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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 9, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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it was soldiers saying thank you very much for your contribution it allows us to shoot much but shoot whom shoot. innocent civilians shooting children we have seen in the last few days how there are killing innocent people who are rising of the norm and actually standing for the right against illegal occupation it really is outrageous that the brutal occupation like israeli occupation of palestinian should be allowed to continue and then people arguing that people should not resist against it gentlemen i apologize at this point we've lost the picture with masood it's frozen so we're going to going to wrap things up here and if a question both to stay on the line we'll continue this conversation of farah since you can fix the visual problems and then we'll bring the highlights of the conversation to our guests later so we stand the line for now though many thanks so
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i guess my sushi giora chair of the islamic human rights commission and richard millet is a british blogger on events in israel. i mean cheating in we'll bring you more from that conversation later this evening and the latest news headlines coming your way in half and. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm sure business i'll see you then. i'm after a country is time for one of your favorite episodes from the latest season of going
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underground coming up today for the u.k. lords international relations committee tells us to raise a mate as north all the angles on the response to the atrocity and will tour in the southwest of england pandas cold war rhetoric freezing diplomacy in britain we speak award winning author and rolling stone journalist maybe about how anti russian hysteria could lead us to a new play a winter plus the consultant for the would rather be a road daily mail andrew pesce predicts the fallout from will lead to the end of jeremy colbert and spin the tickle to with the simple coming up in today's going underground but first british labor leader jeremy corbyn didn't even use one of his questions of prime minister's questions to go do minority government needed to raise i'm a into war because of weapons of mass destruction you want to dance is about a financial statement on monday the n.h.s. is clearly in crisis so why wasn't there a penny extra of the n.h.s. in yesterday's statement by the chancellor the prime minister told corbin to look
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at the arguably blairite labor party in wales perhaps you might look to see what the labor ensuring. that the latest on. the next on your data shows when i look at twelve hour waits in any that's three point four percent of patients waiting over twelve hours and when compared to one point three percent in england he wants to talk about meeting targets he should talk to a neighbor government in wales cool bin would hear nothing of it any chance england abandoned its ion he targets until april two thousand and nineteen it's a bit rich. for the prime minister to be scamming about whales or she was she said i'm going to charge you anything but was it scaremongering he talks about scaremongering and whales i was pointing out the facts and i want to. know i am not right we do see why we do see people in wales often trying actually
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to get treatment in england rather than not rather than in wales people the dying said gorman people are dying because of overcrowding and long waits in our hospitals i think the prime minister should get a grip on it and ensure the n.h.s. now has the money that it needs to deal with the patient the monds and then corbin referenced everyone's favorite scientist stephen hawking who died this week we started with professor stephen hawking and he said just a few months ago there is. there is overwhelming evidence that any chance funding and the number of doctors and nurses are in adequate and it's getting worse does she agree with professor hawking there was no answer for him to resume about one of britain's best known scientists he had science on the mind though or revenge based on science one assumes britain would within hours veto the un resolution to investigate the atrocity in the south west of england well to take
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a better look at the russian threats narrative and how it may now affect the future of a post directed britain i went to the green outside the palace of westminster to talk to a member of britain's house of lords international relations committee lord delf well to take a better look at the russian threat narrative and how it will affect the future of a post directed britain i'm not joined by lord valve member of the international relations committee of the house of lords and former member of the european parliament bloodbath thanks for being on the green outside parliament twenty three russian diplomats being chucked out of the country in the next few days your reaction to tourism is statement. i can't see what. i mean what it will achieve is presumably twenty three british diplomats will be thrown out of russia some say more than maybe. but so the asians have no choice everyone is saying in the house behind us because she has the evidence that the kremlin ordered an atrocity
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in england. when that c.b.s. i mean what i have no two stories these apparently the russian authorities of os need with the investigation to be given some samples of the know. and that's been refused there that doesn't seem to me like trying to solve the problem there in this was very clear that there was security considerations as to why she cannot reveal certain bugs the information just as in the public inquiry regarding the atrocity in mayfair in central london the p.m.a. six by the. but how on earth that we got so selves into this position. that that's the first question we should be also we have the evil putin regime is how we got it well as i was in the employ we have some more know who was exchanged came to live in britain he's living openly under his own not even a house in seoul he's apparently meet british secret service agencies the first
