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twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but probably. the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join our team for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia. the special one was also appreciate. the review the r.t. team's latest addition to make up a bigger. welcome
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back today the un's organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons meets in the hague over the suspected chemical attack in syria but why have nato powers already made up their minds and why does donald trump such a vocal opponent of president obama's desire to bomb syria now seek war i'm now joined by veteran and virginia state senator dick black dick thanks for joining us so what's changed trump that he you know just begins to sound more and more like hillary clinton on syria. i think he has he has been forced by these allegations of brush and collusion to become more and more bellicose just to prove that he really is not working with the russians. unfortunately he's now
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surrounded himself by a war cabinet john bolton is the most recent and extraordinarily bellicose individual and it's unfortunate i think we had the the bush obama doctrine now it's becoming the bush obama trump doctrine which is regime change provocative wars wars of aggression and i i speak as a wounded combat veteran i've been in some of the most fierce combat and in our lifetimes in america but i'm very much opposed to what we're doing can you cite the sympathize with them a president in the oval office being handed the pictures every few hours of dead children and being told you must act well i sympathize to some extent but honest lay he promised us that he was very good at selecting people and the people
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he has surrounded himself with are not of good quality they are not people who who desire to reduce tensions and to avoid war it was a few years ago now that the u.n. war crimes commission was colored ill planned to claim that strong concrete suspicion was that she had of rebel use of chemical weapons do you believe the chemical weapons attack could have been stage oh i think absolutely it was i'm a career prosecutor i spent a half of my career i ended up in the pentagon as the chief of the criminal law division of one of the things when you're looking at crimes you look at motive there was utterly no motive there was no benefit why. so over or president assad to to conduct an attack he had essentially. been victorious in duma he was now bussing the terrorists out of there they had
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a arrangement an agreement and then an interesting way that at the last moment the terrorists said well we have a truce for a day or so to work out some details and the syrians agreed yes of course we could do that and that was the point at which the this claimed chemical attack occurred now we we do not know that there was a chemical attack because a doctor from one of the and from the principal of the principal hospital in duma said we have not had any patients presented or admitted to the hospital with symptoms of gas poisoning so it appears very strongly as though this was simply a rooms that was concocted by by the terrorists in order to
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bring the united states u.k. france and others into the war against this very small country of syria that's fought for eight years against the entire western world ok but discussions are then suddenly in the media i'm sure into believing the u.s. augusta gains the red crescent and the u.n. and believe dudley's the al qaeda linked white helmets you don't believe them. the white how much are you know if you look at them they're proven to be and a propaganda arm of al qaeda and you may recall al qaeda hijacked four jetliners flew them into the twin towers and the pentagon in two thousand and one killed three thousand americans slaughtered them and now they have become our principal source of intelligence for what's going on.
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and why we rely on them at all i will go to the white helmets of possibly funded by the british taxpayer well you know there are a lot of things that are planted by the british by the united states we have been sending. gargantuan amounts of high tech weapons to the terrorists and we had a leaked report from the defense intelligence agency in two thousand and thirteen that said that we were indiscriminately supplying all rebel groups including specifically isis and al-qaeda and so it doesn't surprise me we have been engaged in a propaganda war to condense our own people that what we are doing is fighting against syria and instead of fighting for the jihadist terrorists there is considerable opposition here in britain. to what theresa may say in support of
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donald trump now how is that base that you know that republican base is going to react then to a war. i think there is very little enthusiasm people tend to accept what they hear the media the media over here as is have a way censored even social media is beginning to be censored and i think also the united states has been continuously at war for seventeen years that is longer than world war one world war two and the vietnam war all combine i don't think there's going to be much benefit for traum for theresa may or mark or own for i'm going to america will i think in the end if they if they conduct a war i think it's going to backfire on them politically and i think the people of turn on them just finally you're a soldier you know that trump is arguably also surrounded himself with some
