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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 9, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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seems wrong. wrong just don't. get to see. is the answer. and if. you close the trail. when something you find themselves worlds apart we just of the common ground. greetings and sally. welcome to another week of five and dime yeah tricks performed by billionaire to tears using hastily assembled talking heads of mahogany and twine or as we hawk watchers call it another day in global politics speaking of pine and twine recently united states president donald trump announced a clue to a cleveland crowd that quote we're knocking the hell out of isis will be out of
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syria like very soon let the other people take care of it now needless to say the mainstream news media the war hawks and capitol hill when well. knocks trump promise to get out of syria very soon could be a win for russia c.n.n. exclaimed in the washington post writer josh rogan challenges the president's manhood writing that the donald would back off his urge to cut and run if he knew that the united states and its partners control almost all of the oil and if the united states leaves that oil will likely fall in the hands of iran. cut and run cut and run i've heard that before oh good heavens what what what will all these chicken hawks like josh rogin the residue of the united states lead syria and is no longer able to control what a sovereign nation does with its own oil me what will they do but but iran but
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russia because sada who will we bomb and demonize next. how will we live well thankfully in a blast of truly incredible timing and immaculate convenience for all those war mongers and chicken hawks getting getting the vapors over talk of troop withdrawals in peace and chemical weapon attack apparently took place in the syrian city of doom over the weekend which trump tweeted out many dead including women and children in mindless chemical attack in syria president putin russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad big price to pay. like i said mysterious convenient to be chemical weapon attack. and let's start watch mohawks. you get the. real thing with. the bottom.
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like you know i got. it. we. welcome the watching the hawks i am i robot and the lawless and shocking turn of events the chemical weapons attack that can actually be verified by any. really truly independent investigative investigative body has the band investigated at the time to investigate it but now and as we know as data you know that's the excuse for those who know you know is there we always have the bad guy you know guys never do anything wrong and the bad guys always do things wrong you know i mean look i get labeled
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a conspiracy theorist and things like that all the time i mean you know i go yeah but you know at the end of the day you know let's just look over what we do know and yes the chemical attack occurred late on saturday night in a town of douma which is outside of damascus they've been fighting with the rebels there you know i think brokered a little bit of a peace that they're kind of fell apart and i believe now after all of this they actually are kind of back letting these guys kind of leave the town because the syrian government has control of them. both the syrian russian government denied any involvement in the alleged chemical weapons attack. and. you know how we know about it well i mean the white helmets to. several photos and videos although we don't know you very much of. the guys that are going to do the syrian observatory play is the one that's in a suburb of london that did they were going in on that well you know that's the great thing about syria is there's always the information the flows freely is
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always backed by good solid goods whole brilliant. police state all source obviously you know i was curious about this is like they said you know people love the label conspiracy if there's like a squirrel in a movie theater or squirrels when there was already a moment of theorized my politicians in the e.u. yes that's something i guess might occur because every time there is a move toward peace our moves actually take the united states out of this entire curfuffle what happens there's a chemical weapons attack what happens when minute shelter and what happens oh my gosh we're just a certain point you know that kind of you know you got to like what's the logic of it right blood has a certain point to go through like a drought if you know that the u.s. would do you know is there and we might leave why would you do something that would draw the u.s. there's no really good logic it depends on which side you're looking at and who
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you're trying to my eyes or who you're not trying to demonize and that means that you always have this well how can we make putin or assad or trump all look bad they're not caring about people which is the biggest problem with that i see with the conflict in syria and the same problem we have with the conflict when we talk about north korea these are people you don't hear jake tapper or you know m s n b c or these people really talking about people unless it's a narrative that sits well unless it's gone on this perfect child or it's the perfect child in the back of an ambulance unless you have a perfect one that you can sit there and wipe tears away on your own on your news program it's not as why you play so you have to have the situation is more like a. again it's a game it's a game of chess and reading for fairness and accuracy in reporting gregory observed a lot of that about how do you value the people in syria that we claim the progressives and liberals are claiming that we're trying to protect so it's the
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syrians quote who are not cast as humans with intrinsic value and rights to self-determination and self governance but as pieces and a geo political chess board that american use as it sees fit to try to outmaneuver russia and iran and so here you have the russian people the iranian people the syrian people all caught between this idea that well we have to we have to we have to fix things for you you can't make that we can't i mean look here's the deal they don't even think we as americans can read the internet and make a destroys on who we vote for obviously we're too stupid to know anything we have to be told so you know i guess those sort of you know when you talk about pundits in the media sort of forget during all of this are those these observations about things that are going on that we don't have permission the united states does not have permission to be there this could backfire and blow back on us on a level we've never seen before because ultimately we're not supposed to be there you know we have two to four thousand troops depending on who you ask in syria we don't have a legal right to be there and that's not something you know dehumanize the people
