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report which is presented to its executive board we request that the a p c w explain why such information and the conclusion of the spears laboratory was emitted from the final report while i can tell you since then the lab in question is not address their claim and says only the o.p.c. w. can comment but it did state that it supports the u.k.'s conclusions about the use of the novacek nerve agent now b. zed which the swiss scientist allegedly found in the samples is a toxic powder that was developed way back in one thousand fifty's paralysed by the united states moscow says bees it is a weapon though that could be in the hands of the u.k. or as well as the u.s. but it goes on the state is never had to sell for the u.k. of course was quick to blame moscow for the attack in salzburg claiming that novacek would solve it origin are the name is therefore a clear indicator of russia's guilt in the international chemical weapons watchdog said in that no controversial report for us russia is concerned that it supported britain's findings concerning the identity of the substance it's
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a complicated story more ago takes a closer look at the growing controversy that there was no trial no discussion no evidence no proof there was only judgment and punishment is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder the pundits needed even less than a movie chock sounds russian means russia did it establish that it is not a chaka matter is by definition of the translation of the name which means newcomer part of a program in a soviet union in the late seventy's and eighty's the points made there are a lot of questions to ask of this whole mess but over the last few weeks we've interviewed dozens of chemists experts and military specialists and hear their biggest gripes. the new rich nerve
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agents a new she quit they haven't been so in decades here they are exerts from the books and studies available to the public neither the formula nor the chemical of any more russian than itself for years now researchers have published studies and theses on the nuvi chocks which there are dozens and dozens of many developed in different countries there's just one good rule in twenty zero seven the us or the published a paper on numerous chemical compounds we were interested because of the toxicity we all thought united them under the system there are more than sixty compounds here and they've all been indexed since then these formulas or some of them have appeared in various publications constantly you simply cannot see they are secret. there's more to it if you suspect a potential adverse arena has made
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a new discovery you have to do the same in order to study the new substance and make antidotes it's true to say that russia is not the only country being able to sympathize a few grams of know each other and the late ninety's all intelligence services in the west worked on of each other so i'm not surprised that in france in a new king in the united states you have this kind of information that could explain this speed in which the product was i don't if i and there's a whole lot of nerve agents to go around with more being discovered undeclared nerve agents. in four months and it's a country and there are many discovers the properties of a new chemical structure it's that says it's a chemical weapons potential they must immediately according to the conventions register it with the o.p.c. w. but no country does so. and it really isn't as difficult as it
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may sound if it's really an overt york we're dealing with it's not a real problem to synthesize that kind of nerve agent all the mystery components are easily available on the open market any specialist in organic chemistry would be able to make it though every expert we talked to said that you need serious expertise and substantial funding to make pure nerve agent it was a mere of course you can't make this in any basement the chemicals are highly toxic and the love has to be well equipped with ventilation detoxification equipment every concern for such as this but there are twenty or so labs that counter. the argument that there is no alternative explanation because only russia has made new rich ox sales. britain's decision to classify almost
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every aspect of what happened and the investigation as called the room and mill running but there are tidbits that have leaked out tidbits that have the scientists graduate in their heads the interesting thing with nova chalks is that there are so many of them and they come in so many different forms they can come in a powered as solid as a crystal and even as a liquid but just to give you some reference if this was a variety of the nova chucks a single drop is enough to kill ten people ten people within minutes if this was in the haled even more units on putting it we can hail symptoms appear and follows in minutes if it gets on the skin symptoms and can take from minutes to hours. at first one might think that the script could only have survived because
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the doods had to be very small but the reported symptoms don't match they simply missing if indeed this was a nuvi chalk a nerve agent at work the script very fortunate. had clashes have escalated between police and environmental activists near the french city of this week to tell you all about the news that kicked off all around us. our.
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american sanctions would be damaging but i mean is this justice is a fair this is the. u.s. you would use a country like a tissue paper and when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just passed away i think it's very similar. again this week saw another wave of clashes between police and environmental activists near the french city of nohant.