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thing i say he's had they not yet he briefed you know what he's going on there's all sorts of things that just don't add up but there has to be a consensus in the us a logs in the corridors of power there in the about this that the security services are telling the prime minister that. clearly something has to be done against the largest country on earth. something probably does have to be dark but he only has to be done because reports ourselves into the situation and what we now are proposing to do is to reduce the opportunities for the two countries to work together. we seem to be forgetting that britain has a lot of business interests in russia. what would the reaction be here if and there presumably would be some russian retaliation if they said well we'll have some sanctions against british business where do we end up with this we don't gamed up in
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a good place and also we don't yet know what the full facts of this case saw apart from the fact that anyone who tried to poison his obviously don't pretty competent because they failed obviously some ascribe the popularity of living here putin in russia to being someone who dragged in public to crack down on the all agog who stole all the money from the russian people and you do presumably back the measures being taken to freeze assets and that's where they're freezing the assets in london and then giving it to the russian people do welcome those policies i think clearly the. seniors in particular would rate for russia and a lot of money went out of the country that belongs to the russian people and one can only support a government which attempts to turn that around i would be more impressed if that had been laid to the british and russian governments cooperating about money
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of which so huge amounts are in london. concerned standing there isn't going to be any go operation whether it be a magnitsky act or whatever in terms of repat treating money that's been stolen from russia. or magnitsky act is actually cooperation that's not how many people would be for certainly. but you know it just strikes me that we're getting ourselves into more more of a difficult corner and that we really have to have some dialogue and i know that i'm popular particularly in the you know parliament but in the end you have to talk . to one. of the lessons of international diplomacy in the end this problem will have to be unscrambled in the end we will have to talk and that is for the good of both countries so you know to popular live you do support to resume him there cancelling the visit of the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to britain.
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counts he was equally key but willing to go mean. highly experienced polished diplomat and actually a pretty good foreign minister or email it's written showing that he's not welcome here. ok so what we say you're not welcome to talk if frankly far is the prime minister i'd be saying i hope he will soon come because we need some very frank dialogue about what he's going wrong in the relations between our two countries. and clearly if there was a poison attempt something has gone badly wrong and the russian state is one of the british state needs to get to the both what's happened aside from the geopolitical context and the atrocity in saul's really obviously you're on the house of lords international relations committee and you mentioned business how will worse relations with russia affect breaks in britain is difficult sorry to be quite
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honest we can only speculate at the moment but it's hardly going to make the russian government feel more co-operative towards helping british business experiment in russia and presumably the brits are going to do the same to the russians so it's not going to help. this great open trade agreement that we're searching for. and why why do you think those considerations are not to the fore. because some would say that there is a separation here given that russia trades obviously a great deal with the european union with so much of your percentage. coming from russia we seem to have got also into a great big standoff position and it doesn't make sense i mean you notice it i mean germany and gazprom are cooperating quite well in energy supply to europe and i was tend to think that if you talk to people you're going to get further than
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a few. natures a more predictably immediately said they support resume the white house what do you make of their reaction more contemporary to a too busy second people where all right i mean even before the signing of the secretary of state but he didn't do you think that in washington they realize the relations with russia more important than immediate reactions. difficult at the moment to call russian american relations you know the the state department is in chaos frankly there are a huge number of vacancies there you've had the last year with the secretary of state and the president basically at each other's throats and it's difficult to see the united states is being a very credible foreign policy player the moment and there are many in the palace of westminster that we're expecting to resume to attack this station on t.v. surprised or but the fact that she didn't ban this channel in britain and the fact
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or shut it down very sensible of i mean i've never believed in shutting down the press i had a long long time dealing with turkey i'm sorry to the turkish authorities let them say what they want to say you know have a chance in the open because if you drive it underground you were killed it will still be there but i think it's fundamentally wrong to baron a agent of the free press but of course the statutory regulator of call has been clear that it is listening all the time to what is being said. at the dispatch books as to whether they should review the license of the channel. is that will not a period of free speech that's what they say and i hope they just keep so you know doing thank you ok thank you very much now after the break. for rex
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tillerson concert i very much prefer the food service and i wish him well. tweet the firing of his secretary of state rex tillerson because of russia and to resume we speak to award winning both are in rolling stone journalist much tybee and andrew p.s. the daily mail is consulted editor writes off jeremy corbett even though they just opinion polls show you may be the odds on favorite to be britain's next prime minister all of them all coming up about two and going underground. sensors financial survival guide i don't buy any i'm on a futures. based on almost five years as of last summer my ex from the future the trucker was kaiser.
