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yes whether it's to you know how many hours can i work how much how much can i borrow or how much can i pay now so i don't have to how much money can i put away for after graduation and what hasn't happened as you know a lot of people and foregoing a decent meal forgoing a social life or going the actions about college that sort of help you go except learn how to enter into you know the adult world and bags you don't get to do it you don't get to be a regular person and have a life because you're worried about whether you're going to end up having to sleep body or car and whether or not your financial aid is going to cover something and then you're eating ramen noodles it's not a fad it's a survival for a lot of money. to the square where you also work to restructure it because that's it you do over the debris or what just don't forget to let us know what you put a top or discovered a facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are three dot com coming up we present the second half of short stories conversational social media data mining and u.s. intelligence agencies with journalist author of the features are bad that we
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observe the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of dr mark penn state. ranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive trucks people who rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent it was like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left. here i don't know too many people here anymore slow down
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for much the last jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal with. henry kissinger once said the brochure in the united states went into the ukrainian crisis acting russian movie based on mutual misconceptions with tensions heightened over the scruple case all the sides guided by misconceptions we didn't approve misrepresentations. and they've been waiting on this for a long time because a talk about the dollar back that this world reserve currency countries are tired of funding the america's wars because ever there's got to be traded in dollars including oil to buy oil got to buy dollars first that means america gets
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a commission to use that money a wage wars all over the world. then what bargain that he will go back a little while. for yours will pull you out of a. good obit in democracy and would have it and i didn't do it we will always be the good is it also. when i'm going to also hold. on a comfy chair. keep it or don't or don't let you be come up to the group. on ten you're not going about the how i live and i'm having the famine the minimum time there's a. number who know but oh november a bit of massive piles of them it is down to the point about anonymous. mme how
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they only use about. it was announced the facebook c.e.o. of silicon valley rockstar mark zuckerberg himself will stand tall before congress on april eleventh or absent for the facebook cambridge analytic or data mining controversy but there's always more than meets the eye when the corporate worlds of big data social media and governments collide sean stone recently discussed these matters and more with journalist and author enough these are mad here is part two they're fascinating discussion. and towards this end of the obviously collecting information and ultimately creating sort of you can create essentially you create false narratives you can create false dichotomies and the antagonism as you pointed
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out we have this whole issue of cambridge analytic on whether or not it through you know the election towards trumpet with with a letter because it's strange because we're basically there there's the this discourse that sort of attacking the idea of data mining as a whole which is just the nature of business and how businesses are going to target people whether you're running for politics or trying to sell a product right you're still trying to sell some things you need to know the consumer what they want but on the morning farias side they do they've done tactics or allegedly that they've done tactics like bribery and blackmail of politicians and others that sounds very innocent of cia tactics. well absolutely i mean the cambridge analytical what's interesting is we did a big investigation into facebook and cambridge analytical december two thousand and seventeen we published quite a long piece on our platform in search and we brought together a lot of things that are only now being caught up in kind of the mainstream press
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so for example the fact that came with analytic a former major ministry of defense contractor that used to have this tax classification which means they had access to high level security so that a high level security clearance that gave them access to classified information i mean we had reported this back then and only now we've got the b.b.c. asking these questions but what these kind of issues show is that came with analytic and it's mek it's methods of the century trying to profile. population behaviors using online technologies and other types of technology building them into a predictable model these are techniques that were developed in the bowels of the military industrial complex in the u.k. specifically and they were also passed on to the united states and they've been fine tuned in that context and our investigation showed and again people have been asking questions now these techniques were used in iraq and afghanistan for example
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they had contracted out to private contractors some of these techniques so now they're being used in weaponized against our own populations in the united states and britain and it's it's very alarming and what we're seeing here is that these sorts of techniques and so on the one hand of course there's this question of law and finally now questions are being asked on both sides of the atlantic as to to what extent when you use these sorts of tools do they really violate our election laws in terms of manipulating public opinion but the other thing of course is that these techniques are being used on a day to day basis by lots of different parties all. time business is governments. any kind of any kind of entity that essentially wants to reach an audience is or are using platforms like facebook to kind of to reach different publics and to try and influence opinion and so we're always being subjected to this form of
