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tv   News  RT  April 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and people get back i'm interested always in the waters about. the fifth. of. global. donald trump dares russia to try and shoot down u.s. missiles over syria and suggest that a strike is imminent the us president goes on to say that relations between the two powers are worse than during the cold war. the us is threatening military action against a mask over an alleged chemical attack at a probe into the incident has yet to take place with an international fact finding mission not even due in syria until the end of the week. the u.s. has approved a grant for a media company started by a palestinian journalist killed last week while covering clashes on the israel gaza border. and facebook's boss is probed over election meddling and data leaks but it
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turns out those grilling the c.e.o. have been financially supported by him in the past meanwhile the social media giant faces a fiery battle from some of its block users. we want facebook to be their colleagues . stop. being bodies. this is art international coming to you live from moscow with me john murtha thanks for tuning in the situation around syria seems to be escalating by the minute with the u.s. president sending a chilling warning get ready russia trump has promised quote nice and new smart missiles will be fired at syria in response to the alleged chemical attack in duma he also said relations with moscow are now even worse than during the cold war russia responded by saying it doesn't want to engage in twitter diplomacy.
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diplomacy we support a serious approach we continue to believe that it's important. we cannot cross live to. tell us about the latest escalation with the situation. well this heated exchange between russia and the west it obviously did not start today now this basically we have a situation where donald trump is essentially challenging russia to counter the might of the united states militarily when we can look at what happened yesterday at the u.n. security council at the meeting of the fifteen member body that leads the united nations both both russia's resolution that was put forward regarding syria it was vetoed and the resolution put forward by the united states regarding syria was vetoed we were talking about diplomatic deadlock as the positions of the usa and
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russia seemed irreconcilable let's go over what happened at the security council. who had some clearly explained to me what this alleged chemical attack was necessary for the massacre especially for almost all militants. because today they vetoed for the sixth time a resolution condemning assad for chemical weapons attacks on his own people the removal you have already applied to guilt in such cases bush in the wrong. way we are not able to support the text it would be like. and identifying that and doing nothing to put out to. colleagues the real investigation. now from there it's important to know that in dollar terms tweets he said that relations between the usa and russia were worse than even during the cold war and he tweeted out that he saw no reason for what he
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referred to as an arms race to continue now there was a response from the russian foreign ministry and the russian foreign ministry said that if these smart missiles that trump referred to if they were used to fight terrorists that that would be far better for the world now furthermore at this point it's important to make clear that there is not much information about what actually went on on the ground there you know there is duma the site of this alleged chemical attack and we have reports that are coming from the white helmets now the white helmets are specifically operating only in areas controlled by the rebels and extremists that are trying to topple the syrian government the white album to make you know make no apologies for the fact that they are anti and opposed to the syrian government they're very partisan in the war and there have been very very numerous reports seem to indicate that the white helmets are directly tied with terrorist groups like the album this refreshment however that hasn't stopped the united states from accusing the syrian government based on
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information they received from the white helmet however we did have an interesting kind of admission of sorts from heather nauert of the u.s. state department she seemed to indicate that the usa really doesn't have that much information about what actually went on on the ground in dubai where this alleged chemical attack took place this is how they're now or for the u.s. state department. now we do know that some sort of a substance was used a chemical was use we're just not sure at this point today exactly what once was used. now without very much information that hasn't stopped the usa from saber rattling and there is this talk of a possible military action however russian experts have actually visited this site and dielman as they say they just don't see any evidence of an attack this is what we've heard from the russian experts like you but you only prove to the duma incidents russian experts the road to the site of the alleged chemical attack
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need to exclude some pools unclick the data which showed there was no poison the substance is the scene of the medical institution shown in the groin to whom it's food teach me the stuff new patients confirmed any victims or use of poison the substance is. now a spokesperson from the pentagon has said that they are still investigating what happened with this alleged chemical attack however they are ready to move into action if they are ordered to do so so at this point we're seeing a lot on twitter we're hearing very different accounts of what took place clear disagreements between countries around the world and everyone is waiting to see what will happen next artist kim oppen thank you for bringing us that report. may be rushing to act now but it wasn't always like this back in two thousand and thirteen he was highly critical of then president barack obama's approach on syria saying bad things will happen if washington launches an attack but after becoming
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president trump dropped tomahawk missiles on syria and is now seemingly gearing up for action again here's one possible reason for such a change of tune bunny brown the flag of facts and increased popular support of the president during war accompanied by reduced criticism of governmental policies. any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. progress is now being made towards the restoration of peace in the caribbean. the use of terrorism and its holding hostages. political demands. or seek to continue along with other nations and with the official. resolution of the crisis. therefore directed to reject the iraqi army from kuwait.
