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tv   News  RT  April 2, 2018 1:00pm-1:27pm EDT

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the u.k. is accused of going too far in its claims as russia's foreign minister pushes for answers over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in britain. the white house could set the scene for a meeting between donald trump and polluted as information transpires from a phone call between the two leaders. to the militants are on the move in the syrian city of the duma in eastern guta massacre says hundreds of people left the area on monday following an evacuation deal with rebel groups. and israel has slammed for its military's handling of protests at the gaza border which has left seventeen dead and more than a thousand injured the harshest criticism so far has come from the turkish leader. hate netanyahu you're an occupier and it is as an occupier that you are on those
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lands at the same time you're a terrorist. monday night here in moscow welcome to the program kevin with you live from r.t. h.q. with this latest thirty minute update first that the russian foreign minister says the u.k. is going too far with its accusations over the poisoning of sergei scruple and his daughter will eventually have to provide answers he said to the questions posed by russia here's some of what sergey lavrov had to say which correspondent down off expanded on with us earlier. you will not be possible to get away from the questions since the obvious now and what else is obvious british colleagues have conceived fast with this game which the russian foreign minister has a focused in detail on everything going on. in this case first and foremost he said
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that he's very glad that the daughter of the russian citizen usually is recovering and he's also said that he hopes that her father on the mend to also he has stressed that russia still has a lot of questions that has asked repeatedly but which remain unanswered pretty much russia even wrote an official mail an official letter to the o.p.c. w. those questions include some technical details that russia has inquired to the c.w. asking them what information the u.k. has passed to the un nobody regarding the investigation raising to share with moscow and whether or not the o.p.c. w in turn will be sharing that with russia assassinated sergei scruple and his daughter or whether or not russia just lost track of the nerve agent and did mr lavrov have anything to say about how russia's going to respond to those claims well he said that russia has no motive in this that russia that for at least a decade russia has no beef with the script because in two thousand turned that's
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when the double agents what took place between moscow and london pretty much would close the book on this for russia and likely needed kremlin approval so when you are citing a source it means that you have some inside information from the investigation and it's not clear why this c.n.n. needed exactly this in this particular situation because linking the kremlin directly to the assassination attempt is something that both trees are made the prime minister and boris johnson the foreign secretary have been saying for a long time now so it's not exactly some classified information also another point that they're making is the attack was sophisticated and only a government could be behind it so. how come it is a sophisticated attack and if it is sophisticated it's supposed to be performed and carried out on a very professional level if it's professionals who are behind it and in this case it looks very sad. sloppy because both targets are not just alive but the getting
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better they're recovering so russia is indeed intending to get its its questions answered intending to get answers to its questions and so moscow is hoping to get those as early as wednesday. and we'll be following the to us in terms of that of course we've got geopolitics author david swanson for some comment as well he says that despite information being scarce right now the media's already delivered its verdict well it's not a judicial procedure this is not something brought to arbitration this is not the world court this is an accusation through the media and so russia is not being told very much and the public is not being told very much and of course that makes many of us sceptical but we just can't know whether the accusations are true or not until we're shown some evidence nonetheless a number of western countries say the entire world is on their side against russia
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. patience is wrong they're wearing thin with president putin and his actions we stand with our british allies and the rest of the civilized world in denouncing the brazen and brutal chemical attack carried out against the united kingdom it has become clear that russia is behind this effort to kill innocent civilians with the banned nerve agent so let's take a closer look at the global backing that british and american officials say they have over the nerve agent attack in seoul's break it seems many countries showing their support are indeed nato members for a start but even among them the still some uncertainty is david swanson again. good news on the rise and we can report next washington the white house could host a meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents with more on that d.c. correspondence america on. well here are the latest details on last month's phone call between president putin and president trump now back on march twentieth donald
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trump called to congratulate president putin on his reelection this move was criticized by many in the american media according to the russian aide to president putin and the white house spokesperson a bilateral meeting was planned during the phone call but today we learned that during that conversation trump invited president putin to visit washington d.c. but just as a reminder the phone call happened before the u.s. expelled sixteen russian diplomats over the poisoning of a russian x. five with russia being blamed for it of course and then russia responded in a tit for tat measure announcing the expulsion of sixty eight u.s. diplomats but the kremlin says that no meeting preparations have been made at the time but according to president putin's aide the white house was discussed as one of the possible venue's now the two have only had one face to face meeting last summer at the g. twenty summit but meeting like this would definitely be
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a refreshing change in this difficult political climate so we'll just have to see how this all plays out. the evacuation of militants from the syrian city of duma any sting goo to is underway according to the russian defense ministry earlier announced that a preliminary deal had been reached with the jaish al islam rebel group which operates in the city over four hundred militants reportedly left tomorrow monday the last rebel stronghold in the besieged area journalist muhammad ali who's in damascus told us the latest the only evacuation. the first batch of. minute then psystar to leaving the town of doom and eastern. according to the syrian state news agency at least eight buses with over four hundred individuals on board those include both militants and their families and make up the first batch of already exited eastern of will to through and watch the dean campaign exit which is a couple of kilometers away from from duma and the buses are now lining up at the
