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russia's envoy to the global chemical weapons watchdog says the united states has produced in page until the nerve agent know the drug which was allegedly used to poison such a gay and furious script out. of the news conference britain admits neither it nor the o.p.c. w. can confirm the origin of the nerve agents to spite me it was mighty likely to be most. a team of experts investigating an alleged chemical attack in duma comes under rebel file while trying to enter the syrian turn. now to the world situation. and in berlin an arabic speaking use is filmed attacking two jewish men in the latest anticipated incident to cause outrage in germany.
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this is actually international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. russia's ambassador to the united nations has lashed out at the u.k. over its handling of the script poisoning case mostly now ben zia traded accusations with the u.s. and u.k. representatives chairing a highly charged security council session in new york. russia has a proven record of conducting state sponsored assess a nation including on the territory of the united kingdom. they keep saying that russia has a proven record of assassinations proven by whom our western partners don't listen to us and don't hear us they don't need facts united states agreed to the u.k. the assessment that russia is responsible for the chemical weapons and sells very whether that is in their direct act or irresponsibly losing control of the agent
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which could be worse good luck it will. be c w report has nothing that would help britain to incriminate russia what is more important the c.w. has confirmed the novacek can be made in any liberal tree with the right equipment and there are such laboratories in the us in the u.k. the formula has been known since one thousand nine hundred eight if you look at google patents and search for novacek you can find more than one hundred matches in the us alone all those discussions took place after the global chemical weapons watched on the o.p.c. said it was unable to identify the source of the nerve agent used to poison former double agents and his daughter r.t. says america on has more on the un security council session. now the u.k. called for this security council meeting to discuss the o.p.c. w.'s latest findings but even though the o.p.c. w. didn't assign blame or specify the chemicals origin in the statement to to the
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o.p.c. w. the u.k. declared with absolute certainty that russia was behind the crime saying quote there is no plausible alternative explanation than russian state responsibility for what happened and then be open c.w. seem to implicitly parrot the british government's narrative. now the d.s. tales analysis nor the b.c.w.s. report identifies the control of the origin of the agencies in this attack. the explanation for what happened in souls breathe and russian state for sponsibility but believe the only brusha had the technical means operational experience and the mates if to talk at the script files believe it or not it didn't even end there the british representative then proceeded to accuse president putin of being personally involved in the attack president putin himself was closely involved in the russian chemical weapons program when it you would. london apparently thinks the russian president has
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a whole big running chemical weapons programs in his free time city but i don't know whether you appreciate that you've crossed all possible downed trees so it appears that the western conception that russia was the only one capable of developing the nerve agent is pretty much irrelevant at this point given that the russian ambassador mentioned that it was also planted in the us back in two thousand and fifteen but after that revelation he ended outlining the quote lies circulated by british authorities that if you were to show that if we made a long statement claiming to prove that what are you kate colleagues presented is a story we've outs of lies we use specific marks to demonstrate how our british colleagues to put it nicely just trying to fool everyone.
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well aside from the more serious accusations the russian and u.k. representatives also found time for some literary references. to quote from william shakespeare's henry the six suspicion always haunts the guilty mind allow me to return literary favor today a russian account of u.k. behavior is a rewrite of george orwell's one thousand eight hundred dated for the modern day and modern russian method. when i listen to some of my colleagues it seems this is no longer an alice in wonderland it's alice through the looking glass. or me while some experts told r.t.