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its president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated the war is over. american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. united states and around. have prevailed. and i ordered a target new jersey. for you if you you consume . i think from became president of the united states i think this was actually a big moment. in the wake of president terms fiery rhetoric u.s. media are speculating about the country's options over syria highlighting that none
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of them are ideal parties correspondent don of looks at the options. it used to be all options are on the table for syria well now it seems that this donald trump promise of fire and fury has all but taken a diplomatic resolution off that list from the looks of a trump who doesn't have many doors left open to him anymore but one of them is actually the one he's already tried the same time last year a parallel situation an allegation of a chemical attack blamed on president assad's forces without even waiting for an investigation trump goes in with guns blazing.
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back then the u.s. president gave the russians an early warning so that its troops could leave the area hawks in washington ripped from for it saying this is exactly why the airstrike turned out to be a waste of time a nother potential option for trump this time is to go full on forget the warnings forget all caution and just unleashing a unilateral military campaign where could that go wrong well where shall we start it would force russia to consider its own military options evoking memories of the one thousand nine hundred sixty two cuban missile crisis when washington and moscow almost started a nuclear war reports suggest america's closest allies might not be even in on this finally trump could backtrack on the threat and take more of a co-operative stance like the one indicated by his second to eat buy some say this would be as good as committing reputational suicide for trump this would be you not
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simply reversing on a promise but also getting soft on russia as the critics would put it after all trump sold ready being called out over of numerous major inconsistency is in his syria approach. fifteen months and the trumpet administration has no serious strategy threats tweets one off strikes are not a strategy but eating russia is not a strategy this is why congress needs to reassert control over the war powers so whatever action he chooses a strike or no strike trump may have just tweeted himself into something of a corner the director of the center for middle east studies joshua landis agrees that there is a fundamental disagreement within the u.s. the stops friend itself over how to proceed he is right to underline that confusion in america's foreign policy establishment because both president obama and
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president trump have wanted to get out of syria basically they did not want to get into a permanent position in syria the way they have in iraq and afghanistan and that's one policy but of course much of the foreign policy establishment wants america to set up shop in syria and to really change the course of the civil war to ease aside out roll back iran and undo much of the failures that america has experienced since the invasion of iraq we have a an american establishment that is in deep disagreement about what is foreign policy should it double down in the middle east should it try to get out and that dad i think we're going to hear a lot about this in the coming weeks. donald trump is trying to drum up support in europe for his push to strike syria for more on his efforts let's cross live to r.t. is honest. now is everyone on board when it comes to washington's tough stance on syria. well jacqueline it seems that as we speak donald trump's allies in europe
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including britain of course and france are weighing their options when it comes to these potential military strikes against syria being discussed we do know that british prime minister theresa may has initially made it clear that she is not a fan of any rushed action when it comes to this and that she would like to see proof of assad's involvement and this at this point seems to have shifted somewhat as theresa may indicates that she believes that this is the facts that she has already might be enough and that she is in favor of taking action to hold assad accountable all the indications are this was the responsibility of the syrian regime we would have. to summarize it to see how we can ensure those responsible held to account and how we can prevent. the humanitarian catastrophe just the use of chemical weapons in the future because the continued use of chemical weapons cannot go unchallenged well here in westminster right now debate is right about
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whether or not parliament needs to be involved in this discussion with many m.p.'s saying that britain has been here before and they need to be able to vote on any major decisions like this of course let's keep in mind that westminster westminster saw something similar when back in twenty thirteen david cameron's government the parliament did not go ahead with supporting a similar strike in syria along these lines and among those voices we've seen opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn has said that parliament needs to be consulted we have seen the same message come from the defense committee chairman who has said that parliament certainly needs to be consulted on these matters. we've got in syria is a choice between monsters on the one hand and maniacs on the other we will be helping al qaeda if we help them to do
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a sustained military campaign against the brutal regime. while those are voices that are obviously calling for parliament's involvement on any major steps like military action on the other side we have people like former british prime minister tony blair who seems to be much more in favor of taking action instead of consulting parliament despite having a reputation that was marred because of the iraq invasion let's take a listen to what he's been saying. if you don't respond to this too to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously you know we're ignoring what the international community has said which is that this is unacceptable and those that use such measures methods should be held to account well meanwhile across the channel in france we've been seeing a man who had mark all of this of course coming following discussions between himself to recent man donald trump he said that he believes that there should be a strong and joint response and there are kind of decision will be announced in the coming days however it's also not so simple in france with some opinions being