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influence in some way except cambridge analytic of course had really fine tuned their techniques and now only now we know they actually did that on the basis of essentially. kind of illegally taking vast amounts of private data which they shouldn't have been able to do. and that of course is quite extraordinary but the question isn't really being asked i mean to day the narrative we've had is that these have some sort of nefarious connection to russia for example and there are legitimate questions to ask about cambridge analytical relationship to russia however the fact that came as i let it go has been born from the establishment in britain has only really been coming to the surface from recent reporting and it's something that really needs to be looked at much more closely and we're now starting to see evidence that we were reporting last year being discussed in the mainstream press about cambridge and it occurs connections to the conservative
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party. from front to the extent to which you know they had really establishment connections not just obscure military connections but connections across the party and connections to people who gave very large amounts of funding to the conservative party over several years one of the connections that hasn't been looked at to date is a connection that we reported on related to. the hanssen asset management so one of the founding directors of s.c.l. election which is the u.k. incorporation of cambridge analytical is a guy called christian to road christian patrick to. rohde who was a director and is a director now he was a director with s.c. elections year and he's currently director with hanson asset management which is a. that was excess of the hanson p o c which was set up by lord james hansen the well known industrialist who has huge connections to tobacco to big coal in the
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united states and so on and so forth what it was a major donor to the conservative party and also had a very close connections to the vote leave campaign in the u.k. the people that work for hanson at the time went on like dominic cummings went on to run vote leave so we have all these sorts of very very direct connections to very powerful figures in the establishment and questions aren't being asked about why those establishment figures wanted to use and it's you like came with analytical in order to manipulate public opinion this really raises the question was this massive shift to the far right that we've seen in mainstream politics in the united states and in europe doesn't really just this accident wasn't really just this thing of people being angry about the migrants that there were actually very powerful elites in the united states and britain people who outside the deep state the people who represented sections of that deep state who wanted this to
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happen they wanted to see this big shift to the far right and that is a very very alarming scenario. and the phase that's all time we have today but certainly your analysis reminds me of jeremy bentham zz assessment of creating a pent up tick on this idea of basically completely all seeing eye that watching us move more sultanate been there orwell's big brother in a sense and potentially really potentially all this information there money from us could ultimately be serving towards some kind of artificial intelligence supercomputers but i think at this point we'll have to leave it for today and hopefully pick up the conversation at a future date. when you think back to your grade school lessons about dr king you likely recall his most widely cited speeches for example i have a dream or i've been to the mountaintop there's a reason each of these works are important to teach to our youth and there's certainly a reason those words have stood the test of time but while it's necessary to
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remember king's message of racial justice and equality there's a deeper more revolutionary king we rarely hear about m.l.k. was not concerned only with race he saw class struggle in economic equality as central to the cause of civil rights in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven report to the southern christian leadership conference he declared quote we must recognize that we can't solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power this means a revolution of values and other things we must see now that the evils of racism economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together you can't really get rid of one without getting rid of the others the whole structure of american life must be changed america is a hypocritical nation and we must put our own house in order. king recognized justice would never truly be achieved in the united states without addressing
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economics in one nine hundred sixty five address to the negro american labor council he announced quote something is wrong with happiness and according to cain that system which is responsible for economic hardship and war and one of his lesser known speeches king denounced the u.s. war in southeast asia making it very clear what he believed plagued american society most i am. the three giant triplets of racism materialism and militarism these were the evils king sought to defeat in his book where do we go from here peyos or community king targeted the military industrial complex declaring quote a nation that can take. to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual do these views are consistent with what may be described as the heart of kings glossy we may have all come on different ships but we're in the same boat now when he was assassinated king was planning a march to take place here on the nation's capital dubbed support people's campaign
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its purpose was to unite americans behind the message of economic justice and the eradication of poverty regardless of race fifty years since his assassination the street giant triplets of recent materialism and militarism he warned us of our standing as tall as ever in this country and for that reason so should the radical message of dr king. five decades after a smarter on april fourth one nine hundred sixty eight martin luther king jr and his legacy continue to propel us forward to never slow down and most importantly to always remember that the greatest troublemakers and the most prolific peacemakers are most often one in the same and martin luther king jr is a legacy taught us to always keep our eyes open and to never assume the fight is over since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and king's work that helped destroy jim crow laws the civil rights movement has done much to level the playing
