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political move to. the u.k. is accused of going too far in its claims as russia's foreign minister pushes for over the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in britain. the white house could set the scene for a meeting between donald trump. as information transpires bungle it seems between the two leaders. also coming up this hour militants are on the move in the syrian city of east and russia says over thousand people have left the area in twenty four hours following on the back you ation deal with the rebel groups. and also the headline tonight israel reaches a deal with the un refugee agency to send thousands of african migrants to canada germany and italy but tonight italy's saying it knows nothing of the agreement.
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this is r.t. news of a level me. first in the program the russian foreign minister says the u.k. is gone too far with its accusations over the poisoning of sergei scruple and his daughter and will eventually have to provide answers to the questions that are being posed by russia here's some of what had to say which correspondent. expanded on for us. beauty of that if you will not be possible to get away from answering the questions since the obvious nods and what else is obvious is no british colleagues have gone too far with this game which the russian foreign minister has a focused in detail on everything going on in this case first and foremost he said that he's very glad that the daughter of the russian citizen usually is recovering and he's also said that he hopes that her father on the mend to also he has
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stressed that russia still has a lot of questions that has asked repeatedly but which remain unanswered pretty much russia even wrote an official mail an official letter to the o.p.c. w. those questions include some technical details that russia has inquired to the c.w. asking them what information the u.k. has passed to the u.n. nobody regarding the investigation because this is something that london is refusing to share with moscow and whether or not the o.p.c. w. in turn will be sharing that with russia russia's been asking these questions since day one since this horrible incident took place what does russia hope to get any answers to any of these quest will in fact russia is hoping to get some answers as early as this wednesday because this is when the o.p.c. w. members are meeting and this is a summit initiated by russia so this is why sergei lavrov hopes to get at least something out of the u.n. body on wednesday. in the booty of our british colleagues to answer the questions
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will need only one thing it's a work of fiction and be more specific. and so in general the russian foreign minister has expressed concern about the bloc of countries who seem to have agreed to put in everything on moscow because in their opinion it seems it's not an investigation into who is behind the assassination attempt but more like how russia did or did give a direct order to its agents to go and assassinate sergei scrip. powell and his daughter or whether or not russia just lost track of the nerve agent did mr lavrov have anything to say about how russia's going to respond to those claims well he said that russia has no motive in this that russia that for at least a decade russia has no beef with the world because in two thousand and turned that's when the double agents what took place between moscow and london so that that's pretty much what closed the book on this for russia and in terms of the news
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coverage even though we're really no further forward weeks on from all this it's really not stopped the headlines spinning and spinning out of the media the reviving the story and they're basically using standard playbook like when you don't know what to say when the seems that everything has slowed down significantly you bring sources have a listen source briefed on the investigation tells c.n.n. they believe a move like that was too sophisticated for a rogue agent and likely needed kremlin approval so when you are citing a source it means that you have some inside information from the investigation and it's not clear why this c.n.n. needed exactly this in this particular situation because linking the kremlin directly to the assassination attempt is something that both trees are made the prime minister and boris johnson the foreign secretary have been saying for a long time now so it's not exactly some classified information also another point that they're making is the attack was sophisticated and only
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a government could be behind it so. how come it is a sophisticated attack and if it is sophisticated it's supposed to be performed and carried out on a very professional level if it's professionals who are behind it and in this case it looks very sloppy because both targets are not just alive but the getting better they are recovering so russia is indeed intending to get its its questions answered into ending to get answers to its questions and so hope. to get those as early as wednesday geopolitics author david swanson told us that despite information being scarce nonetheless the media's already delivered its verdict well it's not an judicial procedure this is not something brought to arbitration this is not the world court this is an accusation through the media and so russia is not being told very much and the public is not being told very much and of course that makes many of us sceptical but we just can't know whether the accusations are
