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u.k. foreign office today to tweet claiming british experts have found the nerve agent used in this crippled poisoning case was produced in russia. russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the attack on the former spy and his daughter claiming that moscow refused to cooperate and. in other news russia turkey and iran agree on a joint effort to rebuild syria about militant attempts to sabotage the peace process with chemical attacks. this is your world news from r.t. international the british foreign office has deleted a tweet saying experts at
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a british lab had confirmed the nerve agent used in the scribal poisoning case was produced in russia in a move that's not going on noticed by others online but some seeing it as a damage limitation exercise as a must see chicken to report from westminster. the foreign office has deleted a tweet that it had initially posted on march twenty second which read that analysis by world leading experts of the laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia now a couple of days before that boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary also said that there is no doubt that russia was behind what happened you argue there. of. the chalk in russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly but when i look at the the evidence from the people whom important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said as they dodged well it seems that all of that
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was going well until yesterday when the chief executive of porton down came out and said that not only were the scientists not able to prove that the nerve agent came from russia but generally speaking they didn't know what the source was we know verify the for say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies for the particular narrow feature is that it's not our job to see where that actually was manufacturers are typically you will not tell you to look cool down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that at the same time the foreign office is saying everything is still the way it was and nothing is inconsistent they really have they've said quote the foreign secretary was making clear that porton down were sure it was another charkha point they have reinforced
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what the foreign secretary said then and what porton down have said recently is fully consistent with what we have said throughout it is russia that is putting forward multiple versions of events and obfuscating the truth and. quote well suffice it to see that on social media things are not so clear to anybody who has been following this and there have been quite a few tweets posted here in the u.k. calling for the resignation of boris johnson we also know that the labor party has challenged the u.k. foreign secretary to explain himself in the situation boris johnson has serious questions to answer he claimed on german television this was a russian produced nerve agent and porton down there and examined it and said all the fight was over true they couldn't say where it came from well now it remains to be seen whether or not boris johnson is going to be answering any of those questions given the vigorous ness with which accusations against russia have flown
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very early on in this case pretty much as soon as the name of the man poisoned came out into the spotlight the e.u. has meanwhile rejected a draft proposal by russia for a joint investigation at a meeting of the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. brussels also accused russia of being unwilling to cooperate reporting from the hague here's our europe correspondent peter oliver. well the special meeting of the o.p.c. w. got on the way a wednesday with russia's permanent representative tabling a motion to start a inclusive unified in what was called a constructive civilized investigation of this was dismissed out of hand by both the united kingdom years representatives we heard from the british side they referred to russia's proposal as perverted at the time to divert attention away from the best to gauge the also when told to say that it was in poor taste for russia to put this forward on this day saying it was water since the chemical
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weapons at the time in syria which left over one hundred people days the u.k. accuses the assad government of carrying out. he says russia of covering up and stopping an investigation into that he said it was. content for the lives that will last that russia puts this forward on this day he was dead followed up by a representative from the european union he said they said the e.u. didn't agree with russia's proposal for a joint investigation saying if russia hadn't provided information it should have done to the u.k. already he also went on to say that the european union had concerns that russia could pull away from the p.c. w entirely also a representative from the european commission saying that that laboratory important down wasn't charged with the term anyway the chemical it come from only determining
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what chemical and bean. standing is to. build up the expert there was to identify the type of agent that was used the source. and that's also what the experts have found to date i think the free. agent has. just worked. and for the rest i would refer you to the march european council where i think you can see this have taken a clear position so we didn't get the palaces to the many many questions that we may have hoped for out of the smi thing we are hoping and should be hearing from the russian permanent representative in just a little while will be asking him for more about what unfolded at this me thing here in the hague. any reaction to bring in now a number of russian officials have already given their responses to the latest developments in the script ok's correspondent tell us about that you go higher what russian politicians and officials saying. well call in first and
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foremost i would like to say that there's a good share of irony in the u.k.'s latest accusation against russia well you know that russia is refusing to share any information on this cripple case with the u.k. because from the looks of it it seems that now london is a shameless lee boring lines from moskos book of concerns for weeks russia has been calling on london to disclose at least some information on their investigation into this cripple case and has been criticizing london for their blatant refusal to do so so now it seems london is turning moskos argument against itself so really russia's reaction russia's response to this has been hardly a surprise. i would like to have chappell in the u.k. i sure that russia denied the information on the case was not willing to discuss the question and denied any possibility of cooperation this is one hundred percent
