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i. think that the. u.s. the u.k. and france carry out strikes against the syrian government in response to an alleged chemical attack in eastern guta intervention came just hours before international inspectors be due to arrive to investigate the claims. united nations security council holds an urgent meeting on the attack and rejects a russian draft resolution calling for an end to aggression against syria that meeting stunned the way just. in other news tonight russia's foreign minister claiming the international chemical weapons watchdog may not have correctly identified the nerve agent used to poison the script polls in england. last month.
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good evening nine pm saturday night here in moscow my name is kevin zero in this is r.t. international and one story dominating the overnight events in syria and the ramifications from them where american british and french forces pounded syria with missiles and air strikes last night the attack took place in the early hours of saturday morning and came in response to allegations that the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians claims which a u.n. watchdog is still yet to investigate. during urgently called un security council meeting just now the they've rejected
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a russian draft resolution condemning the joint strikes against syria for it came in the studio the syrian representative was speaking with looks like well russia has called force been knocked out samir a car has been across this emergency session for us because of the speed of what was said south to no. yes well with three votes in favor. and four abstentions the security council shot down russia's draft resolution russia china bolivia were the only votes in favor and the draft resolution would have condemned the coalition's aggression as a violation of international law demanded that it would that the u.s. stop attacking syria and it would have urged the council to provide conditions for the open seas o.p.c. w.'s fieldwork and that's the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which is actually in do it right now to investigate the most recent chemical attacks now russia called for this emergency security council meeting to discuss
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the airstrikes that were carried out by the u.s. u.k. and france but prior to the vote basters had the opportunity to speak and most notably the russian ambassador slammed the u.s. for violating international law using the security council to further its own interests and saying that western countries don't need any investigations to carry out their own it will take a look. but it would be stupid it is not we are already used to the fact that when don't feel geopolitical policies conducted countries or aggressors blame asad lately they trying to shift responsibility onto russia because according to their interpretation it cannot control the dictator all of this has been based on the scheme of what's been tried and tested provocation deceitful accuse asians verdict and punishment is this how you want international affairs to be conducted now this is who can is an international relations. now the us ambassador nikki haley
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deflected all criticism and defended the coalition's airstrikes is true stick but this is the same rhetoric we've all heard before let's take a look at exactly what haley had to say. a large body of information indicates that the syrian regime used chemical weapons in duma on april seventh there is clear information demonstrating assad's culpability the pictures of dead children were not fake news they were the result of the syrian regime's barbaric inhumanity now haley dismissed russia's sentiments as part of a grand russian descent for a ration campaign and then she moved on to the question of assad's culpability which she seems sure of saying quote we are loaded if assad uses chemical weapons once again which obviously hasn't been confirmed yet now haley also bragged about decimating the facility that she claims is the quote heart of syria's chemical weapons enterprise but the o.p.c. w.
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inspected that very facility twice the latest being last november and they found no trace of banned chemicals and did not observe any suspicious activity again this was verified by the o p c w the same international body that the us claims to respect and this was noted by the russian ambassador but of course halley ignored it completely now the british ambassador's echoed halley statements adding that i she will not take lessons in international law from russia so it looks like nothing has changed those who carried out an attack based on rumors of chemical weapons use claim to have evidence but never actually present that ever. telling us about what made you see a meeting at the un well meantime in syria people into all of the country's largest cities damascus and aleppo rallied together against the u.s. today and the u.s. led military action you can see flags being waved in support of the syrian government and even some russian flags as well that is what residents in the
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capital had to say. the strike to does not break you shall make you stronger we are standing so that fast the syrian people feel of will in arse. that that. we condemn and denounce this assault on our country we say long leave aside the line of assad will not be shaken that these people who were steadfast for seven years will are not here a strike from an ignorant lie or drama be it with on it as for donald trump in his first tweet after the turkey thanked us allies and said the result couldn't have been better as he put it trump called the strikes quote perfectly executed despite the syrian and russian military saying in fact most of the missiles had been intercepted by defense systems here are some of the three sites that washington claims it targeted in syria and which it believes were capable of producing chemical weapons among them is a research facility located between the capital damascus and the city of duma where the alleged chemical instance said to taken place and these are pictures next video
