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of. what. the syrian peace process brings together the leaders of russia turkey and around for a trilateral meeting on wednesday vladimir putin is in ankara to meet president head of the summit. france is in the middle of transport chaos israel work is there launch an industrial strike against president macro's drive to overhaul the state funded industry. this is really dangerous for drugs. the us media companies under fire after telling t.v. presenters to read a scripted promo against fake news critics say that it is a politically motivated message. out also this hour the british media indulge in
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alternative theories on the poisoning of former double agent sergei script balance his daughter in britain that's in the absence of any official information coming from the investigation. and is the r.v. this is r.t. international good to have you with us. president putin is it anchor his plane touched down just about an hour ago is now at the presidential palace for talks with the turkish leader the visit is ahead of a trilateral summit along with turkey and iran later on wednesday our correspondent elise is in ankara for us and to is live on the line what's on the agenda then for the two presidents the day early. hi again yes as you've said it's the turkish president and top aired on is welcoming vladimir
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putin at his own presidential palace and it was totally visible previously and you can see it on the leader's faces today now there is absolutely no doubt that they put behind the conflict over the downing of the russian army jet from a couple of years ago turkey and russia are genuinely very close now and i have a perfect example to prove that sources and the diplomatic community suggested that there was a lot of pressure on ankara from the west to make them expel the russian diplomats as a result of the script all poisoning scandals just like the european countries did but despite being allied with the likes of america and britain ankara said no way and here is going to quote from time period on just because some countries took some steps based on allegations we shouldn't just follow them and do the same
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the presidents of turkey and russia of course have many joint projects to take care of including launching the construction of a nuclear power plant but also they will be discussing syria and here's more about what we can expect from these talks and we are in the turkish capital ankara it is the first destination abroad for vladimir putin after reelection tuesday is the time for all kinds of discussions between vladimir putin and the turkish president typing on and on wednesday they will be joined by the iranian leader hassan rouhani reason number one for all that is syria absolutely different things are in it for all. three leaders but somehow thanks to the trio the syrian crisis is no longer a dead end the so-called calif it is all but gone and russian efforts have shifted
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on to conflict notes that before seemed to be impossible to untie russia has almost completed its operation and east ghouta thanks to the so-called reconciliation center and the humanitarian pauses backed by moscow as many as one hundred fifty thousand civilians were able to escape the blockade. left isn't going to tell you as you. plus it was stunned that the rebels were never going to leave another area called duma but an agreement has been reached and the fighters are being escorted to adlib on green buses some would argue it only plays into the hands of the assad government but then why are some rebels saying yes to turkey next which is trying to find
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a balance between the war on kurdish militants which it considers terrorists appeasing syrian rebels and being friends with russia and her olive branch military seems to have paid off for the turks turkey has taken the city of our friend from the kurds and a massive blow for the community that ankara considers terrorists when it comes to sorting out the war damascus vs the rebels turkey is also actively taking part but obviously they're backing the syrian opposition and is staying stew ankara some of the toughest syrian rebels agreed to come to sought for the syria national congress iran clearly wants to stay on top of its game as a shia powerhouse of course. we've always been on a sad sight fighting a proxy war with saudi arabia and is trying to put up a bit of a show against israel but perhaps surprisingly the tentative to reweigh align seems
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to be workin in the meantime we're knocking the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now to put it mildly the russians and the radians won't be so sure it was america that knocked the hell out of islamic state besides take a look back at the last few months and you'll see that lately sorting out syria has really been up to the trio and so they're back together talking again this time in ankara. r t. m ottawa cough director of a british think tank focusing on middle eastern crises believes that the talks are a positive step towards pace for syria. it is a process that has started about a year and a half ago at least with the stand up process and so on as of course even further and it's making ground hopefully they would be able with this round of talks to
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build on it even more clearly there is a bit more trust between the three parties and from behind the scenes as well the syrian government there is more give or take between. those parties and you know basically conflicts. you know people who know where they're heading or at least have a sort of common ground of interest to know that they're heading in the right direction. and as we've heard eastern ghouta is now close to being fully liberated for a third straight day militants and their families are leaving the city of doom are the last rebel stronghold in the region as part of a deal with the syrian government brokered by russia rebels have to disclose minefields and help clear them give up heavy and medium weapons and release hostages they used as human shields which is defense ministry says that over two thousand people left in the last forty eight hours in buses via a humanitarian corridor or members of the group josh al islam reportedly among them
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those buses are now at a north to aleppo province a number of cities are already being completely cleared in eastern clued in are being on these video ruptly visit that area shortly after it was freed another used to film inside a network of underground tunnels abandoned by militants there used to connect militant bases in different areas the tunnels also contain the field hospital more serious struggling back towards normal life one sector has received a boost with scientists having saved a gene bank of seeds that could help agriculture in the country. while you are keeping these seem to be the second generation in the future for any reason must all be natural because all right whatever.
