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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 18, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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well for more on these and plenty of other stories that go to our web site. otherwise i'll be back with the headlines and the tell they are. an alleged chemical attack that left children who are into a makeshift clinic. not buffered.
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by degrading relations chemical weapons capability and tearing each use of these weapons it would also send a clear message to anyone who believes they can use chemical weapons with impunity mr speaker this statement serves as a reminder that the prime minister is accountable to this parliament not just to the whims of the u.s. president. they didn't take long for britain's stop the war movement to come out in force outside the u.k. parliament to demonstrate against what they see as juries amazing legal u.k. air strikes on syria one of the speakers of the demo was jeremy corbin's former emergencies minister chris happy with the way jeremy corbin appears to have replied and responded to these astronauts from tereza may in the. government of the united
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states government very much so jeremy is wonderful antidote to the saber rattling war mongers who are looking for any excuse it seems to me to launch these airstrikes and to characterize them as the prime minister has tried to do as humanitarian illustrates the grotesque hypocrisy of this government because while says suggesting the airstrikes are in some way humanitarian they've actually done everything they can to stop providing support and assistance to the refugees from syria indeed it was this government sought to minimize the impact of the e.u.'s program to provide assistance for the syrian refugee said he very much speak with with forked tongue there's a lot of questions that the that the government need to answer in terms of you know why they undertaken these strikes what the evidence was and there is plenty of people who are incredibly skeptical going to people on a cell of the former commander of the armed forces in iraq has also questioned
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these strikes amongst other people if you find the reports during the aftermath of the airstrikes credible that is limited to maybe isis jayashri linked or al-qaeda linked groups were using the area bombs as cover for them what i would always stress is that we need independent verifiable sources before we take any action and i think we've had precipitous action from this government as actually not serve the national interest contrary to what the prime minister is saying in there. the government says indulging in it seems to me the evidence that they're relying upon and all social media posts hearsay and no real proper intelligence that would demonstrate as it were from an independent source that the chemical weapons attack did take place and who is responsible for it and i think one of things that we need to ask ourselves as a number of other experts have asked is. why would the us say if regime merge come
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the weapons attack this stage of the civil war when they'd all but won the battle for. most m.p.'s in that building over there don't seem to share your opinion there was jittering of your leader jeremy corbin to speak i had to intervene in a lot of eye rolling from the prime minister when he countenance the idea that british policy was somehow rented out to the white house but i think illustrates just how out of touch the m.p. so many of the m.p.'s of in the house of commons certainly the government is seems to me all very much out of touch and according to some of the opinion polls that i've seen of the overwhelming majority by margin around two to one actually support the position that has been taken by jeremy corbyn on this issue we need to calm heads in situations like this not hot heads i'm afraid that this government is being led by a bunch of hot heads who are actually putting the national interests in jeopardy
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far from actually protecting as they claiming the journalist peter oborne has been on this show over the daily mail road a piece opposing the war quoting what is on robin cook's grave stone that in effect may not have stopped the iraq war of twenty three but he did make it mandatory for a political vote on military action what do you think of what was written on robin cook the former labor foreign secretaries grave well in the in the light of what's happened well will clearly trace most as as trash of the the legacy that was left by robin cook and certainly the legacy did hold true up until this weekend when theresa may decided to unilaterally. launch a missile attack basically dancing to the tune of donald trump that's why we need a war powers act that's why john because been his calling for that that's why we hope that we'll have a debate on this issue and certainly when we get a labor government this will be a high priority. for
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a legislative program of the next labor government to make sure that no over government is allowed to commit british forces to indulge in airstrikes against any foreign nation without the endorsement of the house of commons press relations. well labor's chris williamson is no longer to size profiting from the military industrial complex so we asked former south african a n c politician and author of the shadow world inside the global i'm straight out to feinstein just who benefited from bombing syria the tragedy as always is the defense industry and the politicians do incredibly well out of war. the politicians present themselves as war leaders the defense industry raytheon the maker of the miss out that have been dropped sort share price increase by five billion dollars when the strikes on syria were announced. and this is why. war is always the preferred
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option to diplomacy because a lot of people make a lot of money out of it and politicians can pose. as some sort of leader is the starting wars in the most fed browder region in the world which needs less weapons not more is supposed to be an act of statesmanship and the wool is insane and the defense industry in the arms trade is the most obvious manifestation of this insanity because the government maintains this was a humanitarian action why do you think no one else or a buffer beast people of yourself are drawing comparisons between the share price of a military defense company and has was arguably humanitarian aid money that is good for the refugees with the greatest of respect to the u.s. and the u.k. government for them to be talking about a humanitarian intervention. while the united kingdom sells almost five billion