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true or not until we're shown some evidence a number of western countries say in fact the entire world is on their side now against russia. patience is wrong they're wearing thin with president putin and his actions we stand with our british allies and the rest of the civilized world in denouncing the brazen and brutal chemical attack carried out against the united kingdom it has become clear that russia is behind this effort to kill innocent civilians with the banned nerve agent so let's take a closer look at that world map and see what the global backing the british and american officials say they've got over this nerve agent attack in salzburg it seems many countries showing their support indeed on nato members but even among them there's still some uncertainty is david swanson again. well i think they think of themselves as the world the international community which is always just
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a handful of nations that calls itself that but you know in the united states here we've become very used to baseless accusations against russia and so some of us are very skeptical regardless of the position taken by our governments we can't know whether an accusation is true or not until they show us some evidence and rather than showing us some evidence that they're working on expelling diplomats and pressuring other countries to expel diplomats which seems like a way to cut off communications or you diplomats jobs are to interact when there are disagreements and if you get rid of them you're talking about not having communications other than by means of military force. but relations between russia and the west things that could be some a little bit of good news on the horizon we can report washington in the white house could host a meeting between the u.s. and russian president with more on samir khan from d.c. . well here are the latest details on last month's phone call between president
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putin and president trump now back on march twentieth donald trump called to congratulate president putin on his reelection this move was criticized by many in the american media according to the russian aide to president putin and the white house spokesperson a bilateral meeting was planned during the phone call but today we've learned that during that conversation trump invited president putin to visit washington d.c. but just as a reminder the phone call happened before the u.s. expelled sixteen russian diplomats over the poisoning of a russian ex-wife with russia being blamed for it of course and then russia responded in a tit for tat measure announcing the expulsion of sixty eight u.s. diplomats but the kremlin says that no meeting preparations have been made at the time but according to president putin's aide the white house was discussed as one of the possible venue's so we'll just have to see how this all plays out.
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evacuation of militants from the syrian city of duma in eastern guta is well underway according to the russian defense ministry earlier known to the preliminary deal had been reached with the rebel group which operates in the city over the last twenty four hours a frozen plus militants have left the last rebel stronghold in the besieged area judas' muhammad ali who's in damascus told us the latest the only evacuation. the first batch of. militants to started leaving the town of doom and eastern along the buses are now lining up at the outskirts of istanbul top taking up more militant salvationist and their families it is expected that at least fifty buses will be exiting from. the final number is set on the outskirts of east on the water they will be heading towards the most in northern syria the border town in the northern countryside of a look at this will be the first batch following of course reaching a deal brokered by russia between the syrian army and this particularly militant
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group according to reports coming from inside duma there is a kind of division among the group leaders of this militant group on getting out or not but eventually it seems that the deal has been reached and they have started getting out in the boonies resistance movement has been low on its social media accounts published some of the items of this deal the. militants will have to surrender their heavy and medium weapons to the syrian army before leaving they can only take with them and their individual light weapons like clash in the gulf or something also very important item in the deal is regarding the fate of thousands of both the civilians and army personnel kidnapped by in the past five or six years believed those are believed to be believed to be inside the prisons official particularly and to a prison inside duma according to that report the deal stipulates that there will be a work team formed and it will be headed by russia and included there will be representatives
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of the syrian government and also representatives of states which are guarantors and guest on the talks meaning iran and turkey on supervising the process of the release of those kidnapped civilians and army personnel. in the. believe. israel has reached an agreement with the un refugee agency para latest and more