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tensions in the area of escalated since the one the foundations of police officers a week these activists known as scientists have protested fresh a decade now against the construction of a new airport near the city of najaf some even build makeshift houses and recently moved in there but since plans for the new transport hub are fine the rejected in january that's when things hotted up police have been trying to forcefully victim affronts correspondent shala dubin skis following the events. of the standoff continues on the sunday between the police and the saturday so if you just look behind me this is just one of the many barriers you can see the shell dummy just here but there also in the fields behind us as we're trying to come through this field just rooms and rows and rows of police even coming into the area of not too dumb to land on sunday there were police cordons around the entire area checking i.d.'s people were coming into the site and that's because is that just said call
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for action for people to come and support the on sunday to support their attempts to stay on this land line that many people have been living on for the last ten years. let's take a look at what happened earlier this week as the expulsion of the scientists began what's happening now is this is the battle between the police the c.r. . so the government and the protesters the saddest who say that this is their land
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and they will do anything they can to defend it they've been throwing bottles they've been throwing fire at the place and the police have been responding in kind with tear gas at times it felt like the sun the sky was raining with tear gas here and a colleague's artie's video agency will caught up in that take us right here. because you. already if you're right they want you to see what well as you can see now the zionists have let fly to one of these a barrier case the police are just about one hundred meters down in the distance ready waiting for whether they going to charge forward and i just want you to just look around me and you can see all of the smoke and that is because it literally has been raining down with tear gas a inot to down the line and if you look behind me there is a follow up in that in the background it is incredibly difficult to breathe we keep
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being moved on by that gas is actually chlorine to my skin because it hurt so much . real growth. over growth. but as you can see behind us the c r s and the police have come into another that is point this is a point where. a couple of dozen people were trying to hold off and you can see the police pushing the white faced tear gas in the air already they've brought dogs in as well they are absolutely determined that they will move the saddest away from this camp we saw one man with a placard saying no violence he was taken away by the police as he was trying to peacefully resist what's happening here what we can see is the police are now trying to push everybody away a tear. we've seen earlier in the day whether you choice by getting rid of all of
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the sadness all of the activists they can then bring the bulldozers in to get rid of these buildings this is sheer brute force by the state and it is working because they are clearing this site a site that's been occupied for many many years sad could be over faster than many people thought it would be the clashes are still continuing the tear gas is still being spread well here in the city of north which is about thirty kilometers south of not to the dandelions has been plenty of tear gas and people are saying they are incredibly angry. relations to the u.k. and russia might be at an all time low right now whether the stockbridge football fans on the left traveling here to moscow for a major european much on thursday all went well ahead of the game some of the media in britain though around threatening articles about what might have waited supporters he's rarely met up with one arsenal super fan i think we can safely call
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him to see if the headlines were true or not. just so my way to consider you a very prominent hostile fan going to be all seeing him when he travels to moscow does he have any fear is regarding the political tension between the u.k. and russia is he worried about things like hooliganism. follow him throughout history how do you feel in this context you know. in the noda there's been a lot going on between the governments waffling between the governments and i'm a person this is football we're going for football you know if you listen to people around you in the u.k. a lot some people are coming up to me and say robbie don't go there you'd be mad in an oil some of you've been to russia and i say well no i haven't come out i come i get advice so for someone who has been there have also been concerns with regard to safety so for example hooliganism and also racism you know you've seen
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things about russia and things of happened in russia that's not going to be a problem but up in qana encouraged because of a lot received e-mails from groups over there in russia. immediately some released not nearly as bad as what it's made out to be. on the plane about to head out to russia. and we're looking forward to it. it's a place on never before. to a thousand also supports is however to watch the game many of them have been advised by the foreign and commonwealth office as well saying they could be an uptake of anti british sentiment amongst some russians due to the heightened tension between the two countries at the moment well i mean like in moscow already
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. and we're very worried about coming here and things are actually so it's all right there's no tension between us. it's politicians and the politicians get on with it . you know we don't want to look around see how modern it is will be noisy use this game how will the noise the seas already get the feeling that would the world cup so we could see figures cross-overs well welcome here mosco that's the way that we check it out si dot com for so much more.
