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tv   News  RT  April 6, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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israel deploys tanks and snipers to the gaza border we're told at least five palestinians killed one of them a child in a massive patient protest. coming up to u.k. doctors say former russian spies. is no longer in critical condition following last month's poisoning in. a media continues to speculate where the nerve agents may have been produced. former u.s. intelligence officers throw their support behind the founder of wiki leaks he's been forced off line by the ecuadorian embassy in london over comments about. dorian government. not just citizenship but ecuadorian diplomatic
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passport and you know is that how you treat your own citizens and your own diplomats i think this is going a little overboard response. hello this is our team used eleven live from moscow with me kevin are in first in tonight's program at least eight people including a child in our thoughts have been killed after israeli forces fired live i mean protestors in gaza the palestinian health ministry says more than one thousand people have been injured forty eight of them were children the unrest broke out just palestinians resumed their protest against what they call an israeli occupation of correspondents have been reporting from both sides of the gaza border . we're now maybe one hundred meters only far away from the fence you can see the crowd you can see the
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protesters flooded and a hundred of thousands phallus immunes have been here since the morning. tensions are running high right now and the israeli army started to shoot trend to meet. your policy demands are getting injured why that ambulances are already here to bridge to take on the injuries that we're now the injured sunday's really i mean that by live bullets and i mean nation and get tear gas canisters. this is one of the injuries that was injured just right now from the al for booklets and at the tear gas and there it's cross ambulances and on the medics are trying to save father and juries . and palestinians are very close to the
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fence and no are getting out way back because the by israeli army arabs are shooting everyone who's getting near to the funds. this guy is way of the tires the palestinian youths have been saying since i'm whining and at the same time the israeli army have been throwing tear gas canisters and targeting the palestinians where the funds. as you see the palestinian protesters are running away from the tear gas canisters that were thrown just right now and the protesters. and. so. these are unexploded to gas canisters that are being targeted and suited on the palestinian protesters car her thousands of hundreds of palestinians have been
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here since the morning and we saw palestinian protesters burning view as flags and israeli flags and also saying slogans against the israelis and the american sense that morning tension is running high right now and palestinians are still in the field in still near the fence i'm standing here on the israeli side of the israel gaza border with these plumes of smoke or slowly making their way from gaza into israel now there's a lot of tear gas that's being fired into gaza we can hear the sound of tear gas canisters from here we can also hear the sign sounds of bullets of course israelis are being accused by the international community of using live fire on unarmed protesters but the israelis for bayside say that among these protesters are hundreds of militants who are aiming at them with molotov cocktails and the like i'm standing in a closed military zone the israelis have gotten reinforcements there are tanks on
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the border we're not allowed to go closer to the border they where i'm actually standing the israeli snipers are also aware that the palestinians are using pieces of mirrors to try and block the vision and make it more difficult for them and we've also been told that should the situation on the other side of the border get to the israelis plan on using sewage water to deal with the people there so the situation here on the border extremely tense and unfortunately the number of casualties expected to climb if not in the coming hour with then certainly in the coming days. however israeli defense forces say they believe the protesters pose of serious danger the spokesman for the i.d.f. took to twitter in fact saying quote rioters attempted to cross the security fence and set off explosive devices which israel considers an attempted terror attack however the u.n. in turn says the use of live ammunition by the israeli forces here was unnecessary and could amount to a breach of the geneva convention. an attempt to approach will cross the green line
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fence by itself certainly does not amount to a threat to life or serious injury that would justify the use of live ammunition the killings and the injuries do actually point to an excessive use of force and in particular lethal force and that's in a situation where there was no threat of death or or serious injury the unjustified unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement resulting in death may amount to a willful killing and grave breach of the fourth geneva convention the week long protests have become the deadliest in years as thousands of palestinians demand access to stroll lambs which are now in israeli territory. the top of the. new internet yukos and i victorious cripple
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a visa she's the niece of poisons double agent sort of gay the u.k. home office has issued a statement saying her application didn't comply with immigration rules the tory however believes britain has something to hide and said that she was expecting the denial another twist early on friday it seems surrogate script has now regain consciousness and is no longer in a critical condition artie's endure a cheater as the details we don't know that much but we have got a statement from the district hospital released by dr christina blanch about the medical director and she said that so case cripple is responding well to treatment improving rapidly and is no longer in a critical condition and note of the details we have we also know that cripples daughter yulia is recovering so much so that she gave a statement to the met police saying that she is growing stronger day by day now if we go back to the beginning these two were poisoned by and nervous. agent called novacek on the fourth of march now this incident has caused mayhem across the globe
