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for. so. far. i like to. talk about the corrupt heart for. my witnesses and medical staff in the syrian city of doom i claim to r.t. there was no chemical attack there dad is now even being raised in the western media. also to come this hour members of the european parliament voiced their anger at the french president over the action taken against them ask this while the u.k. government faces a backlash from m.p.'s over its role in the strikes. members of this house seem to have my second foreign policy in this country the president i we talked to the producers of
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a documentary called in the execution is shadow who claim the us the us death penalty has racial undertone to. hello there well can you watching r.t. international this wednesday afternoon which just gone two o'clock here in moscow now we'll have some breaking developments for you first on the script poisoning case because the u.k.'s representative to. the organization tasked with investigating the case says they cannot identify the country all of. the nerve agent that was used in the attack the comments have just been made by peter wilson during a meeting of the o.p.c. w. executive council in the hague at the same time though wilson continues to insist only russia had the means and the motive to commit such an attack moscow though has vehemently denied any involvement citing
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a lack of evidence and has offered its assistance in the investigation of course we'll be keeping across the story for you and bring you reaction to in the coming hours. meanwhile experts from the a.p.c. w. chemical weapons watchdog are expected to arrive in the syrian town of tumor later today provided there are no security issues on the ground the probe will look into the allegations of a chemical attack that emerged on april the seventh more doubts they have been raised over this footage filmed by the white helmets group in a local hospital there the video claims to show the aftermath of the chemical attack but our sister channel r.t. arabic visited that very hospital in dinner and talked with doctors and locals as well they described what happened on the seventh of april claiming they saw no toxic agents use their.
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people from the white helmets told us about the use of chemical weapons we saw no sign of that if chemical weapons were used against those people our medical staff would have also been affected. people poured water it's really good thing that we had been attacked with chemical weapons and that when somebody from outside shouting about a chemical attack don't know who that was we heard an explosion and somebody said it was a chemical weapon and we run to where the noise came from and the started pouring the water over the people but they seemed to be ok and then walked away without any help but a little confused somebody started pouring water over people's heads saying there had been a chemical attack but i was at the spots with my wife and daughter but none of us
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experienced any symptoms of chemical poisoning meanwhile even some western media outlets are now calling into question. allegations of a chemical attack that after british journalist robert fisk visited duma and wasn't able to find anybody who could confirm the use of chemical weapons however washington and its allies still have no doubts the us britain and france chose not to wait for the official probe before launching air raids against syria in the early as of saturday u.s. state department spokesperson who knew it said washington's decision not to wait was justified the o.p.c. view is something that we back strongly but it can also take quite a bit of time for the o.p.c. of you to gather its information and compile the report so i would ask you should the united states and her allies wait around for bashar al assad to use more chemical substances honest people should we wait around for that formal
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investigation that could take months and months this is you know actually scandalous that the u.s. has launched a strike based on insurgent tied social media sources well this is exactly what defense secretary jim mad at said at the briefing several days ago where he didn't have solid intelligence on any chemical attack and do know what he did have were social media reports people saying stuff on the internet and who were those people the same people that state department spokes person who are now it's referring to there the syrian white helmets which has been funded to the tune of at least twenty three million dollars by the state department well the lack of concrete proof that the attack took place has been raised by some officials in the academics to well though such questions are often dismissed this interview was on the b.b.c. . if he has used chemical weapons it's absolutely right to do a wrapper crosses michael's but i just wonder you know we've had some bad
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experiences on intelligence given that we're in an information war with russia on so many fronts do you think perhaps it's inadvisable to be stating this so publicly given your your position and your profile isn't there a danger that you're muddying the water. well that was retired senior officer of the wrong navy alan west questioning whether there was enough intelligence to claim assad was actually using chemical weapons but the b.b.c. presenter suggested that such comments shouldn't be made publicly because they fall into line with the official position of moscow we've requested a comment from the channel and we're bringing you any response we get. it's not just the b.b.c. though the times newspaper has published an article labeling those who question the evidence of the attack as apologists artie's rally has been taking a closer look. one of the people pointed out or singled out in the times article is louis all day the times said that he had written