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. well this is far from the only thing with heard from the russian diplomats the foreign ministry has said that basically london is interested in sort of fanning the flames around the whole investigation around the whole assassination attempt a not interested in an actual and transparent investigation itself we've also heard from the foreign ministry that now with all the with the berridge of accusations flying the russia way all trust towards the u.k. in this situation in this scandal has been lost but amid this hail of the jabs reno by mutual jobs i should say between russia and the u.k. here in moscow at the security at the moscow security conference the most international security conference we've listened from a bunch of independent experts not the not from u.k. not from russia the chief of the always see because urged here taking
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a stand here in moscow he's urged for corporation he said that security in europe is basically impossible that without russia that russia and the that russia and the u. cooperating is vital for the european security and so i've managed to get a few minutes of his time and what i really wanted to know is to whether or not he believes this whole situation around the scruple case is hampering the said corporation and his opinion is that it is not rights when one side refuses to hear the other. i mean truly very into. these bristling. relations between east best. day it seems to get worse on a daily basis and bodies. a matter of concern i think to all security
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politicians that we need to end to to revert. to dialogue we need to sit at the same time table we need to. try to understand development but more empathy towards the security perceptions of each other i think that is listening trying to understand that's very important if we want to come out after this current is caligari logic. well judging by the latest events the dialogue the vital and the most basic trait and tool of diplomacy is something that is seems to be for now impossible to achieve in this situation. ok for now a ghost town over in central moscow thanks very much for bringing us up to speed on that we're going to do now is discuss the u.k. statement at the o.p.c. w. meeting peter ford is a former u.k. ambassador to syria and bahrain welcome back to r.t. the u.k.
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brought up the chemical incidents in syria's can shake a year ago today to remind people that was when dozens of people died at the u.s. to model those tomahawk missiles take out a syrian air base a particularly nasty incident but what's that got to do with the poisoning of mr scrapple and his daughter. well exactly the u.k. statement designed precisely to muddy the waters and tooth near russia and syria at the same time in fact the report to which the british delegate referred actually produce some evidence to the contrary of what britain has been thing about that in food and in syria that report did mention that some alleged victims of the alleged poisoning by syrian born presented to hospital hours before syrian planes were actually established to be
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at the site of the bombing so the. shot themselves in the foot by bringing up. but. it's an attempt to muddy the waters the british government today is on the back foot following the brave statement by the director of the porton down chemical weapons establishment. and this can head. appears to have gone on deliberately on record in order to. ensure the integrity of the step which meant he clearly did not like boris johnson making claims about what porton down had said in a pinhead was very clear that the establishment could only say what the agent was
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and not confirm the source was russia or anywhere else and despite that admission from the head of the lab at porton down the u.k. also said that russia could have waited a couple of weeks before calling this meeting at the o p c w so even though porton down said what it said and russia's still standing accused what would it even wait . well i think it's worth recalling that brittany self waited eleven days from the date of the intruder and calling in the o.p.c. w inspectors now anyone who watches television can tell you don't when there's been a crime you don't call them for in the clear in eleven days after the event while the evidence has been possibly ten could with and contaminated so again i think the british statement is shooting shooting the british in in the foot but also claims that as soon as it was determined that it was a chemical weapon that was that was used they summoned the russian ambassador to
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the u.k. how did they manage to make such a quick assessment bearing in mind it was such early days and this is an investigation it could take months if not longer. it it's clear that the british authorities jumped to the conclusion that they wanted to see the atheist on a pretext and then invented the evidence to justify that. was circumstantial evidence that russia might have been involved and the british government quickly built up on this but when you look at the statement today the only additional evidence is speculation that because russia was thought to be responsible for an earlier poisoning in london a couple of years ago which was never approved of of course and because russia is
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alleged to be producing the truck and because it's difficult to think of somebody else who might have done it ergo they must have done it through the very flawed reasoning of the british government than done delighted to see the british labor party the opposition has now passed taken the offensive and is asking for boris johnson to be called to account for his misleading statement about what the director of porton down told him which was on which he's now being contradicted by that brave official himself ok maybe we'll know more when we hear from the russian delegation of the o.p.c. doubly we're expecting that in the next couple of hours or so for now that peter ford for me you can better to syria and bahrain thanks for joining us r.t. . in the past few hours reacting to the recent developments in the scribal case