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and you could almost say that it was the catalyst for already increased tensions between russia and britain in particular. there have been consequences to this event before the investigation started and immediately after the attack the finger was pointed at russia as the perpetrator almost implying that both so gay and nuclear were not going to make it through this ordeal russia has denied any involvement and has stuck to that and even asked for a joint investigation which was denied and refused by the british authorities now that diplomatic mattick route did spiral britain expelled twenty three russian diplomats russia retaliated to that expelling the same number and spread to the european partners and the u.s. as well and they also expelled a number of diplomats from those countries. now the results came out after an
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investigation at porton down lab and the results were that there was no definitive evidence as to where that nerve agent came from so you can see what was happening there the situation as it is now the two are recovering so possibly they will be speaking at some point and they might be able to give more clarity as to what happened on that day meantime russia's foreign ministers call the increase speculation unfounded as the media claims the nerve agent used to poison the screwballs was produced in a weapons lab here in russia. as far as reports about novacek nerve agent production in the surete off region are concerned london is from sickly looking for confirmation of its unsubstantiated position. furthermore one major you could use paper around the sensational headlines based on anonymous sources they pinpointed the production of novacek to the outskirts of moscow jacqueline picks
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a poem the line that's come in the script locates on explosive twist earlier this week when experts at porton down revealed they couldn't determine where the nerve agent was made a u.k. military lopper tori is stunned but we're not the media and their sources have it covered. the times has revealed its sources believe that they have pinpointed the facility where the military grade nerve agent was made and surprise surprise it's in russia the sun isn't certain but says it's near moscow so it is not one hundred percent certain about the location but highly confident i'm convinced about you their sources say that the yeltsin of a lab is one of a handful in the world that can produce snow or chalk the sun has exclusively uncovered a moscow suburb lab that the o.p.c. w. couldn't use their programming you know. it's well there was
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a short lived hope that accusations against russia could fade. on tuesday the times tweeted a picture of the next day's front page with the headline may battles to preserve alliance against russia and told of ten downing street dismay that the global coalition against russia was being undermined but that article has now gone with a link taking you to another story. we asked the times for an explanation and they told us it reflects a developing story explaining that the text was changed rather than adding a new article to avoid peppering their site with additional articles on the same thing although it's not clear how a story on isolating russia and boris johnson misleading the public can be considered the same thing come next day back to what sells best. russia says the u.k. is playing with fire when accusing moscow of being behind the salt reposing attack at the mergence the meeting of the un security council on thursday russia's envoy pointed to major and consistencies in the claims made by britain the u.k.
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once again reiterated in its early geisha that it was highly likely that russia was responsible for the attack and then they crossed literary swords quite literally and in exchange quoting lewis carroll's alice in wonderland this paper has just been picked up what's in it so the groom i haven't opened it yet so the word that i would but it seems to be a matter. of the reason the dude to somebody are they the prison scandal raping us in other of the judum. nor the nots of the world the baby blues your mothers to so the me i didn't but i did and they come provided there is no name signed to do. if you didn't sign it so is the king that only makes the most the words you must have meant some means to let the jury consider devoted to the king so what about the twenty stone that the normal course of the sentence first verdict afterwards. that remind you of anything as
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a. very good quote from alice in wonderland that is sometimes i believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast so i think that's the quake seats my russian colleague best in september twenty seventeen the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons actually verify the destruction of russia's entire chemical weapons program the u.s. and the u.k. have never put forward any reasons as to why they doubt. o.p.c. w.'s verification here that is a very important piece of information that's never this never picked up on and secondly the childer that the russian chemist who revealed the existence of knowledge charts published a book with this formula in two thousand and eight saying that it could actually be made with you know fairly simple bits and pieces you get in pesticides and fertilizers and so on so far from the idea that russia is the only power capable producing this stuff what about what britain's gained out of all of this britain has gained now hasn't britain been trying to reach this campaign of isolation