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you go on about the exit from the station was a little bit because all the area they do want us to get inside their station and i think. we succeeded to bring one hundred and twenty feet from all that. we have a morning with especially working with the government. there are many of course are . now let's. get on to the. fact while they're all to feel how they are station to resume because of those activities we are very confident of policy or rather than individual.
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fights fake news starts the mission statement of the largest local broadcasting corporation in the united states and its according its presenters to read out a scripted message to back that up. the singulair group which is known for its conservative stance owns almost two hundred stations right across america sent out a memo that told presenters to read out a statement during their news programs the script attacks the quote troubling trend of irresponsible one sided news stories plaguing our country is how it looked the sharing of biased and false news here you can call to comment on the source of your. recently or through with. fortunately summers and review the solicitor. to control. you and this is really dangerous for drivers with
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a broadcast the states that the projects serve no political agenda but the initiative has drawn outrage across mainstream media this many are saying that the message supports donald trump's narrative that some popular outlets are spreading fake news the president himself has also stepped into the spot to defend the sinclair group he once again described c.n.n. and n.b.c. as being dishonest fake news networks and it's an accusation we have heard before jacqueline figure explains russian media is a beacon of honesty truth and integrity we work hard to maintain our outstanding level of work unlike foreign outlets who lie i love putting. well stuck my mind. spicy with irish that's the assumption many in the west make about russian media fully controlled broadcast with angers and correspondent forced to read a pre-prepared scripts no details left to chance so much of it is state funded after all but in the us where so many channels are corporate owned it must be
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different right the sinclair broadcast group which owns almost two hundred television stations and broadcast on around six hundred channels proudly proclaims its mission statement that it provides stories that make a difference the key to our success is concentrated says one alert protecting them . on all platforms well and its recent promos there's not much of a choice or a difference it seems the sharing of biased and false news has become a call to comment on the social media. recently or going through with the first unfortunately the summer summers of. the solicitor . general control. of the usa and this is really dangerous to our democracy as you can see anchors from different channels reading the same script there which was by the way leaked to some media outlets and it looks like they only had to fill in their names hi and i'm be our greatest responsibility is to serve
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the whole northwest communities. and if you look closely you'll notice an absence of certain colors in their wardrobes that's no accident they were given specific instructions on how to dress in order to look neutral the goal is to look apolitical neutral nonpartizan yet professional black or charcoal suits for man females should wear yellow gold magenta scion divide red blue or purple because everyone knows that magenta is the color that gives you and your bias away a perfectly is promising clear also distributes what's known as must run segments to their stations so all the propaganda finger is so often pointed at russia it looks like we actually have quite a bit to learn starting with my wardrobe. a special session of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is due to be held wednesday moscow called for the meeting over the poisoning of former double
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agent surrogate scribal and his daughter yulia in the u.k. the organization has said that some of the questions posed by russia could be answered as early as this evening. in march several british media outlets of come up with theories of their own and breaks down some of them for us. tomorrow we'll actually mark the one man one thousand averse aris since the script saga started yet we haven't seen any real proof and russia is still waiting for that with open arms and while all of this has been unraveling we've certainly seen the press here in the u.k. living it up with catchy headlines and to decipher ing curious details of what
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could have happened with this whole incident one of the ones that's been circulated circulating around recently one about a so-called secret bank accounts there's been reportedly stories going around that yulia scrip all the daughter of sergei who has been in a coma with him is in the hospital she had gained access just days before the poisoning to about two hundred thousand dollars this was connected to her to seized a brother who had died a year ago in the media have been talking about whether or not this has any connection to what happened with them some reports have been suggesting that he was in a car crash others suggested that he had experienced liver failure while being on a holiday to st petersburg with his wife at the time with the questions being asked about whether his death could have been connected to the script poisoning with potentially people trying to be looking for the whereabouts of himself so lots of questions about the family going around but certainly some details circulating that
