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tv   The Stan Collymore Show  RT  April 6, 2018 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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well carol preparation for the piggy bank the world companies coming here is a record of all the schools the host russia lost twice in the international bright work for sunday's love church so if today germany lost to brazil for the first time in twenty years i'm sure the germans won't mind they are champions of the world of course england's they want to against netherlands drinks which returns huge nations that of course that will not be at the well this year also london hosting a triple header colombia play the socceroos of australia the nigerian super eagles played sunday go and win hosted it's a way out wembley we sent reporters to all three together i just action.
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last night and the funny thing is that i mean south beyond the nigerian c three will be content with the players and what they think are the chances for the wellcome. links to come down stuff i say that we see we've the school thank you speaking to local folks who'll. be so cool going to see the eagles but they play good football those said yeah they don't want to put this with us but you might see the problem you. know we're not going but we will support and watch. i will still be in t.v. alf i can think said be if you guy in the world cup but before i won i would team i think on the long haul the team is their boss the first round that i think that's about it and i think after that at the end of the year for the surplus.
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by good to me you know. the will be going to guy go. back where you say. to make sure you have a seat thank ye i've been i've just booked and he can't begin to rush out anybody's outmatch out and i think that some might say i'm there you go that's the kind of fun to watch them and jam my truck when i wake up but that i not get knocked about i didn't see not. everyone same night jamie is going away to night would you agree surely we don't know a judge would you know when to no back. seat might have an impact on the local not really like i said. it's just well defended games. like you said yes you would like to see what's up with the team i was down. to. piled up to meet crazy i've never seen anything like it
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when i had when teams had won the premier league but you. can see how passionate fans out i believe the case no one is going to be like it. was three the passion is on the knob that was. you know so they all played nigeria today they played a bit but we can side a lot of changes in the search inside a self you know new coach you can't see but we played well so it's good the difficult students are going into the next friendlies hand and i'm obviously welcome to self costa rica's the most important games are to get a free points day and i don't see what happens you know brazil the last game that's the dream job mean if we could get something out of brazil the world champions i'm just not a champions but culturally the best winning side in the world so their. whole focus should be to do to create a hype team spirit that we have already but maybe to bring it even one level. one
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step further and then just focus on the basics and making not so many failures and i think we can go places. you won't say that you will find it is nice if nations will win out in russia as if we all think we can change in the months or so it's always just these games are the ones we love most from august to release a thing from the last six games for one five so this is why you've realized something we could be better off by the same time there's a lot young guys a place a few of the fuss i'm about to get a fuss so i'm. helping beacons i suppose there's all this going for the field we can all say welcome to nigeria so i have to say that's us.
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and i have plans to expand on. that one time and the time and place it on the family home. before. so. will be an. example you don't look at the same person. the type i would like to. see for me to say to get people to want to want to get now to help with and do you think that's going to tripling their sales and let me know what i'm saying so it's going to be no more trouble never use . any oligarchy and you know i'm around for a concert and if i'm lucky she will be flown out.
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i think i like it but. i think. i. think if she did it for you i think john will be the breakthrough like a child having. finally have gotten the rights and one day i was starving my ninety ninety six no mr gay moment away since everyone every welcome never yours and would remember from like i never want to go and would be very fortunate to have a syllable that we didn't know it all you got to take a look at want to try it yeah absolutely so i'm in the bunch of things that look to stories that we sent those of these bugs cables was right you know strange because you think it would make sense doesn't it always trouble very well we're always told it will get mowed we're going to get you know it's i told i don't know about going over there and all those have a great time and this time that i went you know we don't feel very often with the
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national team so every chance we get every game we play it is really important. to see all improvements to see she will need so we'll call in and we'll will we can. where we can improve every game is important because you spend so much and so little time to get. the world cup i'm really excited i think with a group of live shots of the you know it's going to be a fantastic event but we're looking forward to my film with a bit of a healthy house i think it's. very much work in progress at the moment i have. a cool very good why is it i have ten understand the flies and you can see them on the sasha level the one some that players carry chi and then there are a couple of of this business who are capable of hitting that will class down the drain standing what is really a nice guy is a fantastic player out of milan and he's fully fit he's incredibly try to follow any defensive market and we have very good for. i mean the guy is into the moment
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but he's a very remarkable player kyle walker won the best buy backs in the world. but just like the midfield positions whether they can be creative enough to open up defenses i'm to course scores enough goals hopefully we can then potentially we can get through to the last stage of. good good good. good. good. judgments actually a direct craven cottage following the australia colombia max he team is going into the world cup let's meet some of the founders and play it was. all we need but i think a lot more about how the overall homage to longevity mino almost the only.