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pounds of weapons to saudi arabia alone that a being used to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in yemen is frankly laughable but it's also deeply tragic we forget about the human lives in full the tragedy of yemen is that the saudi led coalition which is being advised by u.s. and u.k. advises on its targeting is consciously targeting civilians in homes in schools in hospitals in places of worship places of economic infrastructure and to reason may and donald trump would be tane to tell us that they're bombing syria for humanitarian reasons they have no humanity they think about
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a simple political and economic calculation and that really is the basis of our politics today what about if this actually saved a larger conflict trump satisfy the the war hawks in washington assad is victorious russia won't really respond because it wasn't that big of that and the arms industry makes billions of dollars the reality of the geopolitical situation is that the civil conflict in syria was winding down to some extent anyway what this bombing did. was simply to allow donald trump and to reason may who both face domestic political crises to mcconnell and mark wright who also faces. a political economic crisis domestically in france to look tough and to look like war leaders the trajectory of what was happening in syria is not going to be changed by this bombing we hope. that the sort of belligerent
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noises that have come out of russia. to any actual action by the russians and that the trajectory of the civil war slowing down will continue but how on earth is bombing and the provision of more weaponry into the middle east into yemen going to change the trajectory of conflict in that the most unstable region in the world it is not anybody with a degree of logic with a degree of common sense will be able to see that a long term solution to the crises of the middle east need solutions to the israeli palestinian issue it needs the weapons that have been taken into that theater of war as it's been treated for so many decades to actually be removed from the theater so that a process of peace building can take place but as long as we have
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a crown prince in saudi arabia a corrupt crown prince i should mention despite his supposed to sit anti corruption crackdown as long as we have a crown prince in saudi arabia who sees in alliance with israel saudi arabia being the predominant military force in the region we will not have peace and unfortunately by supporting him the united kingdom the united states many of the so-called western countries are only creating greater problems rather than solving any problems. thank you thank you very much well with me is a man arguably cinema's with the peace movement here in britain where involvement square and i'm with bruce can't bruce what was your immediate reaction to again british missiles falling on another country in this world i was at the standing there was no attempt to say the united nations approves it or we've got some reason
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the us. i did it and i thought this is really tearing up law and order in the world three of the most important countries i was really astounded but to raise amaze me in explicit that the united nations is no longer fit for purpose in effect because of the vetoes by the russian government was maybe there's research we went to war in korea without the security council because it was referred to the general assembly it's not and there's no absolute block on the united nations and it's just a means of escaping international law which is what she's doing surprise that the prime minister was again relying on intelligence and saying it was intelligence that confirmed this was the right thing to do the intelligence we all had were having a war with russia a verbal war with russia about what happened in those breaks and it's all on the hypothesis that russia was responsible for it well i don't mind if they are responsible if they are let's accuse them but we need the evidence to do it you call going on saying i prophesy is hypothesis and then doing a violent things as
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a result which ironically i mean you've been associated obviously with a campaign for nuclear disarmament but this is a strike like this actually aid the proliferation of nuclear weapons because states realize that with nuclear weapons they can't be subjected to air strikes like this well i hope they come in i mean it's the old korean business is an incitement to other countries to get nuclear weapons because i think korea would have suffered what libya suffered and what gadhafi suffered and what saddam hussein suffered in in iran iraq if you have their nuclear weapons so i think that far from making the world peace more peaceful it's actually encouraging lesser countries to go take the nuclear road and what do you think of the way the mainstream media has been covering the subject i think it's shocking because the main questions the united nations and civilians have not been raised it's all been presented like a kind of additional act of. dealing with naughty boys and so we can do some
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bombing we feel like it but we come that's what the united nations was set up for to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war that's the u.n. . tears up thank you. after the break as hundreds of thousands watched to freak out fellow years imprisoned politicians the vice president the governor. says the e.u. is trampling on democracy from this week's headlines that's over a chemical attack in syria two attacks on the u.k.'s national health so all this and more coming up a but do i'm going i'm to go. welcome
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back well joining me now to go through some of this week's headlines is the associate editor of independent online use propagation the electronic intifada when stanley thanks so much for coming on. go do of course the syrian air strikes and our first story here yeah this is the search for truth in the rubble of duma and one doctor's doubts over the chemical attack this is robert fisk in the independent where he's got actually gone to three monies he spoke to doctors there people there