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they're not surprised the a p c w probe didn't identify the origin of the nerve agent. my understanding under the chemical weapons convention it was indeed the job of the o.p.c. to try and establish where these weapons come from but it's very difficult if they are claiming it came from some former soviet abara tree then they do need to allow the russian government have access to some of the thump of to try and test it see if they can find the strain that it might have come from but having said that as i mentioned before. it's been established that the formulae for these agents have been out there they've been published in a book that was still available amazon up until a couple of weeks ago it can only determine the look laudatory from which any new region in any given new region or substance was produced because even if they can determine the bullet it out does not mean that the bullet in the country the country and which the border tree is located is responsible these nerve agents
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could be stored but obviously an excuse they have not been able to even determine the lavalas to which this particular new region was produced so this just adds wore off. to the narrative that's been spun. well in the meantime a team from the chemical weapons watchdog the a p c w came under fire in syria on wednesday while trying to enter the town of duma there in the country to investigate the alleged chemical attack on april the seventh r.t.s. go join daniel hawkins in the studio earlier to discuss these developments this story with the old p.c. w. mr into syria it is interesting in a sense that at least here all sides are united in a sense that they're saying they want the investigators to get to the bottom of this and really no one expected the chemical watchdogs mission to syria to be a piece of cake and there you have it the staff can't even get to the area where
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allegedly the chemical attack carbon firsts i just want to. down the process for you how it works initially the u.n. security team is meant to be sent on the ground to assess whether it's safe to work there and the agreement has been that at a certain stage they must be escorted by the syrian troops and at a different stage by russia's military police so the security staff apparently they were on this initial one hard trip to put it this way and according to an official statement by the o.p.c. w. they came under small arms fire and then also an explosive device was detonated and that was the reason why they had to retreat and go back to damascus what reaction we had so far to what happened out there and i can tell you that the russian military has officially confirmed that the incident took place and also we understand from the statement from the washing army that the exchange of fire
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happened when it was specifically the syrian army and charge of providing security for that swat. teams of april was securing the u.n. reconnaissance mission in the city of duma a skirmish you could between the syrian security service and figures in the office of the syrian security service was slightly wounded in an exchange of fire. so the syrian army was escorting the. u.n. team and they were the ones that repelled this this alleged attack well this is what moscow is saying and after all the it was the syrian soldier who got injured apparently in that attack but i just want to bring up something else here and point out that previously washington and london were pointing the finger at russia and their allies syria for what they called trying to hide facts and also hamper the mission of the chemical watchdog in syria the syrian regime has reportedly been
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attempting to conceal the evidence by searching evacuees to ensure samples are not being smuggled from this area and the wider operation to conceal the facts of the attack is underway supported by the russians i think we've seen that the russian government and the syrian government their whole goal in this is to try to cover up their goal is to try to deflect attention so if they could put this back on us they would certainly like to do it so on the other hand of course it's not to be you when in the o.p.c. w. to judge who this attack came from but what it is worth asking is whether the russians and the syrians are genuinely helping them out on the ground and if the answer is yes that might put london and washington in somewhat awkward position here we heard from former counterterrorism officer charles schumer ridge and also middle east analyst abdel bari atwan they highlighted some of the problems with the western allegations against the syrian government over the incident. the first
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requirement of any work of this nature is that the officials the investigators the monitors are able to work in a secure environment and clearly today no matter what the course and direction of this incident has happened is that it's still not secure that naturally the west media and the western governments of course going to try and spin this to their advantage to suggest that this is russia or syria trying to keep the inspectors away but really from my perspective at least as an observer of all of this that if the russian claims are true then of course in our syrian claims it's in our interest to get the inspectors in there as soon as they possibly can how they conceal the evidence if they lick those inspectors and immediately three days after the accusation of using this kind of weapons i believe there are a lot of places that. chemical weapons were used i don't believe these races
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will disappear in three days it will be and definitely it will be uncivil to places that they want to accuse the cd and that i sent over actually blocking their drop which is completely unacceptable. this video claims to show the aftermath of the chemical attack on april the seventh it was filmed by the controversial rescue group the white helmets at a local hospital but assistant channel r.t. arabic this is in that hospital and talk with patients and staff they say they never saw the use of any toxic agents. people from the white helmets told us about the use of chemical weapons we saw no
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sign of that that chemical weapons were used against those people are medical staff would have also been affected. people poured water. bridgette ing that we had been attacked with chemical weapons and somebody ran up from outside shouting about a chemical attack don't know who that was we heard an explosion and somebody said it was a chemical weapon we run to where the noise came from and started pouring water over the people but they seemed to be ok and then walked away without any help but little confused somebody started pouring water over people's heads saying they had been a chemical attack i was at the spots with my wife and daughter but none of us experienced any symptoms of chemical poisoning. to me while some western media outlets are also questioning the allegations of a chemical attack british journalist robert fisk visited do i couldn't find anyone