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different from his approach let's take a look people do everyone knows perfectly that in war time the first victim is truth what happens on the ground is almost unknown to us the chemical attack which evidently took place is abominable we must condemn it but we still have to find out who committed it so it sounds a lot like an excuse for the united states of america and their allies to get back in the game and to engage in an armed conflict i think that's currently france is contributing to the creation of the recreate of a certain form of the cold war with russia it's pointless because it doesn't benefit france or its economy or international relations to let the u.s. seeking to stir up a conflict with russia boss around well so while france and britain are now weighing their options in terms of exactly what they're going to be doing next lots of questions remain exactly about what kind of shape and details are going to be included in that and whether or not they're going to be able to come up with some
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kind of joint reaction to what's been happening in syria but it's obviously clear that events are going to be unraveling quite quickly from here so we'll be watching what happens next so much still left up in the air is under stress here churkin i think you for bringing us that report middle east expert all the risk things that president trump wants to avoid hitting russian positions in syria. so this time there is pressure for trump to go ahead with an escalated response now a will he go ahead and do that and risk or i'm not sure i think that trump is very intent on not doing anything which would cause the loss of lives of russian soldiers in syria that is something completely sure but would he go ahead for example and target somebody rainy and personal. just a couple of days ago that's a possible scenario of some attacks maybe in damascus some. sensitive locations and
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that's also something which is possible as i said to the juice of the pressures which are piling up on the trumpeter ministration not just to do something but to do something which was more than what he did last year when he launched those tomahawk missiles approach from page went viral on facebook find itself what are the details on that and more after a short break. the drive towards war against syria is unmistakable the pretext is still another alleged chemical attack as usual no evidence is presented as usual conclusions are drawn before an independent investigation we live in a very dangerous time. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the
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fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more transfer. and takes this minute. welcome back to the program a media company started by a palestinian journalist killed last week while covering protests at the israel gaza border has received a grant from the u.s. government. has the details when a palestinian journalist was killed last week during the clashes along the israel
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gaza border between israeli soldiers and palestinian protesters yes it was thirty years old he was a camera man and also the co-founder of a palestinian production company in gaza known as the palestinian media he was just a few hundred meters from the border. shot in the torso and it was very clear from the pictures we've seen that he was wearing a bulletproof jacket with the word blazoned across it we have subsequently heard from the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman that he was a member of her must which israel god's is a terrorist organization and therefore a legitimate target his colleagues of course deny this saying these claims are ridiculous but this is what the israeli defense minister had to say. this is a veteran terrorist of the hamas military wing he was a rank you quivering to account to he received a regular salary says twenty eleven those remarks from the defense minister confuse the situation a little because we have heard from the israeli army that it does not intentionally
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target journalists at the same time it also contradicts statements that we receiving from the united states which provided him with a grant of nearly twelve thousand dollars now this is under a program that supports private sector development and wants to help his production company in gaza the u.s. state department does not deny the claims my understanding is that he was vetted according to u.s. government. god wants but i don't have anything more what kushal was shot last friday and died early on saturday morning he was buried later on saturday and at his funeral the hamas political leader ismail haniya spoke saying that he was a martyr and quitting as well but there would be a finals and more martyrs who would rise up to take his place all of this comes amid growing tensions on the ground we expect that this friday yet again there will be clashes between israeli soldiers and palestinian protesters. were social media
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sensations diamond and silk say facebook still hasn't inform them why it suddenly restricted their viral pro trump page. yeah. yeah. that's media pushing your agenda and we tell people what to stop because we have a man can't walk you can't be told this here of course will be decided by the people and i see these two hundred dollars. i say they are the greatest new values of our screening for years not to feel like a perfectly good how do you do it became a web sensation after comments on the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election but it's not the first time they've been blocked online you tube to monetize almost all their content a year ago meanwhile this was facebook's response you've communicated directly with diamond silk about this issue the message they received last week was inaccurate and not reflective of the way we communicate with our community and the people who