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and according to a doctor there he spoke to the video of the alleged chemical attack was genuine but it didn't actually show a chemical attack in the opinion this doctor showed people basically suffering from suffocation in the tunnels underneath which were dug by jadis groups we're going to say robert fisk is one of arguably the most famous journalists who has been covering the released from this country there is there is some doubt i should say i call the military defense to us because there was depleted uranium used in the brooch warheads that are reportedly being put on these u.k. storm shutters got a price of one point two million dollars each they did get back to me that would have been some kind of chemical attack for those who believe depleted uranium causes generational problems and certainly in an urban area of damascus germy corbin who asked for the emergency debate they're still debating today they were
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debating yesterday came in the other flak first seemings a border there as well a political movement in lebanon where robert fisk lives let's go to the next story from the israeli favorites. yeah this is has bowlers not. says that u.s. led syria strikes fell to israel's interest so this was. one of the latest public statements by us on our soil or the head of hezbollah the comments that he made because he does hezbollah is fighting militarily in syria on the side of the syrian government and against the rebel groups five years old brute the british government against syria yep yep it has been as a big gala already yesterday yeah i mean to his bull or a big i'm laughing about it but in a way it's. you know there's a big element of truth to that but one of the most underreported aspects of the war
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in syria has been the israeli involvement and it's not that hard to find out like israeli. they've all exupery a few days ago they bought they been doing as they would see it of limited bombing campaigns within syria and they do speak about their role in southern syria so it's there you can find about this it was not really reported very much but what is happening is israel under the cover of this war is was. carving out an occupation zone in southern syria by working with. jihadist groups essentially even groups that are close to al qaida treating militants in their hospitals there were those pictures of the girl and her it's because the israeli government then denied that they're helping al qaeda or al nusra or any of these linked groups and obviously we invite more greg of the ambassador on the program but of course away from the middle east even the british air strikes british news is more concerned with what could be said to be an identity politics story in some ways because there are foreign ministers from the commonwealth government leave the bridges meeting in
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london today let's go through this from the home office destroyed when the russian landing card says staff and so there was this essentially a whistleblower. the u.k.b.a. and home office who's come out and said the landing landing cards of west indian immigrants who came here as british subjects and british saw themselves very much as british they were told they were british and were told they were needed here were asked to come over here because britain needed reconstruction after the second world war their landing cards giving records of when they arrived here were destroyed were destroyed very deliberately by according to this reports according to this anonymous whistleblower. known to the guardian. they've destroyed the records of their landing in twenty ten as part of then home office minister trees a maze hostile environment for immigrants in fairness to the prime minister of this
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country under water service secretary this policy was was put into action officials say that some of the learning codes of these people who were brought in to help the national health service and so on they were destroyed to ensure that personal data should be protected. yeah this is really get rid of people of color and deport them yeah i mean this is a pretty astonishing response i mean i could barely believe they are here to ensure their personal data should not be kept for longer than necessary the decision was taken on data protection granted to destroy the information they're going to release of classically over here in response and then in the negative sense that they destroyed their data to protect it i mean this is staggering along with the groceries there with the comparison of the with syria and then we have this david lammy the london labor m.p. making a lot of headway about this story shocks juhi tweeted this shock to say that the
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home office actually have a document saying coming home to jamaica and telling people about their new life in jamaica at the age of sixty plus of the living in britain since they were two years old and telling them not to. tell them not to walk around after dark in unfamiliar places in jamaica and actually with his dog you know a low strangers to your destination for the rest of your life yeah and try to be jamaican use local accents and dialects so people who been brought up their whole life in some cases from six months old literally been brought over here is babies and i live their whole lives and perhaps have no surviving relatives in some cases . being told to essentially put on a jamaican accent or to extenuate you know maybe a jamaican accent of course some might say this is actually about. theoretical idea that immigration cost us money that war doesn't and we can go to this story for the express disease of being forgotten in the middle of all these different stories
