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tv   News  RT  April 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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right now this story happening right now. multiple injuries reported this morning during a shooting at the. california. also making headlines british scientists say they're able to pinpoint the source of the nerve agent used in the poisoning of the russian agent and his daughter we. verify the source but we provided scientific information to the government despite the u.k. squarely down the less blaming russia resulting in a week's long political diplomatic. it amazes me how. his theory has come about tomorrow. to get the facts straight on this whole
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situation. in paris workers launch a nationwide strike against president drive the state funded transport industry. here in moscow. and first in this program several people reportedly injured in a shooting at the you tube h.q. just south of san francisco california these are live pictures from. police that's the actual area of describe it as an active shooter situation and want people to stay away from that area. over in the states. what's happening at the you. say is just south of san francisco isn't it. yes well
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gunge like you said is just outside of san francisco now police responded to what's believed to be an active shooter situation and several employees have tweeted about their predicament a one youtube employee tweeted that he is barricaded inside his office after hearing gunshots and seeing people running away and then he tweeted that he was safely evacuated but some employees evacuated the building earlier and the police have warned the public to stay out of the area armed police swat vehicles and helicopters are currently surrounding the facility and google which is a you tube head company said in a statement that they are quote cordon eating with authorities and we'll provide official information here from google and you tube as it becomes available now there is no information yet on who the active shooter is but we'll continue to provide you with the latest developments we'll let you get back to it let's take
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those full frame the live pictures from and show a quick recap of what's happening there in the coming on the the a.p. line there we go shots have been fired than to recap the. just south of san francisco police describing it as an active shooter situation reporting but it's not being confirmed that the response reports that say the shooter could be female but nothing is safe if we confirm that you seeing people earlier on being led with the hands above their head as a correspondent in d.c. was saying just now as well people tweeting online saying what kind of look themselves in the building. i'm seeing on our site now pictures indeed of you tube employees being brought with hands up. another guy never got a call. on our site saying an active shooter at you tube h.q. heard shots saw people running while at my desk barricaded inside a room with coworkers no details first began to appear then like that on social media a local news station reporting
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a number of nine eleven calls nine one one calls now there are also a number of tweets to go with as a employees describing multiple shots of people running for cover others describing seeing blood there are unconfirmed reports of multiple injuries including one person reportedly shot in the chest the local hospital there says it's treating an unknown number of injured from the shooting scene so fast moving incident here the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives is saying its agents are also at the scene there in san bernardino this sunday morning but thing is gone have a wrong there in fact it looks like there are markers out there the yellow kind of police markers where sometimes don't i may be making that up if they have found bullets or something on the floor they'll market for evidence you can see there's obviously some been some disturbance there that chair's knocked over in yellow looks to be maybe marking some bit of evidence don't know i'm just guessing i'm
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seeing these pictures like you are we'll keep across that you come to r.t. dot com. the head of a british military laboratory porton down says it is still unable to determine the source of the nerve agent used to poison a former russian double agent and his daughter a month ago in the u.k. that's despite the u.k. government though having already laid the blame very firmly at russia's doorstep we have not verified the to say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to prove. i eat you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular near of each and is but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured so to be clear your not able look orton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do
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that. now less britain's foreign secretary boris johnson quickly pointed the finger at russia in the scruple case partly based on the research of the port and lab but when i look at the the evidence i mean the people from from porton down they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said as they died shortly afterwards the government seemed to go into some damage control after that with a statement saying london always knew russia had a hand in the scruple case and this is as the latest today. well most immediately we're seeing some damage control taking place from the foreign office who have come out with a statement that says that this is only part of the intelligence picture they said that over the last decade russia has worked on ways to deliver agents quote probably for assassinations that russia has a record of assassinations and that it is quote our assessment that russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and as the international community
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agrees there is no other plausible explanation this despite the statements that have been now made here in the u.k. today and of course it's important to remember that this whole time all we've been hearing is that russia is to blame russia is culpable that it's highly likely that it went to there's no question that it's not russia still with no evidence proof or real facts or samples even provided to russia that it's been asking for however the accusations really have been harsh here in westminster is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia koku culpable culpable for the attempted murder. is culpable calling. the woman you'd like to do with his decision so those were statements from the british prime minister from the u.k. foreign secretary also at some point throughout this whole ordeal we heard the u.k. defense minister say something like russia should shut up and go way in this kind of tone indicating no room for negotiation and there was one voice however which
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was the leader of the opposition party german corbett he wondered whether there is room for dialogue or conversation or at least providing some information to russia as a result trace analysis been run on a some of the nerve agents and has not revealed any evidence as to the location of which production or the identity of its perpetrators. and the oh she's spending. and a high level contacts just a prime minister agree that it is essential to maintain a robust dialogue with russia and most of those questions certainly remained unanswered and russia hasn't seen sample nor any of the question that jeremy corbyn had raised there in fact facing criticism himself or even asking those questions in parliament his position was extremely unpopular what we have at this point is again there's still a moratorium the u.k. that are saying no proof of russia we don't know the source we know that there's
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a police investigation ongoing in the police and said quite recently that it's very likely to take weeks if not months we've also of course know that the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w have been in the u.k. to conduct an investigation of their own russia has been asking to i hear what they have found so all of these investigations ongoing and yet the accusations have certainly come way before any facts have been presented so far here we discuss the lab findings of this latest twist the scriptural case with a number of guests to get their thoughts on it. it's abject humiliation of the british government the prime minister and in particular boris johnson the foreign secretary in fact for him i believe this is a resigning matter because he didn't just join in the chorus of blame russia he lied on national television on the state broadcast of the b.b.c.