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a tweet calling into question the account of previous chemical attacks mr all day has since gone on twitter and shown that he never sent the tweet and has demanded an apology from the times another example is tim hayward he's another academic here in the u.k. and he's been seen as being guilty of association because he's written for. publication called twenty first century wire whose deputy editor has also come in for criticism by the times that her name is vanessa beanies so all of these kind of examples showing that to stray from the dominant narrative of the war in syria will lead you to being accused of being an ass of apology apologise that's been the criticism of some here in the u.k. and there are those who say that this current environment again resembling somewhat of a witch hunt isn't conducive to free speech and to free investigation an inquiry
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over the events of not just the weekend but the past seven years of the u.k.'s policy towards syria and its support of the opposition groups there well international politics lecturer dr tara mccormack revealed what it is like to be on the receiving end of a times attack. well i mean it's not ridiculous you know within the working group we have a range of different opinions on international relations and so clearly i have tweeted various things about alleged chemical attack tweeting to snopes signifie necessarily into it that's also a different thing from academic research it's a sort of bizarre oh i attempt to smear guilt by association q so should media it's ridiculous attempt simply to shut down the working group that presumably may be asking questions that the times doesn't think should be on it all in all
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it's already to british journalism and threats to academic freedom and free speech in the new kerry meanwhile the british prime minister to resign may and french president emanuel chrome have come under heavy criticism from the u.k. because after their decision to strike syria without consulting then national parliaments these are members of the european parliament during president speech there many of them held up signs calling for an end to military action in syria. reports now about the backlash the lead is received. what phrase or touch of only three countries have been to be for the honor of the international community in the legitimates multilateral framework you know it's our gets a. least a marker and speech was a monument of political cynicism. when we want without any approval. over the past months why have we hidden the fact that the area of eastern ghouta
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where the alleged chemical attack took place is controlled by radical islamists not jewish islam or you'd be there it's been done already in iraq and libya why should we be aired in syria to the list but there has been a backlash for him for emanuel on the fact that he didn't offer parliament's permission either so you know people have not necessarily been backing that decision but these strikes demonstrate the irresponsible behavior of the three global powers that yet again gave into the temptation to play the role of world's policeman now over in the u.k. theresa may the u.k.'s prime minister has also faced a group of parliamentary is led by the opposition leader jeremy corbyn and there was a bit of table tennis it went on for over eight hours on day one and pretty similar day to the parliament should have as an absolute minimum in trying to in law the opportunity to ask questions before the government can order planned military
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action the elected representatives in this house should be able to debate the deployment of british military forces into combat but that does not mean it is always appropriate the executive must be the servant of parliament not the other way round members of this house seem to have less say in foreign policy of this country than president trump that no one in this house in any doubt that neither i nor this government take instructions from any pressure was i. well despite reason made fiery remarks in her defense there we gauge reaction on the streets of london where people did seem to think the parliament should have been consulted. it was an emergency situation where there was no room for maneuver how do you think that this is not an urgent it could've waited one two days more at least i don't think it's something she should have made a decision based on how so general principle about going to war should be
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a part of it you know by i think in this particular instance it was in a war situation on the mars rover then please discuss it paul you've been and now you're coming you know pick anywhere are you getting much more consideration than everyone else know when it's important decisions like this everyone should have a say like how different polman represent have everybody that you actually discussing doing it then you just immediately this is not a constitutional dictatorial ship but stick to my procedure has at least a stand now on so everyone in parliament and yet i think she has experience to be honest now following the weekend bombing raids in syria a bipartisan group of u.s. senators is unveiled a new legislation aiming to limit the white house's power to continue its global war on terror for too long congress has given presidents a blank check to wage war we've let the nine eleven in iraq war authorizations get
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stretched to justify wars against multiple terrorist groups and over a dozen countries for me jad to the philippines a proposal finally repeal saves authorizations and makes congress do its job by weighing in on where when and with who we were at war. well the proposed legislation that would require the president to give congress forty eight hours notice ahead of any new military action congress would then have sixty days to review that mean it doesn't set limits for any military action however it does include a congressional review every four years the proposed rules that expands the president's authority to take action against al qaeda isis or the taliban but not a state with a cover. been in place since nine eleven and have been used nearly forty times and fourteen countries we discussed the proposed oval hole with former u.s. congressman ron paul. absolutely and i have to say that i voted the i voted for that resolution it gives the authority to the president to go