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are doing a not very much but raising eyebrows including one of my personal favorite something that's been dubbed the serial mystery about a one pound bag of bach wheat or porridge that apparently allegedly reportedly uli a script to ask a friend of hers to bring to the u.k. because it was her father's favorite breakfast and whether or not that porridge could have had something to do with the poisoning so a certainly lots of details going around with people expecting answers more information really keeping the narrative of the story going while yet of course we're wait waiting to see any official findings including from the organization for the prosecution of chemical weapons and from a u.s. crew probably get like i said herself who is said to have regained consciousness and certainly people are waiting to see what she will have to say. it's father's day no evidence presented to back up london's claim some countries and organizations have been quick to side with the u.k.
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expelling russian diplomats they term is no exception ordering seven russian diplomatic staff to leave its h.q. there says deputy foreign affairs minister and former permanent representative to nato told us the whole script was likely devised to boost military spending. i think this whole script case was concocted to prepare public opinion for the ever increasing amounts of money being spent on the military at present the military budgets of european nato members put together to approximately two hundred seventy billion if they achieve the two percent target that some will come to four hundred billion that would be ten times more than russia's military budget. obviously such whopping amounts of money being spent on the military are liable to be the subject of heated public debate to make sure this goes down well you need the image of an enemy and a powerful one at that so it's crystal clear that this huge provocation that was carried out by the u.k. was intended to achieve this goal which is to add fuel to the flames of recent
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phobia which has recently begun to peter out as people are simply got tired of it having expelled russian diplomats nato is soaring off the branch they're sitting on as it were i can't believe they don't realize that in this turbulent time a lack of proper communication between the two powers in europe could potentially bring about very dangerous consequences for. commuters in paris are facing a day of disappointment as rail workers set off on a huge strike against president emanuel details coming up after this break. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our
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coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the teacher probably with you and we'll go through all the great game the great if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone because i want to know and i'm really happy to join our to team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet this special one it was also appreciated me to just say the review beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger than a better jersey book. called welcome back french railway workers have launched one of the largest industrial
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strikes against president micron's move to a whole state transport david ski has the details once again come out on strike here in france for what's being called a block of cheese day not speaker use our workers from s.n.c.f. are on strike along with our fronts because for the electricity and energy sectors as well as students should come out to support them on the strike when the sound from the unions is seventy seven percent of train drivers zero on strike today as well as forty eight percent of all the railway workers why are they on strike well they're unhappy with the proposals by macaroons government to modify to change the railway network a influence which is currently in almost forty seven billion euros worth of debt. they fear that the modernizations in the changes the macaroons government has proposed law actually be the first step towards privatizing the government
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though says that's not true and they have called this striking credibly unhelpful and say that the railway workers who do not have the support of micron's government however the latest polls show that says not true and support for this strike these strikes which will continue over the next three months until the end of june have actually got increased public support over the last few weeks however of course not everybody is happy with this strike measures many people unable to get to work today in places like paris unhappy that they will lose a day of work other people are happy that they can't get to the airports to take their flights although of course those flights could have been canceled as air france employees are also on that strike today as the head of the c.t.d. which is the biggest union of rail workers which has the biggest number of members they said that this is going to be the next may nineteen sixty eight this is when