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he said i have spoken to the guy portland about the very guy who made the statement today on behalf of porton down and he said the guy told him that it was russia that did it it could only have been russia did it this was worse than a mistake it was a lie we're learning now through wiki leaks that actually the u.k. and. us i've been aware of the book which was show how a modern chemistry lab can make this particular next generation aged u.k. and us have been aware of the significance of that book and have been trying to suppress knowledge of that book so clearly for a decade now the u.k. and the u.s. have known that it can be made elsewhere it appears that they have just rushed in as a p.r. type. action and i think that's really dangerous because we are in
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a very delicate diplomatic situation with syria with ukraine with the trade with its campaign the u.s. and china as well i think it's a very reckless thing steve k. to have done and i'm not quite sure why they did it i mean perhaps it's because of practice it wanted to pass themselves off as a big animal in the in zoo i don't know but you know it's just not a terribly sensible things the u.k. to have done at this point. discuss the latest news cripple saga and presence put a reaction to it. well putin he's we didn't numerous times now on the script our case he said that you know scotland yard said they had two months before the they established a clear picture of what exactly happened so it's a long investigation nevertheless putin said there is ease a media p.r.
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campaign underway what good was it amazes me how fast this anti russia hysteria has come about tomorrow we're calling it o.p.c. w meeting to get the facts straight on this whole situation is being put in you know which we have proposed at least twenty questions for their consideration we hope a final conclusion will be reached there is the war happened in so. of course we're interested in a comprehensive investigation the interesting thing to me putin said is that twenty countries no less than twenty countries have the capacity have advanced enough enough chemical programs to make the nova chalke nerve agents there's there's a whole new multitude dozens and dozens of different ones united under the name. initially the the initial it would just be maybe a couple of days that number's going well of course it was the what you got the picture you got from the media from british politicians is that movie talk is going to be the couple here and the only russia could make it we've had interesting
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revelations important down today the head was asked whether britain has its own stockpiles of newbie chalk's and he refused to answer the question he refused to comment he but he did that nothing escaped nothing got out from his laboratory indicating that you know presumably britain does have its own stockpiles whether they synthesize them or procured them by other means because there's a whole wealth of evidence to support this i was talking to a number of. military chemists research is in the military chemical laboratory here in moscow and they you know as experts they had a few interesting details to share. took us to ask the group of toxic agents known under the umbrella terms of the chalk we first came across them in open sources back in two thousand and seven and that's when the publication was
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made in the u.s. when multitude of formulas were included those as many as sixteen toxic agents there each of them was assigned an index in the chemical expert system but there are cells they're all available in open sources these formulas and no secret. yeah it's really not the chalk we're dealing with here i must say it's no real problem to synthesize such a toxic agent all the components needed to easily available on the open market the synthesis doesn't call to kill is sophisticated procedures any chemist specializing in organic chemistry would be able to make it. when we have zero information and what toxic agent we're dealing with that is still possible to identify it with blind a lot of resources and the process is likely to take a few we have gotten two groups of experts who were able to dissolve very quickly so i assume the british chemists already had samples of such toxic agents that
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disposal so that they could compare the pores in its hand with those samples i mean that was great explanation but just in case there's any confusion basically what he's saying is that the fact that the british identified so fast means they had it in their database they had already measured it in the past they had the identification it's mass spectrum which is how they managed to identify it so quickly which of course you know sort of soils the theory that russia has the nutritional anciently that they didn't exactly the head of porton down did not deny that they had in their possession over talks or that they had synthesized. develop them so plenty of twists and turns in this story here look till now there's been no evidence presented to back up london's claims that the still isn't despite some countries and organizations have been quick to side with the u.k. expelling russian diplomats nato is no exception ordering seven russian diplomatic
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staff to leave it sage q russia's deputy foreign affairs minister and former permanent representative to nato told us he thinks the scriptural affair was likely devise another theory to boost military spending. i think this whole script case was concocted to prepare public opinion for the ever increasing amounts of money being spent on the military at present the military budgets of european nato members put together to approximately two hundred seventy billion if they achieve the two percent target that some will come to four hundred billion dollars that would be ten times more than russia's military budget. obviously such whopping amounts of money being spent on the military are liable to be the subject of heated public debate to make sure this goes down well that you need the image of an enemy and a powerful one at that a little bit so it's crystal clear that this huge provocation that was carried out by the u.k. was intended to achieve this goal which is to add fuel to the flames of risa phobia