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after the people responsible for nine eleven so they've used that ever since they claim they have to rewrite it we don't believe there's anybody even living today i hardly have anything to do with the nine eleven attacks. more or less is defining things slightly differently but one slow up i think the effort to go to war i don't think it really repeals their war powers resolution but it does say that congress gives the president authority to go to war against radical violent groups like al qaida and isis and maybe taliban but they say not country. i really don't think it's going to pass. we'll see i only welcome the debate but i think they'll wake up and find out it's not doing anything and that when they pass these resolutions most of the time things hit worse so this whole idea that you can fight radicals any place in the world that's
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what they're doing already it just gives more authority to the type of policy that we've been following and getting us into trouble. the washing off they still had a new documentary claims that price lies at the heart of decision making when it comes to capital punishment in the u.s. will have enough of the details on that story just after the break. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even saw dad's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman he just killed in a loneliness and spending stupidity twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great chance with. the police it's going to take.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. have to go to the press as a white woman for three of them or ten people. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. welcome back here with r.t. now a new documentary called in the execution a shadow lifts the lid on the subject of capital punishment through three different stories claiming that race is at the heart of decision making when it comes to the
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death penalty in the us. my team members to. get this person bread. winner for. doing that i didn't. even do anything. you don't know because you were no match you. recent figures do reveal that black people make up around forty one percent of those on death row at the moment while making up only around thirteen percent of the u.s. population in addition they are far more likely to to be given death sentences in cases of interracial killings we spoke to those behind the. racial
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application. is. that not-a look so much of skin color of the perpetrator that the skin color of the victim if the if the murder victim is white. then the prosecuting attorney is four to eleven times more likely to seek a death penalty and if the victim were black and so what message is the justice system send to society one way that can be interpreted is that white life is worth more than black wife we're going to punish people who kill a white person. more severely and we are. going to have there are more black for over nine executions there is one exoneration so for every nine inmates executed one person is found innocent i think that's the most startling in the in the context of innocence and how egregious this could be and as our
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executioner. the jury givens are the former executioner for the state of virginia states one of the things that i think is really. something that he expresses so well in the film and is this idea that it's it's an imperfect system works human we make errors and there are errors being made in the criminal justice system and as long as that straight we should not be executing people. our self styled am a journalist in the u.k. is claiming police aren't doing enough over death threats she's received online janai finesse in english is known to have posted hateful comments such as islam is worse than cancer such posts that have provoked an aggressive reaction but according to deny or police haven't taken her complaints about it seriously well this is an email allegedly received by gen i a from greater manchester police it in it she's warned of consequences resulting from comments she has made online was
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also told to consider the freedom of expression of others and without any details of those said to be harassing her there'd be no investigation in the end she was advised not to post anything likely to cause offense will be asked greater manchester police to comment on this although it said and investigation is under review and hopes to contact deny shortly we invited guests to debate the issue around the case. well actually i know you personally and i see your ass questioned sometimes there on countable questions sometimes they're questions people don't particularly want to answer and i don't i'm an atheist i criticize christianity critize judaism i criticize islam criticize any faith but it's only when islam is criticized that suddenly it's hate speech we have rules about freedom of expression freedom of belief and freedom of conscience however there are limits to those rules and it's very dangerous to draw some kind of moral equivalence
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between people who are fascists or near nazis are spreading and inciting violence or hate preaching when people behave like that they should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law so everybody has to suffer the consequences of freedom of speech means that yes some time somebody might say something that could offend you she has a right to an opinion nobody and i mean nobody has the right to put a death threat on anybody for any reason because an offended because they were offended by an opinion do you agree if somebody's speech tell you bear with me if you agree that do you agree that if somebody speech crosses the line into hatred inciting hatred or heris men or is racist or sexist or i do semitic do you agree that these people should be do you agree that these people should be prosecuted to the absolute maximum extent of the law and as against british and english values i believe in free speech including yours even though i don't agree
