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tv   News  RT  April 5, 2018 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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the three leaders met in ancora to discuss a peace plan for war torn syria and despite their differences they managed to find a common ground and start healing a patrol go reports. the three guarantors have met here at ankara's presidential palace there's absolutely no doubt about the three countries commitment to what they're doing together though they're all here with their own different missions. five aired on keep saying that his country won't tolerate any armed kurdish militias in northern syria so the so-called all branch military op will continue no matter what the iranian leader hassan rouhani says that external powers although he did specifically mention the u.s. and israel keep trying to use terrorists on the ground to reach some of their own goals for tehran a strong foothold in syria is a strong message to tel aviv and some of its other regional adverse rees lot of our
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putin proudly speaks of russia's evacuation efforts and he's which have paid off although perhaps the most important point from the russian president here and ankara was that moscow is in possession of some intelligence that points to plans by some radicals to destroy the road to peace with a chemical attack. on joint strategic goal is to eliminate the terrorists who keep trying to destabilize the situation on the ground and sabotage the peace process but they are doing this in every way possible we have obtained undeniable evidence of planned provocation by the militants with the use of chemical agent then something that wasn't planned happened and suddenly appeared on encourage the journalists to ask questions and we heard one that we've been waiting for for two days about america being back and forth over its future. role in syria and here's
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what i mean by that will be coming out of syria like very soon very soon very soon we're coming out of saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well do you want us to say maybe they have to pay we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission so it was the first one to jump in iran's hassan rouhani couldn't miss his chance to throw a punch at washington. the u.s. says one thing one day and then a completely different thing the next so we cannot trust the words and actions it seems they want to benefit from syria as much as possible a lot of reporting didn't seem to be impressed either with u.s. officials not being able to make up their mind about their future presence in syria all he said was you should go and ask the people across the atlantic all mr aired on what is to say if the americans stop funding and arming the kurds.
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the u.s. president has lashed out at germany for spending billions of euros on a project that stands to benefit russia his remarks were made before a meeting with the leaders of the three baltic states in the white house on tuesday germany is paying one percent and they're not even paying the full one percent of nato germany hooks up a pipeline into russia with germany is going to be paying billions of dollars for energy into russia and i'm saying what's going on with that how come germany is paying vast amounts of money to russia when they hook up a pipeline that's not right. well the u.s. president's remarks came after the nord stream two gas pipeline project received the necessary construction permits from germany it will deliver natural gas from russia to germany on to the baltic sea the other major investors include austria the netherlands france and the u.k. dutch company shell a fifty five billion cubic meters of natural gas will reach of the european union
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each year with a plant start date in late two thousand one thousand european companies have already invested nine and a half billion euros in it last month u.s. senators tried to block the new pipeline going ahead in a letter to us to the u.s. treasury secretary earlier u.s. senator tim ryan didn't mince his words over why russia's energy sector was being hit with sanctions we must continue to focus on how we get our gas here in the united states our natural gas to europe to our allies so they're not so dependent on russia. german wire maximillian crowd told us that washington is unable to block the project right now donald trump. has made some strong roads it is a little bit rhetorical the course last stream too is now under sosa's construction so they just bring a little bit strong words for their entire russian public and for the energy competitors the u.s. and russia are competitors on the energy market since the u.s.
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is on x. portals of energy but it is unfair to do that competition with political pressure so russian gas is cheaper when it comes directly on the pipeline because russia is competitive advantage and i guess the americans have to accept that a lot stream is really really important will do i'm a critical of myrtle's their own men and i don't think she's very brave i'm quite optimistic that he will make it happen. an american photojournalist says he feels betrayed by the f.b.i. after he spent seven months held by terrorists in syria he came to the f.b.i. used him to track of the jihadist instead i'm trying to rescue him. i kind of paid off my discover card caraway that's what it takes to fool the f.b.i. and the immediately started to look at me as an enemy of the state the lead case
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agent was you prudy she admitted this to me but i'm sure if there are some time went by they realized that it wasn't me and by that point they were buying so many laptops tablets which created an intelligence gathering dream come true for the f.b.i. if they entered into if they intercepted these laptops and tablets which i know that they did and then delivered them into the hands of al qaeda it did not really matter if i was with them or not well i mean miller was gone by the time i discovered all this change told me he's basically he's a coward he ignored me ignored my e-mails he ignored my message on facebook matt schrier was attempting to cross the syrian border into turkey when he was captured by all news which was at that time affiliated with al qaeda he spent months and different rebel held prisons in aleppo then in two thousand and thirteen he managed to escape becoming the first westerner to do so he's written a book about his ordeal called the dawn prayer describing the nightmare of his
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captivity. i write in syria eighteen days before my abduction during the time i was photographing the war from the free syrian army side i was the air force intelligence and come out to bell which were two of the most dangerous parts of aleppo at the time and on new year's eve after i got the photographs i went there for i was on my way out forty five minutes from the turkish border when i was abducted by the on the front ok i'm in syria i didn't want anybody coming to rescue me there was no way you can land seals in the areas that i was in one prison yes it was out of the country every other one was in a lot so there's just no way to fly black hawks low enough where they're not going to get shot down so i didn't want anybody coming to get me but i did want them doing the best that they could to keep me safe and none of that was done. more news in thirty two and a half minutes this is art international stay with us. henry