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agency reportedly showing the aftermath of the strike on that research facility the syrian government says it was nothing more than a civilian scientific center is a donald trump described the pretext and the attack itself on syria very terrible regime these are not the actions of a man they are crying of a monster instead so today the nations of britain france and the united states of america have martial righteous power against barbarism and brutality. well neither the u.s. president nor the british premier sought approval from lawmakers before launching the combined assault on syria a number of republican senators have hit out at donald trump's decision saying that he should have consulted congress first haven't read france's or britain's constitution but i wrote ours and nowhere in it is presidential authority to strike
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syria the president needs congressional authorization for military action as required by the constitution. here strikes are an act of war atrocities in syria cannot justify departure from constitution which vests in congress power to commence war. well one of those republican senators condemning the us british and french operation is richard black delighted to say joins us now you must have watch what happened last night with some dismay first off why didn't the president go to congress to get that approval and i think it was very clear from what happened under president obama that the congress would not want once the people had an opportunity to go to war there is no way that they would have approved an attack on syria. so it was enough to go together as president trump put it he said he went with the allies together and they marshal the right. that was enough
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to go to war last night was it like that. well you know the thing is that we do not know whether chemicals were used or whether this was just a fabrication and if they were used we have no earthly idea who used them. but we do know just logic away there was no motive what so ever for syria to do it first of all they had conquered jaish al islam in duma and they were already shipping them out on buses jaish al islam had burned their own tax they were shredding documents and so forth they were leaving they were finished the war with the battle for doma was over and so the idea that at that precise point. gas would be fired as is is childishly absurd what
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a series of my from the u.k. point of view what do you think she didn't seek parliamentary approval in the u.k. but like trump do you think she wouldn't go to the law well if you recall under president obama the the prime minister did go to. the legislature and and the words was rebuffed and they refused to go in and so that caused us it had a reverberating effect on the united states and at that point we simply withdrew and we never did have a vote in congress because we knew we were we were going to lose once the people had the opportunity to voice their opinion. how. to a guest earlier on that must be a huge degree of confidence in washington in the u.k. and france in the present mcconnell says he has the absolute proof still not seeing
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vote that actually is a must be huge amount of confidence there one hundred ten percent right ahead. well they don't have any competence what they have is is they have the power to simply attack countries. they had complete confidence when they went into iraq because there were weapons of mass destruction that never existed they always have complete confidence but they never have proof and you could never if you tried to prosecute syria for this in a legitimate court of law you could never get a conviction i would tell you i'm a prosecutor and you would never get a conviction of syria for what happened and of course this happened only view of those of the p.c. to investigate is carrying out their work there those supposed to be the smoldering in this i'm just be a couple of hours before it. could not in any way affect the progress of their what
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could it not but what happened. well i think it was clear that the united states did not want to have. the organization send in chemical investigators and they wanted to get this attack over before they ran the risk that the investigators would go in and say either there never was an attack or that that it was staged by the terrorists there is actually a third possibility chlorine is one of the ten most common industrial chemicals water purification is carried out by chlorine many industrial functions are and so. any time that you have mass combat in an urban setting there is always a possibility that there will be a chlorine relation that is not the fault of anyone it just simply happens but
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it's clear that syria did not deliberately attack because there was no mo so if there's no motive there's no cross so look at them from where you will gain from last night missiles were fired off dependency listened to russian and soon syria's say the majority of the much they were intercepted. there with the three areas that were head but what was achieved. i think the good news is that the. attacks were very focused and limited. i think to some extent that the president through some of his some of his tweets had boxed himself into a corner and he was forced to to do something fortunately i think he chose the best option that he could which was a very limited attack and it's a one off because we have the guns are still quote locked and loaded if syria would
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to do anything like this again in their view. is going to die down for now what you think is going to happen next the well you know when you make that type of announcement to the terrorists you simply send a signal to them stage another proprietor cation stage another hoax and you've got the white house mates who are affiliated with al qaeda and their purpose is to stage a propaganda attacks and so you really have just invited another propaganda attack by them and i think it's unfortunate. you know there are two sides in this war there's the syrians and their allies there are the terrorists and their allies why is this so much confusion why is a so much confusion as you say that these guys the white helmets on one side the painters heroes humanitarian heroes another is russia is saying one theory yes