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fired up. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all judges but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach . guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the football would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down
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there we go. does that worry you and i'm really happy to join the father thousand in the in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me just say the redo the audi team's latest edition of make up is bigger than anybody jersey look. for men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the owners did not shoot around a corner. well
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that. can. mean. it's in the december morning and i'm on a bus headed down south from chinatown new york there breathless driver speeds up on the ice who really it's and traveling across the states in
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a snowstorm because of a book. written over dishpan of twenty years back and forth from the mining area some eastern kentucky the book by italians called our place. is a monumental collection of moral history it tells the struggle of the words built around mining of coal when amy grants were to come to the area to work well paid but often has faded jobs the book tells the story of harlan county that's where i'm going. to pop. own. land.
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i'm headed to the depot mary kom and this book i want to see what's left of the. three years since his first visit now that the us is shifting to nature and gas and coal mines for shutting down one after another i do not expect to find a lively city when i drive into the heart of i find a ghost of the city where people are stuck like car turns from black and white picture their stories and their. have not changed much from those recorded by pushed fields research and that they are leading me in this journey
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round. the world. well when i really don't know what. they. would have been in thirty. plus at least two it would be. worth. now i was. in their place now. appalachian man but. appalachia now even with even.
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greater. crime our former ball boys. are shall. i got married when i. i was sixteen years old and my husband was seventeen years old and the lead men married about six months and he went into the mountains and six months after that dad and i went to cork city and. had two week old son. played and lived down the street here ole me and. killed. bird a bunch that he would hit really. low. where no.
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company wants to cold real that's georgia set off for the coal ready for the christmas they wanted him there always. suck the whole milk but done it was done it wasn't bad that it was. killed it missed. no it much. too three tell the pope that lot get one through til it. shielded. that even if you see it there i would say oh. i. feel. i. i find remnants of the mining history older memories of the casualties and the hard labor are alive in the stories told by the young and the like they're not just had
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the glory of collective struggle and hard work paid off. speaking to the local scene dusty barson saloons you can see that their life was and still is mine mine's harder now. relief their collective legend and whether played a part where said when private sector survived the war it disappearing before day i ask for those prices. in their spot of branding of the work first reraises gold shield but first you have become a six of them but mine is grown so it's great to. get work and i got there as my grandpa grandma a six awful sweater. but
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maybe you. will. endeavor lady made home a and it. always had because you know now with bates the life that you'll say. i'm. going through. everything. you won't want to take you to the water in the mine and soon you would have to drown through water it would get it over your knees and. the horses would have to pull through the homeowners from there and then they would like to bow folders for tracks sometimes when they'd run out of traffic people here
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name were you know anywhere. there's nothing for him today and there have been all the young pay for the turning to. alcohol. and. if it were someone would have a state and. say our government would get interested in this place this article to thank. these young people could make it but if they don't i'm there every day. in this same.
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mr pot. eight point seven deadly m.t.v. to downtown weisberg this is johnson brains in arcade until ten o'clock tonight so i'm talking with some of the best music of two thousand and thirteen right now it's playing the song but all. is holding its own group.
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in one thousand nine hundred i was the first woman to work in this one particular mine and my job was what they called the bell boy and then they started calling me the bell person because i was a female so when i would go underground everybody would be kind of gathered to see this. women coming out of the mines you know and then i remember my face will be all black but the coldest since i was a little bit vain so i would have a handkerchief and i would wipe my face off before i would come outside so it would be all clean. so that it but the guys would always be looking for me to come out because it was just so amazing i guess to them to see a woman working in the mines. it's all true. for manalo no.
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i remember when i was in high school i loved earth science i love the mountains all of anything he was brock's and my earth science teacher back then said there's going to be eight hundred years of coal and when he said that that's when things were good you know where everybody was working like the guys that worked in the mines they always had the nice cars like the camero i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. we. know now. it is what. now and it's time to check.
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a load of. now.


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