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tv   Sophie Co  RT  April 13, 2018 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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government and the american government when we're told that iraq had weapons of mass destruction the result was hundreds of thousands of civilian day many of our own troops lost their lives as well and it will turn down street based on my lawn. israeli gaza border is braced for another day of violence this friday palestinians launch into occupation protest at the end of march demanding the return of land they claim israel has taken israeli defense forces have deployed tanks and have been using a live ammunition and tear gas to break up the demonstrations palestinians meanwhile have come up with some inventive ways to counter the israeli offensive they've been making masks filled with perfume and cotton and even fruit and vegetables to counter the tear gas fired by the i.d.f. since the beginning of the standoff there have been scores of palestinian casualties.
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meanwhile in i.d.f. soldier who shot a palestinian on the gaza border during a protest in december has been cleared of wrongdoing by a military inquiry video emerged of him firing shots alongside other cypress who cheered and laughed at the injuries they inflicted. there's no reason we could have to move because of. work of i did nothing i was just a demonstration i went to my friends to help them and before i reached the place they shot me the soldier knew that i was going to help them and that's why i was shot while this palestinian man recognizes himself in the video by the red jacket that he was wearing he said that this happened during clashes along the israel gaza
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border on the twenty second of december he was shot in the leg ups acquainted that he has been treated in hospital and he says he's been suffering ever since now the video was shot from the israeli sniper side you can actually hear on the video cheering and you can hear the snipers giving each other instructions what is particularly warring is the expressions that are being heard take a listen. only with the words of one of the richest of them did. what. the law did the war really rather. now the israeli defense forces has launched an investigation into the whole incident in its initial
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review it has cleared the sniper but it has said that those who were cheering and those who filmed the video will face a disciplinary hearing and a statement released by the army they said that the expression of the video and the distribution of the video are not in the spirit of the idea if the reaction here in israel has been mixed on the one hand you have israeli politicians who have come out and supported the sniper in the soldiers' actions saying that you cannot judge a soldier why. he is in the line of duty that these soldiers are defending the country and they're under a lot of stress but then you have for example arab members of parliament who are highly critical who are calling for the soldiers to be brought to book and who say that this is simply and completely unacceptable come out from the past and solitary campaign says israeli soldiers react to protest in a disproportionate and inhumane way. absolute act of target practice effectively because the cheering from. the soldiers fellow soldiers basically was just
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completely inhumane and outrageous in the west i challenge them to produce evidence anywhere that this would happen. and in any case this shows you that the difference on the one side you have heavily armored. soldiers and on the other side all you have are protesters who might have a storm to throw from a long long way away is not exactly going to damage the defense or. relations between the u.k. and russia might be add an all time low but that doesn't stop the british football fans from traveling to moscow for a european championship match i had of the arsenal sales card game there was some speculation in the british media about how safe it would be for supporters to attend parties is alec met up with one fan determined to find out for himself.
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just so my way to consider you a very prominent hostile fan going to be all seeing him when he travels from moscow to does he have any fear is regarding the political tension between the u.k. and russia is he worried about things like hooliganism. follow him throughout history how do you feel in this context you know. and i know there's been a lot going on between the governments waffling between the governments and i'm a person this is football we're going for football you know if you listen to people around you in the u.k. a lot some people are coming up to me and say robbie don't go there you'd be mad in an oil some of you've been to russia and i say well no i haven't gone at all but i can i get advice for someone who has been there have also been concerns with regard to safety so for example hooliganism and also racism you know you've seen things about russia and things of happened in russia that's not going to be
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a problem up in qana encouraged because of a lot received e-mails from groups over there in russia. immediately some released not nearly as bad as what it's made out to be. on the plane about to head out to russia. and really looking forward to it. as a place on the road. to a thousand also supports is come over to watch the game many of them have been advised by the foreign and commonwealth office as well saying they could be here not take over anti british sentiment amongst some russians due to the heightened tension between the two countries at the moment well i mean look you must go already.