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thing you think you just want to do it. was my first comment was that i do want to thank god none of you have to thank everybody you know that. you the bible you yes. yes i was. going to be preparing to be heard for. this week i will do so from school. which was. the artist is a kid and they started when you're
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a kid but i look at myself complete files i was just on the meaning solo but i think it is so it was something that they please bear in france they did everything that they by school i thought was unlucky should put a kind of a why you'd post twice but overall they said this is a friendly way today get over in march for mine to be doing the south so they don't know. you know so they only told me i gave up put on my top. lose. my money oh i know something you know i mean.
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i want to do it ok because i sold i feel like i'm told that i sell it. for something like i don't suppose we're about a billion to one because then the four clear the streets all over the floor the people who are some of the things that's so much what you do about those. a lot of dying is your plight in the international bright over several much studies here's some against the colts are all join us after the break is our shot to spying strike i'll go our spouse don't go anywhere feel.
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call. them what i want them to anymore but i'll go on. the bush will put you out of a good. job it ended up in the same would have it and i didn't do it it will always be good if the. muslim or noble and house hold. on a politician. to. keep it or done or done much to keep come up to the good. news.
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is this is harder than kentucky. over all of this move the employees people going straight from using only. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. to jobs or grow all the coal miners of said. that it was love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. when i was so small seemed wrong but old paul just don't call. me old
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yet. to shape out just because to add to it and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met in my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question
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our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one quite different person to speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. it's the cradle of jazz. they're still very good we are. still old this jazz feeling. a city of climatic catastrophes of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime of the years by the least twelve members a mom frail close mother heard of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans itself
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a man who loves the best place in the world. now here's a school i didn't expect to see in the international bright spying beat me i'll be so i stopped. six goals to want nobody home i said oh nothing to worry about that recently we sat down we go score number sixty not to. go ask us to discuss the dreams of playing in the first of a free for well cup finals. this time call it will show today has come to a very wet and windy golden spying to chat to
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a man who might well be lifting the world in russia and some of his play for liverpool he's played for c.b.s. and now replace the celts because that's a bit shocked with jago us past. the light seats please join me on the spot call he will show you in. sixteen goals so fall season in the league. how happy are you we'd like to sell to be a bit of a i do i want to start on all of our media strategy and. get if you want to hear so i go on which will look at will instead of what i was a partial credit for i will push you to say hello popo my say. has been far away from that. excites you know you at the end of the season you could be the top school in spaniards in the spanish little league up which is possibly the best league in the world must be very exciting time for you. and i knew parts
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of the role would just but i suspect i want to overcome the idea. to fail but it wasn't. possible that. seriously knowledgeable already like to study and i think that one of the ok as a foil for you i can make a joke of my life what if it were that. easy feat full country and obviously one of the favorites to win the world cookie rachet you on that were full spanish international. how excited all you to three months of the season back at the folds of potentially playing it will call one all. but if someone starts meshes with the whole notion that up us where we are. and what are they that are lower then you go on that when they were one aiel which is one as well anderson and i said that he on the bus i was he was up for that kind of until it was over then
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it was a little ball but musical much of it was around this for a lot of. wonderful but it was fun both on the part of happy tiny and on the pollution roll that are sometimes are going to. have to freeze the competition to get into the spanish quarter as the strike. flies like g.i. joe cost in the schools bottom rots chelsea. there are some fantastic strikers that you feel ready to compete with them for a place in the school season from birth and all of which i mean reasonable circuit with all i thought oh my bad but what if i was alone though there are others of us who are just for the course time but they will post out of all the more not there are other people but i know that if i. say that i want to know then i will just go on this well i just want to believe. that when i start to read it you go on to say
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less or to feel this way off but then you proceed from there but on hold while i look for us will see you so you will say it. was my feet that i missed that are going to get you on what qualities do you feel that you can bring to the sport point over with them. or so. then it was saying listen if the old girl was old but i've been out of this but this is one. that i've been on a little while and i'm not at that many a point that mr bush would be solid to symbolize there the colombian depending on what it does he was with you for but it. was you'll also older white emotion of your time at liverpool you disappointed read it so i proceed to give you a good experience to. explain the poll experience one zero percent of all that for other with the with what i took it for you and i wish it was but instead or an
