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british scientists admit they are on able to identify the source of the nerve agent used to poison the double agent and his daughter in the u.k. . we have not verified the for so you source but we provided the scientific information to the government. the international chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w is to meet on this group our case shortly. to morrow we're calling you know p c w meeting to get the facts trade on this whole situation we have a final conclusion we reached there as to what happened in salzburg. president putin's remarks came during talks with turkey's leader in ankara where they're due to attend the trial untold damage with iran. and the manchester
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united legend and european champion peter schmeichel kicks off his new show on our t.v. it travels to one of the city's hosting the world cup matches in russia this summer . a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international with me and karen good to have you with us this hour now the international chemical weapons watchdog the o p c w is set to meet later today there to discuss the poisoning of the double agent like a script pal and his daughter yulia in the u.k. a month ago ahead of the meeting the chief of the british military laboratory said it was unable to determine the precise thoughts of the nerve agent used in the attack well that costs doubt on earlier statements that blames russia directly. we
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heard of nor verify the for say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide aid you know the scientific evidence that identifies for the particular and their future is but it's not our job to see we are actually was manufactured so typically you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that but when i look at the the evidence from the people from important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt the u.k. defense research laboratory however maintains that the substance used is not a chalk a sophisticated military grade nerve agents the british government reacted swiftly to the comments by claiming that psyches ations against russia remain valid despite this revelation is says that the lab evidence is just one part of
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a larger intelligence picture the u.k. backs that up by claiming that russia had a record of state sponsored assassinations and viewed its former intelligence officers as targets but it also said there was no other plausible explanation they did it to believe that russia was almost certainly behind the attack but with scientists unable to verify the source it's possible london may have jumped the gun as more and gusty of explains. scotland yard said it first they need time this was a professional assassination attempt whoever did it made sure to leave as few traces as possible and it was a geisha of this complexity and size will understandable take some time and you ask for the public's continued support and patience the media didn't need much time pundits for when the whole boring you know investigation part but that's the media
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no surprise they need their ratings politicians they only needed a week is highly likely that russia was responsible between the poles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder is k. is culpable all quarrel is with kremlin and we can overwhelm you likely that it was his decision what's remarkable is the detectives silent technical experts silent no details at all russia is asking for some any information in fact a sample of the nerve agent perhaps so far nothing instead downing street gets down to the punishment with its allies keeping the whole innocent until proven otherwise likely is good is guilty. we are without a doubt that russia is responsible there is no plausible alternative explanation
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need two hundred diplomats expelled by britain myths allies and russia diplomatic relations hate rock bottom and then we get the chemical expert see from britain's own laboratory we have not verified the precise source you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies the particular near of each. it is you'd think that would at least slightly embarrassed those shouting loudest about russia's guilt now really it comes down to one particular job certain scientists now porton down say their job is to work out what the substance was never stablished that it is not a chalk and that is by definition of the translation of the name which means newcomer part of the program in a soviet union in the late seventy's and eighty's the movie trucks dozens and
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dozens of different nerve agents have been synthesised not just by russia the head of porton down refused to clarify whether he's only a boy or a tory had its own stockpile for the snow we have anything like that would never have come from mars or leave the four walls of our facilities we deal with a number of very toxic substances as part of the work that we do we've got the highest levels of security in controls the newer chalk formulas have been available in public books for nearly a decade now and pretty much any specialist with solid knowledge of organic chemistry can create it. through jewels if it's really a novacek we're dealing with it's not a real problem to synthesize that kind of nerve agent all the necessary components easily available on the open market this it says does not require sophisticated
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procedures any specialist an organic chemistry would be able to make it the fact that the experts can't determine the russians did it doesn't mean that u.k. authorities will change their mantra it is our assessment that russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and there is no other plausible explanation remarkable how quickly things escalated and all. that faith based highly likely assessment. well russia has always strenuously denied its involvement in the poisoning despite frequent accusations against the state and even the president and the russian presidential spokesman to me says that boris johnson will have to apologize for his inflammatory statements against russia the case foreign ministers have been plain invite him in britain have to look at noise of the you. have to apologise to russia somehow. russian
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strategy i try to conceal the evil of truth in a haystack. and he will have to apologize to russia somehow. from russia is one respects no borders challenging the values we share which europeans will have to apologize to russia russia is a clear and present danger we have got to be fully organized to meet that danger or have to apologize. abject humiliation of the british government the prime minister and in particular boris johnson the foreign secretary in fact for him i believe this is a resigning mark because he didn't just join in the chorus of blame russia who lied on national television on the broadcast of the b.b.c. . i have spoken to the. porton down to a very guy who made. on behalf of wharton down and he said the
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guy told him that it was russia that did it could only have been russia that this was what's known a mistake it was a lie. russia was looking for answers to at least twenty questions regarding the script powell investigation during wednesday's meeting of the year they cover issues that just the sharing of information by the british side on the other members president putin is hoping for some definitive answers from the meeting what good will we do it amazes me how fast this anti russia hysteria has come about tomorrow we're calling in o.p.c. w meeting to get the facts straight on this whole situation for you which we have proposed at least twenty questions for their consideration we hope a final conclusion will be reached there as to what happened in seoul is pretty but of course we're interested in a comprehensive investigation chemical expert james tours says that many states
