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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 31, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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relationship with america traffic. just before a fire has broken out when the country's fast he can react. britain was on the brink of an unprecedented disaster but could drive as he continues today about sellafield as well as an ongoing terrorism threat this was in just the past few months army bomb disposal experts have been called to sellafield to detonate potentially flammable chemicals discovered at britain's largest nuclear site well it's outside the mark the birth of britain's weapons of mass destruction program now located on the river clyde in scotland britain is of course extorting weapons or around the world some believe the brics it may lead to a spiraling of u.k. weapons dealing so we caught up with a member of britain's arms export control panel outside parliament story in people the live from is also on the u.k. international development select committee thanks so much regularly on going
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underground after a long year on the green outside parliament so what do you say to people who are warning the british public that post bricks it is dealing is going to twenty eight percent two point nine billion pounds whether licenses agreed to june twenty sixth in any connections you are having to do deals with with every repressive autocracies because we need the deals because we're leaving europe no there's nothing to say we have to do a deal we give licenses to allow companies to export and they're very stringent they regulate it so there's no reason at all why this got anything to do with see it sit referendum or any faith it's nothing to do with it is about people wanting to sell arms and then it's about the licenses that we agree but of course i mean european what drazen may says repeatedly in parliament which is question about arms licensing to saudi arabia currently involved in one of the worst. humanitarian
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crisis. well yes after i was a district we're training pilots to be this is what we do is we see what they are wanting and then we issue the license and we look very carefully about what they're going to be used so although you say it's a very repressive regime it is changing you know you don't think saudi arabia is a repressive regime it has been i think it's changing because they are now allowing women to draw if they are changing the role of women in society they want women to get elected into parliament it is moving forward to a democratic society which it never has been so it has been repressive and three but i think there are. people in public squares amputates people's lives but you cannot change in a change. we will help change saudi arabia no i don't think that will make any
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difference to saudi arabians have to change saudi arabia we can't change it we can't interfere in the democratic changes which are coming as it wasn't only arms acts will convince you. don't think that we are enabling saudi violence in the middle east you know. i've only been to one meeting so far and that was to elect the chairman so i haven't exactly very safe certainly not all my fault because i only joined just before christmas when we had a vote to elect the chairman so we have yet. there was a meeting this week or last week which i was unable to attend but the next few meetings will be quite critical and we will be looking at our policies in the country as to what we're going to do so then we can look quite seriously about who is he walked on why you see the pictures from i mean you have ritual. he's visited. we've had you. i'm talking about tens of millions of people yes now
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threatened british bombs being dropped is a british planes being warplanes dropping the bombs and these are british trained pilots ordering the bombs that are blowing up and killing or wounding thousands of civilians there are many i mean many thousands of people who've been killed and that's completely wrong but you have to look at the morning to picture of forces going on out there and i didn't think. they would want able to drop in which case what you're saying the logical conclusion of that is let's stop all arms trading and let's not have weapons of any so anywhere in the world will know what i'm talking about. the logical conclusion of that is we shouldn't be selling any arms to anybody and we shouldn't even be having arms ourselves conclusion of what you're saying but it seems that a huge proportion and the biggest deals with saudi arabia. well they may be the
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biggest deals they're not with the united states in a special relationship they are with or talkers well undemocratic countries of course the united states has its own arms manufacturers so we don't need to sell to them but where we have the traditional relationship we have been selling arms to all sorts of different countries and saudi arabia is one of them it's only worth around point two seven percent of our g.d.p. anyway selling killing machines democratic only george is a population that touches a large chunk really if we take that out completely there will be many many people unemployed there be an awful lot of people with no job. claiming benefits can justify the killing or want to know anything about. children and i'm not trying i'm not justifying that what i'm saying is that what we need to do is look very carefully before we allow any licenses now. and involved with that after yet
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but we will be so you are going to be here and then i will scrutinize the decision making and i will make my views no if i feel that it's wrong i will say said but what if you are threatened by these countries because tony blair from asli said security cooperation was threatened saudi arabia was basically saying if you don't sell us these killing machines we won't warn you if you have got terrorists that's a very long time ago tony blair has not been there for many many years and regimes are changing and even saudi arabia is changing to become more democratic but it is bombing him it is bombing him in at the moment but we have to look at everything in the ground and i haven't and nobody on the committee. because we've only just been reformed after the election last year it's taken a long time to do it so we will be looking very seriously at the decisions that are being made what about the fact that if a country can't afford the weapons were selling the taxpayers to subsidize so
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there's up to fifty percent loans to that country said that they can buy oh well we do we give loans to all sorts of things and only international development we give loans and we give ground so i don't think the problem should be subsidising much needed infrastructure or whatever in britain it is subsidizing foreign countries while we're up we've got the biggest infrastructure in terms of roads and rail program going on that's ever been so we're not doing that we are spending millions and millions and millions on a road infrastructure and it's continuing more than we've ever before and rail infrastructure is going through the roof another crisis far from yemen is of course me and has been lots of even mainstream media coverage of the ratings crisis how do you see the importance of it i think it's very important i think it's absolutely devastating to see. so many people having to flee their country and particularly
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where the men are being slaughtered and the women are being raped on route and i think that is well i. just don't understand why people can be so awful to people other people that have lived in their country for say when the generations and they're having to flee that country to go to bangladesh and live in fresh squalid conditions i mean that's inhuman and of course britain supported the me and ma military regime against sanctions before she was given this new. position yes she could have in my view she should have spoken out against it if it means she loses her job i think she should have done but i went to me about five five six years ago i met her and she was already. determined ringers were not part of the area they were nothing to do with that they were not.