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obviously little how they actually the illegal that make us a wonderful carefulness but if we want to put on a solo show an awful lot of their commission which i bought up and then if i may be to. borrow one i see this in the mail from when i lied and i'm not a building but it can all been as we know this but i wonder just when was when but i don't i league i think the nation was called by medicine and they're not allowed to get out of there they were in the paper with t.d.o. lawyers peddling a forest and it was from the usual people who put up and i don't know that will show you hold this high league office out of any of it for the discipline when i played when i was younger there were several stores you saw you learned from. when you were little pull did you learn from all the players like daniel sturridge and and we swore as we mentioned the tight little bits from all of the strike and speed you've played over your career take it out for quest for the. heart of purpose for
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the hardest then i'm tired of it was all better and better not in all the wrong those four and five different people broke. away from gross little bit of openness with lawyer and so momentous in upon him but i love my daughter sister and i see us a bit too yesterday. it was you know our forces were lower for what i was about i don't know sort of leave a note of it but i don't i feel the wife messi and ronaldo of cool spoilt playing the league they would be playing at the world cool how does it feel to be playing up a sign sawing as two of the greatest players ever supply focal point of progress or will for you but he let you go i said if you did the. brushing aside what about a lot of those are going to be sure we're full of it at the lintel of this but we're not a soul leave it to us and i leave got to go and just be teach him a thing when i don't with a long list it will be on this board of if i want to look it up for us airways where you see things that came with the.
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younger players still get excited at the thoughts of playing in the world cup we now have the champions league which is very big like the gather for a really big big league some big competitions he called the place will see one of the washing up on this is the idea that overseas though i know much about a lot of exciting as a minister my lad but if you don't feel just one day out of there still pick up ice in the mail and if it went to well if you know she's desperate on the ikea single message bus every day when we defeat them with one of the family got it will get over the years for that and put it out he admits that the lord only got five. go up and. that some just needed for food or drink or cider one of the rules it's useless but i feel as if i did you feel the first time you pulled on the spanish that would be a motion in your head to you all four of which you see much of what you're missed and
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feed off which i feel but i found any of. those ideas i think a lot of fun for you that people will say we have seen she who i've seen than any. other way. and what i'm really wondering about that i thought i had a lot of i don't know yet if you're not closer you know when i asked him to say i don't want you to want to help us. find the lady was easy ambition for you all go up in the next five years why are you hoping to achieve in this next five years whatever becky i think why you know to say what the thing was about that i thought and i said oh you sir but it's a good story when with one of them but you want to follow it up about a southerner for political hero for all i wanted and i would almost felt i would feel blessed by it that it was very obvious that i want to split the fifty but it. is fantastic to see you hopefully get into the squad at the world cope and my great
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my great you'll be lifting the trophy and into law that will be fantastic thank you very very welcome. zia's says harlan kentucky the. whole goal of this group i'm going to see you go very funny you need. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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mines of said. that it was love to see these people this of five years of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. also was to question whether it was very reasonable to react with sanctions and up breaking the dialogue between the russia and still western countries. also as one of those countries that is firmly convinced that it is necessary and will be necessary to keep up this dialogue and still talk. about all the metros.
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then what bargain that he will go back to will go on. bush will pull you out of a. bit in the mouth and the same would have it and i did india we will always be good if it off the. shelf. on a puff in. the. deep that are done with the come up though. to do good. on even about all our lives and i may have a dead grandmother my mom has a. number who's who and i'm but oh november creative i stick by them in a gentle point about nanami but i will be was as if i use about.
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one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to say proud disdain comes to educate and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common good. and there are some was so much that all of them mama. i don't mama little bit of the best someone yet more. the old riddle of the few who took a look at it will all of what if they are going to be chilcote for you know. their well i hope but it was a group. for
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very knowing you come with the news going to get so for us with inches of it not stiff the question is still yes but all yes the chest. bible verses on what they're for everyone that is the core bazza. after weeks of media hysterics and official claims without a shred of evidence the case. is falling apart transparency in the rule of law have never played a role what happens next only to protect. israel
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deploys tanks and snipers to the. palestinian protesters have been injured in a massive protest. in critical condition following last month's poisoning break as the media continues to speculate.


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