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who could confirm the use of chemical weapons though washington on this are lies that have any doubts the us britain and france chose not to wait for the official private phone chariots against syria in the early hours of saturday. yet swatch of the pup. maclay available information only amidst attack comes from controversial activist groups such as the white helmets and the syrian american medical society both groups also to be funded by the west including government organizations and so far no investigative group has visited the site of the reported incident well the o.p.c. w. has postponed their probe jeweled for wednesday while the world health organization hasn't arrived there so far britain and the us have accused russia of preventing a p c w experts from reaching duma in an attempt to cover up the attack chemical weapons expert professor james tour says no convincing motive has been put forward to implicate the syrian government based on the reports the use of chlorine gas as
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a chemical weapon from a say state actor like syria makes no sense to me. chlorine is not used by by nation states since world war one it is a very inefficient gas to be used any terrorist group might my to fix a bomb to a soldier and try to blow it up but a lot more people are going to get hurt by the munition rather than by the chlorine it has to be properly dispersed if they used a nerve agent there would be a whole lot more people dead than what there are and it's very easy to to find the residues of nerve agents with a chlorine attack then it does not look like a state actor to me and the chlorine will be gone. meanwhile a group of u.s. senators from both major parties has proposed a new set of laws following the air strikes in syria these aimed to limit the white
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house's past to continue its global war on terror. for too long congress has given presidents a blank check to wage war we've let the nine eleven and iraq war authorizations get stretched to justify wars against multiple terrorist groups in over a dozen countries for me jet to the philippines a proposal finally repeals those authorizations and makes congress do its job by weighing in on where when and with who we were at war or the proposed legislation would require the president to give congress forty eight hours notice ahead of any new military action congress would then have sixty days in which to review it it doesn't set a limit for any military action however it doesn't create a congressional review every four years the reporters also expounds the president's will fourteen to take action against al qaeda eisel or the taliban but not against the state while the current powers current war powers should say have been in place since nine eleven and have been used almost forty times in fourteen different
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countries former u.s. congressman ron paul doesn't think the new proposals will become law or improve the situation. it more or less is defining things slightly differently but in one slow up i think the effort to go to war i don't think it really repeals the war powers resolution but it does say that congress gives the president authority to go to war against radical violent groups like al qaida and ices and maybe taliban but they say not a country. i really don't think it's going to pass. we'll see i only welcome the debate but i think they'll wake up and find out it's not doing anything and that when they pass these resolutions most of the time things here worse this whole idea that you can fight radicals any place in the world that's what they're doing already it just gives more authority to the type of policy that we've been following and getting us into trouble. in berlin two men
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wearing traditional jewish caps and being attacked by an arabic speaking needs to stop them with a belt as they will down the street one of the victims managed to film the incident on his mobile phone. that was so exhausted british officials him it is just. a thought. but. what did. it. was like. what we have is an incident whereby two jewish men who were wearing the traditional kipper are yarmulke on their heads were pursued down the street by a group of three people who attacked them with a belt they shouted the. arabic word for jew them as they pursued them in response we do hear one of the. those that was attacked who was actually filming at
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the same time saying whether i'm jewish or not you've got to deal with this there's a lot of focus on the police here in germany at the moment to get a result in this case the the whole incident is caught on film we have a clear view of the perpetrators for all the alleged perpetrators face. but also because this isn't the only incident this isn't a standalone moment if we look back just the last month there was a case where by a jewish primary school student or saying that she was jewish was told that well you should be beaten and killed for that there's also been incidents whereby a israeli born ballet dancer in the shona burg area of the city was well over his staff were harassed at a restaurant that he set up saying that they should be burned or gassed all of these things of course fitting into the the worst descriptions of anti semitism war
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we have right now is a lot of focus on the authorities to find the perpetrators in this particular incident as he said we do have that video footage and what we also heard from heiko masses the reasonably newly appointed. foreign minister of germany while he was visiting israel last month he did say that anti semitism was a shame that has become unbearable on germany so you can imagine not only is there a lot of public pressure on the press on the police to find these perpetrators there's also going to be rather a lot of political pressure as well. rabbi yehuda title who's based in berlin says the recent wave of refugees arrivals in germany has led to a sharp rise in anti semitic incidence this is a new level of anti-semitism being practiced on the streets of berlin it is something which is worrying unfortunately today the numbers were released
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under semitic attacks and berlin in the past year in one thousand seven hundred nine hundred over nine hundred close to one thousand. and the semitic events happened that is of course worrying we don't know who all of the refugees that arrived here are many refugees most of them are probably good tolerant people but some of them we don't know who we are and we expect there to be a clear very clear approach to them yes of course they're welcome here to germany at the same time there are responsibilities and part of those responsibilities are respect and tolerance for other minorities should be no place in society for people that have intolerance for others who should be no place in society people who have this respect for others this should be no acceptance of anti-semitic attacks it has to be clear set from the politicians from the educational ministry and from the civil society that we live in
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a society where we expect people to have respect for each other. a new american documentary called in the execution a shadow has shed light on the horrors of capital punishment. in the u.s. the film claims race is at the heart of decision making when it comes to the death sentence. my team members to. get this person ready mix. was a little. bit iffy. thing that i didn't hear that. even do anything. you don't know because you were in my shoes.