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know about this type of weapon and i knew fact to them it would be natural to pin the blame on on russia russia has has indeed made these part of their weapons stockpiles we're talking about a development that probably took place more than thirty years ago. with the fall of the soviet union. the word has gotten out to many states as to how to make these many states know about this to the point where we're just chemists talk together our know about these types of things and not i don't work for a state system and i learned this just by talking with chemists from overseas i'm not russian term receiver so there are chemists know this type of thing that have nothing to do with russia. president putin's comments on the script poisoning case came during a meeting with the turkish leader which at type one in ankara
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a trilateral meeting between russia take and a round will get underway later on wednesday is that. the russian president vladimir putin learned about the latest comments from the laborde tree less than an hour before his press conference with the turkish leader type aired on began and it looked like right during the talks his assistants passed on the message to the russian leader perhaps that explains the president's reaction to it it was rather short and restraint moving on to the discussion on the conflicts that are on raveling somewhere much closer to where i am right now the middle east syria that was of course something else that the president of turkey and russia brought up during their press conference but on wednesday they will be joined by their arabian counterpart and saad rouhani as well the three countries are guarantors of the
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syria peace process and it was thanks to them we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to sorting out the syrian civil war but still a massive number of issues there remain unresolved and hopefully we'll hear something about that when the leaders come to talk to the journalist once again here in ankara turkey. all the leaders of russia iran on tekken discuss the future of syria the u.s. is trying to decide what to do with its troops that will be coming out of syria like very soon very soon very soon we're coming out of saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well didn't you want to say maybe going have to pay we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission. we asked michael maloof a former pentagon official about the contradicting message contradicting messages
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coming from washington. the u.s. was never invited into syria in the first place we just walked in and occupied areas controlled by the kurds who were at that time against the assad government so how long the u.s. can sustain that and under what authority the congress never has approved it and it's costing us billions of dollars so i think at some point there's got to be oversight by congress on on the expenditures by the u.s. in syria and what what the policy is i think what all of this shows is a is a lack of any policy formulation strategic vision and and and game if you will of what what the u.s. intention is in maintaining troops in syria and i think that the trump administration needs to come clean with that so far it has not while many cities in syria lie and ruins off to you is a finding i sell some that are trying to make the best of its video agency create
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shovel to aleppo where they found a local park or team going through their paces. that's a study and then when our team was established nearly four years ago i missed the crisis and brutal war in the country and could be trained under difficult circumstances. where they're facing many problems due to a lack of facilities like the inventory training mounts and what not any injury means we have to stop for two or three months. or a few professional parker trainers we're using you tube and other facilities on the internet to contribute to the movement and it's experience.
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after the break on tell you why an american journalist says he was betrayed by the f.b.i. in syria stay with us. when i was told something seemed wrong. role just don't call. me old yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in the game train because the trail. one song many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. we've been waiting. for a long time because it talking about the dollar back as well reserve currency countries are tired of funding the america's wars because ever there's got to be
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trainer in dollars including oil to buy oil got to buy dollars first that means america gets a commission to use that money to wage wars all over the world. since . welcome back at least three people have been wounded in a shooting at the headquarters of you cheap in southern california and they say the female suspect killed herself the motive for the attack is still unclear the shooter reportedly knew at least one of the victims.
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there have been a number of gun attacks in the us recently seventeen people died in florida when a teen gunman opened fire in a school in february the massacre propelled the gun control debate back into the mainstream but not all the precautions taken since then have been popular as the american reports it's been almost two months since the survivors of the deadly school shooting in portland hold on the government to take action ideas are wonderful and they help you get reelected never thing but what's more important is actual action and pertinent action that results in saving thousands of children's lives some of the initiatives taken to curtail gun violence haven't been so popular
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like these clear backpacks made mandatory at marjorie stoneman douglas high fun idea to see through bad intentions my new backpack is almost as transparent as the end i raise agenda i feel so safe now starting over the last quarter of senior year right with a good old violation of privacy now i can't lie about not having gum now another state handed another brilliant as a middle school teacher in georgia asked students to write a letter to congress demanding stricter gun controls the assignment enraged parents who complained that it was unethical to bring the issue into the school's curriculum well pennsylvania has its own rather unique solution if an armed intruder attempts to gain at the entrance to any work classrooms they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks but apparently this is plan b. the district superintendent said that the rocks were his only suggestion after scrapping plan a which was way for golf balls. now looks like those in charge of
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fixing the issue of gun violence seems to be using the debate to score political points and one of the best examples is senator marco rubio i respect their view and recognize that many americans support certain gun bans however many other americans do not support a gun ban statements like this and make sure solutions are perhaps not what the shooting survivors have. mind when the call for action. samir khan r. t. washington d.c. . the american photojournalist says he feels betrayed by the f.b.i. after he spent seven months held by terrorists in syria manchuria says al qaeda took all also took his credit cards and used them to purchase various items including computers he claims the f.b.i. attract to these transactions and use the information to infiltrate the terrorist organization manchuria was trying to cross the syrian border into turkey when he was captured by al nusra at that time affiliated with al qaeda he spend months to