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field of life for african-americans but what's particularly disturbing is how far we truly sit from a place of racial equality and the proof is in the numbers according to the bureau of labor statistics since one nine hundred sixty eight rates of unemployment were twice as high for african-americans meaning being poor and whites is twice as lucrative as being poor and black studies have revealed the job applicants with surnames that are perceived as black are fifty percent less likely to get a positive response than white sounding surnames but this is america right anyone regardless of race should be able to grow rich if they just try hard right or wrong the. been institute come data from a survey of consumer finances and found that the average wealth of white families was over seven hundred thousand dollars higher than the average wealth of black families shortly before his assassination in one nine hundred sixty eight martin luther was in the midst of organizing the poor people's campaign which hope to march on washington d.c. to demand a standard of living wage poverty programs and housing for the nation's poor the
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passion for helping less fortunate don't wait in the moments after king's death in fact poverty rates for african-americans have been declining steadily for the last decade however african-americans are still nearly twice as likely than whites to live in areas below the poverty lines and this stems in part from the act of residential segregation in neighborhoods with higher median poverty rates meeting over thirty percent black children remain about sixty percent more likely to live in those neighborhoods than white children but on a positive note it seems that the work of desegregation and the fight to improve public education house had some gains since the march in selma since one nine hundred sixty eight the gap in completion rates in american high schools between white and black students has almost been closed and that brings us to tomorrow what will be done tomorrow and the next day and the next week to improve the lives of our neighbors our fellow human beings i think martin luther king jr said it best
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there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it's right who powerful man powerful words of the truly amazing legacy that we have to remember each year whether it's the fiftieth anniversary of the fifty first or the you know sixty seventh or seventy fifth we have to always remember the work of dr martin luther king jr and carry on his work for him with a great great boost what was it was good stuff all right everybody that i'm afraid is or show for you today remember this world you're not. cold but we'll both of upsala tell you all i love you a little bit and on top i'll keep all watch those hawks all fill the place.
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yes they've been waiting on this for a long time it doesn't talk about the dollar back in this world reserve currency countries are tired of funding america's wars because ever there's got to be trainer in dollars including oil to buy oil got to buy dollars first that means america gets a commission he's definitely a wage wars all over the world. apply for many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just killed in a row has been spending to get to the twenty million and one player. who it's an experience like nothing else want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the
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base is going to. it's the cradle of jazz. there are. still this jazz feeling. climatic. at least. close. to the street racing. of the night. the best place in the world.
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i. i. i. i. love it. russia calls for u.n. security council meeting you know the latest developments in the script how kegs this is the u.k. they tested the nerve agent used in the attack in britain says it's unable to identify the source. facebook makes that tens of millions more people could be affected by the data harvesting scandal than initially thought the data research company involved in the scandal disputes the numbers. that the
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u.s. state of michigan in their previous plans by food giants nestlé to pump. water despite the. wide spread local opposition. it was. nine am here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me becky arun great to have you with us this hour. now russia has called for a u.n. security council meeting later this thursday mosco wants to discuss the latest developments in the case of the poisoning of former spy surrogate school powell and his daughter in the u.k. in a recent revelation a u.k. military laboratory said it could not identify the source of the nerve agent used in the attack britain had earlier claimed there was a direct link to russia broadcast if takes up the story. it's
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a right old kid on drugs on the one hand you skip the trial screamed guilty and jump to the punishment part on the other your own guys come out and say hold on there's no evidence and i was his by were living experts at the defense science and technology laboratory at porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia we have not verified the precise source you have not been able to establish that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is but to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that well that's embarrassing alright keep calm first goo back on your word and just to be sure delete any old tweets then that riposte experts who say the opposite