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and make them into props for your political morion demurrer enduring meddling or whatever we're calling it these days but not actually think about how your narrative affects the people of syria. the problem of the day because like you were you sued over the do over and over again the blood that was under the pieces robot marginalize the people make the american people because the letter what we do is right and just. facebook's mother russia of social media mark zuckerberg will be facing a congressional panel this week to answer for facebook's role in selling off users' data and allowing domestic and foreign entities to skirt election laws in the u.s. on monday zuckerberg put on his best impression. a humble and repentant c.e.o. and posted this message to facebook about saying that the company would be quote a stablish ng an independent election research commission that will solicit research on the effects of social media on the elections and democracy and give those researchers access to facebook's resources so they can draw unbiased
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conclusions about facebook's role in elections and and who might these unbiased academics footing the bill for this commission be well the laura and john arnold foundation houston based private fund started by john arnold a former enron trader and anti pension activist who got into trouble in two thousand and fourteen when he bankrolled an anti pension documentary for p.b.s. next on the commission is the democracy fund and the omidyar network both run by pierre omidyar former chairman and american billionaire the head of first look media which publishes the entered sept since first flicks the first looks inception there been steady claims of corporate power standing in the way of their claims of independence germinal journalism the third member of the commission is the john s. and james l. knight foundation with trance funds to preserve and expand first amendment rights in the digital age through research and education and by supporting litigation in favor of protecting freedom of expression and the press the william and flora
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hewlett foundation is also in the mix as they are one of the largest grant writers in america giving to liberal and progressive programs and conservative causes the alfred p. sloan foundation works under the auspices of enhancing the public understanding of science and technology their most well known grants being given to the sundance and hamptons film festivals and last but certainly not the least horrifying is the charles koch foundation an organization that has been accused of strong arming universities it gives grants to by retaining final approval on economic professors and even inventing the positions of white supremacists within universities so do we really think that a bunch of billionaires known for working this. are going to protect a system meant to work for the rest of us. no no probably because the moment that they all got involved with government and the system moves closer look at our government and the oh yeah well we're not going to work and.
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tell me more about this commission does is like really fascinating to me that the dollar were independently fix our problem but the people on capitol hill in the mainstream media want to believe we have but really there's no actual identified excuse every offer an excuse as you know he set himself up look young zuckerberg and facebook set themselves up for this. to not know that this was going to backfire to not know these things to not know that you should be keeping an eye on the election laws when you have an election year going on and people are buying ads and you know there are laws. clear well i mean that's it's weird but when you look at the money is this commission to think that it's going to make this huge i do they're not funding the studies this is not funding the studies they have no approval over the topics they have no input on anything that's going on they're just giving these billionaires and their nonprofits this huge amount of data so. do you think that there is any way that with having this sort of group the
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granted charles is the better of coke though as i don't know these the diet coke of the koch brothers do you think that they can at any point at least gather people that can come up with anything that would help find the balance between security and privacy. i think that they will in terms of like putting on a good show for the public yeah you know any time you see these big groups of like you know big time names come in and things like that a lot of times it's more for the p.r. factor of it so will will come up with some really cute little ideas and present them in a little you know thing to the public in the media and say look what facebook we're going to come up with these changes and this is all work because people i think fail to realize at the end of the day facebook as much as it's social networking service it's at the end of the day and i had servers that's all it is it's designed the very design of it is to just you know sell you things well you know what is there no profit and right and if there's no you know did you know i guess that you know people talking to each other that's worthless unless there's no profit in it
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right yeah i mean but phase we're going in deep trouble because they're looking down the barrel of some serious wind sport not protecting over two billion dollars worth of two billion. dollars worth of data they signed a consent decree with the trade commission and twenty eleven in two thousand and eleven that says that facebook is quote barred from making misrepresentations about the privacy or security of consumers personal information and that they were supposed to enable the help of independent auditor's ensure the privacy rights of user of users that was protected or each violation of such an order may result in a civil penalty get this of up to sixteen thousand or forty thousand per incident per day that's a massive massive massive number when you add that if it comes out to. charlie generally as i count i think you were probably yeah i mean the trillions. dollars and all of this is not for letting russia in troll
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factories my. this is all city politicians got two years that data and yeah yeah that's a big part of it caught some winger data that's the whole deal you don't get to sell and make a point you don't just on make a profit off of it. off something we didn't give you permission and that we weren't aware you were going to use and sell especially when it's so important to your own personal security to think that it was ok to just. let it all right now as we have record watchers don't forget to let us know what you think about topics we've covered in facebook and twitter as your poll shows that r.t. dot com coming up we examine the latest death and tragedy take place along the gaza israel border with r.t. correspond to bamako and as the palestinians march return protests continue stay to watch.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to reach. out to the right to the press this is like the for three of the more people that i'm interested always in the waters in the. bush. thank. as the march of return protests continue along the israeli border in gaza so has the tragic killing and wounding of palestinian protesters as of this broadcast at least thirty one protesters have been killed and over a thousand injured including a palestinian photojournalist after this last weekend of violence the international
