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tv   Documentary  RT  April 4, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news this morning facebook's admitted that around eighty seven million private accounts have been affected by a data breach plus that almost all of the company's two billion uses have been exposed to improper they take you. to the u.k. foreign office to meet tweet claiming pretty experts have pinpointed russia as the source of a nerve agent used in the script poisoning case and other developments in the story as well the e.u. rejects russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the attack on the on the spine his daughter. russia turkey and iran agree on a joint effort to rebuild syria but a warning about militant attempts to sabotage the peace process maybe with chemical attacks.
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good morning live from moscow this is artie's news at one am with me kevin now in and facebook's big time in the news again this hour we'll tell you why the company's admitted that the scale of a personal data breach involving the research firm cambridge analytic was far larger than previously estimated let's get across is go to new york caleb maupin is there a couple of twists and turns in this scandal big news isn't it take us through it. well we now have facebook admitting that most of its two billion users probably had their information revealed in an unauthorized manner now when the new york times first broke the story in mid march we heard that it was fifty million fifty million users of facebook that had their information handed over to cambridge analytic now we later heard that it was eighty seven million people who had their facebook profiles handed over to this research firm and that the majority of them were in
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the united states now the firm that has been using this information it's called cambridge and a little and essentially it does data collection and polling and analysis for political parties political campaigns and groups they use this information essentially to craft their messaging craft their campaigning in a way that would be persuasive they kind of create a psychological profile of the vote potential voters based on what they have collected from facebook and social media they then use that information to craft their campaign advertising their messaging etc and now the data harvesting happened in a tacit agreement with facebook now facebook says they had no malicious intent. however this has really hurt their reputation the government of germany actually went as far as asking for a clarification from facebook for an explanation we also have seen the trend
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delete facebook all over social media with people tweeting out you know delete facebook calling for people to stop using facebook in response to this perceived you know dissemination of people's personal information we now have an apology from mark zuckerberg the chief of facebook this is what he said we need to make sure that there aren't any other cambridge general because out there right or folks who have been properly access data you know we need to make sure that we don't make that mistake ever again. so at this point it's revealed that essentially almost all of facebook's two billion users probably had some of their information access without their permission in an unauthorized manner now that very very big and a lot of questions are being asked now we do know that facebook is now in the process of changing their apps on so that certain apps are more protected that the privacy of their users is more protected but as we see you know this call for for facebook
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to be deleted for people not to be used using facebook is expanding so a lot of questions are being raised and it's certainly true that the reputation of this very widely used social media app is is severely tarnished is going to come as a big surprise to a lot of people that are using the course always come out of thanks for the. just off the news came out just to get us both twins not lawyers but yeah cohen he gave me his views on the latest twist here. kember generally the guys denying the figure they they claim that it is only thirty million but i don't think it makes a lot of difference very thirty million eight million is the principle behind the old story about what about the use of internet robots as we call them bots in order to meddle with the us elections now still story seem now a little bit out of they are a little bit ridiculous nobody is talking about it but it was very interesting to
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hear mr second bag only a couple of weeks ago. almost apologizing for allowing him to leave the boxes today that it was then being you're doing election is the the story was about influencing election but by body. rather than accessing uses they've done locally continue to follow that online our next donald trump has lashed out to germany for the country spending billions of euros on a project that sounds to benefit russia he said the remarks were made before a meeting with the leaders of the baltic states at the white house on cheese day. germany is paying one percent and they're not even paying the full one percent of nato germany hooks up a pipeline into russia which germany is going to be paying billions of dollars for energy into russia and i'm saying what's going on with that how come germany is paying vast amounts of money to russia when they hook up a pipeline that's not right the u.s.