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run pages on our platform we have provided them with more information about our policies. to their page and look forward to the opportunity to speak with however the duo say the social media giant cut notifications to their millions of subscribers without explanation the company claims the content was unsafe before clarifying it was due to inappropriate behavior we spoke to the pair who accuses facebook of discrimination. i didn't understand it and when he said that our cottage and our brand is unsafe to the community our brand is that i'm innocent guy i mean the circus to black chicks that's down with politics that's right now any of that we are conservative we love our country we love our president affair so when i said i was offended by it we was apart by it we look at this has been certain ship discrimination defamation of character and even a byelection of our civil rights being too black women as if we are some type of
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animal or limbs or somebody just out there just a get out and say that is appalling to me your face book is going to have to answer to that why what was the reason because we don't know that's right and we can appeal that they said that we cannot appeal it and this was final but it's because a very huge entity ok it is an entity that people from around the world joint base work so we don't want to get into this here our lane where you have one person dictating what people can see and what people can hear on this platform when a star has millions our round the world not just in the united states but millions around the world because that's where it gets dangerous that's right do not live on our side of people's speech that's where i stand is that you've got to be balanced and we know that they want to say that they are private entity but you are open to the public eye when you are open to the public you cannot discriminate. meanwhile
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg is being grilled in the u.s. congress on the second day of hearings over a massive data breach scandal the first session on tuesday in the senate was dubbed otter sham by western media with lawmakers accused of being soft on the web sites chief the hearing revolves around the political research firm cambridge analytical which improperly harvested data from eighty seven million facebook profiles with the social networks permit permission the data was sold to third parties and used in political campaigns it's reported that cambridge analytic may still have the information gathered however many members of the two senate committees holding the hearing are longtime recipients of political donations from facebook some of them have received tens of thousands of dollars already just this year that's perhaps explains why lawmakers were not particularly keen to go hard on the social media giant. and who are these people eighty seven million people users concentrated in certain states are you able to figure out where they are from do
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you think we need consistent probably protections for consumers across the entire internet ecosystem and have you heard of total information awareness of what i'm talking about no i do not ok as we discussed in my office yesterday the line between legitimate political discourse and hate speech can sometimes be hard to identify i think you're genuine i got that since conversing with you you want to do the right thing you want to enact reforms. are you willing to go back and and and work on on giving me a brighter right to a race my dad a. senator you can already delete any of the data that's there order legal intuition i am at work on expanding that. center i think we already do what you're referring to so how many data categories to use stored to space but stored on the
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cat of course that you clicked senator of i'm not actually sure what that is referring to how do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service. center we run ads. i say. that's all for me today but my colleague neil harvey will be taking over and bringing your live news update in about thirty minutes time as always thank you for turning. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge. amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach with l.b.j. and the great the great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need
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you to get down there let's go. alone and doesn't want to and i'm really happy to join the four thousand and ten world cup in russia. this special one come on south as they say meet just at the radio. latest addition to that this week i need to just look at. greetings and salutation. as the fears of war continue to rise and the activists and the warmongers lick their chops to prove just how right their side will prove to be i think the air could use a little good news for a change and the good news comes down from the great northern country of canada
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today or it was announced that candor morgan one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in all of north america has stopped yes they've stopped construction on the controversial trans mountain expansion pipeline in fact came to morgan chairman steve kane stated that the entire project could be scrapped after may thirty first of all the various legal challenges facing the expansion are not resolved yes all the water protectors activists environmentalist out there may actually finally be getting that much needed when a when they deserve this news of course flies in the face of canadian prime minister and tiger beat politics dreamboat justin trudeau one monday boldly promised again that we are determined to see that pipeline built it is in the national interest you see just it is quite a bit of his own political fortunes on the completion of. this pipeline after making big promises of bringing alberto oil to market in the west for greenpeace is kind of
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a greenpeace canada's mike who damon chimed in stating british colombians desire to protect clean water safeguard the environment and stand behind indigenous communities cannot be ignored or swept under the rug i wish we could you know the same could be said for canada's neighbors to the south but you good old u.s. of a we found out even more bad news about their much beloved keystone pipeline i'm sure you have heard of it according to trans canada the south dakota league back in november was actually much bigger than the five thousand barrels they told us that was the leak actually came in around nine thousand seven hundred barrels. you know what i think it's time to break out the milkshakes and straws so i can drink your milk shake and start watching the hawks.


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