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than sixteen thousand african migrants to western countries a previous plan to return them to safer countries in africa flown. it's a unique agreement with the states of israel which removes sixteen thousand two hundred fifty people out of a zero to developed countries such as canada germany and italy. now this comes after under the radar talks that was altered in a new plan being put forward that plan was put together by the israeli government the united nations high commissioner for refugees and other interested parties it scraps a previous plan that the israeli government was planning to carry out and that would have seen refugees in this country being presented with one of two options on the one hand they would have to agree to be deported to a third african country there was a sweetener of three thousand five hundred dollars per refugee as well as a plane ticket but however if they refuse that they would then have to face the option of prison now that plan was was refuted by human rights groups by thousands
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of israelis who for the past few months have been taking to the streets to protest against it and it on yahoo now saying that their plan is no longer feasible because of legal constraints and political difficulties what we understand now moving forward is that it will be the responsibility of the united nations human rights commissioner to find homes and look after these refugees who are being saved. two western countries and in addition another eighteen thousand will remain legally inside this country now germany and italy are both countries that are already favored destinations for refugees if you look at the figures from last year for example germany registered more than one hundred eighty six thousand refugees and italy in the same time period saw one hundred twenty thousand refugees arriving on its shores via boat so those are countries that already are facing the problems of refugees and now they have the additional refugee numbers that are being sent to
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them from israel so no doubt they will have more responsibility and more challenges moving forward but there's a footnote to this other developments tonight to tell you seems the eternal in foreign ministry no says that italy has not received any kind of request regarding this migrants deal and it went on to stress that the deal is strictly between therefore israel and the un's refugee agency earlier spoke to frank christian holmes all from the alternative of germany party get his take on why there's this confusion it seems germany also knows little about the agree with either. as i was informed and i have informed myself rather for a short time before this there was no official asking from israel and no actually they don't know about this resettlement program with israel here so what is the un doing here what is israel actually doing here is the mortar behind the scenes is just some huge admin error what is the way for netanyahu to quit to cool down
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the problem in his in this own country but i think we have to understand we have a global migration crisis it's not about asylum we see that individual asylum is another thing where whole groups of populations are concerned as a migration crisis due to. failed states and two failed economic policies and two failed economic development especially in africa and this big challenge has to be answered by some means with regard israel there are about thirty nine thousand migrants who are initially being mentioned here and israel's going to keep half of them under this proposal is just been saying is planning through the un refugee agency to send the other sixteen thousand or so on to maybe germany maybe it's still to be confirmed by the sounds of it tonight so israel is doing its part here is it not keeping at least sixteen thousand of these people that often come from awful backgrounds and awful lives maybe there's
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a soup but i think it's more important for the western countries to to stop the magnetism or to the refugee welcome attitude we have in some parts of the west especially in germany this will not work actually we do have to find another development strategy for for africa and other parts of the world like them in a region. where says the fast moving story other developments now which occurred in the gate this whole story to start with it seems a big development tonight the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has now suspended the implementation of this migrant deal with the u.n. refugee agency after what's being called a right wing. pushback tonight within israel seems the prime minister now says will first first meet representatives from the south of tel aviv and only then reconsider the implementation no mention of why it seems italy or germany haven't been included in the dialogue of this so far saw quite a confusing story really stay across it r.t. dot com and we'll bring it today as we get to find out more as well. next stories
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focusing on israel to instantly the country being slammed for how its military is handling ongoing protests at the gaza border the so-called palestinian march of returns already left seventeen killed and more than a thousand injured over the course of three days.