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which arguably. is the one most concerning to the british public yet this is n.h.s. crisis action and emergency performance falls to the lowest level since records began but i think when you look at stories like these you have to ask why those standards are not being met. and since some would say it's predictable that if the belt was funded a list of a push of g.d.p. than germany or france this would happen but then. we aren't is calling for this ring fence tax to fund the n.h.s. so they're trying to make out that there is a solution to this which isn't certain private health insurance which is the usual tory god i think what the figures show if you look at the figures since twenty ten when the tory led government first came into power there it shows that these targets have not been met you know their standards have gone down year on year because the n.h.s. has been systematically defunded in my view because basically the conservative
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party and its allies in big business want people to move people over to private health insurance that's the that's the long term plan you know when you've got some of the most extreme tory m.p.'s in activists saying that the things like the n.h.s. was a mistake they try and put things in place to run it down because they will tell me thank you. well in the past few days hundreds of thousands of people marched on the streets of barcelona demanding an end to arrest and detention of political prisoners in the european union while these protests remained peaceful our next guest fears that we may yet see state violence not only reminiscent of a few months ago when catalonia voted for independence but of spain when led by a british backed dictator general franco joining me now from his office in barcelona is the vice president of catalonia your step cost who's elected colleagues have been detained by police from scotland to germany joseph welcome to
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going underground how safe would you say that people like you are and and your fellow parliamentarians in europe today. while we're not extremely safe i would like to remind that the former president the former speaker of the parliament is currently in jail so i'm the vice president of the parliament and i visited the former president in jail a. couple of weeks ago and it really feels bad really feels that something is terribly wrong. and we do have i think it's six members of parliament right now in jail we have two negs aisle and we have several more that had to give up their seats they had to leave the parliament to face their personal situation related to this criminal charges that are brought against against them basically all independently this catalunya and
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this is really serious because. most countries and particularly spain provide for immunity in cases of parliamentarians and this is not being this is not being honored at this moment the be the courts are prosecuting parliamentarians. off their immunity as provided by the by the last expansion lost by the common constitutional laws off the off the spanish system the cattle need this are charged with rebellion which is a crime that requires a mosque if amount of violence and the only evidence of violence that they can provide is the divine and stay practiced on catalan peaceful voters which is i mean . it's shameful trait it's a shameful. turn of events that i think you'd only intends
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to mislead the european courts and that has to be. denounced very strongly but do you think one problem mainstream media certainly let alone government is the lack of historical perspective perhaps a lack of understanding of what happened in catalonia in the thirty's just years before sixty sixty million people were killed worldwide. yeah i should point out that. a lot of trouble happened a year ago obviously in the last twenty thirty eight forty years but he was outside the european union so he was supposed to be. the the european union that provided for a safer space within the borders of the union and that's really not the case right now. there's a business very long history there's a there's a a troubling history that we thought was behind us and
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the reality is that it was not i mean we we we see the course in spain prosecuting people exactly with the same words exactly for the same crimes and in the very same circumstances that was normal during the dictatorship during the frankly years and that's really very troubling and everyone in europe should be troubled by this because spain was supposed to be a full member of the. democratic year of their own noble exceptions to mainstream media narratives one who comment peace into going to die to claiming that germany now has its first political prisoner do you consider your colleagues in detention as political prisoners. absolutely they are political prisoners that they committed no crime at the bay just. on her dirty jobs their platforms
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and their promises to the voters and that's what they did this in a democracy that can be a crime when you do when you when you were voted for so definitely they are in prison for political reasons and we know that all dictatorships. totalitarian regimes when the. politico opponents in jail they always fabricate some evidence of a crime but. this is no different this time and obviously the fact that they're inventing that they're probably casing the evidence of. a supposed or alleged rebellion which never happened is is the best proof that. this is a political prosecution and their political prisoners class have cause to thank you and that's it for the show but we'll be back on saturday with analysis of today's
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war of words on syria between u.k. labor leader german corben and to raise a maid who ordered the u.k. military to follow us orders against syria till then keep in touch by social media will feel on saturday fifty one years to the day of the nato backed coup d'etat in the cradle of european democracy greece which saw thousands murdered and tortured feel. the. oh my god. i'm. on top.
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russia's envoy to the global chemical weapons watchdog says the united states has produced an agent into the know of agent no the child which was allegedly used to poison saturday and if you yes. well the news conference britain admits neither it nor the i.p.c. w. can confirm the origin of the nerve agents to spite me it was mighty long to meet. a team of experts investigating an alleged chemical attack in duma comes under rebel file while trying to enter the syrian turn. it up she's sure it is a situation where dish. in an arabic speaking use is filmed attacking two jewish men in the latest anticipated incident to cause outrage in germany.


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