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there was the big highly pressured to do this earlier on this month i'm being pushed by the u.k. to to do it why is this so much confusion over who these people actually are on either side. there's a tremendous amount of financing that goes to the white house it's odd to create this propaganda organization so there you go. oh absolutely not no no these are these are al qaeda they fight and then when when there's a propaganda. hopes to be staged they throw on a white hat and they run around and pretend that they're picking up children some of us they've been caught different times in fact they were caught once. pulling a manic and out from under rubble and pretending that it was a victim of an attack so so there are various than who's selling them as the good
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guys. well the west is doing it because it falls into line with the propaganda and you know there's been enormous propaganda through all the years of this war directed at syria and of course syria doesn't have the wealth on the power over the media to counteract it so you have people like may and others who simply have a voice and they study what's going on and they understand the truth and so they disclose the truth and and it is an enormous irritation to the nato countries that people are telling the truth about what's going on there interesting to be a thought for a republican senator from virginia thinks making the time to penalty international . thank you very much i mean you're at it well. actually my colleague colin brady discussed moscow's reaction to what happened last night was
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a chorus but an eco. well president putin has condemned in the strongest words as to what happened to these strikes conducted by the u.s. the u.k. and france he said that they targeted not just to the military facilities but also civilian infrastructure as world saying that this goes against and in violation of all international norms and in fact it wasn't sanctioned by the u.n. security council has also said that it's pretext for the strikes the u.s. and its allies used a fake used a stage to chemical attack he said that in a statement he said that he did not believe that the chemical attack took place that in fact the russian military that entered the city of duma the site of the chemical incident could not find any traces of the of any toxic agents or anything of the sort not even any eyewitnesses of the attack could be found apparently so here's what how vladimir putin described the situation right now the organization
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for the prohibition of chemical weapons has deployed its specialist on a fact finding mission. but a group of western countries cynically ignored this launching a military attack without waiting for the results of the investigation russia emphatically condemns this attack on syria where russian servicemen are helping villages to government fight terrorists with its actions the united states only exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in syria bringing suffering to civilians essentially abetting terrorists who have been tormenting the syrian people for seven years and provoking a new wave of refugees from this country and the region in general mr poe to mention the o.p.c. w. investigation there any concerns that that might be in jeopardy now yes of course because the o.p.c. w was supposed to begin its mission in syria on the ground in syria its
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investigation on saturday at the us launched its strikes literally hours before with that investigation was supposed to kick off so obviously a lot of questions were raised by whether or not that mission is jeopardized whether or not any objects of infrastructure that were supposed to be examined by the experts of the or b c w were hit or damaged now the body has issued a statement it's rather brief one literally just two sentences outlining the current state of events and they are saying that they will be going forward with their mission in syria no details as to whether or not they feel affected in any way by the strikes all that said as it stands tonight the white house still says it's confident the syrian government did use chemical weapons against its own people but belief though appears to be based largely on media an ngo reports. this conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources the
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reported symptoms experienced by victims videos and images showing to assess to barrel bombs from the attack and reliable information indicating coordination between syrian military officials before the attack some of the groups that originally made the claims and which first circulated the images showing the aftermath of the supposed attack have got t.v.'s reputations one of those we're talking about it just now to our distinguished guests the white helmets. it's been widely praised in the western for its work the white helmets that's members of repeatedly been accused of having links to extremist groups now another source of the claims is the lesser known syrian american medical society or sams as to where that for a minute it was funded by usaid which works closely with the state department sams is banned in multiple cup multiple countries and has been accused of interfering in domestic politics and promoting regime change as for the russian defense ministry
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well they've analyzed one of the videos purporting to show the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in tumour it says it managed to identify some of the people who were filmed there one claims to be a medical student who was working in the hospital the victims were brought to here's what he had to say about the incident my name is. i am a medical student i work in the e.r. department of dumas central hospital on april eighth a building in the city was bombed the upper floors were destroyed and the bottom floor is caught fire of the injured from that building were brought to our hospital . the residents from the upper floors were suffering from smoke inhalation. and that is what we treated them for based on the symptoms they exhibited during treatment some person came in i don't know who that was and said that it was a chemical attack people got scared a fight broke out relatives of the victims started pouring water on one another