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people they couldn't have the status of being they would be stateless and she had no problem with that and i said all along is going to be a major problem she has got a mindset that will not change and we're going again as a committee to miramar and then we're going to bangladesh as well to go and see the real situation and how britain is helping and helping a huge amount bangladesh could not cope with the number of refugees they have without britain's assistance and they're very grateful for it given you have these twin roles that on the international development committee and the objects will come with what about the allegations that britain is involved in. go. production deals as it were with israel because israel is allegedly selling arms to about. we don't know i don't know about i hope will your. i mean look into british
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involvement in the because britain famously supported the military before arguably war and chinese or but we did but i think that again most of these things we do look again freshly every time some new committee formed we will look at these things and come up with a conclusion because things change it's not always the same the whole of the time it's not the same now as it was so we have to look at things as they are now and reevaluate the situation. thank you coming up after the break the father of this sixteen year old girl tells us why he thinks a camera saved his daughter's life at the hands of british backed israeli soldiers and the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence on why britain the united states continues to support israel which he accuses of colonialism oppression and the killing of innocent civilians all the more coming up on to i'm going up to.
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twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the beach but probably with you and you will solo great britain you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy for joy and for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. the special one was also appreciated me just read the review the aussie team's latest edition make it up as we go.
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selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe the new socks credits tell you the celebrity gossip the tabloids are files of the most important news today. telling you on the cool enough to buy their product. leaves all the hawks that we along with our loved ones. it's the cradle of jazz. we have. those disjuncts feel. the city of climatic. alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least members of my
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close. of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans. the best place to. welcome back on the fifteenth of december you came back to israeli forces allegedly shot fifteen year old mama tell me at point blank range in the head with a rubber bullet this video of his sixteen year old cousin had al-timimi film later that day is now viral on the internet. following a raid on her home by israeli forces ahead her mother and her cousin are all now in prison she could serve a seven year sentence after i.d.f. soldiers then confiscated the phone computer of a father bassam the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence me capello said has brought
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a mobile phone for him to use when i joined by bus and al-timimi from ramallah in palestine by sam thanks for joining us tell me about what is happening with your daughter and your wife. was. that in my. mind but. did not. run to the end with because in most of the two thousand and eleven i was three and. the foot six months who should hear. that i am here and she can go to i just might eat me three times and she.
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should tear in here and a group. here to put out all of this then twenty minutes for the syrian soldier also i mean that it is serious and become an. important. many people say that's not a provocation of the many as israel of course say it is she the provoke the soldiers as the video showed i don't think there is. more a group with them than there could wish they. did go out to lend the people. and genocide and if you didn't clean sinks it. and put the what do we should it's no matter the action against. is to resist evil if what you say is true the israeli military judge said that basically our head can be in prison for months the israeli military judge okayed
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that. she must be and it is that. this is as old now. i don't think his life has in the end is this big building needle is right in the middle. is up and they have the bow of. the little dug machine and know any brand new anything. i like to say is doing it well enough. to see if. i don't mistake what is it good that they don't get who was there was talking wasn't a machine a little do what the lads institution say didn't get it. they can they're going to see the look and simeon booker didn't buy this the choice because i think your sister died of course in the military. you were in prison for three years what
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about your worries for i had now i understand she was in isolation i i am up by the minute by my wanting to do that is in the hands of my movies. i'm abroad as i have this strong. who can face here in india and given a dip in his moment to get over this making we need. to be about was she's strong but also she's a child in the hands of this war be any good at least in the me i need to meet. constituencies and those if they don't like to see they continue and. then she will. others think of my mum. and my wife and all the things that is not justified then the. three hundred fifty
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charges there's a reason for that we must do and we need to acknowledge and we in the commission we will continue up. this times because we haven't city police commissioner just continually. we need to be strong we need just like you know we have a lot of tree down. in the. sea while palestinian activists around the world may say you are being psychologically tortured along with your family by the defacto british backed israeli government zionists claim you are basically making propaganda videos the video of your daughter was deliberately trying to provoke israel and your daughter is being called shirley temple and this is the name pallywood in a in a reference i suppose to be the opposite of all here with only one density a soldier to come on but this is in our. body what if
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they are not there told the kids they can see it's just the at that and they quit but he shot. at the end of the movie. this is me this is. the deaf ear didn't know what hold the soda coming clubhouse. board at the time we had it coming up it was going on i spotted. the saw the lord of the study at the. table but now there me and be able who are with him like she had. told him i need that will make a plan was put everyone in the world now if if i do that if you have not had if there had been no camera there what do you think would have happened i think she looked. like they. would let the minutes in.
