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and nothing at all about it was mentioned in the final report which was presented to its executive board we request that the c.w. explain why such information and the conclusion the spears laboratory was emitted from the final report well there's far been question has not addressed the claim and simply says only the o.p.c. w. can comment but it did state that it supports the ukase conclusions about the use of the novacek nerve agent be said which the fs which scientists allegedly found in the samples is a toxic powder that was developed by the us military back in the one nine hundred fifty s. let me tell you more about it moscow says bees it is a weapon that could be in the hands of the u.k. or u.s. but one that again crucially it doesn't have the u.k. was quick to blame moscow for the attack consoles because claiming that novacek solve it origin must be a clear indicator of russia's guilt and the international chemical weapons watchdog said in that no controversial report that it supported britain's findings
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concerning the identity of the substance mortgagee of takes a closer look at this growing and complicated controversy. there was no trial no discussion no evidence no proof there was only judgement and punishment is highly likely that russia was responsible the juveniles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder the pundits needed even less than a movie chock sounds russian means russia did it establish that it is not a chalk a matter is by definition of the translation of the name which means newcomer part of a program in a soviet union in the late seventy's and eighty's the points made there are a lot of questions to ask of this whole mess but over the last few weeks we've interviewed dozens of chemists experts and military specialists and hear their biggest gripes. the new rich nerve
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agents a new she crit they haven't been so in decades here they are exerts from the books and studies available to the public neither the formula nor the chemicals any more russian then itself for years now researchers have published studies and the she's on the nuvi chocks which there are dozens and dozens of many developed in different countries there's just one good one in twenty zero seven the us or the published a paper on numerous chemical compounds we were interested because of their toxicity the author inverted them on the system there are more than sixty compounds here and they've all been indexed since then these formulas or some of them have appeared in various publications constantly you simply cannot see they are secret. there's more
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to it if you suspect a potential adverse arena has made a new discovery you have to do the same in order to study the new substance and make antidotes it's true to say that russia is not the only country being able to sympathise a few grams of no beach up in the late ninety's all intelligence services in the west worked on so i'm not surprised that in france in a new king in the united states you have this kind of information that could explain this speed in which the product was identified and there's a whole lot of nerve agents to go around with more being discovered undeclared nerve agents. in four months and it's a country and there are many discovers the properties of a new chemical structure it's that city a chemical weapons potential they must immediately according to the convention veges it with the o.p.c. w.
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but no country does so. and it really isn't as difficult as it may sound if it's really a novacek we're dealing with it's not a real problem to synthesize that kind of nerve agent all the mystery components are easily available on the open market any specialist in organic chemistry would be able to make it though every expert we talked to said that you need serious expertise and substantial funding to make pure nerve agent it was a mere of course you can't make this in any basement the chemicals are highly toxic and the love has to be well equipped with ventilation detoxification equipment every concern for such as this but there are twenty or so large that counter. the argument that there is no alternative explanation because only russia has made new each ox thing else. britain's decision to classify
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almost every aspect of what happened and the investigation as called the room and mill running but there are tidbits that have leaked out tidbits that have the scientists graduate in their heads the interesting thing with nova chalks is that there are so many of them and they come in so many different forms they can come in a powered as solid as a crystal and even as a liquid but just to give you some reference if this was a variety of the nova chucks a single drop is enough to kill ten people ten people within minutes if this was in the haled even more units on putting it we can hail symptoms appear and follows in minutes if it gets on the skin symptoms and can take from minutes to hours. at first one might think that the script could only have survived because
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the dude's had to be very small but the reported symptoms don't match they simply missing if indeed this was a nuvi choke nerve agent at work the script very fortunate. some news developing to tell you this sunday off to the break just ninety seconds away seems there are more protests swelling in support of from the council on that is that a lot more just ahead. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten like colored finds happy each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent i just want to ask you some with four hundred to five hundred
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trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one just shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. american sanctions would be damaging but i mean there is this just us is a fair business all us or more jews a country like a tissue paper and when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just costs the way i think it's very immoral. i gained over three hundred thousand demonstrators of march through barcelona calling for the release of jailed catalan leaders from the region separatist