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which has recently begun to peter out as people are simply got tired of it having expelled russian diplomats nato is soaring off the branch they're sitting on as it were i can't believe they don't realize that in this turbulent time a lack of proper communication between the two powers in europe could potentially bring about very dangerous consequences but. now thanks to nato efforts we have a military dimension and these countries are now considered in russia's military planning nato countries are trying to find a balance between defense and dialogue but they have crossed the line. so as mentioned the fallout from the script poisoning case was brought up by virtue of a poet ensuring his meeting with the turkish leader but putin hasn't been the only one to react to news here in russia covering all that frank or indeed any put rag. the russian president vladimir putin learned about the latest comments from the laborde tree less than an hour before his press conference with the turkish leader type aired on began and it looked like right during the talks his assistants passed
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on the message to the russian leader perhaps that explains the president's reaction to it it was rather short and restraint but it was obvious for us journalists that the russian government officials were going to have many more things to say about these conclusions by the lab so just as the president's stop talking we rushed towards dmitri peskov who is lot of our putin's press secretary and also is seeing here official in his administration and i can tell you there were loads of colleagues there so indeed that was the point when probably we heard the most harsh words on london's response to the attack on mr screen a russian officials ever said britain's because thank you britain's theory about this case will not be confirmed because it's impossible to confirm the u. case foreign minister who pin the blame on president putin will have to look in the
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eyes of his e.u. call aches and who will have to apologize to russia somehow mash this idiocy has gone way too far already and we're realizing means a lot you know and it wants to do with it it's another to both of them i would say you were more direct at all in direct confirmation so but i didn't see of the you case position thank you thank you very moving on to the discussion on the conflicts that are on raveling some were much closer to where i am right now the middle east syria that was of course something else that the president of turkey and russia brought up during their press conference but on wednesday they will be joined by their arabian counterpart and son rouhani as well the three countries are guarantors of the syria peace process and it was fair. thanks to that we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to sorting out the syrian civil war but still a massive number of issues there remain unresolved and hopefully well we'll hear
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something about that when the leaders come to talk to the journalists once again here in ankara turkey. yeah that'll be a focal point for more news of the coming days as meetings continue we had from same but cheated international relations professor of middle east technical university who stressed the importance of the partnership between russia and turkey . russia and turkey actually are the most important regional. trade partners here the contribution of russia into the turkish economy is getting higher and higher this is a very positive development through regional contraries in this respect to regional countries and one global power come together and they tried to prevent the territorial integrity of. it was. spoken and now tomorrow there is another step where through their own regime is now
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getting stronger and the country should be current should be. structured. go back to our breaking news story shots have been fired at the h.q. of the you tube bruno california basically some cisco local police have described it as an active shooter situation although some conflicting reports unconfirmed reports that the shooter a white woman wearing a head scarf now has been care old is to be confirmed though local media say eight people have been wounded san francisco general hospital says it's treating several people for injuries although it's not given an exact number heavily armed police have surrounded the compound and stuff being told to get out of that area and people. the police are telling people want there to stay away because we know this is all this jennifer breeden the international criminal lawyer an expert on extremism these are early days i know you've been getting feeds pretty much as readily as we have it seems we think that the defender has been neutralized
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but that's to be confirmed again we don't really know anything about it could be a lady what could drive her to do this but i'm thinking it's you tube it's at this big important h.q. give us your thoughts. there are couple thoughts on this and again this is obviously all now speculation we're still getting breaking parts of the breaking pieces of this story coming into play one of those we heard that the coroner was on their way but no confirmed reports that the shooter was actually neutralized just conflicting stories we just the corners on their way for whatever reason there have been reports coming out saying this woman was targeting a boyfriend which would be unlikely in some of these shooters situations because domestic violence usually occurs at the home this is somebody they were dating or living with she would go to his house or residence rather than this huge media giant like you tube but you know again we're still getting conflicting reports but there are a couple things that have been going on in silicon valley where you tube is where
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you tube is located that are troubling one such thing is that you tube has been blocking certain views or videos because of content or political leanings but a much bigger story has been sexual harassment and the treatment of women that work for you tube and in silicon valley it's actually been not only horrific but even things about drinks being drinks being drugged or there are certain things going in sexual assault harassment against female employees or females around these kind of frat boy sort of media companies you know the weeklong we've seen evidence of but that's what you're hearing you know there are reports of unsubstantiated you yes yes all we know for the last year we know that there have been horrific sexual assault but again we don't know so there are more than coming out saying the shooter in this case is a woman that that's where this could come out but again you're still seeing reports come in and you choose supposed to be a pretty secure gun free zone so it's surprising that unarmed. probably