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soldiers you don't think general mattis and general kelly have either think these people are going to be telling him the kinds of things you just be telling me something that no journalist has ever questioned they've never said. we always see these pictures of children of babies and so forth why don't we see pictures of anime she hardest who have been killed by poison gas certain lay there are tens of thousands of isis and al qaida and all of their all of the all of them are related they're like drug cartels there are ideas dover throw the country to murder all of the non extremists and why are they not targeted by syria if syria feel so desperate that they have to use poison gas knowing that it's going to bring down the wrath of the world why would
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they do it after they've won the war after they won the battle in new mom and why would they use it against civilians instead of military. no one will ask that question the media simply censors that question because i think the reporters know what's good for them if you ask that question you may not be on the own staff to. pass the. president any questions in the future so as a thank you well as the phrase world war three appears more frequently in the mainstream media of nato nations methods of warfare are being discussed at the un in geneva specifically the rise of killer robots joining me now from geneva human rights watch is bonnie daugherty associate director at the conflict in civilian protection department of the harvard law school buddy thanks for joining us so they said well the media too will care for the strikes what could be more surgical than the room
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wolf. well our concern about robot warfare what we call fully autonomous weapons are these weapons would select a target and fire on it without humans choosing pushing the killed but they would have the we would be turning over life and death decisions to machines these weapons raise a host of moral ethical legal security concerns and that's what we're here to discuss at the un this week range of concerns than the existing ones about drone warfare. they raise different issues i think drones are question largely about how they use this is a weapon system that could be is inherently problematic and we believe should be preemptively banned before they even come into existence before the genie is out of the bottle and this is a concern for all sides state actors as well because of the proliferation perhaps being leading to the use by militant political factions in forms of asymmetric
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warfare. you know one of our major concerns is on the security front that these weapons could proliferate as you say to states to non-state armed groups to range of parties one group is referred to them as the kalashnikov of tomorrow and there be even less control if once we disperse these things across the world it was you know it just those like fictional characters dr strangelove that might say surely. a strike by one of these systems might not be as bad as humans after all humans have killed tens of millions of people in the past hundred years. sure and there is there are people argue that robots could be more more responsible or more accurate i guess than than humans but there's widespread agreement actually at this meeting in the un that the use of force should be retained human control should be retained over the use of force and i think that that if there's one message that's come out
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to me clearly from the this meeting of which there are wide representation in the world is that general principle of human control is important you see there's some glitzy videos on you tube from contractors' and so forth during the great power and ingenuity of these weapon systems much less about the hack ability of these systems do you think that they are essentially like all computer systems hackable. any computer system is hackable and that's it get another reason we're concerned about them is there a liability once once they're released a party could hack it a group that it could connections could break and once that happens it's their actions becoming foreseeable and again once they have once it's done forseeable it's hard to hold anyone or any human responsible for what they do so that's yet another concern i mean in the syria conflict we've seen. those older generations not even drones being used what sort of timescale are you and your colleagues in
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geneva discussing some some people have argued that they are inevitable and that scientists have argued this these could be developed in a matter of years however we don't think they are inevitable we think it's not too late for the countries of the world to take preemptive action and to stop them before they are develop the core they're produced before they are deployed and that's what we're calling on states to do here at the u.n. in geneva the broom is that people have been finding cluster bombs in yemen british cluster bombs long after the treaties that govern they're used let alone land mines whatever you come up with that the u.n. is it actually much use when it comes to stopping these. well no treaty as is treaties are important not only for the standards they set but for implementation and while any law can be broken the laws against murder are broken that does not mean they don't set a really important international standard for the use of force and the for example
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the convention cluster munitions has there been no. clear violations by countries that have joined the treaty and have also. set a stigma against using that and well as i say there are always rogue actors that. violate the principles i think that internationally has been demonstrated to have a significant effect and that's the kind of effect you want to have here there's a another preemptive treaty another ban on blinding lasers that was adopted in the one nine hundred ninety s. and that has kept those type of weapons which would permanently blind soldiers or civilians from being used and that's the that kind of action has been effective and we think that will be effective in this case as well if you failed is the fifth time i understand the u.n. is debating in discussing these issues could we see a he may perhaps cyber army that could hack these systems or they don't work in any case neutralizing the threat the roots. perhaps the more effectively than the
