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about the use of intimate robots as we call them boats in order to meddle with the u.s. election is not bill's there it's now a little bit out of there a little bit ridiculous nobody is talking about it but it was very interesting to hear his desire to beg only a couple of weeks ago. almost apologizing for loudly and we're going to lead the way about this debate that it was then being users doing election is the this story was about influencing election but by third parties. rather than access the news as they've done locally this is a company that roots so rapidly now the people who are managing facebook lost control of their creation and the whole business model of facebook is built on this idea that they they collect highly targeted data on their users and then sell that data to advertisers and others and i think there just wasn't enough oversight of
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that process basement to say that they can they can police themselves internally they can solve these problems with their own oversight that i think that you know there's a legitimate reason that that's not good enough that we need to look at a new regulatory framework that will protect the privacy of users of social media not just facebook but people go on google and other popular platforms. the u.k. foreign office has deleted a tweet saying experts at a military lab had confirmed with a nerve agent used in the screen paul poisoning case was produced to russia archies honest and to tracking reports now from westminster. the foreign office has deleted a tweet that it had initially posted on march twenty second which read that analysis by world leading experts of the laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia now a couple of days before that boris johnson the u.k.
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foreign secretary also said that there is no doubt that russia was behind what happened you argue there they're sure of. the chalk in russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly but when i look at the the evidence from the people whom important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said as they dart well it seems that all of that was going well until yesterday when the chief executive of porton down came out and said that not only were the scientists not able to prove that the nerve agent came from russia but generally speaking they didn't know what the source was we have not verified the for say source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eat you know the scientific evidence
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that identifies for the particular and their future is but it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured are typically you're not to look cool down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that at the same time the foreign office is saying everything is still the way it was and nothing is inconsistent well suffice it to see that on social media things are not so clear to anybody who's been following this and there have been quite a few tweets posted here in the u.k. calling for the resignation of boris johnson we also know that the labor party has challenged the u.k. foreign secretary to explain himself in the situation. now it remains to be seen whether or not johnson is going to be answering any of those questions given the vigorous in this with which accusations against russia have flown very early on in this case pretty much as soon as the name of the man poisoned paul came out into the spotlight. meanwhile the white house has urged countries around the world to
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put more pressure on russia in the screwball poisoning case even tough on russian we're going to continue to be we're asking russia to make a change in their behavior and to be a good actor in the process but absolutely other countries should step up we ex felde sixty russian operatives other countries did for five certainly we think everybody can step up and do more and put pressure to maintain their behavior on. for some insight on the story we can cross live to rick sterling who is an investigative journalist thanks for being with us here on our to international. so rick we just heard sara sanders suggesting other countries should expel more russian diplomats this is despite the latest doubts over the u.k.'s allegations so why do you think the white house wants to keep the pressure on moscow. well they want to keep the pressure on moscow to relieve some of the pressure on the white
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house the mood in the united states is poisonous to be honest there's a semi hysteria that the demonization of russia and and president putin it has gone to the extent where it's almost pro of itoh it's prohibited to say anything good about russia that's how sad the state of affairs is so the white house press secretary also said that the u.s. wants to encourage russia to be a quote unquote good actor in the process russia has already offered to cooperate in an international probe so what sort of action is she referring to i mean what can russia do differently i mean they've already said ok we're here to cooperate. right well that's that's assuming the call was was sincere i think the good actor narrative it's the simplistic were good you're bad the bad guys have
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black hats we're wearing a white hat really whether it's the scriptural case or or the olympics or some of these other incidents what we're seeing is the destruction of diplomatic relations now last summer the san francisco consulate was closed down now we've got the sense seattle consulate closed down we just had the expulsion of sixty diplomats who they call operatives now. what's behind it all is bigger international contention i believe what's really at stake here what's going on is contention over the state of affairs in syria and if we talk about behavior actually it's the u.s. that's out of compliance with international law in syria and if anybody's behavior needs to be questioned it's actually the behavior of the u.s. and the u.k. . and their allies which are funded and supported an armed opposition attempting to
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overthrow the sovereign state of syria so i think that's what's underlying this and what we're seeing is surface. surface issues really. you bring up the you know the situation in syria as being a cadillac as the catalyst for all this but we're kind of seeing echoes back to another engagement iraq and let me explain that for in a second so far most e.u. countries have sided with the u.k. against russia in this case but in light of the confusing signals from the u.k. foreign office and a deleted tweet surely officials across europe must be having their doubts and i say it's kind of similar to iraq because the u.s. presented that faulty evidence way back when. we're kind of seeing almost a similar situation happening in the u.k. right now. we are and what's really sad is the is the absolute failure of western media to have any skepticism or to to require any degree of evidence the failure that you referred to which was goes back to two thousand and three at the
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u.n. security council. you know a lot of media was red faced and and and claimed later on that learned their lesson but clearly they have not now in this the current frenzy around the scruple case basically there's been not even a request for for the evidence it's enough for the way the white house just says well if the u.k. says it's true it must be and so i think we're actually what we need are some people who are objective and on a stick and devoted to the truth working in the intelligence agencies whether it's working at porton down or some of the other elaborate tories who have got access to this too to speak up and it's it's good news that the oficial from porton down there was just saying well no we cannot identify it specifically coming from russia going back to this quote unquote poisonous atmosphere in the united states the
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trump administration already has plenty of problems to deal with does it stand to gain anything by escalating a diplomatic route with russia. well it relieve some of the pressure on it in the united states right now it's claimed that trump is beholden to putin for his election that's how or where things have gone so yes so it it serves his purpose there by relieving some of the pressure i recognize good to talk to you about situations like this it helps us kind of get an easier understanding of what's happening out there investigative journalist rick sterling thanks for being with us here on art international. thank you. i had to as we have previously mentioned russia has called for an international probe into the screen poisoning case moscow submitted a proposal to the global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w.