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the latest figures show black people account for forty one percent of those on death row in the u.s. while making up only around thirteen percent of the population the film's co-producer richard stanek also says black people are far more likely to be given death sentences in cases of interracial killings racial application of the death penalty is there. now not to look so much at skin color of the perpetrator but the skin color of the victim if the if the murder victim is white. then the prosecuting attorney is four to eleven times more likely to seek a death penalty and if the victim were black and so what message is the justice system send to society. one way that can be answered is that white life is worth more than black white we're going to punish people who kill a white person. more severely and we are. more black forever
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nine executions there is one exoneration so for every nine inmates executed one person is found innocent i think that's the most startling in the in the context of innocence and how egregious this could be and as our executioner. the jury givens are the former executioner of the state of virginia states one of the things that i think is really. something that he expresses so well in the film and is this idea that it's it's an imperfect system works human we make errors and there are errors being made in the criminal justice system and as long as that straight we should not be executing people. a self-styled avodah journalist in the u.k. is claiming police are fighting to take action over the death threats she's received online tonight half an essay english is known for making provocative comments such
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as islam is worse than cancer well this is an e-mail i literally received by denial from quite a manchester police in a cheese warned of consequences resulting from comments she made online she's also told that police will not investigate the matter unless you provide details of the alleged offender. well we asked greater manchester police for comment they said there were viewing the case and more contact shortly i'm sure activists tony bugel and political commentator my arms are gave us their views on whether the journalist went too far with her comments. well actually i know deniers personally and i see your ass questioned sometimes iran contra ball questions sometimes they're questions people don't particularly want to answer and i don't i'm an atheist i criticize christianity critize judaism i criticize islam criticize any faith but it's only when islam is criticized suddenly it's hate speech we have rules about
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freedom of expression freedom of belief and freedom of conscience however there are limits to those rules and it's very dangerous to draw some kind of moral equivalence between people who are fascists or near nazis are spreading inciting violence or hate preaching when people behave like that they should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law so everybody has to suffer the consequences of freedom of speech means that yes sometimes somebody might say something that could offend you she has a right to an opinion nobody and i mean nobody has the right to put a death threat on anybody for any reason because an offended because they were offended by an opinion do you agree if somebody's speech tell you bear with me if you agree that do you agree that if somebody speech crosses the line into hatred inciting hatred or harrison or is racist or sexist or anti semitic do you
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agree that these people should be do you agree that these people should be prosecuted to the absolute maximum extent of the law and is against british and english values i believe in free speech including yours even though i don't agree with your opinion so some of what you and the people in slavery saliva trade or you want to do i think you cross the line yes i do i think you should be prosecuted because of your opinion now i don't death threats on never acceptable never if you do and are far worse than any mean we're it's because words don't kill actions day and death phrase can be carried out. now the scandal over donald trump's alleged affair with a former porn star continues to hit the headlines a stormy daniels has been speaking to the media. breaking developments in the stormy daniels controversy is talking about her legend counters of course with the president is talking about the harsher treatment she did sign that donald trump's lawyer paid an adult film star one hundred thirty
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thousand dollars a month before the election to be adult film star was apparently threatened with physical harm unless she stayed quiet about her alleged affair with donald trump. can we take a look at that if you. will go into your recollection is it is that the person that knew absolutely.
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well i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on all of us stories at aussie dot com.
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