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united nations itself. that's an interesting question i'm not an expert in cyber and cyber warfare actually is not my specialty but cyber warfare has raised many concerns in other circles so using cyber to defeat fully autonomous weapons i don't think is the is the best route to go and i'm also encouraged by the momentum that's built this week it is the fifth time the un states have convened at the un about this issue but things are starting to get more formalized and and state positions are becoming more clear and i think states are taking action so we hope they will succeed here if not here somewhere else. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday when u.k. prime minister of tourism a was officially said you will return to the house of commons to answer questions from jeremy called until then people talk about social media will feel when say thirty six years to the day eleven year old schoolboy stephen mcdonell me was shot in the head by the british army in belfast stephen was just one of the deaths mainly of children killed by plastic rooms no british
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soldier or member of the all you see to this day has ever been prosecuted. this is the city of angeles when the u.s. military moved out the sixty first birthday. and now whole generation of fatherless children is growing up you. played that. the general right. so. there's
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the t.v. crew to see. you were. no don't. answer is no i'm better now and that it's real or. that's it that i was my god dang it. hey. you can take the gilliver but you can't take a little girl. being a woman you know. oh i love doing that. if you. quote.
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four men are sitting in a car when the flips get shot in the head. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the less do not shoot around a corner. the first to belittle me of the episode and then to plant the seeds in november for c. of the european soldier dog. in the zoo
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montana players are a sunk cost by itself i can. feel being pretty forward as a fiasco all powerful. want to stop jumping to the cia slush fund i salute. he told me i mean you sound so females a ballet she jumps also says she really. thinks maybe that a modern kind of there is much to.
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oh. no. the u.s. raises the threat of more sanctions on russia of a moscow support for the syrian government now softer america and its allies take military action against damascus on unconfirmed claims of a chemical attack. britain's prime minister's seems to have some explaining to do when parliament reconvenes on monday to reason may it didn't seek n.p.'s approval for the attack on syria. r.t. speaks exclusively to an italian journalist who's living under an maffia death threat of his investigations into the organized crime group. i know that at the
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moment there are five minute rounds the only day i live with five men five caribbean hearing for me day and night. and award winning german rappers cause outrage in the country with anti semitic lyrics. very well welcome to you it's ten am here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me thank you aaron good to have you with us this hour. now the u.s. is threatening russia with new sanctions over syria this follows a combined assault by america and its allies against the assad government the u.s. envoy to the united nations said russia will face new restrictions over its support for damascus so you will see that russian sanctions will be coming down the secretary will be announcing those on monday if he hasn't already and they will go
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directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with a quote that related to assad and chemical weapons use and so i think everyone is going to feel that at this point i think everyone knows that we sent a strong message and our hope is that they listen to it. nikki haley just mentions that the proposed sanctions would hit russian companies that do with the syrian government the planned restriction zones the strike on syria aimed at ending an alleged chemical weapons program there one of the targets of the u.s. led attack was a research facility near damascus the syrian government says it was a civilian objects we spoke to a technician who worked there who said that the international chemical weapons watchdog had checked the center several times and found no signs of any violation. shifty you can see that nothing has happened here i've been here myself since five am there are no signs of chemical warfare agents this is
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a civilian facility and drugs and chemicals production technology was developed here for peaceful economic purposes the o.p.c. w. visited this facility several times carrying out several thorough inspections the organization received a lot of help in its work and so did the members of its teams there was even a special place on the site allocated for the o.p.c. w. so they could collect and package samples taken from places that had to be inspected. well just to remind you in the early hours of saturday morning the combined forces of the u.s. the u.k. and france pounded mistah and as strikes on syria the allies say the assault came in response to an alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma a week earlier where thing countries blamed the attack on the assad government though no solid evidence has yet been provided.