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different. people demonstrating. the walk the. walk try to give. the drug. the annual march of return as a demonstration denouncing what palestinians view as israeli occupation thousands of them have pitched tents across five locations along the gaza border with are expected to stay for the coming weeks world leaders have condemned israel's actions here but in turn they've been accused of double standards by the israeli prime minister as daniel hawkins explains this isn't the first incident of mass palestinian casualties in clashes with the i.d.f. tragically it won't be the last the border violence had barely stopped before the criticism of israel's actions came thick and fast from all directions the un
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secretary general was quick to call for a full investigation he used foreign affairs chief wasn't far behind israel though is having none of it the army was doing its job if anything the soldiers that fired live bullets into the crowd does. of a medal according to the country's defense minister and investigation no child ignore the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the middle east but when israel neutralize these sixteen terrorists they convene an emergency meeting of the un security council the i.d.f. will not cooperate with any investigative committee let them investigate the murders of half a million people in syria and tens of thousands in libya sudan and yemen no punches polled and some may say he does have a point multiple e.u. states have taken part in nato or u.s. led interventions in libya and syria which have contributed to civilian losses and of course they also continue to arm saudi arabia that's the spike the catastrophic
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situation yemen but some world leaders return the focus to friday's brutal violence on the gaza border with president added one branding it an inhumane attack and prime minister netanyahu didn't let this go on answered the most moral army in the world will not be lectured by those who had indiscriminately bomb civilian populations for years apparently this is how april fools' day celebrated an anchor on a thinly veiled reference to turkey's tough line on kurdish groups who are unable to terrorists or perhaps the turkey's ongoing military operations in northern syria triggering a further response from the turkish president. hey netanyahu you're an occupier and it is as an occupier that you are on those lands at the same time you are a terrorist and the e.u. itself wasn't exempt from the turkish president's rhetoric don't throw stones from a glass house. one month terrorist is another man's freedom is an older dogs but
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today it seems human life has become less valuable than political expediency or a good sound but. at the whole country pulling the coming up to protest has been out in force in germany to show their support for the former leader of spain separatist catalonia region when we come back. when you have no clean water no health care no infrastructure those are all symptoms of a greater problem in haiti and that greater problem is imperialism that problem is dead dependency in domination that haiti has had to deal with since it became the first. free republic ruled by black people since eighteen zero four.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to reach. out to going to be first this is what before three of the people. interested in the water. supporters of catalan independence have been protesting in berlin demanding the sacked leader of catalonia be released from custody in germany colors purged was arrested more than a week ago now by german police he's facing extradition to spain where he is wanted
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for rebellion and sedition after last october's independence referendum people across germany were joined by catalan politicians at the rally in berlin they are also demanding the release of what they see as political prisoners for their crackdown on the separatist movement by madrid activists the protests are not the only people backing the former head of catalonia along the two two politicians from germany's left party went to visit him on a prison and interviewed him it seems the former catalan leader says that it's unfair to criminalize the independence movement. i'm not going you go we remember the elections twice in one place so you are confident. and you the bottle service is not. a member of the german left party says the only way to solve the standoff between catalonia madrid is through dialogue. international states and the german government this resume responsibility to find a way that these different actors can negotiate instead of criminalize this
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movement this really but we don't like if one political actor treats criminalise least. due to a goal which is very rigid this should be different we even criminalisation there should be. real solution like no one gets into it. that's news rob so far i'm kevin though in saying thanks for watching make sure you don't miss thing as well get the list of news alerts on our. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge tournaments and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to put me to the center of the problem
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here with you and you'll see all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. a low. and i'm really happy to join that for the thousand in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of. me to just take the radio p.r.t. team's latest edition may go up as we go so i need to just say look. at that your sudden passing i finally just learned you worry yourself in taking your last abang term. here at me on doing what i do. tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each
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breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some marshawn to feel those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one different person to speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. sextiles or financial survival does. when customers go by your supplies. when else will reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. and will make us manufacture consent to instinctive public wealth. when the ruling
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classes project themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives only the one possible job. to ignore middle of the room sick. deluded million more you mean. the world. one else chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. the world that is yet to shape our disdain because the adjective and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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for twenty five consecutive years molten two hundred terror attacks on brushing soil have killed thousands. of. survivors must now live with the memory of one fraction of a second to drastically change their lives leaving them with one question does time really she'll. still get the love that you want the. commission very much dumber than the people in the. us we have. to say about them or is it all cynical now to cover up an austrian most.
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recent one day here washing at your doors when you might. get upset over all. of them was so much that all of your mama. talked to you would you have i believe i was on the same through pua choked. up with oracle for more war for the europe. so. more cards and the march for the full circle. doesn't because there are three wars and we need to get there soon. so all. he's got is a little cooler for the. citizen as long as it all just for. the little holes total. eclipse adjustable slice the article. over the last couple. of months. on what's all this. will stop it.


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