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outskirts of east and will talk taking up more militants opposition this town and their families it is expected that at least fifty buses will be exiting from. the final number is set on the outskirts of east on the water they will be heading towards the most in northern syria the border town in the northern countryside of a look oh this will be the first batch following of course reaching a deal brokered by russia between the syrian army and this particularly militant group according to reports coming from inside duma there is a kind of division among the group leaders of this militant group on getting out or not but eventually it seems that the deal has been reached and they have started getting out in the boonies resistance movement has been low on its social media accounts published some of the items of this. militants will have to surrender their heavy and medium weapons to the syrian army before leaving they can all the take with them and their individual light like clash in
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a corpse or something also very important item in the deal is regarding the fate of thousands of both the civilians and army personnel kidnapped by just a standard in the past five or six years believe those are believed to be believed to be inside the prison so representatives of states which are guarantors and yes kind of talks meaning iran and turkey on supervising the process of the release of those kidnapped civilians and army personnel and eventually the syrian government. vent and tear into government institutions and establishments will be restored normal life will be restored then perhaps humanitarian aid urgent food and medical aid will also be delivered to the civilians inside and those militants who wish to stay and reconcile with the syrian government will be granted amnesty by the government and will be allowed to return back to normal life inside duma.
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you. focus on israel next it's being slammed for how its military's handling ongoing protests at the gaza border the so-called palestinian march of return has already left seventeen killed and more than a thousand injured over the course of three days.
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keith. different. people demonstrating you know modestly well that. was trying to kill my son drove me. nuts. the annual march of return is a demonstration denouncing what palestinians view as israeli occupation thousands
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of live pitched tents across five locations along the gaza border where they're expected to stay for the coming weeks well leaders have condemned israel's actions but they were accused of double standards by the israeli prime minister in return as holkins reports. this isn't the first incident of mass palestinian casualties in clashes with the i.d.f. tragically it won't be the last the border violence had barely stopped before the criticism of israel's actions came thick and fast from all directions the u.n. secretary general was quick to call for a full investigation he used foreign affairs chief wasn't far behind israel though is having none of it the army was doing its job if anything the soldiers that fired live bullets into the crowd deserve a medal according to the country's defense minister and investigation no child ignore the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the middle east but when israel neutralize these sixteen terrorists they convene an emergency meeting of the
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un security council the i.d.f. will not cooperate with any investigative committee let them investigate the murders of half a million people in syria and tens of thousands in libya sudan and yemen no punches polled and some may say he does have a point multiple e.u. states have taken part in nato or u.s. led interventions in libya and syria which have contributed to civilian losses and of course they also continue to arm saudi arabia that's the spike the catastrophic situation in yemen but some old leaders return the focus to friday's brutal violence on the gaza border with president added one branding it an inhumane attack and prime minister netanyahu didn't let this go on answered the most moral army in the world will not be lectured by those who had indiscriminately bomb civilian populations for years apparently this is how april fools' day celebrated an anchor on a thinly veiled reference to turkey's tough line on kurdish groups who are unable to
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terrorists or perhaps the turkey's ongoing military operations in northern syria triggering a further response from the turkish president. hey netanyahu you're an occupier and it is as an occupier that you are on those lands at the same time you are a terrorist and the e.u. itself wasn't exempt from the turkish president's rhetoric don't throw stones from a glass house. one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter is an older dog but today it seems human life has become less valuable than political expediency or a good sound bite. and hawkins reporting we're staying with israel to next it's reached an agreement with the un refugee agency to send more than sixteen thousand african migrants to western countries a previous plan to return them to safer countries in africa floundered badly. it's a unique agreement with the states of israel which removes sixteen thousand two hundred
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fifty people out of the zero two developed countries such as canada germany and italy. now this comes after under the radar talks that was altered in a new plan being put forward their plan was put together by the israeli government the united nations high commissioner for refugees and other interested parties it scraps a previous plan that the israeli government was planning to carry out and that would have seen refugees in this country been presented with one of two options on the one hand they would have to agree to be deported to a third african country there was a sweetener of three thousand five hundred dollars per refugee as well as a plane ticket but however if they refuse that they would then have to face the option of prison now that plan was was refuted by human rights groups by thousands of israelis who for the past few months have been taking to the streets one hundred eighty six thousand refugees and italy in the same time period saw one hundred
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twenty thousand refugees arriving on its shores via boat so those are countries that already are facing the problems of refugees and now they have the additional refugee numbers that are being sent to them from israel so no doubt they will have more responsibility and more challenges moving forward. to international tonight coming up after the break protesters even a political party backing the site cult leader in germany we'll tell you about the rest of the news ninety seconds away. so.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some one of the brits. that's it like to be for us to see what the fog screen of morning can be good for the. interest of all those in the waters of our. first six. again exactly twenty four minutes past eight o'clock tonight supporters of catalan