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against russia for years now so if we're going to just reduce everything to all watch countries got to form in their motive then britain's on very shaky grounds accusing russia and that's why it's so important to have evidence rather than just talking about motives. support growing for the founder of wiki leaks to be reconnected to the internet itself to record or cut off julian assange and his communications with the outside world and now a group of former intelligence officers has delivered a letter to the ecuadorian embassy in london calling for him to have his axes reinstated the document was handed over by a former cia officer turned whistleblower. this is from the cia the f.b.i. the military. and we want to make a letter thanking the government would do or did you give this to them mr song has been offline for ten days as ecuador said he'd put diplomatic ties at risk on twitter with a series of comments made about the separatist movement catalonia many influential
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figures now of backing the wiki leaks founder over the incident i spoke to the former intelligence officer who handed in the letter to the ecuadorian officials when i delivered the letter i thought that maybe we had a chance and perhaps we still do have a chance the ecuadorian government gave julian a son she's not just ecuadorian citizenship but an ecuadorian diplomatic passport and you know is that how you treat your own citizens and your own diplomats now if they had a problem with something that julian tweeted apparently they do have such a problem then they should punish him i suppose in a way commensurate with what it was that you did he issued one tweet i think this is going a little overboard in response it sounds wiki leaks have been behind the release of thousands of confidential documents over the years that's despite the whistleblower being unable to leave the embassy in central london for nearly six years now as he would face charges in the u.k. and a possible extradition then to the u.s.
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john kiriakou again told me the ecuador is refusing to buckle under pressure from other countries. you know this isn't a one sided thing i'm sure that the ecuadorian government is under great pressure from the united states from the united kingdom perhaps from sweden maybe even australia which is where julian is originally from so certainly there are two sides to this i am sure there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we just don't know we understand the background to this case we also understand how important transparency is and freedom of speech and freedom of the press we wanted the ecuadorian government to know that. the us has imposed new sanctions on russia targeting twenty four officials and business people as well as fourteen entities the russian foreign ministry has reacted to the measures saying the u.s. is trying to impose its hedge of money even on strong independent states next to the breakdown the latest measures and who exactly is being targeted. well it's the names that are new the reasons are actually old on the u.s.
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treasury website you will find the explanation and it says that it's all because i'll quote it for you a range of rush's malign activities abroad and then comes the list it's crimea ukraine russia support of president bashar assad in syria and finally subverting western democracies and malicious cyber activities i'll be a bit more precise with the numbers the list includes seven russian businessmen referred to as all of arc so and some of the wealthiest people in this country then seventeen seeing your government officials as well as twelve companies one government oh and weapons trading firm and also a bank the movers and shakers of the russian energy sector will have to watch out for that list with the likes of like say miller who is the c.e.o.
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of russia's gas giant gazprom featuring on that list washington says they quote unquote benefit from the putin regime and play a key role in russia's activities abroad assets that are under the american jurisdiction belonging to the designated and divisions and companies will be frozen and no american citizens will any longer be able to deal with these people these kind of moves by washington obviously followed here in russia constantine a senator who was also targeted by the measures called them hostile but useless next washington's approved the sale of artillery with one point three billion dollars to saudi arabia the deal came with the end of the saudi crown prince's three week visit to the us it's all going to be part of one of the biggest arms deals washington signed off on it includes one hundred eighty how it says systems that can fire shells at
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a range of at least twenty four kilometers. the weapons deal comes with saudi arabia still heavily involved of course in the yemeni war riyadh first intervened back in twenty fifteen and the situation in yemen has been described by the u.n. as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in modern history the stats are shocking twenty two million people are in need of assistance with children under the age of five dying every ten minutes they're anti arms trade activist sam walton tells me he believes that the us is complicit in that war too. yemen has been suffering at
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the hands of saudi bombardment for over three years now and it's an absolute outrage that the u.s. the u.k. as well continue to arm saudi arabia and you know that really makes the u.s. and the u.k. complicit in the war crimes that are coming in yemen there's definitely going to be opposition we saw a couple of weeks ago bernie sanders in the senate lead a motion to stop arming so full stop and that narrowly fell so there would definitely be opposition to it which is good news but really you know there can be no moral excuse for us u.k. complicity in what's going on in in yemen at the moment no excuse me time thousands of people in the yemeni capital sanaa have been running against the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in the country the protest also said that it can be raping of yemeni girl by coalition soldier that incident was confirmed by