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of what you said our experts have precisely identified in their region as novacek it is not and has never been our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent now pretend that nothing happened which is hard to do in the end to that really the brits ended up having to explain themselves and conveniently scapegoated the poor fellow who transcribed the briefing one of the tweets was truncated and did not accurately report her master's words we've removed this tweet you remember what i said about scapegoating he really did but barge johnson himself had said almost the same thing said it's on video you argue that their source of the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly when i look at the the evidence i mean the people from from porton dollars. they were
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absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt wouldn't want to be in the shoes right about now yet they did find a way around it a simple statement saying that boris johnson didn't mean it like that what the foreign secretary said then and what putin donna said recently is fully consistent with what we've said throughout having two good things so far so far they can't afford to do a u. turn this investigation could end in two ways with proof of russia's guilt or with an uncomfortable silence and hope that everyone forgets until then boris keep doing what you do every day are you ready for the big upgrade for example there is the god stuff and we are rushing production. is the government going to use russia . surrogates create power is not an isolated
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case but the latest path of reckless behavior by the russian state the russians the russians a russian russia russia russian russian denali i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is russia and boris johnson has serious questions too about the claim from german television that this was a russian produced nerve agent porton down then examine it and said all the fight was just not true they couldn't say where it came from. so i guess group powell and his daughter yulia were found unconscious just over a month ago in the u.k. city of salzburg it was later revealed that they were both exposed to a nerve agent of a type produced in the soviet union called navi chalk script power used to be a russian intelligence officer before he was charged for revealing confidential information to the u.k. secret services he remains in a coma with his daughter reportedly in
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a stable condition. from america london ken livingstone shared with those his thoughts on the british government's handling of this case. the british government has set out to blame all of this on president putin and russia from the very big it was out there virtually from day one time blaming russia and president putin for this the idea that all we need a long delay for you have a serious investigation of the trees and i was making these claims before they've even been in the service report from the people investigating the incident and we still haven't had their final report and i won't be at all surprised if it is never made available to the public my broad advice is pay no attention to anything that's ever said by a foreign secretary it would invariably be rubbish i've never known a politician so completely and utterly unrelated to facts he wouldn't even read his briefings before we went into those debates he just says what he thinks will go
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down well at the time i do think it's much more just a part of the politics of building an anti russia alliance again like we had in the cold war international chemical weapons watchdog the a.p.c. w. met on wednesday over the square pell case and russia proposed a joint investigation that idea was rejected. we will not agree to russia's demands to conduct a joint investigation into the attack in solsbury because the u.k. has assessed that it is highly likely that the russian state is responsible for this attack and that there is no plausible alternative explanation there's no requirement in the chemical weapons convention for a victim to engage the likely perpetrator in a joint investigation to do so would be perverse. unfortunately we didn't manage to get the needed two thirds of votes for the resolution to pass obviously the brits and americans voted against and then nato and some a u. member states and u.s.
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allies followed suit they fear the truth they fear to take responsibility for their words the blatant accusations for provocative statements from the head of u.k. diplomacy. through their case representative to the o p c w settled more claims against russia at the meeting linking the script poisoning case to the chemical attack in the syrian town of qana shakoor last year that attack led to the us taking military actions against the syrian government positions it claimed that russia had called wednesday's meeting in the hague to make a political point former un chemical weapons experts dr anton kid says it's strange that the u.k. is not providing better with evidence on the case. there is no one hundred percent assurance that you can determine the region so if a chemical everything that we know about
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a chemical comes from its composition so the chemical is never a hundred percent pure they come from the production at every stage reactions produce some byproducts and these byproducts can carry up to the final chemical no matter how hard you try to purify it every after every stage so by little you about the those impurities you can tell what the technology was used to produce that chemical but if you have to abort trees in different countries of the world that produce the same chemical with the same technology with the same regions you have not. to tell exactly which sample came from which the board three. russia follows exactly by the procedures of the convention so on the thirteenth of march russia requested the u.k. to provide russia with all the formation and who the intended is the u.k.
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was supposed to deliver that information. do you keep failed to do that so now russia requested the executive council to provide all information the next step. is supposed to do right now is to. make sure that the executive council requests that the u.k. provides all the information about issue because. the executive council is obliged to do that so why wouldn't the u.k. provide the world with the same information it's not clear and this raises much more questions to the cabinet or for me especially towards johnson in how the really established default of russian federation in. group us issues.


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