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seemed wrong when all along just don't call. me that he's yet to shape out his day he comes to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back well the stakes could arguably never be higher and what some are already predicting could turn into a nuclear confrontation between britain and russia no wonder some way to argue that labor leader jeremy corwin is seeking to decrease tensions whilst applying stringent sanctions of those who have stolen money from the russian taxpayer but that's not the way some see it from the makers of the most visited english language newspaper website in the world joining me now is andrew pearce consulting editor of
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the daily mail. welcome back what did you make of tourism is jeremy corbin's response to reason may is a very boring speaker she just doesn't very often get the complete command of the house of commons chamber but i thought statement this week was magisterial by her standards she had the commons with her she is a former home secretary so she would have to draw on her experience as being and responsible for security and terror and the leader of the opposition was shameful it was an embarrassment because the leader of the opposition has a job in my view to be supportive in a time of national crisis to sound at least vaguely patry arctic instead he was peevish turn and in failing to condemn the state of russia for what is perceived to be a russian act he showed himself to be according to some of his own side on the wrong side of the argument and it was made worse by the briefing after the statement by
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his press secretary seamus milner seamus miller's got for he's been to russia at the expense of been literally and he's a great supporter of the state of russia and he elaborated us to why corbin refused to accept that russia is responsible and he peddled out that line used by the russian embassy that britain should actually give over a sample of the nerve agent so the russians can test it oh great idea what are they going to send over back to the russian embassy and get some scientists to test test it and then they're saying. because it's nothing to do with out you know ridiculous idea russians are saying that is under o.p.c. w. treaty that they have to do that danielle days not twenty four hour deadline but let's just get back to the cold war yeah literally a cold war is a cold because in the next twenty four hours britain already probably feeling it there's a cold snap russia's response could literally be to flick off a switch and stop british homes being heated and then lit is that
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a price worth paying the fact is we don't have enough gas it is running out and we buy some of our gas from russia it's been a matter of great concern in number ten not just under this government under the previous government and putin could do that i suppose but of course russia needs our money too and they need to sell their gas to us because they need the cash bill bell from the first of this show is saying we need partners in a post rex it world i know the european union has come to help in this time of defacto war with russia presumably both brics that we're not going to have any great trade deals only with russia and its allies maybe even its brics allies in the in the rest of the world we will be it will be announced next week that britain as part of the brics it process can start negotiating trade to us that's a huge change by the european union it's a big win for treason makes me go she just wants law school in beijing or together well we will be doing trade deals with china we'll be doing traitors with the
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united states i suspect we will be doing a trade deal without me putin anytime soon but then trade with russia isn't huge in any case but the idea was it supposed to grow well with other countries with other countries and will russia no just not russia as well unless of course russia comes to its senses and stops assassinating or trying to assassinate people on british soil loads of people aboard about international politics in this country and don't really care one way or the other of course they care about the tragedy of a british police officer and so forth. is that way to resume could never have said that the england squad can go to moscow i think it's not inconceivable that that made position may change so so far the prime minister has said no member the royal family will go prince william is president of the football association in this country a job i imagine he loads because we all know he can't stand for much happier on the polo pitch old chap but he won't be going no officials to be going so i'm sure that i mean to be devastated that the sports minister tracey crowd would be terrified by
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that is killer possibles as well but there is talk of the possible that could be the end of two may not go and it would be it people say you can't involve sport politics hang on. british prime ministers were heavily involved in trying to get the world cup to britain but russia won the bid with the help of mr blatter who of course is suspended from international football for corruption. and it is hugely significant and i suspect there's a possibility even now that we may not go to the world cup because. it's going to be tarnished that would mean those in marine you know the actual manager who are just taking on to do commentary that might be a mistake what do you think about the fact that people like him are told not to appear on this channel and indeed m.p.'s from both sides of the house who are so keen to appear all of them some of them even saying we should be shut their leaders well i completely disagree with the idea that. we're disintegration network poorly
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and i was in for britain is haven for free speech we're just a few hundred yards from the mother of all parliament and if people don't like russia today or they don't like its output don't watch it but do not close it down off come to my understanding i've got no problems with the output and it would just be churlish frankly under pierce thank you well it's been quite a week for u.k. u.s. relations mainstream us commentators were quick to assume donald trump fire. of his secretary of state rex tillerson via a tweet was connected to tillotson support for terrorism a and her war with russia hopes for the torrent would soon be dashed as trump's un ambassador nikki haley echoed may's attacks on moscow and then washington reportedly introduced new sanctions even before any u.n. investigation of the chemical weapons atrocity in england joining me now from new jersey in the usa is award winning rolling stone journalist and author of insane clown president matt taibbi in math welcome back to the show i'm going to start