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a number of non-governmental organizations last week. the u.k.'s admitted that during the toppling of colonel gadhafi was in contact with some libyans who were believed to be part of a notorious armed islamist group they then have been linked to last year's manchester bombing in which twenty two people died. during the libyan conflict in twenty eleven the british government was in communication with a wide range of libyans involved in the conflicts against the gadhafi regime forces it is likely that this included former members of libyan islamic fighting group and seventeen february martyrs brigade as part of a broader gauge of injuring this time libyan islamic fighting group l i f kean a longstanding and daffy group they're made up of former so-called mujahideen fighters who returned from afghanistan to libya after that war was over many of them developed and kept their links with al qaeda militants and many of them in
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their defense would say that they distance themselves from al qaeda some of those include family members of solomon r.b.t. the terrorists responsible for the bombing of the month of may last year and so questions being asked as to what was known about the movements of this family and other links militants and of course we've heard in the past former fighters admitting that they were allowed to travel back and forth between libya and the u.k. in what they described as an open border or an open door policy with no questions asked so many critics are asking exactly what the extent of british intelligence knowledge of fighters linked to groups like al qaeda was exiled libyan professor says it's important no to whether the u.k. continues to fund militias in libya there is a link between the government and this group started the nineteen and you try it in afghanistan and there is no reason for me to believe that this link is disconnected
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one of the things that really bothers the mind is that these are teenagers being used dimensions of bomb as was fifteen years old when he was told he can go to libya encouraged by m i six you just can't align yourself with the might here to one mafia to kill him to compact another might hear actually in one thousand nine hundred. this is too radical sort of that the problem still continuing for libya so we need to know where the british are at this point are they stopping funding groups and militias libya just to get ahold of business and try and actual gains some sort of libya in the future and so this is these are the important things that we need to know. u.s. investors fearing the impact of trade tensions following washington and beijing targeting each other now with those massive terrorist stock markets and trading it is a taken a hit in the standoff with the dow jones seeing
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a major slump this friday on the back of news that donald trump's writing more action against china with the details from new york caleb maupin. for months global analysts have been fearing and anticipating the possibility of what they would refer to as a trade war between the two largest economies in the world the united states and the people's republic of china now it appears that that trade war is now upon us it is now taking place at this point this is what we heard from donald trump more recently we heard this from him yesterday these were his comments let's take a listen in light of china's and fairy tale ye shiwen i have instructed the u.s. to yard to consider whether one hundred billion dollars of additional terrorists would be appropriate under section three zero one and if so to identify the products upon which to post the terrorists this was china's response to donald trump's actions grew only. the results of this behavior and use to smash your own
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food with a stone if the united states announces an additional one hundred billion dollars list of terrorists china has already fully prepared and will not hesitate to immediately make a face counterstrike. when the new york stock exchange opened it was down two hundred fifty points at its opening and it has continued to drop as the day proceeds the stock market is dropping now let's not forget that donald trump often bragged about the impact of his policies saying that he was responsible for a rise in the stock market throughout twenty seventeen he was saying that his presidency was good it was good for the economy to look at the stock market rising that's what donald trump previously said during the first year of his presidency this is trump and employment is at a seventeen year low the stock market is at an all time high and continues to go up up up we want to keep it going but now that trump is escalating what seems to be these what people are essentially calling
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a trade war with china and tariffs are being imposed and tensions are rising as we're seeing you know an economic clash of the. in the two largest economies in the world the stock market is dropping it's having a big impact not just on the new york stock exchange on the global economy so people wonder if donald trump is going to be invoking the stock market any time selling in new york city that was caleb maupin here in moscow kevin zero in fines for watching the news of the eleven more for me in half an hour more great programs for you and your part of the world right after this break. to. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground.
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well come one and all through the stan collymore show now last week we saw all thirty two of the qualified nations play international friendlies in preparation for the big event the world companies coming days a record of all the schools the house russia lost twice in the international break work for sunday's love church of today germany lost to brazil for the first time in twenty years i'm sure the germans won't mind they are champions of the world of course england's they want against netherlands and drink to italy to huge nations that of course that will not be at the well this year also london hosted a triple header colombia play the socceroos of australia the nigerian super eagles played sunday go and learn how steve it's a day at wembley we simply poultice to all three to get the right just action.


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