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movement. was. the. potted history several top officials were detained after catalonia pretty lame to depend as last october the move came following a referendum which went ahead despite spain prohibiting the vote in madrid declaring it illegal in response the catalan parliament was sacked and its leaders accused of rebellion tester's been calling for no legal legal proceedings to be taken against the breakaway regions former president colors proved he still in exile in germany the catalan public and those backing independent so called the punishment simply too harsh. the most serious problem is the price paid by these politicians who were elected by the people we cannot allow it not for anything in the world as well as how i feel and there are many who feel the same this is the proof i'm here today because i am outraged by everything that's going on just as
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all the people here today are i want freedom for our compatriots like. this last week saw another wave of clashes between police and environmental activists near the french city of non. tensions in the area of escalated since the deployment of thousands of police officers earlier in the week these activists known is that they still have protested for decades in fact they're against the construction of a new airport near the city some were even so subtle that i made to make shift homes and to move in but now since this new transport hub was finally rejected in january that's from things really hotted up he's been trying to forcefully evict them affronts correspondent shelley dube and skis from following what's going on. the standoff continues on the sunday between the police and inside a city just look behind me this is just one of the many barriers you can see the shell dummy just here but they're also in the fields behind us as we're trying to
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come through this field just rooms and rows and rows of police even coming into the area of not too dumb to lounge on sunday they will police cordons around the entire area checking i.d.'s people were coming into the site and that's because the saddest sit called for action is for people to come and support them on some day to support their attempts to stay on this land land that many people have been living on for the last ten years.
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let's take a look at what happened this week as the expulsion of the scientists began what's happening now is this is the. the battle between the police the c.r.s. all the governments and the protests is the saddest who say that this is their land and they will do anything they can to defend it they've been throwing bottles they've been throwing fire at the place and the police have been responding in kind with tear gas at times it felt like the sun in the sky was raining with tear gas here and a colleague's artie's video agency will caught up in that take us right here. because you. already feel like i don't want you to see well as you can see now the zionists have let fly to one of these a very case the police are just about one hundred meters down in the distance ready and waiting for whether they going to charge forward and i just want you to just
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look around me and you can see all of the smoke and that is because it literally has been raining down with tear gas a inot to a done deal and if you look behind me there is a follow up in that in the background it is incredibly difficult to breathe we keep being moved on by that gas is actually chlorine to my skin because it hurt so much . real room. for a whole board room. but as you can see behind us the c r s and the police have come into another is that this point this is a point where. a couple of dozen people were trying to hold off and you can see the police pushing the white faced tear gas in the air already to put dogs in his well they are absolutely determined that they will move the saddest away from this camp we saw one man with
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a pack of cards saying no violence he was taken away by the police as he was trying to peacefully resist what's happening here what we can see is the police are now. trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day whether you generalize by getting rid of all of the sadness all of the activists they can then bring the bulldozers in to get rid of these buildings this is sheer brute force by the state and it is working because they are clearing this site a site that's been occupied for many many years is sad could be over faster than many people thought it would be the clashes also still continuing to tear gas is still being spread well here in the city of nohant which is about thirty kilometers south of not to the down demand has been plenty of t.v. gas and people are saying they are incredibly angry. he attention is running high that thanks for watching that's the way that we pound these last seven days check
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us out at r.t. dot com kevin i found i was saying enjoy the rest of you weekend. of . the. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. well we'll go up twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach.
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guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in the us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go i mean eight percent of the teacher probably would you. and we'll show the great gate the bridge they get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the following let's go. along and doesn't want to know and i'm really happy to join the father thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on out of basic needs to just say the radio theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger need to just say look. forman are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four have different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row
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there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the us did not shoot around a corner. mosul gives us. the means to live. with the. egyptians to. do most instill some good. use of the most of the cultural. norm to sell most of them use those to be used to shoot your good tools in your garage or to solicit the rules of the most of them you simply misunderstood was moved in small. groups the post was its own post was to most of the listeners from the closer to the stuff.
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field or your cheek until his first flight to the age of forty three eleven days at the space station was preceded by four years of preparation of some good. he didn't even get his own cabin and had to sleep in a sleeping bag or else. where the good door this second flight last good six months he accompanied charles symon e.