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independence have been protesting in berlin demanding the leader of catalonia be released from custody in germany carlos purged a man was arrested more than a week ago by german police he's facing extradition back to spain where he's wanted for rebellion in sedition after last october's independence referendum people from across germany were joined by catalan politicians at the rally you're seeing there in berlin they're demanding the release of what they see as political prisoners follow the crackdown on the separatist movement by madrid activists of the party were not the only people who are backing the former head of catalonia two politicians from germany's left party went to visit put them on in prison to an interview to the message seems he had for his supporters was do not give up. we are not criminals we won elections twice we have to continue the way we are defending our rights rights that are recognized by the un as we have the total right to decide our future
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a member of the german left party member says that the only way to solve the standoff between catalonia madrid is through dialogue. it's a notional street journal government this research in responsibility to find a way. that different actors can negotiate instead of criminalize this is meant as well but we don't. want political actor in the european countries criminal law at least. due to a law which is very rigid it should be different and criminalization of national and regional solution will. know all that's going to. get a big story continue to develop tonight to alert you to the world's two largest economies china and the u.s. appear to be on the brink of a new trade war after beijing now has increased tariffs on more than one hundred american products the measures are in direct response to an american increase on imported steel and elim the minium last month in from china the charges target
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american food products notably including pork wine and fruit terrace are expected to increase by twenty five percent and be worth three billion dollars a year to beijing it's big money at stake here the unstable trade relations investors rightly worried as u.s. stocks dipped after reopening from the easter holidays but despite the tension nonetheless donald trump still sees china as a friend in dealing with north korea i view them as a friend i have tremendous respect for president xi they have a great relationship they're helping us a lot in north korea and that's china international relations like trenching home son told us they'll be no winners though in this trade war. if you look at what's in the chinese government trying to do the targets thirty billion us explode in china in the space of a target u.s. i do a culture project and. the u.s.
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interest by pete tong supporters because it was all states who produced agricultural products like throughout a meat and they were the one under they were the ones in trying to the white house so that's china's talk in china trying to hop home like supporters in order to see find a better deal these white house so i do try to warn everybody is going to do is there's no winners through those kind of. missions and that's news up so for me tonight i'm kevin owen quick mention that you can take our tea with you on the move up store a search for out. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge thurmond's and the huge amount of pressure come after you have to go to the center of the beach but how would you and will throw the over great britain to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low. and i'm really happy for drawing that for the thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me just like the review the aussie team's latest edition may go up if we go. look. at that your second passing i found we just learnt you were taking your last term. caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i
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remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters my mind gets consumed with the death of this one quite different so i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. claimed status financial for long johns today was all about money laundering first to visit discussing the state of the food. oh good that's a good start well we have our three banks all set up or maybe some of the herbs up in america something overseas or the cayman islands it will lose rights are complicit in the kleptocracy to disrupt the deal with gold it's
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a clear money to do some serious mood ok let's see how we do while we've got home got a nice luxury watch for lax and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about a cookbook calogero a bill for unless you know what money laundering is highly illegal to watch because of course. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't call. me old yet to shake out just because the ticket and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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welcome to sophie shevardnadze haiti a battered by natural disasters is reeling from a scandal around the revelations of abuse by international aid workers how will it affect the humanitarian efforts of n.g.o.s and the u.n. in the country well i ask. human rights lawyer. a country that is still recovering from earthquakes and hurricanes while coping with rampant poverty and a drastic lack of infrastructure destroyed sympathy from across the globe with n.g.o.s and u.n. agencies rushing to help the better nation but with relations of corruption and
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abuse by u.n. and aid workers has the image of a charitable organizations been tainted for good. government expelled the good from the country altogether and current problems alone is only down to haitian human rights lawyer welcome it's really great to have you on our program lots to talk about now the latest scandal in haiti's over ochs some employees saying aging sexual exploitation is in the country the haitian government has suspended the work of the u.k. charity awesome has apologized started investigation and fired those as false or responsible what more could they do right now well. i think oxfam is just sort of the symptom of our there masturbating on this pain that has been imposed upon us because of imperialism what else could they do they could actually leave haiti. ok we're going to go actually case by case but because some is the latest case i'd like to focus on that in the beginning i mean totally
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takes one scandal to ruin the reputation of a charity accusation stake and people start thinking that the whole organization is one after the scandal broke out everything they're going to zation try to say or do just fuel the fire so it's like no matter what they say it won't come out right do they really deserve to be battered further well i guess we're talking about children we're talking about post earthquake i mean look at the situation sophie we're talking about two thousand and ten the catastrophic injuries and ten thousand hey.


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