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president's remarks came after the nord stream to gas pipeline project received the necessary construction permits from germany it set to deliver natural gas straight from russia to germany across the baltic sea other major investors include austria the netherlands france and the u.k. dutch companies shell fifty five billion cubic meters of natural gas is set to go through this thing to reach the european union every year with the planned start date in late twenty's nineteen european companies have already invested nine and a half billion euro in it last month though u.s. senators tried to block the new pipeline going ahead in fact in a letter to the u.s. treasury secretary earlier u.s. senator tim ryan didn't mince his words over why russia's energy sector should be hit with more sanctions. we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states our natural gas to europe to our allies so they're not so dependent on russia so with a view from germany we spoke to
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a german lawyer maximally in crowd told us that washington is an able to block the project however right now donald trump. has made some strong growth it is a little bit rhetorical the course two is no and a space of construction so they just bring a little bit stronger earths for their entire russian public and forty energy competitors the u.s. and russia are competitors on the energy market since the us is an exporter of energy but it is unfair to do that competition with political pressure so russian gas is cheaper when it comes directly on the pipeline because russia competitors that want it and i guess the americans have to accept that a lot stream is really really important or do i have a critical of their own that i don't think she's very brave i'm quite optimistic that it will make it happen but the top story these revelations from facebook
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tonight timothy tars a strategy director at free press ok just to remind our viewers of a just joined us facebook has said that most now they think of its two billion users could have been accessed improperly that was on top of the other information the other headline coming earlier on a facebook blog saying that data of as many as eighty seven million people most of them in the state may have been improperly shared with research from cambridge analytic or her well dear where do you start with this one many of us have facebook users this is going to come as a blow isn't it surely. well you know it's a third of us facebook users so there's the real concern that people have lost control of their own online data that facebook has not been very own it's worse when you look at this. there are sort of putting it gets worse yeah i mean that that's bad but when we look at the blog this other information we've been reading through over the last couple of hours now that the real big headline here as well
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is that most nearly every one of its two billion uses could have been accessed improperly yeah i mean this facebook didn't do a very good job of explaining to users how it was going to use their data and then it didn't do a very good job of monitoring how third parties who had applications that were or were distributed via facebook how they were using it so it has a lot of work to do in the united states facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been called before congress we're hoping many testifies under oath we're hoping that members of congress have some tough questions and we're also here in the u.s. looking to some of the rules that have put in place like it in the e.u. that have stronger data protection safeguards for facebook users i think it's time for us in the united states for those in congress to look at these regulations
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is see whether you know it's time that this new relatively new company which has become a veritable mop monopoly certainly in social media do deserve some regulatory oversight yeah i mean it does make you wonder why like a book took such a long time to really even want to talk publicly about this he did eventually just say no it's come full congress in a week's time this is all done apparently to the tech initiated so let's be let's try to explain it simply the people make it's all down to third party apps accessing private data why were facebook on top of this better. i really don't know why they weren't on facebook facebook wasn't on top of this better that's one of the questions that we hope. will answer be before congress i think that this is a company that route so rapidly that the people who are managing facebook lost control of their creation and the whole business model of facebook is built on this idea that they they collect highly targeted data on their users and then sell that
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data to advertisers and others and there just wasn't enough oversight of them roces . to say that they can they can police themselves internally they can solve these problems with their own oversight but i think you know there's a legitimate reason that that's not good enough we need to look at a new regulatory framework that will protect the privacy of users of social media not just facebook the people who are on google and other popular platform final thirty seconds given the importance of this site a lot of people use it around the world to think facebook's learned the lessons in communication and apologies this all came out in a blog tonight and was kind of hidden away we didn't even know to say first. until we pulled over it we hit the eighty seven million people but didn't see the two billion users bit i mean it was they didn't have the right. it's
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a very powerful communications platform and you know we've seen now that that data is being used to try to influence people's votes in democratic systems so you know it's it's a powerful tool that has been used in ways that aren't always that good so i mean there's reason for us to do a very thorough audit of what basically should go. i don't know i mean i think perhaps that their back is good something that they get a good look at i mean you know they meet bring in some new leadership but i certainly i think the problem is not so much something to be solved internally at these books but i think i think that the government regulators have a legitimate beef ear that they should look at this not have these businesses and see whether there is some way that we can guarantee that users of these platforms are protected that our private data is not being sold in this way timothy appreciate your thoughts to make us a strategic directorate free press thanks very much my pleasure and thank you for
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being with the two of you can stay around as well for at least the next fifteen minutes or so more news to come including questions being raised over what evidence the u.k. has or doesn't have in this cripple case we pore over that in small detail after this break. plenty. plenty plenty. plenty.
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plenty of selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't lead to stop spreading to tell you that will be gossip and tabloid but i felt a little sleepless a. lot about telling you i'm not cool enough to buy their products little. things all the hawks that we along with all of the. again so the u.k. foreign office is deleted to tweet saying experts that the military confirms the nerve agent used in the scruple poisoning case was produced in russia and this is kind of part of a team of the u.k. reports next from westminster the foreign office has deleted a tweet that it had initially posted on march twenty second which read that
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analysis by world leading experts of the laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia now a couple of days before that boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary also said that there is no doubt that russia was behind what happened you argue that they're sure of. novacek in russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly but when i look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said as they dodged well it seems that all of that was going well until yesterday when the chief executive of porton down came out and said that not only were the scientists not able to prove.


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