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a space tourist it was a tricky mission the cosmonauts were almost evacuated back to earth the computers in the russian sector crashed after coming back to earth your chief in was sure it would be his last flight. you. were squished into moods and. low and behold field is back at the space station preparing for a space walk around. to fish you only can you put your idea of going to come out. of there to put up your own school. he carried the olympic torch in space. and gave a concert in syria gravity. chief and is now fifty seven and he's getting
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ready for his face flight he spent eleven years of his life trying to get on the team for a good reason he knew he'd been born to fly it since he was a child. no bull look it was a play that will to get you to answer you never heard the. vocal coach doesn't distort really mean you don't believe the book at them will you suits you to do ministry as this will smoke i'm sure doc of the cosmos the egg for the swelling of the much older but i mean you know it was as you said it was one of the books with words of the of the it would you say would the really severe the third from the position of the star you know the british will celebrate look three additional school you see could be true to this immutable what i think you should look would most books were those are used to it when you should go to ensure your so much to be unusable.
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for books one could believe you know who. knew what you could use. to build your wish for the globe was before the bokeh most of. the missionaries who had exhibited you with most future use would see him we will. leave you wish we will when you open your my stove for my woman to them. because this woman see the world i'm so moved which separates. the from. the cool it's a pretty. good catalyst for. you. being
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a big love that you're nothing else now was with god's. church. it's broken. each of them uses each stadiums in the same year and that's not love that should last so that it's good to see some. funny sometimes it's not overly sensitive documents. but let's. you can also tell you by just made a. piece of. luck in your piece to. this move the conclusion you have to. move is to. stop people who. feel. you want. to kill.
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them or what you. thought. was. an aborted landing the cosmonauts were supposed to land in the step but instead touchdown in remote woodland it was only the sight of people strolling around the spaceship the diffuse the tension a little obviously it was only a drill but at missouri and where it was one you used to do because you knew so mused if you were caught because you knew to be another bridge would give the moon will. do the good will be pleasing bruce who people or should he was and what was your group in league one would say i'm used to new york is so new consummately me i'm relieved i moved too she wouldn't move through if we were. not for us going to do you.
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go the last was most you would get bush. did the bubbles almost got away with a beautiful hook to finish every of those circus will only. well look good here it shouldn't be moved to your. list. no view of the world blew. us over this to the group until you go jack. which i'm sure. you. think you are just some you. know. just when they finally clicked it was decided to dissolve the crew the space
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program it changed now they'd be a crew of two instead of three go with just fish moreover the launch was rescheduled and brought forward several months preparations had to continue at a greater pace. into a solution is just you move you are the most abuse you should reduce the group among. those is do are you. pleased with what we. do you know good move. nicolaides he is he is a great person he is he's got a hard exterior a strong russian but as soft inside he he's a continual stream of advice so i fully expect that as we go to the space station i'll get more advice take it slow to hornets. i've been training with him for so long that i did things that he says
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or his facial expressions or just his body language i know what he's. thank you we're like an old married couple and when i don't understand new born you'll see he will which is twenty years of speaking english he will explain it in english. i got. it you. think it's. funny these even we looked at it was good. for. these. reasons. which you.
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can push for us. we sent. before each flight spends a couple of months in houston learning how to work in the station's american section he stays at the same place every time usually accompanied by his family. the. group where you. live you might use this if you can do it so we could. move. the news was going
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to leave. them where. both of them would. be. good to see you oh good to see you morning. too sick of poking emotional with his use of so club would a misquote oh. yeah. oh. you mean you speak. for the p.c. if you're. here if you're. on your. money go to his deserts in the woods you must go somewhere you stay you. get those lives because it. was my study and you.
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know what that authority he was on the left i mean because the important charm upon which he tried to talk about this blog and to me even though it wasn't even the coming of a hard boiled national political news blog and. those in his mind to get on the other bus and it was still up when she went to the floor and with a chance of a. good look at it i thought. we'll be able to see if you will give you a bit with us with class see you with us because he's the one of all close in your book that can see it is legal for them to move to for bush what do you do when you was caught with your toes or slats the same cluster of least the full stomach muscles should sparkle. still.
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apply to many play. so over the years so i know the guy even so i doubt it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to just kill the narrowness and spend two to twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what will chance for. at least it's going to.
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hit. z. is says harlan kentucky. over all of these moves the places people were very fanny's remolded. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines of said. that i was a lot of these people a survivor was disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. you need to put your foot underneath.


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