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and we're very worried about coming here a little censored but actually. it's all right there's no tension between also. sponsors that the politicians get. you know we don't want to look around moscow say oh hold a news we'll be going to use this game how we're going to do so he's already got a feeling that would you will come to the goods we love the russia we love the russian people. friendship with that we are here. on the relations and yes i'm really good at the politics the politicians i like it still going to life and i was a bit skeptical when i first called because of all that what was going on and what not but when you called me for yourself and you see that has no purpose and haven't seen any. sentiment of russia's been moscow's been incredible it's just incredible city and everyone is friendly enough the russians are lovely i mean to
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say what happens between governments a lot happens between people are totally different after the break the latest from capitol hill where trump's pick for america's top diplomat opens up on some of his foreign policy plans. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you're one of us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go meet the center of the shuttle we. go through all the great the great you are the rock at the back
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nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone and just i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia. this special one come on both appreciate me to just say to review the all the teams latest edition make it up as we go. to jersey book. or come back to the program donald trump's new pick for america's top diplomat my pump aoe has made it clear why it's ok for washington to interfere in other country's affairs the future secretary of state was grilled by the senate on his foreign policy views and he pointed out the difference between russia and the u.s. and that's apparently american exceptionalism. this is
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a unique exceptional country russia is unique but not exceptional regime change was discussed at my pompei as confirmation hearing for the position of secretary of state and he also said that soft policy on russia will end once he becomes secretary of state but it's not clear what this all policy is exactly considering a trump's tweets and recent sanctions imposed on moscow just last week and pump ale seems to be proud of this is saying that the u.s. has expelled the most diplomats at any time since the cold war and he also said that he would make sure that the administration continues this policy i take a backseat to no one with my views of the threat that is presented to america from russia and if i am confirmed as the secretary of state i can assure you this administration will continue as it has for the past fifteen months to take real actions to push back to re set the deterrence relationship with respect to russia that's a mind that we're hearing from pop a we've been hearing from american leaders this
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is nothing new for madeleine albright secretary of state she said that if we use force it's because we're the united states where the indispensable nation that you had obama talking about is in the interest of all nation hillary clinton so this is really the air that americans read that we're now in a multi-polar world the united states and russia still have a couple thousand nuclear weapons pointed each other on hair trigger alert china's economy is booming and this is no longer the world of the early one nine hundred ninety s. now putin is standing up and asserting russia's national security interests and there are some people in the united states that just don't like that. america wants to monitor hundreds of thousands of media outlets around the globe and the plan by the u.s. department of homeland security has sparked widespread concerns and explains. the
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department of homeland security wants you to gather information on people it refers to as media influencers it's deadline day for applications for the job our mission is to lead the nation effort to protect and enhance the resilience of the nation's physical and cyber infrastructure services shall provide media comparison tools design and rebranding tools communication tools and the ability to identify to media influencers that clearly made many journalists here in the us quite uncomfortable now the concerns seem pretty legitimate think of all the people that could be monitored considered to be media influencers the number of media outlets around the world that they potentially want to monitor is list is around two hundred ninety thousand this includes t.v. print media online and social media they want access to password protected devices furthermore they want the contact information of the media influencing people in addition to that they want to translation function that can allow them to track the
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information of people who are non english speaking and considered to be media influencers especially those that speak chinese or russian but the department of homeland security assures us that we have nothing to worry about this is nothing more than the standard practice of monitoring current events in the media any suggestion otherwise is fit for ten full house wearing black helicopter conspiracy theorists now corporations have press offices which keep track of the media contacts and journalists but this is the government and it's pretty broad what exactly is a media influencer it's a very broad category could be a journalist a photographer an editor or a blogger we decided to ask new yorkers about how they feel about the government keeping track of people who might influence the media to know privacy and so that word anymore they contain everything nobody no one's information is protected anymore but they're already doing that they're going to keeping track. amitie now
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so i don't think it's like anything man it is maddening you know that of a clear and i guess a little bit more chance parent that they're on your business because they've always been in your business best to write in a village is a lot of strange people in the world and the world safe but what should the government be watching people just because it feels like they could influence the media broadcast i mean is that free speech should the government be and that's not right i don't think that's right i don't like the idea at all but i also feel that everything that you put on line is pretty much up for grabs now it's still the land of the free and the home of the brave but keep in mind that your media influence may not be the positive message that washington is looking for tabletop and artsy new york. a law that would require internet users to verify news stories they publish has been proposed by a senator in the u.s. state of california california has give this amazing opportunity is the home of silicon valley to protect our residents and how their information is then marketed
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and sold to a third party to be used against our rick david is in line and to influence us that would it basically impose government censorship on ole internet activity based in the state of california this is the first in the united states where. a body of government significant california is trying to exercise control over interim ation the bill proposed by state sen richard pan aims to pull the plug on false information it would bind people who produce content on the internet to coordinate their work with so-called fact checkers and it's not the only legislation targeting fake news and california another bill was recently proposed to help schoolchildren tell the.


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