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actually with the fact that the russian federation has warned britain not to threaten a nuclear power how do you characterize relations from between britain and russia regardless of america and russia i'm in. the nuclear doomsday clock because right now at an all time low or at it's i think it's the equivalent right now is that one nine hundred fifty two levels and hasn't been this low since one thousand fifty two this is an extremely perilous time in the relationships between the west and russia . i think there is a variety of factors that are that are going into the danger zone one of these is the situation going on in one with the poisoning incident but just as serious as the situation in syria when we have. u.s. troops and russian you know contract mickie on the other side of the euphrates
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river. we have a lot of sort of bombastic talk by leaders on all sides about nuclear capabilities the new states. and the little girl were full of aunts. russian sentiment you know particularly in the united states is at a port at a place where i haven't seen it in my lifetime and i interact. remember the reagan years during the when he was talking about the evil empire and then after the shooting down of king seven so this is. the we're in an unprecedented place right now is the british politicians in palm and with a few honorable exceptions some of them are saying we now need to launch a site of cyber attack on russian institutions and all manner of other levels of response and that russia is
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a rogue state so it will not respond to reason and i don't understand i mean i do understand look there are a lot of political. angles to this story. there are things that are going on that have always gone on these two countries have always meddled in each other's the shares there of zero is there have always been. games back and forth between russia and england and russia in the united states you know there was an excellent book written by one of your countrymen the called the great game that details this activity dating back to the late seventy's hundreds early hundreds i lived in russia in one in the ninety's when the united states openly meddled. in boris yeltsin's reelection campaign there was a cover of time magazine after after yeltsin won reelection there were the it's
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a picture of yeltsin and the headline of the yanks to the rescue because we had advisors american advisors to reporting directly to bill clinton. who were aiding yeltsin in that victory and this is just part of the way of use. the countries of operated toward each other forever we've always been interested in each other's affairs i think the difference is now that there's a political angle towards demonization of russia that is inspiring so. politicians in the sitting and in america to make up a public issue out of this in a way that they have they would now be sure that they wouldn't have to have. sated. such a heated situation in the past over what essentially is a domestic political aim to scare people into you know being a certainly politically to town a lot in america is of course had to register as
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a foreign agent from this the nazi era act don't trump tweet a lot about mainstream media but he seems unable to ban it using your version of calm the f.c.c. . surprised that in britain the prime minister can say things and immediately the regulator will take steps or or talk about steps in closing down the television station one of the benefits of the american system media. is we've we've gone quite a long time in our history without really having a strong official national. media regulator we do have the f.c.c. they did play an important role in the formation. of t.v. and radio stations with a couple of key laws in the late twenty's early thirty's there was the
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communications act of thirty four. there the federal radio commission and actually twenty seven also had some things to say about what radio station should be but for the most part. there is no regulator for print media and the communications regulator is a very very weak one in the united states which for most of us in the press we've long considered to be a good thing that the government mostly stays out of our business. you know for it to take the step of forcing our teats or register as a foreign agent understand our opens the door for an incredible. amount of the abuse that could be directed at almost any kind of foreign news agency in the future and i think that's. huge mistake. and i'm not thrilled with
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the decision to to retaliate against or to britain either i think this is similar to the decision that they made with the olympics and nine hundred eighty you if you have a political issue with a country you don't go out after sports you don't go after the media you you you you take more serious diplomatic measures that typing thank you. hope you enjoyed that epicenter going underground for my latest season we'll be back on the eleventh of april for a brand new season of going underground but you can still keep in touch with us while we're away on facebook twitter and instagram ceases. to try to construct all these little to later that cuts and shine in the well that is if that really turns out it's a peaceful religion and it's possible to be a practicing muslim civilians that the koran is the word of god and that's the same
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time and labor of secular societies it is possible. continuing saga how did three people in solitary survive contamination by a military grade nerve agent london has a lot of explaining to do also nikki haley's the real so again what exactly is a normal country. very very. still very good smaller rooms and very much. like. racism then when you.
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press the defense ministry says that no trace of chemical agents has been found at the scene of the alleged chemical attack in duma or among patients of the city hospital and says western leaders blame the syrian government for the incident. but the drug at the. chaotic scenes near the french city of nonsense as riot police break up an environmentalist to gas is used against protesters who've been throwing rocks and fire bombs. to. form a double agent and his daughter all reportedly offered new identities by you listen
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