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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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here a body of government significant california is trying to exercise control over interim ation the bill proposed by state senator richard pan aims to pull the plug on false information it would bind people who produce content on the internet to coordinate their work with so-called fact checkers and it's not the only legislation targeting fake news in california another bill was recently proposed to help school children tell the truth from lies it seems to set school standards on internet safety digital citizenship and encourage media literacy. the recent proliferation of fake news online is extremely concerning as we witness in two thousand and sixteen election think these can serve as an intentional tool to manipulate the public and undermine our basic values there is no limit to what would be controlled by the government in the sense that you must use fact
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checkers to verify what you're publishing there is no definition of who the fact checkers are. or what standards they're using to determine the validity of what is being published or recorded on video really what this california bill is aimed at doing is limiting the scope and the reach of independent media. that's our global update for this hour but i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more on today's top headlines. if you start companies are competing like the auto insurance industry why four
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thousand dollars a year can i be protected against all these medical emergencies that take place in my car therefore we know that the price of having medical insurance or be a thousand dollars a year about thirty thousand dollars a year they're overcharging by twenty five thousand dollars where is that going is going to oligarchs american oligarchs. and soon see the blood of them so moon. and good news. for those who heard something moving soon we. would go. move. don't move. move she didn't snip you of the lord will remove you since the glitter it would. move muslim also is dull so if you've gone for good cool. video
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to show so look i do assume you belong to show the story of the actual go. to start to. get to till it was the middle of the mist they'd say look it is a. chance just not a chance just knew they mashed up truck to stop the president on base control his party comes to. the three of two shows to go to the store to snap them up a mule because that was the cause of it for his supporters to your machine station should ensure you should cook door for one whose job is the impulse to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending three hundred twenty million album fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on earth because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy migrates of what paul chimes with. and thinks is minute. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. be very dramatic. very critical. in.
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the syrian war and the threats of american airstrikes are adding up to the tensions in syria stores where the turkish army is conducting its own operation. and what are its plans for the future well i ask the turkish president. on the brink once again washington is ready. for. army in the north. what are the dangers of u.s. soldiers coming under fire from the. follow through with its military plans despite
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the falling out with washington. in the syrian civil war. chief advisor to the turkish president welcome to the show it's great to have you back so a lot to talk about you. third is talk of bombing syria following the alleged chemical attack in dumas one day donald trump is telling question rushes to prepare for the coming myself the next day he says that can happen soon are not so soon so do you think this is an attack that is really coming this threats real. well as far as we can see trump needs something for his domestic consumption so they may have a missile attack but i don't think it's going to be a very deadly missile attack i don't think it's going to be a very effective missile attack just like they did about a year ago when double trouble again. unleashed
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a missile attack against syria it may be a similar attack they just want to show to their own people that we sent something and we kept our promise but i don't think it is going to be. a military attack that is going to affect the balances in syria i don't think it's going to be an attack that will. take going to is russia i think they are just doing it for public consumption so what has turkey feel about a possible clash in the situation and will it welcome them merican military action turkey's not going to welcome any. any more complications in syria turkey and russia as well as iran are partners in for peace in syria any move that will spoil this. is something that turkey does not desire
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plus turkey is a friend of russia. yes we are allies with the united states but we have vested interests in russia and as i said the peace process has been started with turkey and russia between prison that go on and put in so we want that process to continue without any hindrance and outside interference is just going to make things more complicated but i don't think any kind of intervention by the americans british or the fridge is going to make any real impact on the peace process it's will just be a ripple say force comes to worse an american or russian missiles to collide in syrian skies what would that mean for turkey's operation in north of syria. we'll it's a very undesirable situation because the american presence in. the north of syria their alliance with the kurdish militants the kurdish terrorist
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p.k. is undesirable for turkey so does not want this kind of american presence there what turkey wants is the americans to be a part of the peace process if they really desire but the way they are going on. they are only serving to divide the country is said of keeping it united the americans always say they are supporting a united united syria but the way things are doing the big they are doing everything but to secure you know syria so i think. he does not want this kind of clash to get will do everything in its power to avoid this kind of clash if it comes to worse then we have to sit down to see. so the u.s. military refused to work with rebel militias that are now part of the turkish operation in syria because there were concerts to islamist and hardline there's
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a video and press reports about former of jihadists including x. isis fighting in africa and the rebel ranks why does turkey tolerate extremists among its allies. will turkey does not tolerated a stream's these are i think misrepresentation of the situation take is cooperating with the free syrian army the free syrian army are not a band of terrorists the free syrian army are ordinary people who want their land back they are arabs mainly arabs who have been thrown out of their lands by the kurds in may beach by everyone and by they have been subject to cruelty by assad in the past they have all come together they were a small group when turkey first launched its operation in your free to shield in
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two thousand and sixteen or ghost of two thousand and sixteen they were a small group but when turkey succeeded in the year of your a free to shield with russian help because russia helped us by opening the airspace. and it was a success well mission the this created a positive impact of among the syrian opposition forces they started to unite around turkey and they started to unite in a joint cause so the free syrian army success in the euphrates shield resulted in a more. united front which is not terrorist which is not jihadist but which is ordinary syrian opposition people so i do not think that it is right to call these people judge this. etc this is the same free syrian army units are also deployed in the south of the country and
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they're cooperating with israel nobody raises questions about them cooperating with israel but when it comes to turkey in than. when we talk about the freeze even though we see. the judges. that are good the syrian observatory for human rights released a video were kurds and afrin are threatened with death by turkish el'ad rebels say if they don't convert to us a laugh ist form of islam now that afferent is under turkish control and the syrian rebel forces are stationed there how big of a danger is stare of ethnic cleansing for the kurds who live on that territory. there is no danger of a cleansing in the area the area was dominated by the p.k. k. by the p.k. terrorists who are separated to skirts of turkey they had imposed
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their will of the people they had hijacked the syrian kurdish political movement now turkey has liberated the area now the people of africa and the kurds of our fit are free to take as liberated them now they can make their own decisions without p k k imposing its will on these people they can choose any kind of. system they want but turkey says that the area was a security problem for turkey and we feel that that security considerations threats have to be overcome so turkey says i am there to provide security for my own land but also to liberate the area from the effects of the p.k. k. so that the syrian people can freely decide on their own future course but of
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course within a solution in syria so when turkey is there turkey is not a concord turkey does not want to take over the land for itself all ticky wants is to secure the area for itself so that it no longer is a security threat terrorists cannot even filtrated to take it from that area plus p.k. k. never returns to that area so that the free syrian syrian kurds people can decide on their own mr chadwick how long will the turkish army stay in serious north. as long as it is needed there is no time constraint there has to be a solution in syria for turkey. to leave the area there the solution has to satisfy turkey's security concerns any. solution in the area added general in syria because there's no piecemeal
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deal only for a free or only for law than syria there has to be a general agreement that the north of syria no longer is a threat to turkey that dice will never come back their threat to turkey that there will comes back their threats as turkey so as long as that threat to that threat potential threat continues to keys going to be there just like the russians are they're just like the iranians just like anybody else is their trump pass out that the u.s. might be leaving syria very soon or soon after his national security adviser said that they withdraw one happen tomorrow and the troops are saying for now what do you read in this like as cherokee expecting the americans to go one on car one that ticked.


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