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going through the security no. it would be and that's with indicative that this could be either a former employee or somebody that's very very familiar or current employee or somebody very familiar with the layout because to go into a gun free zone a secure place like the headquarters of you tube with a firearm and be able to enter a door enter the premises that a party no i want to party would be this person has extensive knowledge of the best ways to get in there for the shooting of course happening rather middle of the big national gun debate carrying on about gun control especially the wake of the awful part to the school massacre this is going to be another spark to that isn't it oh it absolutely will be expect to see in the coming days not so much morning or stories about the victims or their families but more politicizing at this debate and going to see from left and right you know how we're going to politicize this with gun control debates or our mental health issues things like that. jennifer frieden international criminal lawyer an expert on extremism in milwaukee wisconsin
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thank you go into a d.c. correspondent for more a minute too but let's just go off to paris so we want to take you on the clashes today in paris israel work has launched one of the largest industrial strikes against president mccrone has moved to overall state transport show dubin ski was there with more. if you just look behind you get a sense of the police who are out in force this is the gendarmerie and the c.r.s. who are here to try and stop the demonstrators from going down streets and not meant to we've already seen clashes from those at the front of the demonstration they appear to be members of the anti father of the black boxes they known here in france has been smashing up business is throwing bottles at the police and setting the lights have been seen what you see normally from these guys is they try to have as much provocation to the police of the c.r.'s as possible and then we see obviously the c.r.'s returning that in kind sometimes it's cast no tear gas as of yesterday but we are expecting things to stay heated now as if you can see in the
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background there is a large group behind me this is the front of the crowds many of them have their faces covered because they don't want people to be able to identify them in fact when we were trying to film some of the devastation that they were cool saying just in the last half an hour they physically came up and stopped us from filming and told us we were not to film anybody breaking all damaging any businesses until they had finished and fled the scene. fifteen i can remember. this is of course meant to be a strike by the ensigns yes this is the way it works here in france also efforts to offer on strike as well as some other elements of society that they're unhappy with my son's plans to change to upgrade the the railways here in front saying that the
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proposals being poor by macaroons government will lead to the privatization over the rail. has denied that in fact so yes the strikes ongoing today this is the first day of around thirty six days of strike between now and the end of june and this is a huge. right between the unions to decide whether the union still have the kind of power that they assume you see it is here in france and. germany should push through his policy for the moment this is yet another violent protest clashes between the protesters at the front and also the c.r.s. the police here. talk of trouble but you tube age to these live pictures through now injuries reporters you can see the screen there in a shooting we think the incident is probably. in control now we think the shooter has been neutralized has been described but we need to get confirmation on that while we show those pictures let's bring in our
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correspondents from d.c. smear a car spin across this as well i think as it stands at the moment. looks like the situation's more under control than it was a half an hour ago or so. yes it seems that way but these reports are still unconfirmed but it started when gun shops were reported just outside of you tube's headquarters in northern california a say and bruno california just south of san francisco now police responded to this active shooter situation and several employees a tweeted about their predicament and no one you tube employee tweeted that he was barricaded inside his office after hearing gunshots but he later tweeted that he was able to evacuate but some employees evacuated the building earlier and the police have warned the public to stay out of the area now the facility is under lockdown and armed police swat vehicles and helicopters are currently surrounding
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the facility and a few people have reportedly been injured by a white female but this again is unconfirmed now according to reports san francisco general hospital received a few patients from the incident and stanford medical center said they're expecting around four to five patients now you tube is listed as one of the top employers in san bruno employing about two thousand people and the facility is just about twelve miles south of downtown san francisco fairly close to san francisco international airport now a google commented on the incident which is you tube head company and they said in a statement that they're coordinating with authorities and we'll provide official information here from google and you tube as it becomes available but that's all we have for now but will continue to provide you with the latest updates. would you stay with those pictures for a minute. later through because keep an eye on
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a lot of police on the ground we saw a bit earlier on this is live now we saw people being employees with guests being with. one point what appeared to be yellow markers. on the ground there hope folks again just as there were those on broilers are i guess restaurant sitting area. around there the seem to be some troublesome tables were overturned and it looked like although it would be quite early days to have this happening police mark is the kind of thing they put sometimes the yellow markers when you looking for evidence or you're a marking evidence. heavily armed police surrounding that compound some francisco general hospital sits treating several people for injuries and as a say the unconfirmed reports we're still trying to get a handle on it that the shooter a white woman wearing a headscarf black shoes has been killed neutralized as it's been.


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