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but that request has been rejected artie's peter oliver reports now from the hague . and the day started with russia's permanent representative i'll extend the should again putting forward russia's proposal which was for what he called a communal a inclusive. investigation involving all members of the the o.p.c. w now that was dismissed by the by the executive council it was voted down by by fifteen to six with seventeen abstentions however russia's representative he was speaking to us just behind me now at the embassy here in the hague he said this also the motion didn't go through it did show that more people didn't support of that they were actually in favor of it. unfortunately we didn't manage to get the needed two thirds of votes for the resolution to pass obviously the brits and
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americans voted against and then nato and some e.u. member states and u.s. allies followed suit but twenty three countries have a huge one way or another take this western viewpoint that's more than half of the executive council well it was viewed very differently by boris johnson the british foreign secretary he referred to the motion put forward by russia or is being ludicrous and said that it was defeated because of that he said that this was being put forward as an attempt to divert attention away from an investigation that was actually focusing on russia this was also backed up by a very strong message from the european union as well the representative from the nation saying that russia has provided basic information to the united kingdom that it should have been saying that. in fact there was a concern that showed russia not accept the findings of n p c w report that perhaps they could pull out of the chemical weapons watchdog
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altogether however the words coming from the. russian poet representative also the ambassador here in the netherlands was that perhaps some of these nations russia are involved in a vest a geisha and because of what may be found. they fear the truth they fear to take responsibility for their. plates an accusation of the provocative statements from the head of u.k. diplomacy it looks like they're scared that the investigation will help to dot the i's and cross the sea and find out what really happened it's a fear it's a responsibility for slumber it's been a very long day here in the hague but it's being very short when it comes to answers to some of the questions that we were perhaps hoping to move forward on here. many of remain up in the air and open questions as to just who was behind the poisoning. and who will be taking part in the investigation and how that will
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permit out on wednesday of u.k. representative to the o.p.c. w. gave a statement in the hague setting out claims against russia john fogel mentioned a chemical incident in syria which took place a year ago and led to the u.s. taking military action against syria he claimed that russia had convened the meeting in the hague to make a political point former british diplomat peter ford told us that that statement highlights the lack of real evidence against russia. the british authorities jumped to the conclusion that they wanted to see a thesis on a pretext and then invented the evidence to justify that. was circumstantial evidence that russia might have been involved and the british government quickly built up on this but when you look at the
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statement today the only additional evidence is speculation it underlined the fact that the british argument so weak. and therefore it with a diversionary tactic to bring up the story the allegations concerning contrail corn. in fact. mission weakness on the part of the british delegation if they were convinced that the case. they should have concentrated on on that exclusively the u.k. statement here designed precisely to muddy the waters and near. russia. president putin has said he hopes western powers will take a more commonsense approach to the screen case when you're used to them we are not
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waiting for anything we just expect common sense to eventually prevail on the most of the international relations will not be harmed now in the medium as opposed. of a lot of money right now in the game as opposed to. a lot of money putin was speaking at a media conference alongside the presidents of turkey and iran the three leaders met and to discuss a peace plan for war torn syria and despite their differences they managed to find a common ground and start healing a potential report. the three guarantors have met here at ankara's presidential palace there's absolutely no doubt about the three countries commitment to what they're doing together though they're all here with their own different a mission. five aired on keep saying that his country won't tolerate any.


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