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a series of strikes in france caused a huge social change in movement they're hoping that these strikes will do the same again today that's something that still yet to be determined charlotte even ski r.t. paris. museum in new york is facing a backlash over its appointment of a white curator for its african art exhibition the woman taking up the role has a ph d. in african artistry and previous experience in similar projects despite that many though of question why a black african wasn't for the job museum has defended its choice saying that it's continuing to work on equality issues and will take all concerns into account we asked legal commentator horace cooper and yarn a indigo writer and activist to get their thoughts on this issue. there have yet to be any any coverage that suggests that there's anything wrong with this person's
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skill or talent or capabilities the only thing anyone has been looking at or race or skin color and that's shameful the point is that there are very few outside of the taser very very small you have you have people who have people in our community have it's not and i have written for these arenas where there are those where there are very few opportunities for those young people to be able to even be a to even have the courage to study in these arenas because they know that they're not even going to be considered for these opportunities we absolutely should not be trying to say. should be quote prioritized we are not going to be excited or even withholding are discussed around the app around people forgetting to give us the opportunities that at least make the most sense to fall towards us racial segregation circa one thousand nine hundred fifty five said certain
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positions certain duties certain functions could be assigned on the basis of race if we're doing that in two thousand and eighteen we might as well for get a national holiday for martin luther king as another race control busy making headlines in the u.s. video of a school performance of the city of atlanta has gone viral it shows children reading a poem to all black history month some viewers may find this video coming up now offensive. with children there are shown wearing black face masks while reciting a poem by a nineteenth century african american author about racial oppression that has sparked outrage among parents and so on line the school has issued an apology saying that this is it was wrong and it's promised to make sure teachers are educated on cultural issues we got the opinion of our guest once again. the idea
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that the only way to stop an idiot from recommending that children put on blackface is to place black people in positions of supervisory authority fails to appreciate the significance of the error that occurred here but is. there actually know what people are going through in these communities and can represent that perspective so that that you don't have just one supremacy perspective that is overseeing this process but you have a diversity of perspectives and that includes the people who you are expecting to be honoring or teaching or developing. german prosecutors are asking for callers put them on the former counsel and leader to be extradited to spain where he's wanted for rebellion and sedition he was arrested by german police at spain's request more than a week ago was while he was returning to belgium where he fled after catalonia has failed independence but last october germany has about two months in which to reach
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a decision which monk could face up to thirty years behind bars if found guilty he is reportedly now considering applying for asylum in germany but lawyers say the chances that would override the european arrest warrant are slim to politicians from germany left party visited the former leader of catalonia in custody is what he told them we're not going to you know we like you twice we want to control your computer. you do the bottom. line. and while catalan independence supporters of be rallying in berlin they're demanding push won't be released from custody in germany some council and leaders also joining the protests we spoke to remember the german left party. he told us that the only way to solve the standoff between barcelona and madrid is through dialogue. traditional state and german government this risk in responsibility to find
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a way. different actors can negotiate instead of criminalize this movement as written but we don't like it if one political actors lead to the few countries criminal law at least. due to a law which is very rigid there should be a different way than criminalization of the. real solution of the cross like now all that's going into it. former f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe who was fired by president trump a day before he was due to retire has reached out to the people of america asking for money but he's not going to spend a penny of the cash he's nice to raise on himself.
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i know it's also places you could be this afternoon so i really do appreciate you joining us here on the international return with the latest news headlines and updates on our top stories and often on. a flight from many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending to go to the twenty million. it's an experience like no one else want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well chance with. the thinks he's going to take.
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the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce talks product tell you that because of the public by fell for the most important day. off the bat has been telling you are not cool enough to buy their products. on the hawks that we along with our loved ones. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton and coming up there may be a problem with the fear we'll have fred kaufman and alex.


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