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with your opinion on the question well as. well as a lot of us really don't even want to speak you know i think you cross the line yes i do do i think you should be prosecuted because of your opinion now i don't death threats are never acceptable never excuse your and are far worse than any mean word because words don't kill actions day and death phrase can be carried out. by opposition protests in the armenian capital over the x. presence bid for the seat of the prime minister a gathering momentum it does come a day after the country's parliament voted in favor of. appointment. i flash is with police over the last few days have left dozens injured and as of monday more than eighty people had been detained so that c.n.n. had served as the country's president since two thousand and eight but had to step
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down this month due to term limits set out in the constitution but as the country recently switched from a presidential system to a parliamentary one is party nominated his candidacy for the post of prime minister instead of the opposition no claims of the ceann is merely trying to cling to power . now he is a jew to hold unprecedented face to face talks with north korea's leader later this year but donald trump appeared to suggest they've already been talking. when they've integrated with north korea directly. well during a press briefing with the japanese pm trump said discussions with north korea were at almost the highest level although the white house later clarified saying the administration was in direct talks with kim jong un not the us president himself it
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all comes as reports claim the cia director mike pompei i paid a secret visit to north korea over easter human rights attorney eric sort kin believes it doesn't really matter he's been talking to pyongyang as long as the intentions are good. you know at this point in time there is a lot of optimism in the optimism that they will talk the optimism that may see this as a legacy issue for him while undergoing credible. scrutiny and tough times you're in the states and so with that in mind we don't know quite what can come out with this what we do know is there have been talks at the highest level whether you believe the washington post story and the cia director visiting north korea but we do know that they're laying the groundwork groundwork for talks but we don't know is how sincerely are in bending in. neutral compromises in the
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context of international agreements and that has yet to be seen. ok well before we go let's just remind you breaking news this hour because the u.k. is representative to the o.p.c. debbie the organization tasked with investigating this could a power poisoning case says they cannot identify the country all of of origin of the nerve agent used in the attack the comments were made by peter wilson during a meeting at the chemical watchdogs executive council in the hague. at the same time though wilson continues to insist only russia had the means and the motive to commit such an attack formidable agent powell and his daughter were found unconscious in the city of seoul spree early last month moscow has vehemently denied any involvement citing a lack of evidence and offered its assistance in the investigation of course will be keeping across the story and bringing you reaction throughout the afternoon i'll be back to do that and more stories for you to in just over half of.
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the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. a simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a parking space is not a solution. to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all the news there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. join me
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every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. well who wants to belittle the person rather than to plant the seeds and know that the folks here have the upper hand so the dog. in the zoo montana but is a pass by itself i can. feel being pretty bold as a half full. stop jumping to salvation and i salute. you don't mean you sound so three meals
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a ballet she says she. thinks maybe that's a model to kind of seriousness to me and. greetings all salutations what is this talk watchers i leave for a few days and suddenly we are back to bombing poor people in syria again. not that this is much of a shock to anyone who's been paying attention last friday united states president donald trump along with u.k.
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prime minister theresa may and the president of france emmanuel micro-loan unilaterally attacked the sovereign country of syria despite not being threatened molested or attacked by the war torn country in any way. the attack consisted of more than one hundred missiles at alleged chemical weapons storage and researches facilities near the syrian cities of damascus and elms and while some war hawks like republican senator blood stained cotton praised president trump's actions declaring the butcher of damascus learned the two lessons tonight the hard way weapons of mass destruction won't create a military advantage once the united states is done with you and russia cannot protect its clients from the united states are you wrestling over him others were not so pleased like senator lindsey graham who feels that short term death and destruction just doesn't send the right kind of message i fear that when the dust settles this strike will be seen as a weak military response and assad will have paid
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a small price for using chemical weapons yet again and senator graham is not alone many of the neo liberal cons and their news media parents were very disappointed that president trump didn't use the recent incredibly convenient alleged chemical weapon attack and doma to as they call it broaden the united states syrian strategy which is the polite capitol hill way of saying hey let's go spend spend the summer dropping bombs on poor brown people so we can appease our allies make up for our own shortcomings here at home and hand over billions to the merchants of death like rape the unlucky martin. d.c. politics as usual when you're watching the hawks. but that's. part of. what is.


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