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different rebel held prisons in aleppo in twenty thirteen he managed to escape becoming the first westerner to do so now he's written a book about his ordeal called the dawn prayer describing the nightmare of his captivity we caught up with matter head of the book's launch later this month. iraq and syria between deeds before my abduction during the time i was photographing the war from the free syrian army side i was the air force intelligence and come out about which were two of the most dangerous parts of aleppo at the time and on new year's eve after i got the photographs i went there for i was on my way out forty five minutes from the turkish border when i was abducted by the on the front ok i'm in syria i didn't want anybody coming to rescue me there was no way you can land seals in the areas that i was in one prison yes it was out of the country every other woman is in a lot so there's just no way to fly black folks low enough where they're not going to get shot down so i didn't want anybody coming to get me but i did want them
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doing the best that they could to keep me safe and none of that was done did not really matter if i was with them or not or whatever because i was just going to die anyway so i think every hostage i was held over their fate pretty much meant nothing to the f.b.i. their policy is we don't talk to the bad guys we don't pay for the juice so let's make the best of the situation for ourselves and exploited james komi he's basically he's a coward he ignored me ignored my e-mails he ignored my message on facebook and he did his best to sweep all this under the rug and he did a good job because now he's gone and it's just coming out now. in just eleven weeks the twenty eighteen world cup kicks off in russia and legendary danish goalkeeper and manchester united as one of our guides there the tournament he's second now some of the host cities this time he's the nizhni novgorod alta which is
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about four hundred kilometers east of moscow. it's. all come to needs to knock out stage a brand new arena that will see some serious action when racial plays argentina just one of those six games being played in this magnificent arena and i can promise you it won't be in snow it will be on cross of course one insists will be all about i'm peter schmeichel and i'm about to find out. the first thing you need to know about nice and all go on is that it was restricted as it used to be called about thirty years ago most completely off limits to foreigners and the reason for that was just to guess how factory.
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during the second world war the factory was forced put to use military equipment and because of that they got completely flattened by german bombs. falling just how hard you have to pull it's. amazingly enough it took only one hundred days for the local community to completely rebuilt the front and it was then for there without the running of the city became a restricted zone i'm just going to go. see until the house because. this is now a multi-billion dollar oberoi from the round twenty thousand people work here that used to be a long haul truck for the five time long but then these fellows are right.
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i think it's everyone's lunch you know and now i'm on my own. the factories mind i'm completely on my own. i could actually you know make my own coffee and no one would know that. i just came from the factory where they produce the cars and i'm driving a good sale next slice absolute denies that you know i'm a big boy i like to be trolling something needed a little bit more and i know they've got exactly what i'm looking for. it's a racing shell it's a doubtful this it raises money from icy conditions like this. it is still leaves a little bit of a pull over the place and it's also set up
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a professional job of us and a lot of professionals i don't. but i'm getting that. this judge is a fun ride but it's so difficult. i need a bigger cars a bigger chaka bigger whatever. but an easy a joy. so let's see what this is. a good and i thought no three. i think it's much easier to be a gold people than a rally driver. if i was to have it plays in a reality. this would be my job my place see hold still cool drive it.
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was really good fun. i really enjoyed that and how can you not but what i also like to do is to do a little bit of culture and what i found was this museum exhibits twelve thousand pieces of russian historical and amongst them this one and i really like this this is the kind in speech he was credited for being one of the pie in the is abstract. so nothing abstract about this i'm going to take move right back to the russian roots we all know this you know this is called oklahoma it's if you add russian
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guns he made it before and then she showed the scene of this it's so common that even fisa are using it on their official motioned us and now i'm going to have a go at painting one of these and this is osama hello would you would teach me how to paint. a fish in the challenge to. see mine is not too bad but i think she needs a little bit of practice. you
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can have your say on all of all stories by following us on social media i'll be back in about thirty minutes with the latest i'll see you then. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money to kill you narrowness and spending tribute to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think from what i know about the
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beautiful game migrate to one more chance with. the base it's going to take. greetings and sell you see those two layoffs ski famously stated the cold truth that the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons i've i believe honestly the same can be said of entering its educational system you see the more educated of civilization the more chances it has to not only survive but the flourish and you will not have an educated public without proper teachers which is why lately here
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in the united states the hubris of american exceptionalism doesn't begin to fade when you enter its education systems this week in oklahoma more than thirty thousand educators staged a walkout in protest of the state's low education funding and even lower public school teacher salaries and the statistics back up these these teachers according to the national education association oklahoma ranked forty seventh among all fifty states in per student expenditures and forty eighth an average teacher salaries and twenty sixteen this comes just a month after teachers in west virginia successfully fought their state legislatures for a five percent pay raise after staging weeks of massive strikes with the skyrocketing cost of living in the soul crushing income bludgeoning student loans scam that's gripping the throat of modern education in the us it should come as no surprise that training for and becoming a teacher.


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