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president putin has said that russia is not expecting an apology. bonjour and his doom and his doom we are not waiting for anything we just expect common sense to eventually prevail in the most so that international relations will not be harmed as much as they are right now in the game as opposed. to was speaking there at a joint media conference in ankara where three power brokers of peace in syria have been meeting in an effort to reduce the violence in the war torn country more on that now on teasing up a trunk and is in the turkish capital for the latest have in store for syria. called hello well the guarantors have met in ankara turkey and there's absolutely no doubt about their commitment to what the three countries are doing together though they are all still here with their own ambitions stipe aired on keep saying that his country won't tolerate the armed kurdish militias in northern syria so the
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so-called all of french military options well continue no matter what his son rouhani a radiant leaders says that external powers though he did specifically mention the u.s. and israel are trying to use the terrorists on the ground in syria to reach some of their own goals tehran's foothold in syria is a strong message for televisa and their other adverse series and the region a lot of our proven proudly speaks about the russian efforts to a vacuum wait eastern ghouta which as we understand has paid off with the evacuation of more than one hundred fifty thousand civilians and some of the rebels too although perhaps the most important point that was made by the russian president was that moscow is in possession of someone teligent stat points to some radical splatting to destroy the road towards peace with
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a chemical weapons attack. she said of the skates really if you don't join. strategic goal is to eliminate the terrorists who keep trying to destabilize the situation on the ground and sabotage the peace process they are doing this in every way possible we have obtained undeniable evidence of planned provocation by the militants with the use of chemical agents. then came a little surprise for mr aired on there were no questions planned but the turkish leader encouraged the audience to start asking them and then we heard the one that the journalists had been expecting for two days about america being back and forth over their future role in syria and here is what i mean by that. become another syria like very soon very soon very soon we're coming out of saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well didn't you want to say maybe going
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have to pay we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission. so who was first to jump in iran's president hassan rouhani couldn't miss his chance to bash washington in this case. the u.s. says one thing one day and then a completely different thing the next so we cannot trust the words and actions it seems they want to benefit from syria as much as possible. a lot of our voting didn't seem to be impressed either with u.s. officials not being able to make up their mind about their future presence in the country that is still war torn but all he said was basically journalists you should go and try and ask officials across the atlantic i don't have anything to say about that at all mr erred on one ski say to the u.s.
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administration stop arming and funding the kurds full stop. ok two days of talks they're all on the same page as opposed to in a way the details on what concrete solutions they'll actually have for them both to one country of syria for now that any of the trying to at that summit in ankara. very much for that we've now got the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma joshua landis joins us now mr landis you can hear me . we saw the news conference all three of those leaders all using a common language in terms of what's next for syria and working in cooperation how realistic is it to think that these trilateral efforts to rebuild syria can achieve their goals considering u.s. troops are still stationed there well it's going to be very difficult they all have very different objectives but what we're seeing today is that syria is increasingly
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being divided into three. a russian and assad zone an american an urgent zone and a turkish zone where the rebel militias holds to a. present but also says there's evidence of planned chemical attack provocations by militants how can they be maybe repelled what they've been trying to achieve even if stage. well it will be very difficult. there are accusations of chemical weapons use being made on all sides and there haven't been on the ground investigations so it's unlikely that this will move to this security council where efforts to have action on chemical weapons that have been voted down several times. and now both the turkish and the iranian president both had specific entities that they wanted to criticize in all this
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perhaps not surprisingly for the iranian president it was the united states in its present in the way he put it the u.s. continually changing its stance when it comes to syria keeping troops in it's taking them out that it can't be trusted. well this is a period of great turmoil as we've seen president trump wants to bring the troops out of syria he doesn't believe that america has long term interests syria of course america's allies have a lot of interests saudi arabia israel they do not want to see the united states elite syria day want the united states to turn up the pressure on iran and to hurt persia is much as they possibly can and the united states holds about fifty percent of syria's oil and much of its best agricultural lands so to give those back in a sense the syrian government or to allow turkey and syria to take over this
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northern section of syria would be a blow to those two countries who don't want to see syria get back on its feet is particularly not of assad and iran still have influence there and not of russia as in there they want to hurt russia and we saw mcmaster the national security adviser who was just fired say today that russia has not paid a high enough price there are many policy advisers who want the united states to make russia pay a higher price make iran a higher price so this confusion goes right through the policymaking. community in the united states and it does make united states look very disorganized indeed and it might change again by this time next week for now though this threat to the center for middle east and he said the university thanks very much for joining us. next an american photojournalist says he feels betrayed by the f.b.i.