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criminal court has now issued a warning to both israeli and loss officials over their actions both real and accused and the protests have not just been contained to the israeli gaza border over the weekend the israeli embassy here in washington d.c. you saw activists gather in front of it stores artist and cohen has more. time outside the israeli embassy where dozens of protesters have come from around the region to demand an end to u.s. complicity as israel guns down an armed palestinian protesters in the gaza strip we are here to thank that that is not exactly what we are here to film that both mark . and i want that people stop being targeted both way among those killed by israel is photojournalists yasser more taja co-founder of the award winning outlet i need this is the last footage murtaza would ever shoot before he was gunned down by an israeli soldier while you bore a protective jacket marked press known for his use of
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a drone to capture footage israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman said that's why he was shot dead however i media denied murtaza was operating a drone when he was shot the israeli military conceded it had no evidence that either him or taj or anyone else was using a drone during friday's protest among the protesters were palestinians whose family members had been shot in the protests in gaza my fourteen year old cousin was recently shot. in both legs there. weapons where the bullets explode and a person's legs out on both of his legs so they're trying to save his legs one of the chants you hear these protesters use is in support of b.d.s. the boycott divestment sanctions movement which they see is the only method to force israel to comply with international law when you look at the boycott divestment sanctions list the b.d.'s less and you look at the things that are either created in the state of israel whether they're exploiting palestinian labor
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or building factories on stolen land there are a lot of ways that we can combat the profiting off the state of israel off of the palestinians and their land activists marion ingram said it was her experience fleeing nazi germany motivated her to come to the protest i am here because i oppose oppression against any human being and being a holocaust survivor i especially. could protest israelis occupation of palestinian with israeli officials refusing to change open fire orders and more demonstrations planned in the upcoming weeks this bloody scenario may play out again and again in washington dan cohen r.t. . joins us now to talk a little bit more in-depth about that story it's interesting what has been the response over the of this photojournalist yasser mataji. have we heard anything
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from like the committee to protect journalism freedom the press foundation has anyone spoken out about this already you know i mean we have seen statements from the major press foundations they did condemn israel's killing of tajoura but he was actually not even the only photo journalist the only journalist who was targeted mohammad was a new and another photojournalist was targeted he was shot in the hand i mean there's you know about a thousand people who were shot several of which were journalists and i mean it's. been kind of overshadowed i mean what we see clear evidence of what i mean what those activists described as a massacre incontrovertibly all evidence it's been overshadowed by this huge push for war in syria this incredible mass media propaganda effort to really snatch you know war from the jaws of peace and the trumpet ministration has while saying
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you know i didn't putin are guilty of this chemical attack based on allegations from that were delivered by jaish al islam a group that's hardly different from al qaida so i don't know how we trust them they have the same time blocked a u.n. investigation into israel's killing of unarmed protesters so it really shows the moral fraud that you know this administration is one of the things that you bring that up and that's what the international criminal court they raised concerns of what's happening on both sides by hamas and i.d.f. on the gaza strip. do you think that the i.c.c. will actually investigate the war crimes that are clearly happening well i mean in this current you know in the current demonstrations hamas has hamas nor any palestinians have fired a single shot hamas is hardly involved the accusations of potential war crimes date back to two thousand and fourteen the fifty one day war in which israel killed twenty two hundred houses and mostly civilians and seventy seven israelis died most
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of which were almost all were invading soldiers and so the current round of attacks on gaza. the i.c.c. prosecutor said she's watching and so we don't see the same urgency the level of urgency that we would see for you know an african dictator who was gunning down protesters and if you look at the who the i.c.c. has prosecuted in since its inception it has been. all african leaders except for milosevic and so i mean it's as much as i would love to see it it's really hard to see the i.c.c. going after someone who's not a nato designated enemy their track record just hasn't been there now we have seen them kind of reaching them start looking into the afghanistan of the war crimes there and i think they go like a million and some one hundred complaints or something like that but yeah you haven't seen anything actually go to trial or go to court yet one interesting thing is you know last week when this first happened you saw this kind of like mass
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shooting and mass wounding by the israeli forces against against these protesters. you don't ever want to that will boil your rules of engagement do they really have to be this harsh you know these are kids rolling some tires and caught you know and a lot of large i'm sure it's scary to look at but no one is crossing the border from what i've heard have has israel done anything to change the rules of engagement have they done anything to kind of pull back and say hey we're losing at least the p.r. side you know we're losing the p.r. side of this well that's yeah that's kind of the liberal argument in israel is this is bad not because we're killing unarmed protesters and that's absolutely horrific and criminal and so really deprived but because it looks bad for international you know for the for israel's international image it does damage but from top israeli officials there is been actually doubling down on the open fire policy i mean it's all out of the open days before the last friday's protest the first one in which in
