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tv   News  RT  April 15, 2018 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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if indeed this was a new rich aka nerve agent at work the script bulbs were very fortunate british medics must have realized quickly what was at work here or else have a miracle cure for a no nerve agents there's no other explanation. well as we heard the u.k. and russia are head to head on a number of issues at the moment not least the script how case on is having a knock on effect with high profile figures like the british royal family boycotting the twenty eighteen world cup in russia but even that talent deterred a dedicated band of also funds from traveling to moscow this week for a crucial european championship match after the break we meet up with one of them they changed.
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something happens in this case it was the chemical attack on civilians in syria and then the public in the media are waiting for the response i think it's very clear now that if president trump said that there is going to be a response then it will be i just think that our expectations in a way that this american response will be so severe that it will be a game changer i think this is not the case it will again be misadjusted very careful calculation by the americans not to deteriorate into a clash a direct confrontation with russia.
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welcome back this week saw another wave of clashes between police and environmental activists near the french city of mont. tensions in the area have escalated since the deployment of thousands of police officers earlier in the week activists known as the scientists have protested for a decade against the construction of an airport near the city some even built makeshift houses and moved in that sense plans for the airport were finally rejected in january police have been trying to forcefully of expect a correspondent holiday but followed events of clashes came to a head at the beginning of the we. heard he was told it was. world and world and the world will know who will be if you will the.
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was this land was scheduled to be part of an airport development many people were against that people moved into the land they took over they built a commune over many years many people say that this is now their family land they they farm here and they want to protect it the government said they had to be out by the end of the winter they were given until last week to leave they've been given an extra week's grace and what's happening now is this is the battle between the police the c.r.'s or the government and the protesters the saddest who say that this is their land and they will do anything they can to defend it if in throwing bottles they've been throwing fire at the place and the police have been responding in kind with tear gas at times it felt like this the sky was raining with tear gas here and our colleagues artie's video agency will caught up in that take us right
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here anderson. cooper because you. were reading writing furiously for you all to see what well as you can see now the zionists have lit floyd to one of these barricades. the police are just about one hundred meters down in the distance ready waiting for whether they going to charge for it and i just want you to just look around me and you can see all of the smoke and that is because it literally has been raining down with tear gas he in not to down the line and if you look behind me there is a follow up in that in the background it is incredibly difficult to breathe we keep being moved on by that gas is actually chlorine to my skin because it hurt so much . for your brain. for growth to just want to take you to have a look at this down this is one of the rocks that they've been throwing at the
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police and gendarmerie and there's this understand that one of the c.r.s. offices has been injured by one of this project as has been taken to hospital one person who was attempting to throw a moment of cocktail at the police but it didn't go squat so well. but as you can see behind us the c.r.s. and the police have come into another satisfied this is a point where. a couple of dozen people were trying to hold off as you can see the police are pushing the white faced tear gas in the air already they've brought dogs in as well they are absolutely determined that they will move the saddest away from this camp we saw one man with a pocket watch saying no violence he was taken away by the police as he was trying to peacefully resist what's happening here what we can see is the police are now trying to push everybody away
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a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day whether utilized by getting rid of all of the sadness or the activists they can then bring the bulldozers in to get rid of these buildings this is sheer brute force by the state and it is working because they are clearing this site a site. it's being occupied for many many years sad could be over faster than many people thought it would be in the class she's also still continuing to tear gas is still being spared but we're here in the city of new york which is about thirty kilometers south of not too dumb to land where those clashes were taking place today is the police were going in and raise a ring this is not this homes and structures and we've also seen these clashes from today come back out onto the streets tonight there's been plenty of t.v. gas and people are saying they are incredibly angry. now relations between the u.k. and russia might be an all time low but that hasn't stopped british football funds
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from traveling to moscow for the usa or europe or league and head of b.c. eskimo sco also game on thursday british media run threatening articles about what lay ahead for supporters on t.v. so ali met up with one all cynical super fun to see if the headlines were true. and this on my way to conceive you very prominent hostile fire i'm going to be asking him when he travels to moscow does he have any fears regarding the political tension between the u.k. and russia is he worried about things like hooliganism. follow him throughout history how do you feel travelling there in this context you know what. there's been a lot going on between the governments we're offering between the governments i'm a person this is football we're going for football you know if you listen to people around you in the u.k.
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lots of people are coming up to me and say robbie don't go there you'd be mad in an oil some of you been to russia and i say well no i haven't come out are can i get advice or for someone who has been there have also been concerns with regards to find safety so for example hooliganism and also racism you you know. you've seen fings about russia and things of happened in russia that's not going to be a problem popping corn encouraged because of a lot received e-mails from groups over there in russia oh. not nearly as bad as what it's made out to be. those on the plane about to head out to russia. with the force with. a place on the hill. to a thousand also supports is come over to watch the game many of them have been
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advised by the foreign and commonwealth office as well saying they could be here not take over anti british sentiment amongst some russians due to the heightened tension between the two countries at the moment well i mean like in moscow already . and we're very worried about coming here and things are actually so it's all right there's no taking certain bits where you can also. explain it to the politicians get on with it. you know what when i look around moscow ceremonies will be noisy this game how would organize the city's already if you didn't would you woke up so we could say we love the russia we love the russian people the friendship way that we create hands on the relations yes and
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really get the politics the politicians i like it still not that i found i was a bit skeptical when i first called because of all that what was going on what when you called me because often you see that has no purpose and haven't seen any. sentiment. has been out moscow has been incredible it's just incredible city and everyone is friendly enough the russians are lovely i mean to say what happens between governments a lot happens between people told me different but there were doubts he would love to hear your thoughts on all stories they do get in touch by following us on social media about with the latest in about thirty minutes. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain.
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you watch kaiser report. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to go meet the center of the football with you and do so with all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. to a low and just i want to know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet this special one i was also appreciated me to just say the radio p.r.t. teams the latest edition to make up
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a bigger. book. american sanctions would be damaging but i mean is this justice is a fair is this all us sure would use a country like of tissue paper and when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just costs the way i think it's very immoral. well the bus to my studio was all over the postman then to plant the seeds and all the books of the european soldier that august. and if you wanted to play a song go past bad stuff by. bill being pretty.
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powerful. stuff to jump into the cia slush going to. be told i mean you sound so female the ballet speech your own fault was she going to. listen to that. kind of there's much to be answered. you keep. one fact.
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that. it's him in the summer morning and i'm on a bus headed down south from chinatown new york there breathless driver speeds up on the ice who really. am traveling across the states in a snowstorm because of a book. written over dishpan of twenty years back and forth from the mining area some eastern kentucky the book by italians corner. is a monumental collection of moral history it does the struggle of the words bills to round mining of coal when amy grant's words come to you harry out to work well paid off and has faded jobs the book tells the story of harlan county
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that's where i'm going. this are part of the. land. i'm headed to the depot mary kom.


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