less than friendly billboards outside the stadiums the campaign also has an online petition against what it dubs the cup of shame and that site probably boasts that the u.k. has announced ministers won't be attending of course it fails to mention that britain's decision has nothing to do with the situation in syria whatsoever and it carefully ignores what moscow's presence has contributed when it comes to the fight against terrorism in syria including deescalation zones and humanitarian corridors but i digress of oz and online global activism network is behind both the billboards and the petition and this is how they describe their aims a virus is a global organization with a simple democratic mission closed the gap between the world we have in the world most people everywhere want their campaigns cover everything from saving elephants and bees to much more controversial topics like gun control in america and stopping the far right from taking power in europe so clearly they don't shy away from politics and when it comes to syria their position is crystal clear assad and by
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extension russia bad u.s. coalition and white helmets good and fact according to their site of azer has raised over two million dollars to help the white helmets but as we've reported before the group isn't exactly what they might appear to be. with some forty six million members worldwide and sixteen available languages on their website they make clicked of is an extremely. easy weather causes animal rights global warming or the children in syria as an organization they're very
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deeply invested in. american establishment into the corporate world and into the political ruling elite world in america and so we've seen over far is used a weapon at least as an instrument of war for example the petitions that was put forward for example against libya they were calling for a no fly zone we've also seen them for example supporting the alleged chemical weapon attacks to to demonize the syrian government and to accused russia of supporting so why don't they launch a petition that is calling for another fly zone or a petition that is demonizing one particular side in a conflict it is recently linked to that humanitarian aspect now of off takes pride in saying they're one hundred percent member funded meaning that their agenda is not and cannot be swayed by anyone with deep pockets or special interests but at
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the same time they also acknowledge that they were founded by two advocacy groups who received major funding from george soros a well known supporter of liberal political causes and through one of those companies sources open society foundation specifically funneled money to of us so while p.r. stunts politicizing sports are nothing new with this stunt in particular some are now crying foul. an independent autopsy has found us police fatally shot an unarmed black man in the back up into the city of sacramento earlier this month victim's family lawyer says that it contradicts the police officers that he was advancing towards them of what happened wasn't exactly clear from the body cam video that was released. thank you. where police fired its twenty two year old's clock twenty eight times saying afterwards that mistaken his phone for a gun they were responding to
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a call about someone breaking windows thought was shot in his grandmother's but. of his is involved were placed on paid administrative leave the case has outraged locals with protests occurring almost every day since the occurrence of the shooting and a series of protests demonstrators blocked highways and twice disrupted a nearby n.b.a. basketball game there to talk funeral black lives monsour activists again blocked streets they call for justice and punishment for those responsible we spoke to former georgia state representative jones she says him properly trained police officers not being held to account. the ideas that african-americans are automatically committing crime are in the foundation of our system and their fairish training the right kind of training now this on how to shoot or when to shoot deescalating but then also a training inherent biases that police officers may have in this country and it's within their systems and we need to look at both in order to try to stop these
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types of horrific events but we have to look at the train of events that has happened in the past where many officers are not being indicted or they are let off and that's because our law has a very huge loophole and determine allowing officers who have a fear and looking at their subjective belief of fear in determining whether they are guilty or not in their actions and the only other place to hold them accountable is it through the police departments making them lose their jobs but it's very hard to have the police police the police. of late start date so the top of their.
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code is it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like us here nobody over the case and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that at the moment they don't give a damn if you need to charge a man there are actually paying us to put him back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. breach what secret is behind such success. best guys are fine it will survive they say most of the delegates close to these if this is a central plank support diagram is going to cover my nose they stop to. join me every photo on the elec simon show and i'll be speaking to
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a guest in the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see if it. i'm after country it is time for one of your favorite episodes from the latest season of going underground coming up today with sales to the world's most repressive regimes increasing by nearly half furred after the breakfast vote we speak to british conservative m.p. and member of the u.k. committee for arms export control pauline lay firm about billions of pounds of taxpayer money subsidizing the selling of killing machines and.
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the like we speak to the father of sixty year old palestinian school go ahead i'll tell me in jail for our actions after you came back to israeli soldiers gunned down her relatives protesting illegal occupation in palestine while the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence israeli special forces veteran make up i led tells us what alchemy means to the struggle and why don't drums plans to withhold un aid money could ignite the entire middle east political going over today's going underground but first while the great and the good of neoliberalism like canada's justin trudeau and france's emmanuel might grow as well as our critics like u.k. shadow chancellor john mcdonnell prepared to at ten the world economic forum in switzerland britain's entire nuclear program today is scheduled to be in trouble because of strike action while firefighters strike at sellafield site of the worst of a nuclear incident in british history is important is clear just how many people could be killed by an uncontrolled fire there and what's at stake at sellafield on the
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irish sea in the northwest of england so i was thinking the whole six double decker buses filled to the brim. with some of the most dangerous radioactive waste in the world and there's a lot of it there are twenty two silos like this in this entire building housing and to. move radioactivity released by the chernobyl disaster it took fifty years before the statement dated b.b.c. could reveal the truth about how successive british governments covered up the circumstances surrounding a fire at windscale as sellafield was called before its p.r. name change the fire in one hundred fifty seven could according to the b.b.c. have irrevocably altered the u.k. u.s. special relationship let alone killed a lot of people prime minister harold macmillan president eisenhower to sign an agreement that would change britain's relationship with america forever.
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but just days before a fire had broken out at windscale the country's fast you can react. britain was on the brink of an unprecedented disaster but could drive as he continues today about sellafield as well as an ongoing terrorism threat this was in just the past few months army bomb disposal experts have been called to sellafield to detonate potentially flammable chemicals discovered in britain's largest nuclear sites well it's outside the mark the birth of britain's weapons of mass destruction program now located on the river clyde in scotland britain is of course exploiting weapons all around the world some believe the bricks that may lead to a spiraling of u.k. weapons dealing so we caught up with a member of britain's arms export control panel outside parliament story in people in letham is also on the u.k. international development select committee pauline thanks so much regularly on going underground after a long.


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