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which. more than more than a dozen were killed. and israeli the israeli military chief of staff guy the eyes and code i'm sorry said we're putting one hundred snipers out there and they all have opened fire permission and so it was advertised i mean and then it's exactly as he said it would happen and since then they've doubled down on it said nothing is going to change and so this is you know the culture of impunity that we've really cultivated with israel where big. just mow down protesters and it's basically silence. what do you think has to change for the world to you know in both situations whether it we're talking about women and children and innocent people in syria or in gaza or in north korea it's always should we bomb should we should we do that what has to happen like what is it at least from your epic because you've been in these places. why is it so hard to realize these
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are human beings why why is it so easy for the mainstream press especially to just literally say these people's lives are worth less. right well i mean we live in an age of us imperialism where you know after world one after world war one the other empires died and we came out and and then we defeated the soviet union and now basically we have this global hegemony. in which on one hand we can totally support apartheid israel down protesters and then moralize as syria burns as if we had nothing to do with it meanwhile we had one of the largest cia operations in a billion dollar a year arm and arm and train program to so-called moderate rebels that work hand in glove with jihad as groups like al qaida which should be familiar to people in this country is the group that carried out nine eleven yes and so on i mean it's
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incredible what we've seen is you know the complete media rehabilitation of al qaeda that i mean i just never thought was possible in this country i want to ask you you were with the protesters this past weekend from the israeli embassy and all but one thing that struck me about them and it's a good interview with them is were they i mean obviously the one woman lost her cousin got hit in both legs are these people that you feel like were they inspired to do. this by a last week and what happened there or was it something that you know kind of always a bit of this by trying to write for prose well i think this is you know what we saw this weekend was kind of the core group of palestine solidarity activists i mean as proud as i am you know as great as it is to see so many people out there it was rather small considering we were in the nation's capital you know maybe seventy eighty people out there you know in european capitals we've seen much larger
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demonstrations and i mean this is the core group many of those people have family members we have you know poet who was there who is an israeli soldier and you know after his niece died in a suicide bombing it you know he became he really started to think about israeli policy in the effects it has as well we should all been called thank you so much for the reporting you've done over on this subject and always a pleasure having you know i'm sure thank you. it has long been believed that the hard sciences that require mathematics are based soley on ability in fact the study by florida state university last year found that boys are more likely than girls to hold the perception that mathematical ability can be developed through learning rather than being a fixed talent you're born with and with states across america struggling to fill open jobs because of a skills gap in staff companies like shell brock are looking to the future and the future is on more female women as that chevron is partnering with tech bridge fab
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five day shin engineer girl on the project to leave the way to fund programs at primary secondary and higher education that encourages young women to take up some careers letting girls know that science technology engineering and mathematics can make the world a better place that they encourage mentor and role models and to provide funding and assistance to teachers and schools sorely needed in this day and age in addition they will focus hard on showing girls that failure can be fun and that they don't. i have to be perfect all the time when young women feel encouraged to be a central part of engineering our future and one of the world's largest corporations and we all when chevron making up for all of the. oil industry since by finally doing a little good will who were as well. who could be revived because it was the first over the very i remember everyone in the world we were told really loved up so it's all you all i love you i'm tyrone but three times out of the wall if people are
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watching those talks of a great day and night everybody. continuing saga how did three people in solitary survive contamination by a military grade nerve agent london has a lot of explaining to do also nikki haley's something real so again what exactly is a normal country. same downstream you know the nature or all the feel of upstream you had better off in here because all the all the garbage and everything flows downstream and in the financial world if you live in proximity to where the money is being printed the could still in effect is meaning that you get first use of that money and then compounds that are a big team you get a compound rate of return based on for
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a few time as on your side your downstream time is working against you because you end up with a savings account paying zero percent or you have no wages or you're behind the inflation curve. hit. zero says harlan kentucky. we've all moved them boys to go green is very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the pay rises showed that there was a lot of to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how
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it's happened. russia says saturday's alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of dumont was fake as no traces of chemicals or dead bodies were found and no local residents have confirmed the reports. of good. bill. chaotic scenes near the french city of norman as riot police used tear gas to break up an environmentalist count as protesters throw rocks and fire bombs. and form a double agent surrogate's great power and his daughter are reportedly offered new identities by u.s. intelligence while a relative of the script believes you would like to return to russia. so you can get more on those headlines stories of.


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