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kissinger once said the brochure on the united states went into the ukrainian crisis acting rationally based on mutual misconceptions with tensions heightened over the scruple case all the sites guided by misconceptions would deliberately misrepresentations. i'm after a time say we're going underground with tourism a fighting for political life i mean the coldest of cold war u.k. rhetoric on air strikes on syria and all the eve of elections that could see its
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alexis quit silly its early leaving the european union coming on the show venezuela helped us british gas supplies are threatened by storm emma probably not too often you get foreign secretary boris johnson killed off ken livingston's fuel deal but what about e.u. sanctions against the country with the biggest node oil reserves in the world venezuela's foreign minister jorge arya about human rights of a supposed election and trumped threat of war and then they historic week we speak to the u.k. committee on exiting the news you'll williams about the end of the united kingdom as we know it plus too late for tomorrow's oscars fifteen years to the day catherine gunn exposed u.k. u.s. corruption of the un to excuse tony blair's iraq to your gun told to us about whistle blowing. being played by keira knightley in the upcoming film official secrets all of the more coming up in today's going underground at first it may not be tourism
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a final prime minister's questions as britain's minority government leader but it was certainly she asking questions of jeremy corbin's position on what has implications for the break up of the united kingdom this week he said he wants a customs a range i mean we could negotiate our new trade deals well that's the government's position so what he wanted to let down the country or agree with the government the leader of your of the largest socialist movement jeremy corbyn referenced a leaked letter from foreign secretary boris johnson just as the leader of the s.n.p. in westminster did the formal circuitries letelier on the irish border shows he can get to grips with one of the most fundamental issues of great since the foreign secretary compared crossing the irish border to doing between camden and westminster like when you could not meet the stuff thought this is a u.k. government that is prepared to put at jeopardy the good friday agreement does the prime minister's likely work that probably for you thank you for any reason he
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can't think it like you can't go on now thanks not to raise i'm a only prime minister because of our alliance to a previously paramilitary link protestant political party appeared to say she didn't want bombs in british cities that commitment to the belfast agreement stands and we are committed to belfast agreement and the institutions under the belfast agreement those institutions are not working incidentally but the belfast agreement to end u.k. army slaughter of catholics and ira bombs in london are arguably not in the spirit of u.k. foreign policy today britain defacto supports what damascus calls terrorism it supports saudi bombing of yemen even inviting a saudi prince to london next week when it comes to oil interests in order to the pentagon it seeks the overthrow of government one hundred. venezuela the nation with the world's largest known resources of oil a march in support of president maduro is shed ewald in london for ten days time
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but dora's foreign minister or hate joins me now thank you so much for and minister for coming again on going underground first of all the news that general elections have been delayed one day since last year we've been talking with the opposition we had today other protests in dominican republic it was working very well we had very important that vance's and finally when the opposition and the government had to saying we traveled to santo domingo the president maybe now was their former presidents about their from spain was there as well and when the opposition arrived they said they were not going to saying there was no agreement that the date was to close the twenty second of april so we kept on having conversations and finally it was the sated to move the date to the second part of may the last two weeks of may we don't have the precise they are ready but it has been announced we have been as a government and the electoral institutions as well they are independent but we are
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thinking about the country about democracy about the future and we want all the parties to take part in the election and that's the reason why we have press in my daughter has agreed and prissy mother is already the candidate of the revolutionary forces so our candidate will wait for the candidates of the opposition and we will have the elections in less money of course the british foreign secretary boris johnson merely says that your president is a dictator who imprisons thousands of people i believe mr bari xians and. or his making fake news or he's receiving fake news there is not such thing as a terrorist group in venezuela this is one of the most deep profound democracies in this whole world where we have had elections three elections last year and now. we're going for the presidential election this year i mean no where in the world this happens and we will demonstrate as we have for over one thousand years that
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the venezuelan or leave aryan revolution is a real democracy and it can be envied by other democracies even in the old you americans appeared to be very interested certainly american journalists in your country the new york times made a ten thousand word piece comparing opposition leader mr leopoldo lopez to martin luther king jr what do you think of that and have intelligence agents go into his home we have too much natural resources i have seen we have oil we have guys we have gold and of course the u.s. government and elite want the government that facilitates all these resources to go to the usa and that's absolutely absurd you know mr lopez is responsible for more than forty three people dying in twenty fourteen calling the people to the streets to do violent demonstrations and riots he has been a right wing opposition not the leader and we believe. we have done
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a lot to keep peace remember last year we had violent months four months of violence and presume a do or did not resolve this did not solve the issue with repression what he did was to call the people for elections he convened elections for a national constituent assembly and peace came the next day after the election and it has kept this way very smoothly very quiet and that's what's going to happen after the presidential elections as well boris johnson and the european union says that your president and your government violates human rights what have you been saying at the u.n. human rights council this week about the sanctions against your country by the european union these sanctions against venezuela violate not only the.


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