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off that he spent seven months held by terrorists in syria he claims the f.b.i. used him to track the jihadists instead of trying to rescue them. ok to paid off my discover card caraway that's what it takes to fool the f.b.i. and the immediately started to look at me as an enemy of the state the lead case agent was you prudy she admitted this to me but i'm sure if there are some time went by they realized that it wasn't me and by that point they were buying so many laptops tablets which created an intelligence gathering dream come true for the f.b.i. if they entered into if they intercepted these laptops and tablets which i know that they did and then delivered them into the hands of al qaeda it did not really matter if i was with them or not well i mean lower was gone by the time i discovered all this change told me he's basically he's a coward he ignored me ignored my emails he ignored my message on facebook.
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my train was attempting to cross the syrian border into turkey when he was captured by al nasra which at the time was affiliated with al qaida he spent months in different rebel held prisons in aleppo than in twenty thirteen he managed to escape becoming the first westerner to do so he's written a book about his ordeal called the dawn prep describing the nightmare of his captivity. i write in syria eighteen days before my abduction during the time i was photographing the war from the free syrian army side i was the air force intelligence and come out to bell which were two of the most dangerous parts of aleppo at the time and on new year's eve after i got the photographs i went there for i was on my way out forty five minutes from the turkish border when i was abducted by the young oceanfront ok and in syria i didn't want anybody coming to rescue me there was no way you can lay in seals in the areas that i was in one prison yes it was out in the country every other one was in a lot so there's just no way to fly black boats low enough we were not going to get
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shot down so i didn't want anybody coming to get me but i did want them doing the best that they could to keep me safe and then that was done and that's the way it looks for now i'll be back in just a half an hour feel next welcome news update from ati international in moscow say that. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you're one of us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to be the center of the problem with you and you told the all the great the great if you are
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the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone and doesn't want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and ten world cup in russia meet the special one come on. needs to just say the radio theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger certainly better just say look. when the whole make us manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent job. it's time to ignore middle of the road signals. dealing with the real news is
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really. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. have to try to be for us as a white woman for freedom or can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters of our. last question. eleven pm in the french quarters police station. the policemen using sydney's application are starting their shift. i guess franklin has already been working all day as a city police officer. but at night he chooses to extend his work day in the unit
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that uses sydney's application. my regular shift was two twenty five to eleven o'clock pm and when i go from sort of twelve am to six in a walk long day but it's worth it in the end. that is over time is paid for by the millionaire. before leaving the police officers of the task force collect their equipment. those tablets with the app. and these small electric cars. once the app is turned on they head to the french quarter. sydney torres is having dinner there with his son. but he's always connected to his phone. drug dealing decatur and that's been a right here. and do his that people have reported the
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presence of a drug dealer in front of this bar. it's a drug deal that they said was happening and that's you know i'm looking on the g.p.s. right now to see what the machine is because the machine should be on its way right now. less than three minutes after the warning car isn't already on site. and the drug dealers just left. back at the station what are you. joey is in charge of dispatching the police units ok call me suzhou. he has just received a picture that raises his concern. what's the problem with the hit area that he's probably carrying it should in this branch carry guns and f.h. .


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