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others began to give inhalers for asthma the children even though these people were not medical professionals we did not see any patients exhibiting symptoms of chemical poisoning well the video in which the medic can be seen was picked up by a number of news outlets and treat it as evidence of a chemical attack but security analysts told is that given the clarity surrounding the incident the u.s. and its allies should have waited before striking syria. we've got a situation where again with the timing of this strike. if you like from politically all of our message is first of all from the perspective of the o.p.c. the view inspectors going in on the ground on saturday that was well signposted in advance and again the fact that the strike has taken place just before the suspicion that america france and britain are interested in waiting for the results of that investigation which might have proved or shown that there was or was not a chemical incident this is where as people can say this is an affective strike i
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would have very very grave doubts that even from the western perspective this was affective in any way other than sending a message and that message is largely i think in america to trump's domestic audience particularly the media and in britain of course. very important local elections coming out. of the news tonight russia's foreign minister has claimed the international chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. may have misidentified the type of nerve agent used against the script polls in england last month and the reports. let's first get up to speed with the findings of the reports by the a p c w who live at their analysis on the chemical attack on the script that happens on march the fourth now in this report it's the a p c w confirm the composition of the native agent was in line with the findings of the united kingdom they said that the chemical was said to be not the chalk type of
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native agent produced in the safe union they were unable to specify the origin of the source but during the analysis the a.p.c. w. gave samples of the nerve agent to four designated laboratories and russia has contacted one of these labs now a swiss the poetry house and legibly said that there were traces of another nerve agent in the song poll they would given this talks and was called he says now it tends out that these findings were excluded from the report published by the a.p. c.w. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has been speaking only findings. this is more consistent with the use of the poisonous substance be said none of these facts and nothing at all about what was mentioned in the final. which was presented to its executive board we request that the c.w. explain why such information and the conclusion of the spears laboratory was emitted from the final resort. now the toxin because that is extremely harmful it
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can cause confusion lead vision and a loss of motor functions as well mull defects can occur from one hour and most are very facts lasting up to forty eight hours now this toxin was never produced by russia or in the savior union to be said nerve agent was developed instead by the us army in the one nine hundred fifty s. now the swiss laboratory findings were excluded from the report published by the a.p.c. perhaps not even taken into consideration at all even if the substance is not the chart the russian foreign ministry has said about twenty countries can produce this type of never agent now some chemists have even questioned the potency of them they have agents saying that the consequences could have been more severe. symptoms that follows in minutes if it gets on the skin symptoms and can take from minutes. to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than x.
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which is already very very toxic so small amounts should have killed. for sure but again it's very difficult to assess and evaluate the. question before knowing exactly how the product was delivered it's been well over a month now since helium and say cases of power found unconscious on a bench in salt brain has since been discharged by her father saying a remains in a stable condition in hospital but with these new findings the russian foreign ministry is announcing more answers now from the. you know i will continue to track that story you come to one i saw i r t dot com for those twenty six minutes past nine o'clock tonight my name's kevin owen thanks for watching us international the next update in just over half an hour's time.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. and you can easily move by definition and the extremes of all forms of. violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. you're born with all the horsepower for all. of us but more so for the last.
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undismayed and infirm for more money more good than for less in the start. of a broader where no fight broke out really did a poll that are going to get so. many reason is that at least if you don't involve the constantly evolving the. global blocs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles it's going. to start spreading. tell you that will be gossip the public but i fell for the most important news today. i'm off about her cousin's house thank you on the cool enough and us to buy their products the odd. things all the hawks that we along with our daughter loves watching the.
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demonstrators march ten months to the day of a catastrophe when the poorest of one of the world's richest communities on earth burn to death in london we speak to hip hop artist loci who saw the grunfeld tower disaster firsthand but before that here is an excerpt from his song ghosts of grunfeld featuring michael then i changed. the way love was me. me in a flash. memory confused with poise. in the imagination of children. in the sky. both extraordinary and the mundine.
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becomes ever. political. culture. well joining me now is that ok ok thanks for coming on going underground i got to say a lot of the world even mainstream media talking about the threat of world war three will get on to around the imperialism in the second half of this show but why is today's march so important when it comes to addressing the political class and corporate power while i think the massively significant thing about the march is that it has spread to bristol it spread to liverpool you have people in manchester also doing it you have people in ireland now apparently doing it obviously the message today from someone in southampton where they will be doing it the point is is that there is a confluence of three issues which cause the ground for fire and these three issues actually relate to wide wide sectors of society it's not simply something that can be atomized in place specifically at the doorstep of one single thing.


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