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russia's slams the u.s. led strikes on syria as an act of aggression and called a u.n. security council meeting moscow proposed a draft resolution for calling calling for members to condemn the attack as a violation of international law it also demanded the u.s. and its allies to cease their aggression against syria and allow the o.p.c. w. to connect conduct a thorough investigation but after a hated and counter the draft was quashed. the local arizona washington and london but chose to ignore all calls for sanity you have nothing but disdain for the un charter and the security council which you're using your illicit aims but the un
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charter wasn't conceived to protect criminals our action absolutely corresponds to the goals and values of proclaiming in the charter the us and its allies continue to show blatant neglect of international law i will take no lessons mr president in international from russia you don't treat the security council seriously you don't work to its guidelines i don't talk to others and you don't consult on the time for talk and did last night the united states is a lock and load. when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line the us and it is really due to shoot and it's long loaded with sand and concern to hear we know that they have aircraft several hours old smartly sorrows and a nuclear weapons arsenal now we also know they have this damn point a national law we are prepared to sustain this pressure if the syrian regime is
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bullish enough to test our will to produce dimmers model is this how you want a first to be conducted now this is hooliganism and not minor hooliganism super bowl since we are talking about a major nuclear powers. the syrian government to be assault is barbaric accusing america the u.k. and france of igniting tension in the region here's how people in damascus reacted to be a tux. good luck to strike on syria was treacherous but it's given syrians the determination to overcome terrorism it was an aggressive assault on syria our beloved country. we've been living in this crisis for seven years now such a strike want to factor us at all and our country will improve in general but i doubt that any of these strikes mean something it's the moral bankruptcy and feeling of the west and the terrorist groups mickey again and again and then his that he feels like we have something inside there prohibits us from being afraid
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you can see how people go to the market and out in the streets no one has been affected or felt any fear. trump strikes have drawn anger too at home with thousands across america rallying against the assault but he explains the president might not need public approval but a distraction instead. big in the public eye as a world leader is no easy task especially when things aren't going your way one day you'll know is home is being raided by the f.b.i. the next you are trying to hush up book tours which could threaten your reputation but in times of means that always to divert attention then sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you on t.v. if the president and france and the u.k. decide to strike syria don't you think that story would be a bigger story than khomeini's book gets released on tuesday. a short time ago are you ordered to launch precision strikes or targets associated
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with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian dictator for sure. it can be so effective few people will actually see through it but i want to say this raid is meant to distract from his other problems but it's called operation desert storm e. president trump ailed the missile strike in syria is perfectly executed but it could be argued this was instead perfectly timed and it's worked for him before the media branded trump as russia's puppet shaking off a reputation calls for trust that meshes and fifty nine tomahawk cruise missiles launched at the syrian air force base to just pass in the time he gave his popularity of boost but also a big pat on the back from the media we see these beautiful pictures at night i am tempted to quote the great leonard cohen i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons
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what changed last night i think. became president of the united states i think this was actually a big moment president trump isn't fess to employ such tactics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight bill clinton's decision to bomb iraq coincided with him facing impeachment at the time this sort of a shadow of him lying and oath in relation to the monica lewinsky. if. i did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky to strike military and security targets in iraq they are joined by british forces their mission is to attack iraq's nuclear chemical and biological weapons programs saddam hussein must not be allowed to threaten this neighbors are the world with nuclear arms poison gas or biological weapons now any aircraft fire everywhere i remember. he can forget the actual operation desert storm north by president george h.w.
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bush when the economy in recession the gulf war based it's his approval ratings. have therefore directed to reject the iraqi army from kuwait. which. is president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated the war is over. you don't have to look too far back in history to see world leaders employing distraction tactics so this question what would dominate an international media narrative the possibility of a global war or the domestic troubles of a western country you want me to produce your war not a war it's a pageant we need a theme song so there's you know it's a pageant well to ask of the media of trump's decision as to how water affects of fish truck lives and breathes by need.

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