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and if the family when. they could set about it was then it was a committee i did she was nannie. really what. this is what the. bus i'm all to me thank you while the spike in violence in the occupied territories doesn't look set to come down on the us president donald trump wants to slash u.s. aid to un relief programs in palestine i'm joined now by the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence the israeli special forces veteran me cope have led me go thanks very joining us back on going underground we just heard from bottom up tell me why do you support him and what do you think of how emblematic historias story is the story of palestine should it something that the rest of the world. is afraid to do which is that not only did. she say so we've got an issue here where palestinian
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a palestinian. a woman. to a man and a young woman at that. and this is turning everybody you know if they had shot her then i don't think you would have had this conversation or actually maybe we would but the main rest of the world probably would not have paid any attention to this because it's. being killed because she did stand up. the whole world including particularly in israel. the with the ground. shook and everybody's in in this in this state of shock that this. lady this young girl to do this thing and say that the camera saved a life i think that's a very likely that would've been a very likely scenario. and the fact that you know i think it's a point to pay attention to the details. we have a young lady whose home was invaded by armed gang i mean they go uniforms in the
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army. invade her privacy invaded her house and she not only pushed them to kick them out of the house and out of her backyard but also slapped the soldier on top of that i think every father who has a daughter and i have a daughter you younger than her. would hope that his daughter having face the situation like that would be able to do it she did and i think. in support of her she's in. reality the. absolutely the fact that the camera was there i think is really important gangs of course britain and the united states supports those i.d.f. soldiers. states also have been involved in. colonialism and oppression and the killing of innocent civilians for you know even before israel started doing it so obviously they have shared values and mentioned.
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over the last several years. hundreds of times countless relatives were killed and . of course none of this is ever ever. somebody stood up to be ladies and the world turns turned upside down. it's the united states paying the relief of palestinians we pay the palestinians hundreds of billions of dollars and get no appreciation or respect which is why he is now we're suggesting the cutting of u.s. aid to these un programs for refugees in palestine well you know if they don't pay for the refugees or. are very happy to go back to the only reason they're not going back often is because it's just that. i think if he wants to stop. that part of the solution second part of the solution which must be. part of the
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solution is to allow them to return force israel to open its borders and allow the indigenous people people who still have the keys to their. return to their homes and then can you read billion dollars or four billion dollars a year that it receives from the united states to bring them in or help them and. help them to establish themselves back in their in their homes so it's not a two part equation. where the u.n. relief and works agency has been saying that this is the worst crisis of a severe crisis in seventy years and could threaten the entire middle east. i think he's right there in a trump donald trump decision making there's no question that they are they are hurting the most the most vulnerable of populations they're hurting the most vulnerable the poorest of the poor and they're not sure they chose to be poor they're poor because they're forced to do a few g. cams by having being kicked out of their homes to begin with by israel and they
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don't want to stay there are quite happy to go back but then you don't need is there because they were kicked out of their homes well just finally and briefly why do you think most mainstream media here in britain or in the nato nations is not interested in what you just have to say about the conflict and and certainly hasn't really been covering the story of a head al-timimi who is of course now well i tell you i think i'd courage demonstrate exactly that i mean i should not have had to push those soldiers out of our home and slap a soldier we should have been there the entire internet community been a church protector to protect your cousins to protect your family and to protect millions of personal children to have to put up with this kind of violence every single day now the fact that this is not being shown and it's not being reported on may stream media she couldn't exactly that. but israel they will not stand up to israel and that forces young palestinians like her to have to do this themselves it's a crime over a crime the first crime is that they were not there to begin with to prevent this
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from happening and the second thing is they will only be reporting and to sure just count. our days and a lack of courage by the media and the rest of the world to stand up and protect the palestinian children from israeli aggression israeli terror makeup ellen thank you. i hope you enjoyed that epicenter going underground for my latest season will be back on the eleventh of april for a brand new season of going underground but you can still keep in touch with us while we're away on facebook twitter and instagram season. time about e-mail bag of the attack you might even want to get out of. but i think it ought to be a. pet again that i mean by my mom come to me and i know god. will walk through me that had to be.
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made into a move to india that if you make those you just have images of christmas or if you want. to. know who to buy love and actually get at the i've got to get behind the city because the. patient is full of them feeling hopeful and confident capable using. the most expensive fish in the world each one selling for the tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only remnants of
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a much larger mission was once there that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years and have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. that are the worst so let's add all of them mama. i don't mama. the old to do with the few to try not to gloat a lot but if they're going to be chilcote you know. sort of. what i mean i knew commuting is going to get so for us to do that not skip the question as to yes but oh yes the chest but. by the best of what i'm here for
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everyone that is for you cox involved with the. i. i i i. i. i. i.
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think. seventeen people killed and over a thousand injured as israeli soldiers fired bullets and used drawings and. using palestinian demonstrators of inciting violence at the gaza border. american diplomatic staff are leaving the u.s. consulate in st petersburg ahead of its official closure on sunday move comes amid an escalating standoff over the poisoning. in the u.k. . the police fire water cannon and tear gas against protesters letting off the demonstration over the expulsion of environmental squatters in the french city of.


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